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Topic #1949122
PlayinDead - Janelle is finishing up with the eyelashes. 0 Replies #1949122 12:40PM 20/07/2005
Kaysar asks her if they fel like weights have been put on them... she says yes.
"They feel like they have 10 lbs weights on them"
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Topic #1949167
PlayinDead - Kaysar about the eyebrow plucking 0 Replies #1949167 12:50PM 20/07/2005
"after the redness goes away..and the bleeding stops.. it'll look great"
They all start laughing
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Topic #1949247
babyd - eric asks Ivette if Maggie is a closet lesbian! NT 1 Replies #1949247 1:06PM 20/07/2005
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erniebert - And Ivette says I don't know,, then she quickly changes the subject NT #1949258 1:08PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949276
Kaynelle - Ivette asks Eric if there is any hot guys in his fd in Vegas 0 Replies #1949276 1:11PM 20/07/2005
He said there were a few.
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Topic #1949287
Kaynelle - Jenn and James 1 Replies #1949287 1:14PM 20/07/2005
James: I'm not a big fan of the Gold Room
Jenn: It's so sad it's tainted now.
James: Will wash every thing down.
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Kaynelle - measuring it #1949302 1:17PM 20/07/2005
Jenn: Have you ever measured it before? Was someone present?
James: Yes.
Jenn: Did you measure it again to see if it changed size?
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Topic #1949301
erniebert - Jennifer asks James if he's ever measured "himself" 0 Replies #1949301 1:17PM 20/07/2005
Hey says yes, then she wants to know if someone was with him,, he says yes, then she asks if he measured it again at a different time to see if it was the same, he says yes,,, then she laughs and touches him on the chest
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Topic #1949339
Kaynelle - Kitchen lesbian talk-- 2 Replies #1949339 1:25PM 20/07/2005
E asked Maggie, "Are you a carpet Muncher!?"
Ivette: Don't knock it till you try it.
(not sure if Ivette came out of the closet or not)

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CougarSpy - Eric asks Maggie if she'd date Ellen [degeneres]. Maggie says she like humor. Eric says that is why his wife likes him. She needs lightening up #1949346 1:27PM 20/07/2005
and he keeps her laughing. [Ivette was in kitchen with them
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Kaynelle - didn't come out of the closet #1949344 1:27PM 20/07/2005
Ivette runs to April in the BR and tells her just what Crappy said to Maggie. Obviuosly, she didn't come out of the closet.
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Topic #1949385
CougarSpy - Someone says Rachel should go out and show her new look. She says she doesn’t want to. Something feels clumpy. Kaysar says, “You look awesome.” NT 0 Replies #1949385 1:33PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949441
Kaynelle - I and April dish Rachel 2 Replies #1949441 1:42PM 20/07/2005
I: what do you think of Rachel? Jenn is in there talking to her.

April: She doesn't fit in. She knows how to play the game.

Talking about the surfboard alliance...

Ap: We all decided that Howie should get HOH the first week since he did really well on the tossing, and Rachel said, "Well I really want it as well." I jumped off because I didn't want to piss her off. She's very competitive. She was upset Jan beat her in the POV comp.

So we decided we let Howard and Rachel duke HOH out. She talked Howie into getting off.

She wants it bad. You can't put her up because you made a promise.

Beau gets into bed w/April and asks what they are talking about.

Iv: Rachel doesn't budge. "I don't want to talk bad about her though."

Now they all want to see Rachel's make over and they are complimenting her.
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JessicaRabbit - A & I are bashing Rach while they are laying on the beds in the MBR. #1949485 1:49PM 20/07/2005
Rach is in the GR getting a makeover by Janelle. Kay and Jenn are in there watching.

Beau joins the bashing crew.

Rachel walks out to show them the new look. Rach is very nice and says Jan did a very good job. The bashing 3 stop bashing when she comes out and say how great she looks.

Rach heads to the kitchen with Kay not far behind.

They run into Maggie in the kitchen.

Maggie says Rach is a very pretty girl with no makeup.

Rach says that Jan taught her some cool tricks and she can't wait to get out of this "place" and buy a bunch of makeup and try some of it.
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Kaynelle - more on Rachel #1949457 1:45PM 20/07/2005
A: One minute she's (rachel) laughing at Howie and the next she gets mad and tells him to stop. We all in a way let her win that HOH. Don't repeat any of that stuff.
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Topic #1949447
CougarSpy - I – “April, Rachel is in there talking to Jennifer. What do you think about Rachel?” 0 Replies #1949447 1:43PM 20/07/2005
A – Says she likes Rachel, but she really is planning the game. April talking about the surfboard and the deal they decided to make. How James didn’t want it, etc., but how Rachel didn’t want to get off. April says they decided that Howie should get it, since he did a great job at tossing the coconuts. Others got off, and April says Rachel talked Howie into getting off. “She is very, very… She really wanted it. We made a promise not to put her up.” April going on about how Rachel went into HOH room the other day to talk with Eric.

Ivette starts talking about Rachel…something about a guy…Beau comes in…April says more but couldn’t understand.

