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Topic #2190488
BrookeBBFan - Beau / Janelle 0 Replies #2190488 10:05PM 15/08/2005
J: You gold digging whore

B: Who drives a ferrari, who drives a ***** ferrari !!!!1

Fish Fish Fish

Will update if it comes back ......

In Gold Room

J: He ***** old men for money

R: No come on, I was in the DR and I heard yelling

H: They told us to come to the gold room

J: It's not my fault

H: Did you run after him, what happend?

J: I ran after him b/c he got in my face.

J: The only # 85 was the age of all his boyfriends, they were rude to me.

H: My only target is april.

R: I was in the DR and I heard HOUSEGUESTS HOUSEGUESTS and I was like what's going on. I hope she's proud of herself

BB sais Jennifer please go to the DR and Janelle says GO ***** YOURSELF.

K: Did they call you in or did you go in voluntarily

R: No I went in voluntarily

K: Are you going to pick fights everyday

J: Yes I am, I hate them.

H: I don't want to upset anyone because Janelle I think you are staying, I don't want to upset you Kaysar.

K: You guys are gonna vote me out.

H: I'll do whatever you guys want me to do.

J: I hate them I f'n hate them. I especially hate Jennifer.

H: Do whatever you want until Thursday but then we have to win HOH.

Missed some b/c feeds timed out....


James - this is the saddest display of maturity

Jennifer - the DR had to odasity to ask if I felt responsible, I do not appoligise for giving people who are ready to kill each other alcohol.

James - They put us on display

Jennifer - we look really stupid right now because this is by far the worst reality show i've ever seen in my life. This is bad, what happend tonight has happend once by random on any reality show. This has happend like 20 times this season.

James - I'm not here to listen to each group degrade each other, we have to be around 20 million viewers now. Everything you are doing is being so carefully scrutinized. If I went home Thursday fine, but there is no way you'd catch me acting like that. No way.


H: Makes no sense to attack anyone else but April, because she's so stupid and emotional everyone always has to console her.

J: It's her fault

H: You weren't in there with me when they all came to me and swore on thier lives it was going to be a james buster week.

J: He's nothing but a ***** slut that ***** for money (Beau)

R: I'm still not done, they asked me to go back in a few mins.

Maggie please go to the DR

R: what was maggie doing in this

J: Nothing ***** bitch

H; i walked away for 20 seconds and she said something to him and it made me laugh so hard I had to spit.

R: What did you say to him to make him so mad.

J: Listen I'll talk all i want you ***** reality whore.

H: She told maggie ***** you maggie, and maggie said thanks janelle.

R: Janie,

J: Do you blame me

All: No

H: It's a double eviction it's gonna be, just as long as i'm not up there.

H: They gotta make it a game

R: I told them, i'm at the point now where I don't feel like playing anymore, it's not fun, the competitions i'll still play them but it's like how can the viewers wanna see this.

H: They edit it

R: Oh

H: Viewers wanna see it, they love it.

R; This yea, but after this.

H: We win it this week it's gonna be double evicition and get 2 of them the ***** out of here.

J: I hate beau, I hate magge and i certainly hate jennifer. If they want to evict me fine, i'm willing to leave. These people can kiss my ass. These people should be cleaning my house. They are the lowest form of humanity.

H: You gotta say that in DR

J: They aren't even good enough to sweep the hallway in my building, they are starving for attention trying to get in the big picture.

R: Jennifer made a comment, that if Steven Spielberg wants me for his next movie i dunno.

J: If those sons of bitches want to evict me then let them. I know Michael will pick me up, he loves me right Kaysar.

K: Right

J: Tell these sons of bitches to evict me then.

H: It's gonna suck if one of these guys win this game.

R: Who do you want us to vote for.

K: I'm leaving, i'm going to treat them like crap tomorrow.

R: They won't know what to do.

J: I called april a bunch of names, I called her a golddigging whore.

K: April came begging to me, right before the fight. I was lying here. She said you know I care about you, she's terrorized. She's begging me to do something.

R: ***** you April

J: It's your problem now you ***** bitch, guess what we're gonna kick ur ass you ***** bitch

K: April said we got scared when you came back in, blah blah blah. Maggie came in and said Kaysar can you do somehting they are out of control. Time after time day after day I tried to calm people down and this is what I get. I get stabbed in the back.

BB: Jennifer please go to the diary room

J: Jennifer please stop applying to reality shows because you are an idiot.

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Topic #2190487
Ada - howie sayin they are breakin them down NT 0 Replies #2190487 10:05PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190489
SassyPrncess - BB: Jennifer, please go to the DR. Janelle: Jennifer! Please stop applying for reality shows.... NT 0 Replies #2190489 10:05PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190505
Caribou - Kaysar - April came begging to me, before the fight. 0 Replies #2190505 10:06PM 15/08/2005
Kaysar imitating April's voice and word. She came begging him to intervene to make janelle stop.

Janelle hears this and says "so what we'll kick your ass"
Kaysar - i told her, you guys stabbed me in the back. then maggie came in and asked me to do something and i said guys, time after time and day after day i tried to calm people down and you guys stabbed me in the back, this is what i get for it. And then i heard them screaming so i said alright let me go see. now when they need me they beg me

Rachel and janelle tell Kaysar not to do anything for them. Kaysar had to pull them apart because BB was intervening. Kaysar had to grab Beau because he was ready to go nuts.

