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Topic #1950138
tntaangela - Eric to Jennifer: I can't watch while you're fondling your breasts 0 Replies #1950138 4:27PM 20/07/2005
Eric is sitting at the kitchen counter. Jennifer walks in and, as is her habit, strategically stands on the other side of the counter, directly across from Eric.

Eric's eyes go directly to her chest and stay there for a few moments. He tells her (and Rachel who is also sitting there)that he almost had a wet dream last night but woke up just in time.

Then Jennifer coyly puts her hand inside her shirt to adjust her microphone. Eric covers his eyes and states: "I can't watch you while you're fondling your breasts."

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Topic #1950142
Disneyisme - Janelle says "ok I will tell Kaysar. I don't think Eric brought anyone in the house." 1 Replies #1950142 4:28PM 20/07/2005
Mike says "yes, he knows Maggie." Janelle says "no f'n way."
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Disneyisme - Mike says "don't tell Howie, just tell Kay and play the game with him like he is your new ally." NT #1950155 4:29PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950166
Disneyisme - Janelle asks him "you won't tell anyone, will you?" 0 Replies #1950166 4:32PM 20/07/2005
He says "of course not, I am leaving tomorrow anyway." Just tell Kay you had to lie (if he gets mad), that it was part of the game. Janelle is whispering that Ashlea really got on her nerves in the house. Now she is actually whispering in his ear, so I cannot hear.
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Topic #1950182
Disneyisme - Janelle says she is sure that Eric doesn't have anyone in the house. She says that James 0 Replies #1950182 4:34PM 20/07/2005
talks alot about pairs. Mike says he is with Sarah. Jan says "no, I think he is with Howie." Mike says no "because I saw him at the hotel."
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Topic #1950205
Disneyisme - Janelle says that "April is smart but she is a complete b*****, but that she is on to Beau and Ivette." 0 Replies #1950205 4:38PM 20/07/2005
Mike says "Kaysar caught onto this really fast..." Janelle: "because of me, I caught on to it and told Kay." Mike says again "I wonder if Kay knows anybody." Janelle: "No, there is no way, he does not, they don't put people into the game, like you and Kaysar, with another person. Or why would they put anyone with Eric?"

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Topic #1950241
Mareenie - Janelle telling Michael that if James wins HOH 0 Replies #1950241 4:47PM 20/07/2005
She will expose everyone (as pairs). If her or Kaysar wins it she won't.

They're still working out the pairs. Figuring out where everyone lives, etc.

Janelle says she can't take it anymore, she's going to tell Kaysar (about her and Ashlea). She gets off the hammock to go into the house.
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Topic #1950243
DebbieInc - Janelle to Mike: " I can't take it anymore, I'm going to go tell Kaysar " (that she knew Ashlea) NT 0 Replies #1950243 4:48PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950250
Mareenie - Jann goes to GR to talk to Kay, but he's sleeping. Now she's fixing something to eat. NT 1 Replies #1950250 4:49PM 20/07/2005
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edinboro - Then Kaysar gets up and feels to see if he wet the bed NT #1950253 4:50PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950251
edinboro - Jennifer is giving Beau a pedicure at the table. NT 0 Replies #1950251 4:49PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950258
Mareenie - She went back into GR with chips and is now talking to Kaysar 3 Replies #1950258 4:51PM 20/07/2005
She is whispering to him and is hard to hear. She's saying that she coudln't tell him before, but now she just has to tell him. Michael told her to tell him and now we get FISH! Grrrr!
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Bilbo - when we come back from FISH...seems Kaysar has told Jan about he & Mike #1950292 4:57PM 20/07/2005
and we hear Janelle say "me and Ashlea had you two figured out"

more guesses who is partnered with whom by Kay: he knows Ivette & Beau, james & Sarah, but he mistakenly thinks Rachel and Maggie are paired.
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JillinTx - Kaysar told Janelle that he and Mike are partners. They're telling how they knew their partners. NT #1950287 4:56PM 20/07/2005
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DebbieInc - Kaysar asks that Janelle NOT tell Mike that he( Kay) admitted he knew him. NT #1950305 4:59PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950296
Zazny - J and K both feel they had to cover for their respective partners too much NT 1 Replies #1950296 4:57PM 20/07/2005
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Zazny - K: I told him Howie trusts me, Janelle trusts me, now go with the plan and get to know the rest of the house... #1950303 4:58PM 20/07/2005
...and the next thing I know the whole house hates him.
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Topic #1950323
Mareenie - Feed comes back and Kay is telling Jann thanks for telling me. 2 Replies #1950323 5:03PM 20/07/2005
He says April....then FISH again! Now back and Kay says "I don't know, but we're sitting ducks." They are trying to figure out the pairs. Jann can't see Rach and she can't see Eric with a pair. Now Jann says they are all partners, she knew it. Kay says Rachel and Maggie are partners, he has a feeling because when her and Maggie tell stories, she brushes over them. <?>

Kay doesn't think exposing them will work to their advantage, he said he's already thought about that.

