This is a true story told about Steven BB10 (who was there,) Bunky, and Josh BB9 and one of Josh's friends. This happened in a bar in Dallas, very recently. The information Jokers has came from a live chat with "Fan_At_Bar"

We hope you enjoy it. This is it, as it happened.

<Man_At_Bar> So I have a little drama, anyone wanna hear it
<@Jokerette> absolutley

<Man_At_Bar> I was going to keep it to myself, but I am just busting at the seams to spill it
<@Jokerette> by all means. roflmao!
<Laura> scoop

<Man_At_Bar> So Bunky has beeen in dallas all week
<@Jokerette> have you met him?
<Man_At_Bar> wanted me to take him out and show him a good time in Dallas

<Rainy> i think if i actually was to meet a celeb i loved, i'd end up like a middle school girl......i saw a famous UFC fighter one day in my walmart and about died...and i dont even really like him
<@Jokerette> he's a good lookin fella, but too much back hair rofl

<@cricket> so did ya'll go out?
<aaron83> he hit on you

<Man_At_Bar> so Joshua decided he wanted to tag along
<@Jokerette> oh lord this HAS to be good

<Man_At_Bar> well, bunky was not too excited about this and told me that the only Joshua would wanna come out to meet Bunky would be to ruin his night
<@Jokerette> uh oh

<aaron83> this is good stuff lol
<Man_At_Bar> so I called josh and told him "we are not having drama tonight, we are gonna go out and have fun"

<Man_At_Bar> Josh agreed and I headed to the bar to meet Bunky

<Laura> glued to screen
<@Jokerette> i bet he didn't like that

<Man_At_Bar> So me and bunky are hanging out, talking, I am drinking, we are watching the dick dancers
<@Jokerette> dick dancers! roflol
<RennysWig> You said a mouthful there

<Man_At_Bar> here comes Joshua, 3 sheets to the wind..
<@Jokerette> oh NO roflol
<@cricket> uh oh
<@Jokerette> this ain't gonna be good!

<Man_At_Bar> him and his best friend, I can see the look he has on his face I was just waiting for the shit to hit the fan..
<lukemason> Josh Went AMANDA On Bunkey ?
<@Jokerette> oh man oh man rofl
<Rainy> i missed part of the convo...are you talking about josh bb9?

<Man_At_Bar> Amazingly enough, they said hi to each other and we actually all got along...
<Man_At_Bar> for about 20 minutes
<@Jokerette> rofl! oh no!
<@Jokerette> then...
<@cricket> and then?

<Man_At_Bar> I am having a great time with Josh's friend, we are shoving dollars down this amazingly cute boys boxer briefs and loving his totally southern accent
<Man_At_Bar> next thing I know I turn around and Bunky and Joshua are fighting
<Rainy> damn, i need to pretend to be a gay guy
<Man_At_Bar> yelling at each other..

<Laura> oh no
<@Jokerette> omg oh shit
<aaron83> yikes

<Man_At_Bar> Josh strolled right up to bunky and said "why dont you like me"
<@Jokerette> and then it was awwwwwn like donkey kong i bet

<Man_At_Bar> and bunky said "cause ur a bitchy nellie queen that gives all gays a bad name"
<Rainy> oh wow
<@Jokerette> oh fuck rofl

<aaron83> wow
<Man_At_Bar> and I mean it just got Country from there!

<RennysWig> Who smacked whom first
<@Jokerette> I bet it DID lmao!
<@Jokerette> what were you doing during this? heheheh!

<Man_At_Bar> Joshua backs up and starts screaming "bring it on you old hairy mother fucker"
<Rainy> i woulda been sitting back with my popcorn
<@Jokerette> I'da been up under a table

<Man_At_Bar> He had his arms wide open just yelling at him...
<RennysWig> Did he pull out a razor? Not to cut him; to SHAVE his back?
<@Jokerette> oh lordie rofl!
<Laura> me taking pictures and recording it

<lukemason> Ahh so it was a true Bitch Fight haha
<aaron83> this is the best bb cast member chat yet
<Man_At_Bar> by this time it was like one of those scenes froma movie when a white guy walks into an all black bar and the music comes to a screaching hault and everyone just stops to stare

<@Jokerette> were you tryin to get outta there?
<Man_At_Bar> Even the dick dancers have stopped dancing to watch this..