Rachel comes in and April and Beau are commenting on her look. Rachel says, “That you Janelle.”

Now Janelle, Beau, Rachel talking about hurting from working out.

Rachel and Janelle downstairs now. Jennifer comments that Rachel is pretty without makeup.
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Topic #1949466
CougarSpy - April is saying that we (Surfboard 7) let her (Rachel) win (HOH). 0 Replies #1949466 1:46PM 20/07/2005
Beau/Ivette/April talking about makeup now. Ivette says that is evening makeup and that Janelle wears it all the time.

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Topic #1949469
Disneyisme - I just tuned in to FISH on all 4. NT 0 Replies #1949469 1:47PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949477
Disneyisme - Beau is in the bedroom laying down, with April, Jenn and Ivette, he is asking the girls to paint his toenails different colors. NT 1 Replies #1949477 1:48PM 20/07/2005
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Disneyisme - April says "they might be doing a 'luxury' today." Then FISH. NT #1949487 1:49PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949515
DraftKing - Kaysar and Eric talk voting 0 Replies #1949515 1:54PM 20/07/2005
In the workout room... (James is also there)

Eric: Don't tell me how you voted.
Kaysar: Okay, okay. But it won't be a sweep. I don't think anyone should be swept.
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Topic #1949530
Disneyisme - Feeds switch to Eric, Kaysar and James in the gym. Eric is once again talking 0 Replies #1949530 1:56PM 20/07/2005
about "hanging his balls out on this one." (putting Mike up) Eric says "if someone votes the other way I am screwed." James says "I agree with you." Kaysar starts to say something to the effect "you will see once the voting.." Eric says "don't say anything to me about how you voted, it's against the rules." Kay says "I'm not, but I am just saying that it's not going to be a sweep, no one should be swept, it's a hurtful feeling, and that's all I'm gona say." Eric says "I can understand and respect that, but you gotta know that some people dig there own holes."
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Topic #1949553
Disneyisme - Most HG's are in the kitchen getting food,,Howie standing in the kitchen behind Janelle 1 Replies #1949553 2:00PM 20/07/2005
telling her she is so sexy, rubbing her shoulders.
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Disneyisme - Howie says to 'Janie', "you have that sweaty cigarette smell, on you it's good." #1949573 2:04PM 20/07/2005
She says "shut up". He says "on any other girl it's discusting."
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Topic #1949581
Disneyisme - Howie says, "well I guess I should eat, huh, because in 30 minutes we're outta here." NT 0 Replies #1949581 2:05PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949591
joannie - Just caught Howie and Rachel whispering outside. 0 Replies #1949591 2:08PM 20/07/2005
Howie, whispering: "James is the most powerful player in this game."

Rachel, in normal voice: "Uh-huh. This taco sauce is strong."

Beau comes out to the table, and the conversation turns.

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Topic #1949595
Disneyisme - We have switched to the outside, Howie is whispering to Rachel 1 Replies #1949595 2:09PM 20/07/2005
"It doesn't matter who are couples, it matters who is strong. James is the strogest player in this game, we gotta get him out of here."
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Disneyisme - Howie says "once James is gone, there is nothing to stop us, it makes it that much easier." NT #1949602 2:09PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949598
Hypnotoad - Howie and Rachel talk about James as a threat 0 Replies #1949598 2:09PM 20/07/2005
[14:05:56] <Hypnotoad> howie> james is the strongest player in this game we got to get him out of here
[14:06:30] <Hypnotoad> howie> are the doors open? the doors open
[14:06:35] <Sidney> that once james is out of there they should have no problem
[14:06:45] <Hypnotoad> howie> the people power, they are not strong competitors they just got vote power
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Topic #1949601
joannie - Howie leaves, and Rachel and Beau have small talk. NT 0 Replies #1949601 2:09PM 20/07/2005
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Topic #1949614
Disneyisme - April and Beau are talking now at the table outside. April saying that Howie is weird, Beau 0 Replies #1949614 2:12PM 20/07/2005
says he understands how he acts, he doesn't bother Beau. Beau starts to talk about clubs and some of the guys, how they might just grab his butt or grab him and swing him around.
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Topic #1949616
SassyPrncess - Howie and Rachel conspire 0 Replies #1949616 2:13PM 20/07/2005
H: It doesn't matter who are couples. It matter who are powerful.
R: Um hmm.
H: James is the strongest player in this game.
R: Yah
H: We have to get him out of here.

H: If James is out of this game, there is really nothing stopping us. It makes it that much easier.
R: Um Hmmm.
H: All they got is people power with everybody. Not just strong competitors. You know, vote power. People power.
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Topic #1949621
Disneyisme - Rachel says there will be a whole segment on Howie acting and talking like Beau. 0 Replies #1949621 2:14PM 20/07/2005
She says to Beau "you two will be famous."
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Topic #1949628
Disneyisme - Mike is in the pool floating on the raft. Just an FYI, I haven't seen him in a while :) NT 0 Replies #1949628 2:15PM 20/07/2005
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