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Topic #1950525
Zazny - J: Howie tell us...if you tell us we can bring them in on this 0 Replies #1950525 5:34PM 20/07/2005
H still keeps Rachel a secret.

M waves his hand over Howie and says "you will tell us" in a monotone [revealed as a Jedi mind trick by Debbiedee].

H: That only works on the weak minded
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Topic #1950530
DebbieInc - Mike trying to use the jedi mind trick on Howie NT 0 Replies #1950530 5:35PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950556
Zazny - J: I can't believe April and Jen know each other. They're so annoying (Howie's response in the post) 0 Replies #1950556 5:39PM 20/07/2005
H: Do you think they're lesbos?
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Topic #1950572
DebbieInc - Janelle in GR about Ashlea to Howie 0 Replies #1950572 5:41PM 20/07/2005
J: Michael knew about me and Ashlea because we fought all the time.
H: Have you ever fooled around with her (typical Howie response)
J: No
H: Does she put out?
J: She has sex with the guy she used to date. She's more of a prude than I am. She doesn't drink or smoke.
H: Really?
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Topic #1950577
Zazny - Howie asks about Ashlea and about how they knew each other 0 Replies #1950577 5:42PM 20/07/2005
J: A has an ex-boyfriend that I absolutely can't stand. I hate him
H: Does she put out?
J: ...with her ex. She's actually more of a prude than me. She's a nice girl, she's just kinda....dull
H: If there were no cameras would you have boned Michael? Yeah
J: No.
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Topic #1950587
DraftKing - Michael says Kaysar didn't want to do BB6 0 Replies #1950587 5:45PM 20/07/2005
Michael: "He didn't want to come here. I convinced him to do it."
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Topic #1950597
DebbieInc - Micheal saying Kaysar didn't want to do the show 0 Replies #1950597 5:47PM 20/07/2005
Micheal tells Jan & Howie that he told Kay not to just be a mediocre person. "He's the smartest person I know". "I would take a bullet for him."
Howie asks if Kaysar has boobies..lol. Micheal tells BB he's really pissed for leaving without a F'n penny.
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Topic #1950612
Zazny - When K and M leave, Jan spills a bit more, Michael comes back with a tribute to K...and maybe a warning 0 Replies #1950612 5:48PM 20/07/2005
Jan says that both she and K trust him and she asks if he trusts her.

J: Kaysar says everybody in the house knows someone, but I said I don't think Howie does.

She leans in to whisper and they hear the door so they straighten up. It's only Michael.

M: He's a brother to me. I'd take a bullet for him. He didn't want to come here. He didn't want to do this. I convinced him. I told him 'you can live like a mediocre person, but I didn't want to be a mediocre person,' I said it's about taking opportunities when they come. He did this for me. And so, ...I want him to win. I want you all to win. When I leave, put your ***** heads together. Kaysar's not just a brother to me, he's one of the smartest people I know. He doesn't go to clubs with me. When I go out with Kaysar it's just me, him, and my friend Colin in a coffeeshop. He's a really good human being, but he's not stupid.

M: Big Brother, I'm pissed I'm leaving without a ***** penny.

M plays with H's hat and hair and H gets flustered. He gives Jan a major kiss.

M: If I see you after this, there's no going topless with me on a beach.
J: Not even in Greece?
M: Just joking, Do you think I'm some sort of possessive freak?
J: I was hoping you were
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Topic #1950640
Zazny - H: She has great boobies, doesn't she? K: Howie, stop. NT 0 Replies #1950640 5:53PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950646
karly - J about M "He's my dream guy" 0 Replies #1950646 5:54PM 20/07/2005
H: you gonna marry him when you get out of here?
J: maybe..you coming to the wedding?

