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Topic #2188911
virdee - its a meeting i bet NT 0 Replies #2188911 8:14PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2188931
ShelBel - Still FISH NT 0 Replies #2188931 8:15PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189064
abbybb - Feeds back 0 Replies #2189064 8:29PM 15/08/2005
Janelle saying, "James, just evict me."

James mumbles something about it not being personal. Janelle saying, "I'm f'in taking it personal"
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Topic #2189068
terrybelle - They are back and it soulds like they are all hyped up NT 0 Replies #2189068 8:30PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189075
abbybb - Janelle is asking James to let her win HoH 0 Replies #2189075 8:31PM 15/08/2005
so she can take that short little b**ch out...

She's pleading with him...is she drunk perhaps??
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Topic #2189080
Suzan - James referencing all the music they've been playing is for a reason, they must want us to do something outside. 0 Replies #2189080 8:32PM 15/08/2005
Janelle is sitting next to him quite drunk, begging him to let her have the next HOH so he can taking that short b*tch out. "those nasty sluts better watch out" if they want to play dirty I'll play dirtier, they want to play mean I'll play meaner. She's going on and on while eating with a spoon a slushy type drink that obviously helped her to this happy place she is in now!
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Topic #2189083
Orion - Feeds Back - Janelle asking that if it comes down to the Nitty Gritty 0 Replies #2189083 8:32PM 15/08/2005
for James (maybe Howie) to allow her to win HOH so she can take out that "short Bitch"...

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Topic #2189086
fgjadfg - Janelle going off 0 Replies #2189086 8:32PM 15/08/2005
James, let me win HOh so i can take that short little slut out, repeating herself over and over, very obviously drunk
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Topic #2189089
HappyInTulsa - Janelle is drunk and is begging James to evict her...then begging him to let her win veto so she can take out Jen (calling Jen names) NT 0 Replies #2189089 8:32PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189111
Orion - James just told Janie to watch the personal attacks 0 Replies #2189111 8:34PM 15/08/2005
he said "They aren't part of the game"... So BB must have told them no more personal attacks.

Janie is going off... saying she is going to go tell Maggie to F**k Off again...
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Topic #2189115
gymborebel - Jam saying that she is going to go tell Maggie and Jen to F&&K off and saying they are all Pu88ys that hide behind eachother NT 0 Replies #2189115 8:34PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189120
crymerci - Jan: That b1tch better pack her bags, it's f'ing personal now. 0 Replies #2189120 8:35PM 15/08/2005
Keeps going on calling Jen a wh*re and a b1tch, saying she wants to win Hoh to take her out.

Then she said she was going to go tell Maggie to f off again. Then she said maybe I'll tell Jen instead, I haven't said it to her yet.
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Topic #2189137
crymerci - Jan: The only person I can respect on that side is Iv, at least she's a real person...Jan definitely seems drunk. NT 0 Replies #2189137 8:36PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189139
gymborebel - Jan going off about Jen and apri and Maggie...saying that they are starved for attention and saying hollywood would not look at them twice NT 0 Replies #2189139 8:37PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189160
julieincanada - Janelle is ranting and raving 0 Replies #2189160 8:38PM 15/08/2005
,drunk and acting like a dim wit.........calling Jenn and April and Maggie names.........
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Topic #2189161
Orion - Janelle: "I don't like Maggie, I don't like Jenny, I dislike April and Beau can kiss my ass!!!"... 0 Replies #2189161 8:38PM 15/08/2005
She said the only one of them she respects in Ivette because atleast she is real...
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Topic #2189164
BrookeBBFan - Discussion In Barracks H/J/R/James 0 Replies #2189164 8:38PM 15/08/2005
J: Who are they a bunch of f'n sissies who hide behind each other.

H: I wish we had this on video, let's go to DR Janie.

J: No I'm gonna go tell Maggie to ***** Off again, I haven't told miss mexico to ***** off yet. She better watch her ass. That little ass kissing bitch. Nasty ass latin bitch, think again bitch you've got another thing comming.

H/R Laughing

J: If I could slap someone right now I would slap her. i am going to get evicted from this house in a good way. Do I want to slap her across the face now, yes!

James: Should I go lay on the couch.

J: I'm already f'n nominated, I'm going out good. April has never been a blonde bombshell, she's a blonde gone bad. Those 2 (April and Jen) starving to be in movies. Hollywood wouldn't even look at them twice. 2 people who sould be street hookers. They couldn't even make fifty bucks if they try. The only person I can respect in this house is Ivette because at least she is a real person. She can kiss my ass.

H: Not on the left, not on the right but right down the middle.

J: that bitch, evict me please. And that ***** dumbfounded maggie, have you ever seen the dumbass look like I don't know what's going on. Knock some sense into her, that bitch should be shot

H: Not in the game tho

J: They don't deserve to be here, i'm a ***** raging bitch. Hey maggie go ***** yourself

M: what

J: You heard me

M: no i didn't hear you

J: I said go ***** yourself

B: You go ***** yourself Janelle

Screaming go ***** yourself.

Howie and Janelle enter gold room.

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Topic #2189165
amyt92 - Janelle screaming up to the HOH room: "Maggie, go f-yourself, Beau go f-yourself" NT 0 Replies #2189165 8:38PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189166
crymerci - Jan leaves BR, shouts over to kitchen where the other group is: Maggie, go f yourself, Beau, go f yourself and flips them off. NT 2 Replies #2189166 8:39PM 15/08/2005
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notchbaby - I think Beau is yelling down Fk yourself as Jan yells fk yourself. NT #2189194 8:41PM 15/08/2005
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crymerci - sorry, other poster was right, Crapettes were in Hoh with door open. NT #2189184 8:40PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189174
gymborebel - OMG Jan yelling Beau go FU** yourself and Beau said WHAT??? 0 Replies #2189174 8:39PM 15/08/2005
she said you heard me...GO f your self...
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Topic #2189188
whoocat - Feed is back 0 Replies #2189188 8:40PM 15/08/2005
Attack is on, Janie serving up her true colors.
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Topic #2189198
crymerci - James (laying on couch in LR) that's why they gave everyone pizza, so they'd stuff themselves and calm down NT 0 Replies #2189198 8:42PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189222
miramira - Beau is asking for some Pinot Grigio. Ivette says he's drunk. 0 Replies #2189222 8:45PM 15/08/2005
Beau: "I'm a happy drunk."
Ivette: "You let loose and start saying stuff."
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Topic #2189223
gymborebel - IV, April, Jen standing on HOH balcony...talking to James who is on the couch... 0 Replies #2189223 8:45PM 15/08/2005
James, says this is my "reflection day"...April says "you're welcome (ed GAG)

(IV saying she is going to sleep with James down stairs)
(also they got pizza)
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Topic #2189232
miramira - Beau has hooked up with 11 people, but has only has had sex with 3. NT 0 Replies #2189232 8:46PM 15/08/2005
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