<@Jokerette> what did bunky say? hehehehe
<@Jokerette> dick dancers... roflmao
<RennysWig> I think I saw this on an episode of "Queer As Folk".

<Man_At_Bar> I stepped between them and was like, come on guys, how ofter are three gay former big brother houseguests gonna get to be out together in a bar away from LA ever again
<Man_At_Bar> Joshua didn't seem to give a shit what I was saying..
<Man_At_Bar> he just kept screeming, bring on bunky...

<@Jokerette> omg omg
<RennysWig> I am reminded of a Christmas carol....."We three queens of Orient are..." or something like that.'

<Man_At_Bar> Kinda reminded me a bit of when keesha yelled at April and said "bring it you barbie bitch"

<aaron83> typical af men with needle dicks
<@Jokerette> I'd of so been outta there

<Man_At_Bar> So, now with the entire bar watching, me and Josh's friend embarressed to death and Josh still yelling at bunky
<@Jokerette> but you probably stayed for bunky backup

<Rainy> i swear, i woulda paid money to hear them say "barbie bitch" to each other (the guys)
<Man_At_Bar> Next it gets good
<@Jokerette> I bet you were MORTIFIED
<Rainy> omg, it gets better?
<@Jokerette> this is surreal!

<Man_At_Bar> So Josh takes his completely full Vodka Tonic and tosses it in Bunky's face, covering him, the bar and everyone within 5 feet
<@Jokerette> omg NO rofl

<Man_At_Bar> Josh is now laughing and bunky looks like he is crying
<@Jokerette> what on earth did Bunky do?
<Laura> oh no .. what is bunky doing while josh does this mess

<Man_At_Bar> Bunky just stood there in complete and utter surprise..

<@Jokerette> awwwwwww poor bunky!
<Man_At_Bar> he was shocked and didn't know what to do
<@Jokerette> I bet. I can just see his face

<Man_At_Bar> me and josh's friend tried to get bunky dried off, as best we can with a bunch of Bar napkins..
<@Jokerette> he had to be blown away, bunky did

<aaron83> they should have gave josh the 86

<Man_At_Bar> Well, josh knew what was coming and we told him to get the fuck out..
<@Jokerette> good ON you
<Laura> good for u

<Man_At_Bar> He took off out the door and we took bunky to the bathroom to get him cleaned up..
<RennysWig> I would have peed in a cup and thrown it back in Josh's face. Of course, I am ladylike in that way.
<@Jokerette> oh jesus
<@Jokerette> poor ole bunky

<Man_At_Bar> So at this point I wished that bunky could have just chalked it up to dealing with a drunk queen, but no, he had to make it worse

<Laura> that way wrong

<Man_At_Bar> Bunky first talks to the bar manager to get Josh permanently removed
<@Jokerette> oh LORD

<Man_At_Bar> then calls the police and files assault charges on Joshua
<@Jokerette> get OUT
<RennysWig> please
<@Jokerette> did he REALLY?
<Laura> wow
<@Jokerette> he did go ballistic!!!!!!!

<Man_At_Bar> The funniest part was that Bunky doesn't know josh's last name...
<Man_At_Bar> so all he can tell the cop is "it was josh from BB9"

<Man_At_Bar> and the cop was like "who???"
<BoomerMcGee> They call hime "tater salad."

<@Jokerette> cop evidently doesn't watch bb
<Man_At_Bar> So that was my tuesday night..
<aprilsdignity> hello
<Man_At_Bar> OMG, someone found April's dignity??