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Topic #2189235
gymborebel - April saying the Jan has sucked more d&&k than she has...... NT 0 Replies #2189235 8:46PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189252
helena - April - "I am not tha skinny, but I am not as fing fat as Janelle is." NT 0 Replies #2189252 8:52PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189260
BrookeBBFan - I/B/A/J/M in HOH 0 Replies #2189260 8:53PM 15/08/2005
J: I said hey it's a house thing come over here

A: What did the ***** bitch say

J: Janelle said "WHO SAID"

A: Did you hear what she said about Jennifer... then FISH B/C APRIL STARTS SINGING.
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Topic #2189268
memyselfandi - Beau is completely trashed yet the FISH were only up an hour and a half *adult* 0 Replies #2189268 8:54PM 15/08/2005
He shares that he has given at least 11 BJs, but does not do that for a living.

He keeps shouting and yelling and yodeling.
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Topic #2189271
buxom_veto - April and Beau have been bursting in random song... 0 Replies #2189271 8:54PM 15/08/2005
which causes BB to cut to Fish more than usual. They are all in HOH room bashing F4

April: "Maggie, You're no f'ing fun. You need to drink more."
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Topic #2189278
BrookeBBFan - HOH Room 0 Replies #2189278 8:54PM 15/08/2005
A: Maggie ur not fun, you need to keep drinking, you lie.

M: I'm too sexy for my hat.. i'm not singing I just said it...

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Topic #2189319
memyselfandi - Friendship keeps asking James what he is doing as he lays on the couch downstairs 0 Replies #2189319 8:57PM 15/08/2005
The friendship are sitting at the balcony table outside the HOH. James is on the first floor couch laying under a blanket talking intermittently in their conversation and staring at the ceiling. During a silent moment,

April asks James what he's doing.

He says reflecting. This is the second time he's said he's reflecting.

April says "Reflecting about how EVIL they are?"

April says we had no idea we had devils in this house all the time.

We keep getting fish because they keep referencing the "I'm Too Sexy" song.
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Topic #2189335
memyselfandi - April is going stir crazy 0 Replies #2189335 8:59PM 15/08/2005
Apparently they're on lockdown inside. They think a competition or something is happening outside.

April suggests going down to DR, where Janelle and Howie are, and harrassing them by ringing the doorbell to get in until they leave.

Maggie is in HOH room. She seems sober.

April sees the BY is opening and screams. Beau and her run downstairs.

April seems a bit drunk herself.
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Topic #2189339
buxom_veto - Jan, Rac, Kay and How just all ran into the diary room in one feed. 0 Replies #2189339 9:00PM 15/08/2005
While everyone else runs into the backyard. Ivette says let's not stoop to their level. But they already have.
All of the people in the house have lost their minds. That is as true an update as ever.
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Topic #2189340
mommy2kaitlyn - Kaysar, Janelle and I believe all the others in his group just snuck into the DR. Other group including James went outside. NT 0 Replies #2189340 9:00PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189346
crymerci - BY gets opened back up and Crapettes go out there, meanwhile we see R and K sneak into the DR together (I think H and Jan are already there.) NT 0 Replies #2189346 9:00PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189349
notchbaby - A little earlier Maggie asked Jenn have you ever been 0 Replies #2189349 9:00PM 15/08/2005
involved in anything like this? Jenn shrugs, sure, haven't you ever been in a dorm? Something to that effect. (/ed.note Jennifer seems the least effected by all this)
BY now open.
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Topic #2189359
Kayfan - S4 help Jan out of DR and into bed... holding barf bucket? NT 0 Replies #2189359 9:01PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189365
miramira - Ivette trashing others outside by Hot Tub 0 Replies #2189365 9:01PM 15/08/2005
Ivette saying, (synopsis) We should not stoop down to their level. Janelle would not look at Howie in Miami. Rachel is a follower, just trying to be cool....I will go back home and Rachel will clean up horseshit.
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Topic #2189366
JAK420 - kay howie rach putin jann to bed it seems to wasted in dr they had a bucket in there NT 0 Replies #2189366 9:01PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189369
helena - Ivette, "Kaysar is a fake Muslim, Rachel shovels horse sh*t, Howie..Janelle wouldn't look 0 Replies #2189369 9:01PM 15/08/2005
at him for 2 seconds in Miami in the real world, and Janie sucks d*ck for a living."
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Topic #2189379
memyselfandi - Ivette's thoughts on S4 0 Replies #2189379 9:03PM 15/08/2005
Kaysar is a fake Muslim

Howie is a whore guy who Janelle wouldn't think about outside the show.

