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Topic #1949802
CruiseCritic - Lock Lip 0 Replies #1949802 2:59PM 20/07/2005
Cuddling over in pool with shots of other HGs in BY. These two just stare and smile at eachother...Still cannot hear any words when they speak on this feed. Janelle just swam up and is giving him a huge locklip right now....
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Topic #1949808
Disneyisme - Jan and Mike just got through with a full on make out under the raft. Then 0 Replies #1949808 3:02PM 20/07/2005
Howie heads to the pool yelling "Janie, Janie, I love her and she loves me!" He jumps in the pool. Jan gets out so Howie follows and tells them to take their (Howie and Jan) picture. She posed with him and now is posing with some other HG's. They are showing April's face on another feed and I can see her mouth saying "oh my god.."
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Topic #1949809
CruiseCritic - More pool 0 Replies #1949809 3:02PM 20/07/2005
Howie walked up to pool talking how he loves his little Janie.
Eric just jumped in the other end of the pool. Jan is out..Jennifer walking up to pool with camera. Someone else jumped in also..not sure who it is. Jen just took pic of Jan and Howie and now a good one of B and Jan posing.. Howie giving advise and talking as usual
Now pics of H and J. H wants to see picture.

in pools, I think eric was on Sarahs shoulders...wow
around camera looking at pics are M, H, B, J and Jennifer who took the pics
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Topic #1949824
CruiseCritic - Pools side misc 0 Replies #1949824 3:04PM 20/07/2005
Janelle now laying outside of the pool. Eric and Srah are in pool. Just heard H say he "has to pis& like a racehorse"
Janelle walking away from pool and to hottub. looks like Mike is in HT alone....Maggie is putting feet into the swimming pool and now B is at the HT also.
\Do not really hear many conversations. someone just asked for a towel. James going over to the pool. so is howie
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Topic #1949825
Disneyisme - Things are completely switched up, Eric is now in the pool, Maggie is wading, 2 Replies #1949825 3:05PM 20/07/2005
Sarah just jumped in the pool. Here comes James now into the pool.
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yellocatt - Guys & Sarah (Eric's comment) #1949936 3:35PM 20/07/2005
Eric, James, and Kayser were posing with Sarah. Eric was holding Sarah in his arms. After the picture was taken he said something like: Sarah is comfortable with us (me) holding her cause she knows nothing will happen. Her dad isn't worried.
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Disneyisme - James said they could hear Eric yell 'whoa' when he went into HOH. #1949837 3:08PM 20/07/2005
Mag says you screamed for the camera? He says "well let me tell you, that computer is in there for a reason, you are able to log in and write about your week as HOH. Rachel was bale to do it too." Sarah says "hmm, Rachel never said anything to me." James "me either."
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Topic #1949835
CruiseCritic - around the feeds again 0 Replies #1949835 3:07PM 20/07/2005
F1 showing sarah and eric in pool
F2 long shot of the poolside
F3 Jan just whispering to H - K taking picture of J and H
F4 longshot of backyard.
msot you can hear is howies voice here and ther
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Topic #1949847
CruiseCritic - Backyard action? 0 Replies #1949847 3:12PM 20/07/2005
K taking pic of Jennifer and April hugging. SHowing them the picture. Jen just looked at pic and said "lets get one of me and you" (meaning Kay). April wants a pic of the first couple - Micheal and Janelle.
B and I laying next to eachother on loungers. Maggie with calfs in the pool....Sarah in pool..i think Howie is int here also. Eric holding on./leaing on green raft. H is NOt in the pool. Jan and Mike in HT. H just said "janie your boobies are awesome" He just stares.
James is in the pool.
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Topic #1949854
CruiseCritic - FISH NT 0 Replies #1949854 3:14PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949869
CruiseCritic - Hot Tub 0 Replies #1949869 3:19PM 20/07/2005
Can you hear me now?
They are very close to eachother in HT. Mike is kind of hum-singing a song to her. She said "thats cute"
They are staring at eachother....
still, the sound of the other HGS overpowers anything they say since they have No microphones on.
Hear howie yelling "do not delete the pcitures or I will delete you"
Jenny just told H to shut the F up or
everyone is shocked that Jenn spoke this way.
Jan and Mike still stare at eachother and she is just smiling away
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Topic #1949880
CruiseCritic - Jan - "april do you have any cigs I can bum?' M - "I have some parliaments up there 0 Replies #1949880 3:20PM 20/07/2005
and then Jenn gets out of the pool
Howing, I and B on loungers next to eachother
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Topic #1949897
DebbieInc - April talking to Janelle in BY 0 Replies #1949897 3:25PM 20/07/2005
Janelle bums a cigarette from April. Asks Janelle about her boyfriend (well, ex BF now). "Is he built?" Janelle : "no." April: "Well, you're gonna get alot of hate e-mail."

