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Topic #2186466
veronika - KAY will humiliate JEN on LIVE show 0 Replies #2186466 4:21PM 15/08/2005
RACH warns him not to humiliate himself too

KAY: I have a way with words
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Topic #2186472
klincos - April in HoH room replaying Howie confrontation 0 Replies #2186472 4:22PM 15/08/2005
Adding her own spin on it; putting her personal "f&cking" touch here and there for added drama.
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Topic #2186473
Mareenie - Fab 4 in GR discussing James having noone, but Kay says they decided he's a stronger player and they want to take him out. 0 Replies #2186473 4:22PM 15/08/2005
Janie thinks they should leave James in until the end. Rachel agrees. Howie says we're going after them. (feeds froze)

K says Mag looked like she was about to cry. Jan says 'eff her, she should be crying.

Howie tells them to keep their voices down.

Rachel says they seem to forget how nasty Eric got and how he yelled and how nasty he was and how he threw a chair. Mag said something to Rach that she should calm down Howie. Rach says she wasn't going to calm down, she was going to let him go. There is no stopping him when he's at that point.

Rach says Jenn wont' get anymore attention from him (Howie) that's for sure.

Jan says she's not going to be nice to her anymore. Janie wants to make Jenn so jealous, about the modeling, her long legs, calling herself the buxom blonde. She said it's so funny how you can eff with someone (Jenn).

Rach can't believe the jealousy in that group. Kay says they're scared sh*tless. Rach says we're smarter and better looking. (true!) Now they are done being nice although Rach says it's really not who she is and she can't say it to their face, but she'll think it.

Rach says that Kay was making a comment to her (Ap) about making promises to her and he said and you guys lied. Ap said exactly! (lol) They are laughing about how stupid Ap is.

Rach and Jan are telling Kay how sorry they are. He says it's okay, I take it as a compliment. I get voted back in and they turn around and vote me out again. What is he supposed to do? He stayed in a box for 14 hours and he had this little girl crying, what was he supposed to do? (WIN!)

Jan wants him to rip her (Jenn) apart in the DR.

Rach tells Kay not to humiliate himself. He says don't worry, he has a way with words and can not get nasty.

Jan says she's going to make a speech and it's not going to be nice either. Jan says she's going to be like that (sarcastic and mean) for the rest of the time she's in the f'n house. She said there is no reason to be.
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Topic #2186475
memyselfandi - More pity party for April and all the mean things Howie said about her 0 Replies #2186475 4:22PM 15/08/2005
April adds even more insults than Howie said about her and carries on about what he said longer than Howie actually insulted her.

April claims Kaysar got up because Howie was going to get physical with her (not true, although I don't doubt she believes it).

Jennifer brings up Howie saying he'd vote for James to win the game.

Ivette: Good.

Maggie says he's not going to make it to the end.

April: Listen Ivette we might have to take him out next week.
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Topic #2186478
notchbaby - Howie: They are building my veto monument outside. He repeats this like ten times. NT 1 Replies #2186478 4:22PM 15/08/2005
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amyt92 - Correction: James was saying it, Howie was saying"What? What" and James kept having to repeat it :) NT #2186493 4:24PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2186484
Mareenie - It was Jan's cup that put the ring on Sarah's picture. Jan said she didnt' realize it was wet. 1 Replies #2186484 4:23PM 15/08/2005
Jan honestly didnt' think it would stain it.

Oh, Jan also said she's going to be the buxomist blonde in this house. She's going to drive them crazy. (lol)
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John_DK_ - Note, the pic was standing upright... NT #2186760 4:52PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2186485
veronika - JAN will now wear high heels and a bikini top everyday in the house 1 Replies #2186485 4:23PM 15/08/2005
RACH tells JAN/KAY about the Sara photo

also that JAM is not sleeping in the GR anymore

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amyt92 - Rachel about Janelle "Diva on" NT #2186508 4:25PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2186494
memyselfandi - Howie talking to James outside. 0 Replies #2186494 4:24PM 15/08/2005
James makes a joke about construction happening nearby.

"They're building my veto monument."

Howie says something about this making great television with James the veto king and Hurricane Howie finally starting to brew. James laughs. Ivette comes outside.
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Topic #2186519
CougarSpy - Janelle _ I’m going to tell that %$^%$ so you’ve competed in competitions before…well I won one. NT 0 Replies #2186519 4:26PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2186543
smalltownboy - Janelle is going to have wardrobe changes numerous times every day. NT 0 Replies #2186543 4:29PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2186546
hoarsewhisperer - Now Jen has managed to insult Mexicans.... 0 Replies #2186546 4:29PM 15/08/2005
says she didn't put on deoderant today and she "smells like a dirty mexican"

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Topic #2186547
mrssand - Jen said she smells like a dirty Mexican NT 0 Replies #2186547 4:29PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2186549
memyselfandi - April crying. Maggie: Howie is going to feel forever bad about what he did to you. 0 Replies #2186549 4:30PM 15/08/2005
Don't know where Beau is. It's just Maggie and Jen on bed with April right now.

April saying I would never talk bad about anybody's family. She says that is so hurtful.

Now strategy talk.

Jen brings up how Ivette and Beau are part of the friendship, Maggie/Jen/April are their own group too.

Maggie says she knows that and without them she wouldn't be here.

Jen to someone: You smell like a dirty Mexican.

Someone says that's terrible.