Rachel is a follower.

Janelle s's d'k.

Jen telling Ivette that they're saying things about her that aren't really true. She seems to be trying to make it less personal.

Beau says this is our diary room right now.

Maggie doesn't care and isn't talking s't. Says we don't need to talk s't.

Beau is calling her goody-goody.
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Topic #2189380
BillBishop - Drunk Janie: This is all out war! Howie: Good job, Janie! NT 0 Replies #2189380 9:03PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189385
knifey_spooney - "The Fiendship" in the BY 1 Replies #2189385 9:06PM 15/08/2005
All sitting with their feet in the hottubs. Talking about how they dont want to talk sh*t about everyone, not stoop down to the S4 level. They proceed to say:
Ivette: Okay, so like Kaysar is the fake Muslim, Janelle would never even look at Howie outside this place, or talk to him, Rachel is trying to be all cool and following everyone around, and Janelle's a stripper!
Maggie: But its good that we havent stooped to their level.
Beau: OMG, we should totally go to that level.
Ivette: We're not going to that level. So when they're out of the house, Janelle would go back to sucking d*cks, Howie would go back to his roommate and thats it cause he has no friends, and Rachel will go back to shoveling horse sh*t.
April: Y'all, I'm just glad we dont stoop to their level.

Ed Note: The irony in this whole conversation is delicious.
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knifey_spooney - More... #2189418 9:09PM 15/08/2005
They continue on explaining about how much their lives are better than the S4's.
Beau starts singing some annoying song, then Maggot decides to take command and make them all sing the song like originally (ie. altogether).

Ed Note: Reaching for something to poke my eyes and ears out with.
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Topic #2189386
memyselfandi - F1, F2 shows S4 in gold room, F3, F4 has friendship dipping feet in hot tub NT 0 Replies #2189386 9:06PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189395
miramira - I/B/A out at Hot Tub 0 Replies #2189395 9:07PM 15/08/2005
Beau: Honey, don't tell me to go f myself. Did I say "suck a d*ck" loud enough?
April: I hope.
Ivette: How do you guys get drunk off of 2 bottles of beer?
Beau: I had a whole bottle of wine, a bottle of gin... listen... Miss Rachel could get drunk off of White Zin. Who drins White Zin? Nobody.

Ivette: I just feeel bad bc she's 33 and she doesn't have a life.
April: Howie was saying to her, you don't have a life. Your family hates you.
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Topic #2189396
ferretkiss - april: im not that skinny but im not as fat as f*ckin janelle is. they are all on the hoh... 0 Replies #2189396 9:07PM 15/08/2005
balcony, now have gone into the hoh room.
apr:what did that fat f*ckin bitch say? did you hear what she said about jennifer? im on the catwalk, i do my strut on the catwalk (singing that part).
they seem to be goofing around in hoh room.
apr: maggie youre no fun, you need to keep drinking.
apr: guys they are going to have something out there for us.
female: so what
apr: and guys if they do im going to be f*ckin drinking.
apr: guys lets go to the DR.
most people say they are going to take a shower.
maggie has the remote in her hands and looks rather worried.
beau is singing and we get FISH.

female: were not going to destroy.
beau: yes we are.

beau; im going outside, downstairs.
beau are these mine, why do they feel so small.
apr: guys they are opening the backyard, come on.
beay: back yards open (then yells!)
they run downstairs and outside.

apr: nothing! nothing! why would they f*cking do that? you f*cking bitch (to BB?)
apr: lets put our feet in the hot tub.
jen laughs about wishing sarah was here.
apr: she was nice. she understands we couldnt vote ivette off, come on.
jen: do you understand, so far we look better.
iv: we shouldnt sink down to their level. (then she runs thru each one and deprecates each one............at length) kayser is a fake muslim was in there. ends with janelle is just a pig. so. come on.