April and Janelle talk about Florida ..seafood bars, $2.oo margaritas, just small talk.
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Topic #1949902
CruiseCritic - Around the feeds 0 Replies #1949902 3:28PM 20/07/2005
Michael - please put on your microphone
April and Jan smoking and talking about bars and misc. and F3 and on F4 someone else at the table...looks like Mike
There is a bunch of people at pool. Kay and Rach on F1 Sarah and B in pool also...
Eric says he just got a head injury - sarah pushed him in the wall....
He is joking..so is she. SOmething on Rachaels hand/fingers that B and Kay looking at.
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Topic #1949903
edinboro - HG's in back yard 0 Replies #1949903 3:28PM 20/07/2005
Sarah, James, Maggie, Eric, Kaysar, and Rachel sitting in and around the pool. Looking at what seems to be pictures from a digital camera. April, Michael, and Janelle sitting at the table talking about some place they know. Beau just walks over to the pool and is looking at the pictures with Rachael.
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Topic #1949905
yellocatt - April asked Janelle if she will stay in Florida 0 Replies #1949905 3:29PM 20/07/2005
Janelle said she will stay there.
April asked her who Florida is different than So Cal.
Janelle said she doesn't like it in So Cal.
April asked if it's the people. They are nicer in Florida.
Janelle says there are less people in Miami... no traffic... don't need a car in South Beach.
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Topic #1949906
edinboro - BB "Lock down is over, you are free to move about the house" NT 0 Replies #1949906 3:29PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949909
edinboro - April says "they've got new fish" NT 0 Replies #1949909 3:30PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949912
CruiseCritic - Pool fun 0 Replies #1949912 3:30PM 20/07/2005
Beau is getting on Jennys shoulders.
HGS - Lockwdown is over...you are free to....
People scramble....Most in pool stay there...Jan and mike in house already...
SOmeone is yelling - we have new fish.
OMG - OMG they are happy - The girls I, M, A and Jenn
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Topic #1949917
ankt - blue fish for the HGS NT 0 Replies #1949917 3:32PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949918
Mareenie - Ivette naming fish..... 0 Replies #1949918 3:32PM 20/07/2005
wants to name one Ellen and the other Portia (as in de Rossi, Ellens GF). When she says this she nudges April and they share a giggle.
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Topic #1949929
CruiseCritic - The fish... 0 Replies #1949929 3:34PM 20/07/2005
James, Sarah and Beau in pool...splashing. SOmeone yelled "the microphones' James moved some things on deck that were wet. Jen, Maggie and Ivette looking into aquarium - shots from behind and in front of the tank....camera on other side. Eric now looking at the fish. the girls want a picture with them by the tank...Rach stopped by tank. eric now taking pic of them all by the pool.
They are happy about the new fish...and maybe an old one that returned from being sick.
they all like Bubba....
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Topic #1949932
CruiseCritic - "they are eating him" then of course we have FISH NT 0 Replies #1949932 3:34PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949951
LazyMom - Howie about deleting pictures 0 Replies #1949951 3:40PM 20/07/2005
all feed on back yard, Howie yells towards the kitchen "Do not delete the picture, or I will delete you",

others say "what is she deleting" "don't delete them"

Howie: she can't delete them if she's unhappy with her boring pictures

Jenny yells " I'm not even holding the f**king camera, so shut the f up"

then others say "God dam Jenny" "she's from Texas she can cuss"

Howie: Stop deleting

ed note: I replayed this over & over trying to make it out
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Topic #1949953
ankt - someone in the goldroom is getting a flower drawn on their leg NT 1 Replies #1949953 3:40PM 20/07/2005
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RealitySwan - Michael drew one on Janelle's arm NT #1949971 3:44PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949956
CruiseCritic - New fish and GR 0 Replies #1949956 3:40PM 20/07/2005
APril getting a chair so she can watch the fish. One fish is named "Portia" - they are way too excited over this. Ivette saying "Bubba" April saying "portia" April jas pulled up a chari. Howie and eric on F3 looking at pictures behind the "tank girls"
Gold room is now on F4 with guess who? Jan and Mike...
Looks like mike is doing some artwork on Jan
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Topic #1949976
CruiseCritic - more fish and the tank girls 0 Replies #1949976 3:45PM 20/07/2005
Jan just walked by tank and says "oh we got new fish" April says yes. Jan looks but th efish dont seem toexcite her and then she says "are you hungry Michael?"
Oh, the fish named Bubba is really BUBBLES
They are staring at tank - can they hear us?
Jen, Rach, Mag, April, Ivette...Mike looking at fish in background and so now Janelle is right ther....he just went the other way and she is still looking at the fish with the tank girls
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