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Topic #1947256
lacycatherine - Mike up in the bathroom on F2 .. Kaysar still on F1 thinking NT 2 Replies #1947256 3:59AM 20/07/2005
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lacycatherine - Kaysar has moved to the kitchen bar to think NT #1947272 4:22AM 20/07/2005
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lacycatherine - Kaysar is in the bathroom NT #1947279 4:32AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947281
lacycatherine - Kaysar puts his prayer mat down and starts his prayers. NT 0 Replies #1947281 4:34AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947283
lacycatherine - Kaysar is up from prayer 0 Replies #1947283 4:38AM 20/07/2005
walking around the house again. He is looking at every inch of the house. He walks into the bedroom to put his prayer mat up. He gets into the bed. Looks around the room for a second. It looks like he has finally fone to bed.
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Topic #1947565
lacycatherine - Eric is up in the HOH bathroom and checking his infected finger out NT 0 Replies #1947565 6:27AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947607
lacycatherine - Eric has washed his hands, arms and head. He went to the kitchen 0 Replies #1947607 6:37AM 20/07/2005
and looks like he is making coffee.
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Topic #1947609
lacycatherine - Eric takes out the 1st aid kit and starts working on his finger. 0 Replies #1947609 6:39AM 20/07/2005
Eric on F1
Table on F 2
Sleeping Kaysar on F3 and Big Bedroom with sleeping HG on F4
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Topic #1947614
lacycatherine - Eric goes to the bathroom and either Sarah or Rachel comes in there. NT 0 Replies #1947614 6:41AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947657
lacycatherine - Eric goes back 1 Replies #1947657 6:51AM 20/07/2005
into the bathroom while still working on his finger. Looks like he got some peroxide out. He walks back out into the kitchen. Rachelis in the bathroom. She walks out to the kitchen and talks with Eric about how clean the house is. They can’t believe it.

E - did the fairy clean people come last night?
R - Cool
E - look outside. There is not a dish to be had
R - do you think they had a maid service?
R - Cool
E - That's what I am talking about. Cool.

Rachel walks back into the bathroom.
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James00 - FYI - Kaysar and Howie stayed up late last night cleaning the kitchen, LR, WC, and backyard. #1947670 6:55AM 20/07/2005

(I didn't see this mentioned in the updates so I thought I would put it here)
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Topic #1947722
lacycatherine - Rachel working out in exercise room NT 0 Replies #1947722 7:12AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947752
lacycatherine - Eric back at the kitchen counter 0 Replies #1947752 7:20AM 20/07/2005
looking at his finger on F1.

Rachel on F2 working out in the exercise room.

Kaysar on F3 sleeping.

Big bedroom on F4 of sleeping HG’s.

E- one pancake is about 67 calories right? Ok well maybe a strip of bacon.

Then they start talking about people that overdo it ( I think about eating .. couldn’t hear for the people trying to work around me :-/)

Rachel down on the floor doing situps.

Eric outside lifting weights.

Rachel back in the exercise room and then to the bathroom.
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Topic #1947778
lacycatherine - Rachel in kitchen looking for something. 0 Replies #1947778 7:25AM 20/07/2005
Maybe the guys cleaned so well last night she can’t find a pan. She found a frying pan. F2 then goes to the table AGAIN. Rachel goes to the storage room and changes out her batteries. It looks as if she also got a loaf of bread and then walks into the kitchen.

Eric is on F1 is adding weights and then lifting them.
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Topic #1947801
lacycatherine - Rachel takes her breakfast outside to eat while Eric is lifting weights NT 0 Replies #1947801 7:31AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947823
lacycatherine - Rachel says her breakfast 0 Replies #1947823 7:36AM 20/07/2005
taste like an elephant ear.

R- I wish I had a big ole’ glass of orange juice

Eric goes inside and then comes back.
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Topic #1947828
lacycatherine - Eric is working out in the exercise room NT 0 Replies #1947828 7:38AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947913
Anonymous - Rachel in shower, Eric still working out. Camera zooms in on Eric's tattoo on his back right shoulder. Looks like Mighty Mouse. NT 0 Replies #1947913 8:00AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1947975
bubbles6moose - Rachel doing normal am routine. shower, feeding fish, etc... Eric still lifting. NT 1 Replies #1947975 8:26AM 20/07/2005
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Anonymous - Cameraman was doing some attractive close ups of Eric's face while he was lifting too. NT #1948024 8:42AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948032
lacycatherine - Eric cleaning the pool on F1 .. Rachel on F2 in a daze on the couch NT 0 Replies #1948032 8:44AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948140
rockabye - Eric and Rachel saying how nice it was to wake up to no dirty dishes. 0 Replies #1948140 9:10AM 20/07/2005
Rachel thinks maybe Kaysar did them.
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Topic #1948147
rockabye - Attn HG's Eviction voting will begin in one hour. NT 0 Replies #1948147 9:11AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948164
LadyeJayne - Eric to Rachel: "You're not going to jeopardize your self-respect and dignity for this." NT 0 Replies #1948164 9:14AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948169
Anonymous - Eric saying to Rachel that 0 Replies #1948169 9:16AM 20/07/2005
He's most surprised about his friendship with Beau. Saying that growing up macho and all, he never expected he could be friends with *someone like Beau*, and how he (Eric) was able to come into the house and put all his differences and opinions aside.. and has actually come to like Beau as a friend.
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Topic #1948183
spidyman - Everyone saying how clean everything is..Ivette jumps in and uses it as a chance to attack Mike and Jenelle NT 0 Replies #1948183 9:20AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948184
mosiegirl4 - New handles on the doors 0 Replies #1948184 9:20AM 20/07/2005
Maggie and Rachel are outside and both are saying that they like the new handles on the doors.
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Topic #1948185
LadyeJayne - Rachel and Eric are raving about how clean everything was when they got up. Ivette insists it must have been Howie who did it. 1 Replies #1948185 9:20AM 20/07/2005
Maggie says that she's seen Janelle clean when no one was watching. Eric uses the words "immaculate" and "pristine" to describe how they found things this morning. He is sure it was Howie.

ED Note- From reading updates, it was Howie and Kaysar who cleaned up.
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zuzu - Janelle helped Howie with the dishes. NT #1948733 11:17AM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1948238
rockabye - April is rehashing how Rachel won the 1st HOH to Evilette. NT 0 Replies #1948238 9:35AM 20/07/2005
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