Ian Terry The Uber Superfan Wins Big Brother 14

There wasnít much to dislike about this season's winner of Big Brother. Ian Terry may not have been the most handsome hard-body to play the game but he proved himself to be a brilliant strategist and worthy opponent to those who thought themselves much more savvy and comp ready. He warned his coach, Mike ďBoogieĒ Malin and his sidekick Frank, over and over that he was a villain but they ignored his warnings and he was instrumental in getting both of them kicked out of the house. Once in a while, his antics bordered on creepy but he always managed to redeem himself and many dismissed all simply because of his age......more about that later.

But, no matter what you thought of Danís gameplay, in the end, Ian earned his victory with well placed social friendships and stellar HOH and POV wins, when needed. He won the last two comps played during season 14 and that guaranteed that he was in the driverís seat when it came to the Final 2. Irony thy name is Ian. His winning seemed inevitable for everyone but those of us who underestimated him......and I admit to being one.

Jokerís Updates had time to talk with Ian, after a night of victory that he shared with his family and his new Big Brother friends. This is our time with the winner of Big Brother 14:

Ian: Hello! I am doing well, how are you guys doing?

The entire conference call blew up with everyone clamoring to congratulate Ian. He too seemed charmed by the Canadian outlets and once again, I waited. He told everyone he planned on buying 30 pairs of sunglasses, ďjust for funĒ and since he cannot drive, he hoped to get a really good bicycle, a top of the line bicycle, since that is how he stays in shape and the reason he thinks he won several of the comps.

Ian found playing the game inside the house to be much harder than he anticipated, he acknowledged that watching the game, especially on the feeds, you have all of the information you need but inside the house your knowledge is limited and that is stressful. Ian felt that he was very respectful to Boogie and Frank and he didnít like that they treated him as if they had him wrapped around his finger. He was a little star-struck but by the time the coaches entered the game he saw them only as other players, not stars of the game and he didnít feel it interfered with his game in any way.

BestBBever: Hello Ian, this is BestBBever with Jokerís Updates....

Ian: Alright, nice talking to Jokerís!

BestBBever: Uh, yeah we loved all the slams we got this summer........

Ian: Whatís that? Slams? I didnít say that, did I?

BestBBever: Yeah, you kept said we were worthless except for Updates.

Ian: Awww thatís not what I said! I said you guys do updates best and that is what I would go to Jokerís for, I know exactly which comments you're talking about, I was in the Sneakers Bedroom with Shane....

BestBBever: No, I am thinking of another time but regardless, you are dearly loved by Jokerís and we welcome you any time, even if it is just for Updates!

Ian: I LOVE JOKERíS!!! I go there for my live feeds updates if I donít happen to have the feeds, so make absolutely certain that I LIKE JOKERíS!

BestBBever: Well please come see everybody at Jokerís because you were adored this summer and many thought you were the best thing that happened this summer and a breath of fresh air. So many posters were delighted that a Superfan won rather than a veteran!

Ian: Awww, thanks!

BestBBever: Awfuleehandsome wanted to know, how has your perspective changed about Big Brother, now that you have actually played it as compared to when you were a Superfan?

Ian: Oh, itís a lot harder to play because you donít have perfect information, whenever you are on there you are just going by what you THINK you know and itís a lot different and a lot lot more difficult.

BestBBever: Is there a special girl at Tulane.........

Ian: [interrupting me very quickly] NO, o god!

BestBBever: Ö......that you might be more inclined to ask out now?

Ian: Yeah, there is, I would, well um, I have some girls in mind, definitely!

BestBBever: Good, ok. Several times, especially while you were playing pool with Boogie & Frank, you kept telling the guys that you were a villain and that you had an evil side, I saw it but they just laughed you off, how does your evil side compare to Danís?

Ian: Ultimately, I think Danís evil side totally, totally outshined mine! He just went hard on those folks in there, including me so, I definitely bought the mist and he played a rough game.......

BestBBever: What does winning Big Brother mean for your life and your future?