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Topic #2183726
memyselfandi - FISHHHH NT 0 Replies #2183726 11:26AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2183732
Neesha - FISH Approx 15 min until Veto ceremony NT 0 Replies #2183732 11:27AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2183737
Mel - HoH Talk 0 Replies #2183737 11:27AM 15/08/2005
The "Friendship" have been getting ready in the HoH bathroom for the Veto ceremony for the past while. They are discussing what their course of action will be: If Rachel takes herself off, Kaysar will go up, and will be voted out this week. Their reasons behind this: James can be trusted by no one, but Kaysar is the head of the opposing team that holds it together -- last week without him, they fell apart. Should Rachel remove Janelle, April suggested putting James up in her place, and voting Rachel off. They all HATE Rachel. Jennifer seems to agree with this.
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Topic #2183839
pooh5983 - going on 10 min of fish (the start of th e lieing POV ) NT 0 Replies #2183839 11:38AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2183944
behindblueeyes - Fish NT 0 Replies #2183944 11:48AM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184039
virdee - 18 min of fish NT 0 Replies #2184039 12:03PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184097
virdee - 30 min of fish NT 0 Replies #2184097 12:12PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184101
Sunflake - Jenn put Kaysar up. NT 0 Replies #2184101 12:13PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184109
sinsuelle - we are back... jen did a great job said ivette. NT 0 Replies #2184109 12:14PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184111
fgjadfg - Kayczar is up!!!! NT 0 Replies #2184111 12:14PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184113
memyselfandi - We're back and it's officially Kaysar NT 0 Replies #2184113 12:14PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184127
Caribou - Ivette goes out to BY to see James who is out there alone. She asked April to walk her down for protection NT 0 Replies #2184127 12:17PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184128
amIsane - Confirmed. Kaysar is on the block NT 0 Replies #2184128 12:17PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184139
Caribou - James says he's in shock. Ivette says we've given you some trust. 0 Replies #2184139 12:18PM 15/08/2005
April - they all think we're dumb and we're not as dumb as they ***** think

They ask what Kaysar said. James relays Kaysar said Jen will go down as the worst BB player in history.

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Topic #2184146
poppyCEDE - April "We may be dumb, but not as dumb as they think we are!" LMAO NT 0 Replies #2184146 12:19PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184147
virdee - Kaysar nooo NT 0 Replies #2184147 12:20PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184156
Caribou - GR - Kaysar, Janelle, Rachel, Howie 0 Replies #2184156 12:22PM 15/08/2005
All subdued. Kaysar can't believe how Jen lies. Rachel says people are going to be disgusted and think she's an idiot. She's not going to be the most loved player Rachel says.

Rachel spent a lot of time in DR today getting all her feelings out about Jen and the lying and backstabbing going on in the house. Rachel feels really bad and wishes she hadn't save herself. Kaysar says no, he's more than wanting to go home now.

Rachel - maybe they're better at the game but we are better competitors and better people

Janelle and Howie not saying much.
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Topic #2184162
memyselfandi - H/J/R/K in gold room discussing Jen. Not with anger, mostly just shock 0 Replies #2184162 12:24PM 15/08/2005
Rachel: People aren't going to like her for this. They're going to think she's an idiot. America isn't going to love her for this. She's shady and she's awful.

Rachel says friendship is probably better at the game, but their group is better people. R's team is good competitors, have sportsmanship, play without being shady, she says.

R: I wonder if James was in on it.

She thinks James wasn't in on it and thought he was going on.

Kaysar thinks Jen did it because she thought she'd be loved and powerful by taking him out.

Rachel says Jen was jealous because they got Kaysar back and she didn't get Eric back. Janelle agrees that Jen is a very jealous person.
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Topic #2184178
Caribou - Rachel says it's jealousy because they didn't get Eric back 0 Replies #2184178 12:27PM 15/08/2005
Meanwhile in BY, James yapping away repeating his story about how S4 is so tight but then contradicting himself saying they're not (??). James says he's so happy to see someone use strategy for the first time in the game. Hes' really sucking up to Ivette and April.

Ivette and April go back inside. james alone outside on weight bench just sitting there.

In GR Kaysar doesn't care anymore about anything. He's shocked that Jen would stoop this low.

Maggie in barracks outside GR getting change of clothes or something.

April runs to HOH to report to Jen what Kaysar said about her. Jen loves it and says she doesn't give a ***** to be known as the dirtiest player ever. April then relates what James said that it's complete strategy and so great.

Earlier Rachel speculated whether James knew ahead of time. Howie is sure he did. Rachel not sure.

Rachel - in my opinion Jen is just as bad as James or worse
Howie - this week, yes, if they wanna play that way. they all swore on their f'n lives

Ivette back out in yard for more kissing up from James. He's taking credit saying S4 thinks it's all his doing.

Ivette says they were so shocked.
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Topic #2184195
memyselfandi - More Gold Room 0 Replies #2184195 12:29PM 15/08/2005
K's just sitting in a chair twirling his hair.

Howie is pacing a lot.

Rachel is sprawled out on a bed facing K.

K says he needs to gather himself before going to the DR.

Rachel says Jen is just as bad as James, or worse (Ed: duh!)

K says just make sure none of those people win.

Rachel says she would find it hilarious if James won now.

K says "You morons! You morons!"

Howie says they played dirty, he's got to do the same. Stir things up, threaten them.

K says they're pieces of sh!t, seems to be trying to discourage him from dropping to their level...

and feed switches
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Topic #2184200
Caribou - Kaysar smiles and stretches and says "Morons" and he almost seems ready to laugh 0 Replies #2184200 12:30PM 15/08/2005
Howie ready to go after them. Rachel says do what you need to do. Howie says do you disagree with me? Rachel doesn't.

Kaysar - they're pieces of *****, if you yell at a piece of *****... (he doesn't finish)

April, Jen and Beau in HOH speculating about Jen being on block next week "the dill is.." and now she says they'll probably try to split up pairs.

In BY, James cursing at planes overhead saying "i'm trying to f'n talk" and he's just rehashing what he said last night and how great he is.

April in HOH telling Jen not to let Kaysar talk to her alone, she doesn't want to take the blunt of this (correct word here is brunt, not blunt but she said blunt)

April now says let's go each lunch.
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Topic #2184204
CruiseCritic - APril just told Jen that when Kaysar wants to talk to you then he can talk to all of us at the same time NT 0 Replies #2184204 12:30PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184215
CruiseCritic - Kay and Howie look lost as they pace in the GR - one of them is going NT 0 Replies #2184215 12:31PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184221
memyselfandi - Jen doing a hoedown dance so proud of herself for her decision 1 Replies #2184221 12:31PM 15/08/2005
They're discussing what would happen for noms next week.

If it was Jennifer/james the friendship would keep James.

April suggests they might try to get pairs out.

Jen says she thinks she's probably more hated by them than James now.

Back to Gold Room
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bama_chevygal - they said if it was James & Jennifer on block they would VOTE OFF James NT #2184310 12:39PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184222
MoinPA - Too Bad America... 0 Replies #2184222 12:31PM 15/08/2005
Ivette and James says...

You can have him back America, we don't want him. (referring to Kaysar)
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