Kay says don't tell Michael I told you. He must have told Jann they were partners. Now she's asking if they're good friends and Kay says they hang out together. J asks K how he felt when M got nominated. He said he felt bad. She said that's how she felt when A got nominated. He feels that M made some bad decisions and he did some work to try and save him, but he got too emotional. K says he told M before they came in the house not to get too emotional, people will take advantage of you. J says it was the same with A, she tried telling her what to say and she's eff it up.

K not happy with M at all. He said he was really frustated with him and was like F it, I don't want to deal with this anymore.

K thinks that everyone knows somebody in the house. He says Maggie is simple and so is Rachel, he's sure they're a pair. J thinks its bad that they put people togther in this game. K says it's total chaos and that's what they want. K says it's a good thing she told him, now he knows that everyone is a pair. K can't figure out who Howie is with.

They're still working on trying to figure this out. It's driving K crazy! K says once J told him she was with A, he was convinced that everyone knows someone in the house.

J thinks M is going because of April and Jenny.
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valentine - Kaysar Said He Met Michael At a Coffeeshop #1950447 5:25PM 20/07/2005
and they are neighbors.
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mariakitty - Switch to F2 for K and Jan... I haven't had fish in ages NT #1950330 5:04PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950325
mariakitty - Kaysar is going to approach James tonight and find out it he can trust him NT 0 Replies #1950325 5:04PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950328
Zazny - K: ...Howie; J: I don't think he knows anyone; K: He does! (then...) 0 Replies #1950328 5:04PM 20/07/2005
They discuss the way the groups were in the hotel and they convince themselves that there are people in the house without pairs.

J: What if we told the truth to Eric and James?
K: NO! James accused me of being a pair and I said Even if it's true, Michael is gone. I'm not a threat. Tonight I'll go to James and give him one last chance because if HOH comes it will change everything. I need to see if you trust me, I'll extend the offer...I need to know where he stands. If he's with them [or us], fine.
...So you don't think Rachel and Maggie?
J: No. That's 8 people. That's enough.

Janelle plans to reveal to some they think are not paired and say "I know they're a pair since I was a pair." K says to save that for an emergency.
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Topic #1950357
Zazny - J: Should we break up the couples or take out strong players? 0 Replies #1950357 5:09PM 20/07/2005
K: They're reckless [April, Jennifer]. We can't align with them, they hate us. They are the dirtiest damn players here.
J: Do you think they have Beau and Ivette?
K: Probably, they are talking alot. We have to grab Rachel and Maggie. We need one more.

J: We should put ourselves on the line and say our partners are gone, let's go after the couples.
K: Fine. Why don't we do this. We try to convince them...we'll leave that to the end. If we can read them properly, if they believe us wholeheartedly. If not, we'll drop the bomb. That will be our last resort. Let's stick to the original plan: you, me and Howie in final 3.
J: Maggie to get the couples out? or Eric and James?
K: What's the bigger threat
J: Eric and James are ours, obviously. If we get Eric and James out before the couples, there'd be only Rachel and Maggie and we wouldn't want them to make it to the end.
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Topic #1950378
Zazny - Howie comes in. Kaysar gives him a playful shove and then they hug 0 Replies #1950378 5:13PM 20/07/2005
Howie takes out some medicine

J: Is that for your gonerhea?

[Change of subject for Howie]

K: Ivette says she thought you couldn't play this game without decieving, and that means she's gonna play this game with deceit...in the back of my mind I was laughing because she was digging her own grave.

The medicine is really for his thyroid

H: *sh! * sh!*

K: Eric is scared ***** - less if he and his goons don't win HOH. He said "are you still up for the deal are you still for the deal."

J: What deal? He put Michael up

K: Still I'll keep my word. You don't [have a deal].
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Topic #1950384
Zazny - K: If Eric came to me as a man... (plus why the girls hate Janelle) 0 Replies #1950384 5:16PM 20/07/2005
...and we shook [and made a deal and I broke it], he could use it against me.

Michael comes in to the gold room.