Kaysar - this is stupid, this is how they want to play?

BB: Jen please go to DR

Howie - they'll be so f'n scared by thursday they won't play right. we're breaking them down, they can't take it, they'll be so f'n scared they have to get it. i don't care, they brought it on themselves, its too f'n late. she swore on her f'n family. i hope they're ok out there cuz you swore on them (talking about april)

Howie - BB, pizza ain't gonna make me not hate these people
They all laugh
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Topic #2190508
Liquorlady - Jennifer called to DR twice NT 0 Replies #2190508 10:06PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190515
Caribou - Janelle: if I get evicted this week, ***** it, i'm going to michael's house. i'm gonna get sex! NT 0 Replies #2190515 10:06PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190516
gymborebel - Howie and Jan " Hey BB, the pizza party didn't worrk" NT 0 Replies #2190516 10:06PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190519
BillBishop - BB: Jennifer, please go to the DR. Jan: Jennifer, Please quit applying for reality shows, 0 Replies #2190519 10:06PM 15/08/2005
you're not gonna make it. You're a loser.
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Topic #2190527
Ada - howie :we're getting them out of their game. we're playin dirty now NT 0 Replies #2190527 10:06PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190530
Caribou - Howie revving up Janelle, encouraging her to go after them. NT 0 Replies #2190530 10:06PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190539
SassyPrncess - Jan: The pizza party didn't work! (K) {shakes head} Pizza. Pizza? NT 0 Replies #2190539 10:07PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190543
ferretkiss - GR people.... 0 Replies #2190543 10:07PM 15/08/2005
Howie: the pizza party didnt make me stop hating these people.
they all laugh

[it was funny, maybe had ta be there]
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Topic #2190545
memyselfandi - Janelle tells Kaysar she is ready to leave. Kaysar says he is too. 0 Replies #2190545 10:07PM 15/08/2005
Janelle wants to go home now because Michael will pick her up. Howie is laying next to her on the bed in gold room and is stroking her hair.

Howie says he knows Michael loves Janie, that's why he hates Michael.

Kaysar says he's going to go treat them like crap tomorrow so that he can leave.

Rachel: They won't know what to do.

Kaysar sharing the April conversation and how she is terrorized and like begging him to do something.

BB: Jennifer please come to the diary room.

Janelle: Jennifer please quit applying for reality shows.
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Topic #2190546
Ada - beau 1 Replies #2190546 10:07PM 15/08/2005
jan is nasty who*e with nasty fake 30 dollar hair
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Mirage - Beau said Jan is really a man. NT #2190592 10:10PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190556
Caribou - April and Beau ranting in HOH. April worried about getting a job and if they'll show this NT 0 Replies #2190556 10:08PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190593
Caribou - April: Janelle will be lucky to get a b/f after this. She told me "don't you care that you lied on national tv?" April upset about that still. NT 0 Replies #2190593 10:10PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190609
Skamito - April thinks she's going to lose her job... 0 Replies #2190609 10:10PM 15/08/2005
April- I hope they don't show all this, I'm never going to get a job.

Beau and April complaining about the name-calling. They think the names are totally offbase since they're not gold-diggers or whores. April keeps saying, "I'm MARRIED." April calls Janelle a liar and says she's lucky if she gets a boyfriend after that.

B- She pushed me first!
A- Promise?
B- I promise. That's when I thought, if this bitch pushes me, I'm gonna push her back.

*Edited* I think I misheard her and she actually said something like if I get fired how will I get a job, since later she is talking about the people she works with seeing the show.
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Topic #2190619
SassyPrncess - April on Janie: She'll be lucky to get a boyfriend out of this. NT 0 Replies #2190619 10:11PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190623
Ada - james and vette in hoh now with ap and b NT 0 Replies #2190623 10:11PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190643
Caribou - April making Beau promise that Janelle pushed Beau first. He says yes! 0 Replies #2190643 10:11PM 15/08/2005
Ivette won't back him up because she didn't see. Now James in HOH with them. He's there to calm down Beau. April whining to James now about what Janelle called her. James says she wants us to evict her and leave Kaysar here, she told me that in the room. Ivette backing up James and trying to talk to Beau about it.
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Topic #2190647
miramira - Beau claims Janelle pushed him first, and then he pushed her back. 0 Replies #2190647 10:12PM 15/08/2005
Beau says Howie saw J push first.
April says Howie will take Janelle's side.

Ivette didn't see what happened.
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Topic #2190654
Caribou - Ivette says they made fun of Eric when he lost it and now we beat them at their own game and they're doing the same thing NT 0 Replies #2190654 10:12PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190664
Ada - james 0 Replies #2190664 10:13PM 15/08/2005
says they want them to evict jan over kaysar and they cant do that. not strategic( and i was goin to bed lmao)
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Topic #2190669
Skamito - J + I trying to tell them not to evict Janelle because of this 0 Replies #2190669 10:13PM 15/08/2005
J- She's trying to get us to evict her.
I- They're trying to break us up and get us crazy. We should have tried to keep composure.

J and I won't let them vote out Janelle for personal reasons. They want to keep thinking strategically.
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Topic #2190679
Ada - ap threw howie pic over balcony NT 1 Replies #2190679 10:13PM 15/08/2005
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Caribou - and it landed by the keys at HOH picture wall. NT #2190724 10:15PM 15/08/2005
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