(or something close to that)
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Topic #1950658
Zazny - GR crew goes back to looking for clues to the safes NT 0 Replies #1950658 5:56PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950668
DebbieInc - K & J commenting on April & jennifer 0 Replies #1950668 5:58PM 20/07/2005
Saying that they have been very reckless with hiding their alliance. Even James overhead them in the bathroom one day whhispering to each other. Janelle says Jenn was a real b*tch today, and they attribute it to the fact ppl are starting to know about Ap&Jenn.

Kay: "Even today in the BY, they said 'Let the Texas girls take the pictures'".
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Topic #1950697
DebbieInc - Mike & Kaysar safecracking 0 Replies #1950697 6:05PM 20/07/2005
(looking at a map):
K: It could be just a prop
M: Nothing in this house is just a prop. This was PUT here.

(they are knocking their brains out trying to figure it out)
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Topic #1950713
lizzy - camera just showed what seems to be a covered outlet or something shaped that way NT 0 Replies #1950713 6:07PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950718
Zazny - Kaysar looks at the room's symmetry 1 Replies #1950718 6:08PM 20/07/2005
K says that one of the lamps are out of place since it has no bulb

When the camera moves to the wall K mentions, M says 'the camera likes that idea.'

Mike thinks to put in one of the bulbs from another light and bring it in.

K: Maybe it's symbolic of something?

Camera focused on a covered plug outlet for a second. Kaysar is dividing the room up into clock hands. "It points...It's exactly...maybe I'm coming up with something from thin air. Why would it point exactly there!?"

Camera returns to the outlet.
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lizzy - that outlet is at angle opposite outlet light is plugged into maybe the clue is behind it NT #1950763 6:12PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950737
ktan - FISH...K and M might be in trouble for unscrewing the lamp. NT 0 Replies #1950737 6:10PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950738
Zazny - Mike starts dismantling the lamp 0 Replies #1950738 6:10PM 20/07/2005
M: The worst that can happen is [they'll tell us to stop]
K: I don't think it's a good idea
M: We're not gonna break it! It unscrews.

They unscrew some of the fittings

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Topic #1950739
DebbieInc - Kay & Mike take apart a lamp then FISH NT 0 Replies #1950739 6:10PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950741
PamBBfan - K and M unscrewing the inactive lamp..and..FISH!! dang! NT 0 Replies #1950741 6:10PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950773
Zazny - Feeds come back and the boys have stepped away from the lamp 0 Replies #1950773 6:13PM 20/07/2005

K: There's also 17 steps...[missed]
M: MTA. What is MTA?
K: Maybe it's an acronym
M: It adds up to 34
K: 35.
M: 34!

They say it's Mass Transit Authority.

They said it's probably more than just design since it's lit up.

K: It's a door
M: If it's a door, they have control of it, not us
K: What if MTA means "Must Take Advantage?"
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Topic #1950788
Zazny - Just before the feeds leave M/K, they once again show the lamp with the "power outlet" and mirror in view NT 0 Replies #1950788 6:16PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950820
DebbieInc - Cryptic comment from Janelle to James 0 Replies #1950820 6:23PM 20/07/2005
Janelle and James in WC. She's combing her wet hair. James tells her dinner is almost ready. She responds "Summer of secrets".
James: What? Where did that come from?
Jan: (no response)
James: Oh, you just wanted to say that?
Jan: Summer of secrets
James: Thats what they tell us.

James then walks away with a puzzled look on his face. BB calls him to the DR within minutes.
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Topic #1950915
Zazny - H: how many kids can say their dad got into a fight on national tv 0 Replies #1950915 6:41PM 20/07/2005
H: increased their ratings. it all started when Beau had too much to drink

I: you're going to be on vh1 'the best week ever.'

H: so we'd make it on the show?

I: yeah, if we had something crazy...like we just had
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Topic #1950994
Zazny - Sarah shows Howie the fish; H: Look at the fish's boobies! NT 0 Replies #1950994 6:51PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1951122
susanp - Ivette and April discussing Maggie 0 Replies #1951122 7:17PM 20/07/2005
Ivette thinks Maggie has a hidden agenda
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