J: All the girls are uncomfortable with me except for Rachel
K: Because they have guilty consciences
H: They judge you because of your boobies.
K: We are trying to have a serious conversation and you can chiming in with boobies
H: That's why they hate you. Your boobies.
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Topic #1950398
KWren11 - Janelle asks Howie (with Kaysar in the Gold Room) if he knows anyone in the house... 1 Replies #1950398 5:19PM 20/07/2005
Howie fidgets with a prescription bottle of pills and dodges the question, repeatedly...
Janelle asks him again...
Howie finally says, "I can't lie to you guys, NO!"
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KWren11 - Janelle is absolutely interrogating Howie now... she is asking him is he is related to Sarah NT #1950409 5:20PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950433
Zazny - Howie gets the 3rd degree and J/K prepare to come clean to him 0 Replies #1950433 5:23PM 20/07/2005
J: Do you know Sarah? Did you meet her before you came here?
H: No
J: You're lying. Tell us the truth, we're not going to go after her or something.
H: I've seen her in passing in the hallway or something
J: Do you know Sarah?
H: I don't think so...
J: In Chicago, where you used to live?

J: Howie, do you know anyone in this house?
H: You guys
J: I meant did you know anyone before you came here
H: I seen Ashlea in Florida. I recognized her boobies
J: Howie be honest with us, we'll be honest with you.
H: What do you want to know?
J: Have you been offered extra money to bring anyone in the house
H: I'm sorry I have to tell you ..... no!
J: You know about Beau/Ivette, right
H: Yea
J: Do you know anybody else? Are you sure Howie?
H: I think so, I'm supposed to know someone, like is someone my step-sister or someone?
J: Is Sarah, related to you
H: No
J: You never met her in Chicago before, she said you did
H: She did? I never met her
K: *laughing* You're lying!
J: He's telling the truth, but acting like he's lying to make us laugh
K: Howie, you're such an ass

J: We know there were groups in the house
K: Do you agree that we will be the final 3. That we will never go back on each other?
J: You have to promise that it's us 3 going to the end no matter what
H nod his head
K: Do you trust us?
J: If we give you more information will you trust us more?
K: What if he goes and tells someone else?
J: You don't trust anyone in the house...you won't give away our secrets
H: Did you find another room? Another room in the house?
J: It's about each other. We have to make a pact. The 3 of us will fight like hell to make it us 3. We have to make a pact!
H: We'd have to conceal it our we're the next 3 on the block.
K: You agree we're together
H: I don't want the rest of the house to know that, though.
J: We will go before you go
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Topic #1950436
DebbieInc - Howie, Kaysar and Janelle Make a pact 1 Replies #1950436 5:24PM 20/07/2005
That they swear to each other to be the final 3. K and J are about to reveal their secret alliances .....
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DraftKing - Janelle adds more... #1950460 5:27PM 20/07/2005
Janelle (about Kaysar and herself, to Howie): "Our partners are gone, so we cannot f**k you over..."
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Topic #1950462
DebbieInc - Howie still doesn't admit he has a pair (Rachel) 1 Replies #1950462 5:27PM 20/07/2005
They (K & J) tell Howie that the pairings are the twist (They have no idea that Howie has one too). Howie does an excellent job in convincing them he came solo.
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Mareenie - Howie is doing a great job of playing dumb! NT #1950469 5:28PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1950466
Zazny - They let Howie in on the twist as they see it 0 Replies #1950466 5:28PM 20/07/2005
J: April/Jen know each other. Ivette and Beau know each other. Me and Ashlea knew each other
H: So you met each other at auditions and knew each other when you came in
J: I brought her on the show as the twist.
K: And Michael brought me
H: Really, are you serious? So you guys knew each other before you came on?
J: We were the biggest surprise in BB history if we made it to the end. We cannot let Beau and Ivette make it to the end. We cannot like April or Jenny make it the end!
H: Michael brought you to the show?
J: And I brought Ashlea
...that's the twist of the show! Our partners are gone. We can not ***** you over. I want it to be us 3 in the end.
H: We don't have too many people. We're not strong, we can't [control the vote]. The only one I fear ...is James.
K: I am gonna talk to him today and ask him where he stands
H: Be careful with that stuff.
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Topic #1950476
Zazny - H: We should make them fight against each other. 0 Replies #1950476 5:29PM 20/07/2005
J: We need to see what happens after the HOH happens. If James wins HOH we'll go to him to [help target the other couples]

M: Technically, if you take the dna strands from a carrot and some from celery, you can make a new type of vegetable

J: What does it have to do with this?

M: nothing
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Topic #1950497
KWren11 - Howie asks Janelle, "Are those real boobies that Ashelea has?" 1 Replies #1950497 5:32PM 20/07/2005
She says "No"
And Howie says, "Oh, they're so cute."
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DraftKing - Howie on Janelle/Michael #1950575 5:42PM 20/07/2005
Howie (to Janelle): "If there were no cameras in here, you would've boned him (Michael) by now, wouldn't you? Yeahhh..."
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Topic #1950502
DraftKing - Kaysar thinks James might flip to their side 0 Replies #1950502 5:33PM 20/07/2005
Kaysar: James is teetering.
Howie: How do you know?
Kaysar: I've been talking to him for the past week...
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