beau: rachels a whore.
female: i hate them. im f*cking drinking.
maggie: bobo we dont need to f*cking talk sh*t about them.
beau does not want to go along with this.
beau: they can lick my d*ck and s*ck my ass. they can lick my *ss. they can lick my *ss. repeats these things many times.

iv: i just cant decide who i want to get rid of next.
beau: (i hear suck my d*ck in there again).
they are sitting around the hot tub, some have feet in.
beau: did i say suck my d*ck loud enough? i hope she heard it.
beau: listen. i think its funny how miss rachel can get drunk off of (missed it).
apr: it s funny, she doesnt have a life. its sad, you hate your life, your coworkers and everything. your family hates you. (talking about rachel).

apr: the bottom line is they dont have enough people to win hoh. [ed: ?]

apr: im f*cking a-o-k. i dont care about money.
mag: wait a second. the five of us have fun when there is nothing else to do.
female talks about getting to sequester house.

beau: sipping my drink.
mag: no game right now.
apr: miller genuine draft.
apr: we love bobo tonight.
apr: lets get it on. oh oh , never had sex, but lets get it on. (sings this).

bb has called someone to the DR.

they start the beau bise song, thats where i put on mute..........

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Topic #2189456
memyselfandi - Friendship doing annoying chants around hot tob 0 Replies #2189456 9:11PM 15/08/2005
Beau leads them in unintelligible sing-song call-response about Boh-Beese.

Maggie says this is what had them bond together in the first place. Having fun together.

Beau is doing more cheers.

James is out with Friendship just kind of sitting in a chair near the hot tub listening but not participating. His eyes are shut but there's no way he's asleep with how loud it is.

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Topic #2189460
BrookeBBFan - Discussion About H/J/R 0 Replies #2189460 9:11PM 15/08/2005
B: Rachel is a whore and disgusting, and she picks up horse ***** for a living.

M: It doesn't matter!!!!

I: Let's drop it

M: You think i'm going to start talking ***** when we are drunk

B: They are *****, so we'll be goody goody, how are they gonna air us

M: I don't give a ***** about how they air me

B: I have a rep to keep up while i'm here, and they can lick my ass and suck my dick. (Repeated at least 5 times)

A: Can I be honest, i'm not even here to play a game.

J; Beau should I get you a plastic cup

I: They are mad because we started playing thier game.

A: We're drinking, we don't drink very often

I: You know what will be funny, when we get HOH again and we get another one. And then there will only be 2 left.

B: They are all dickheads

I: I can't figure out who i want to get rid of next

B: Janelle can lick my ass and suck my dick, my only worry is that.... (inaudible)

B: Did I say suck my did loud enough

A: I think she heard it.

I: How do you get drunk off of 2 beers

B: A bottle of wine, a bottle of gin. You think it's funny how miss rachel can get drunk off of white zinfandel. She's ugly

A: Rachel doesn't have a life, Howie was saying that to her, you don't have a life. Your co-workers mean everything to you, your family hates you. (Liar)

B: Sucks to be here

A: The bottom line is they don't have enough people to win every HOH

I: We can't count on that... we're not going to talk strategy now

M: WE ARE NOT going to talk strategy now.

A: I will be gone next week, I am ***** A-OK i don't care about money I don't care about any of it anymore.

M: It's not fun here anymore, wait a minute the five of us have fun when no one else is here.. why are we saying no more fun.

A: I wish this was sequester house.

M: This is sequester house.

B: I didn't say *****

M: No game talk right now.

B: No Ga Me

A: Miller Genuine Draft

B: Hi Jenny!!!!

A: Starts singing again, (Bitch)

BB Calls rachel to DR

M: We started it with the five of us let's do it our way

****Singing some lame song they made up ******

James sitting in Lounge chair taking it all in..... if he was smart he would take all this to the other side.

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Topic #2189472
Orion - Evil Crappettes signing their original "Beau" Song in the Hot Tub... 0 Replies #2189472 9:12PM 15/08/2005
Crappettes tell Beau no more game talk... they are over it but he is so drunk he wants to go on...

J-Blo & Ape say the house isn't fun anymore... (Ed Note: ofcourse forgetting that their own actions have lead to this entire drama... )
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