Jen: It's true. Haven't you ever smelled a construction worker? ... Sorry that's bad.
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Topic #2186554
hoarsewhisperer - April doesn't want any of the friendship to be "fucki**" nice to Howie NT 0 Replies #2186554 4:30PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2186561
Mareenie - Jan just left GR to change into another outfit. She's going to show them Buxom. (LOL) NT 1 Replies #2186561 4:31PM 15/08/2005
Jan says you can't be buxom if you're short (meaning Jenn)
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memyselfandi - Rachel, Jan, Kaysar talking about how poor Jennifer is. #2186625 4:37PM 15/08/2005
Rachel says Jen only makes $50/game as an arena football cheerleader.

Jan sharing conversation from earlier where they were talking to Maggie. Apparently Maggie was like "So what she do now, guys?"

They're making fun of her and all the friendship.

Jan: It's war now bitch. There's nothing you can do.
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Topic #2186563
ferretkiss - Some notes between 4 and 4:30 PM BB time 0 Replies #2186563 4:31PM 15/08/2005
[Some notes between 4 and 4:30 PM BB time - not intended to be word for word or complete coverage.]

Kay was talking to Iv and Beau. Iv and beau being a little snippy, not addressing the main point of kay's which was jen breaking the deal. Iv and beau just start talking about laundry after a while and walk away.

Kay/rach/jan/how talk about leaving james until the end. They talk about someone else (female) is crying. And that maggie forgot how nasty eric got the day of the veto, all those words coming out of his mouth. Jan says she is going to make jennifer so jealous [lol]. Kay says that the other group was just scared of them, and in fact that is what they told him. Rach says she is really really sorry. Kay seems very ok with this, says its kind of like a compliment, america obviously liked the way he played, they sent him back, he tried, he stood in a box for 14 hours, she cried and he gave it to her, and now he is gone, what can he do. Kay plans to really humiliate her on the live show without having to get nasty. And janie has a chance to make a speech at the live show too. [note: everyone always says this and then they just give some sweet little speech].

james apparently mad that sars picture got stained by jans coffee cup. he thinks it was intentionally done.

kay says he tried to smooth talk him into this and it was more effective than he thought. he was probably shocked. apparently at the veto meeting (1) james stood up and acted like he thought he was going to be put up, and (2) jen tried to adjourn the meeting early and big brother wouldnt let her.

[lol] jan plans to do "wardrobe changes" several times a day now. she will wear anything she wants. "you want to see buxom? ill be back". heads off to change. rach and kay cracking up. no more playing nice.

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Topic #2186574
CougarSpy - Janelle - when you are as buxom as I, you have to change your outfits a couple times a day. 0 Replies #2186574 4:32PM 15/08/2005
Rachel tries on one of Janelle’s short sweaters that accentuate the boobs. It looks awkward on Rachel.
Janelle leaves the room with her sweater.
Rachel comments to Kaysar, she would love to have Janelle’s legs.

More talk.

Janelle walks back into gold room wearing a tight low cut long sleeved lavender sweater. [Wow, she looks fabulous and the sweater fits tight]

Jenelle know pulls out some high strapped heels and puts them on with her jeans and lavender sweater. [She's going for the bosom buxom blonde look.]
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Topic #2186612
joannadanna - Janelle said, "She <Jen> is a Mexican she is supposed to be poor." 0 Replies #2186612 4:36PM 15/08/2005
~~~~~Scene: Jan and Kasar and Rach in the Gold Room.

Rach: You know Jen doesn't make much ..$ She is poor.

Janelle: Well she's Mexican and should be. My shoes cost as much as she makes in a week.

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Topic #2186636
helena - Janelle about April, "You look like a fing bird. I was lying about you being a buxom blond to get on your good side. 0 Replies #2186636 4:38PM 15/08/2005
As if I would ever do a photo shoot with you."
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Topic #2186662
amIsane - April says that Janelle had better not ever speak to her again NT 1 Replies #2186662 4:40PM 15/08/2005
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amIsane - Ap calls Janelle a "Fat @ss", laughs pause a few secs.(no one laughed) #2186688 4:43PM 15/08/2005
then she says "just kidding"
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Topic #2186677
helena - Janelle is being extremely entertaining in GR- 1 Replies #2186677 4:41PM 15/08/2005
Her plan is to dress up very sexy for the rest of her time there. She has changed into a pretty lavender shirt/jeans ensemble and wearing expensive stilletto shoes. She say the shoes cost more than Jen's weakly stipend. She says she is going to stop being nice. She isn't going to eat as much now because it is war and she is determined to get sexy.
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Billy - obviously the eating thing didn't last long, as she was shoving food in her pie hole when Kaysar & Rachel went to play coasters. NT #2188980 8:20PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2186713
hoarsewhisperer - Janelle says she goes camping, Kay says, "Buxom girls go camping" lol.....Jan's really playing up the bosum candor NT 1 Replies #2186713 4:45PM 15/08/2005
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georgiadawn - I believe K said "buxom girls shouldnt go camping" then Janie said, I go camping, I rent a cabin.. NT #2186768 4:53PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2186716
helena - Janelle just changed yet again into a black off the shoulder sweater. 0 Replies #2186716 4:46PM 15/08/2005
She will change again in a couple hours. Kaysar and Rachel are laughing. Kaysar says that every time she goes out of The GR, she is going to be wearing a different outfit.
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Topic #2186735
helena - Janelle just admitted she took out her agression on Sarah's face. She is sorry. Apparently Sarah has a coffee ring around her nose NT 0 Replies #2186735 4:48PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2186747
Fetch - Kaysar: My s**t is still in the suitcase. I haven't even f'kn unpacked yet. (Rachel cracks up) NT 0 Replies #2186747 4:50PM 15/08/2005
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