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Topic #2185082
cyberaz - janelle: james is going to be in this game now for a long time. 0 Replies #2185082 2:16PM 15/08/2005

april: hopefully not.

janelle: i hope he is.
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Topic #2185113
cyberaz - More April bulls**ting 0 Replies #2185113 2:17PM 15/08/2005
She not here for the money
She really likes Jan and hopes they can be friends
She didn't want to get rid of Kaysar....
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Topic #2185261
Noodles - Noodles > "It takes a lot of energy listening to April" NT 0 Replies #2185261 2:34PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2185263
memyselfandi - April working HARD to get Janelle to believe she and Jen didn't initiate Jan plan 0 Replies #2185263 2:34PM 15/08/2005
Jan keeps reminding her that they came to her first, and even if A/Jen were just seeing how far people would go that was still f'ing over H/R/Jan.

She is trying to stir up things between her and Rachel. Makes up story about Rachel selling out Janelle conversation that Howie was present for that didn't happen at all.

Jan seems skeptical. Jan: Howie wasn't there?

A: He was but he didn't say anything.

Jan: Where was I?

A: I don't know.

A says that Rachel is willing to do whatever it takes to Jan out of there because she was jealous of Howie's flirting with Jan.

A has been working her over for at least 20 minutes now. They were first in the kitchen and now in the BY.

A is saying that Rachel is playing in the middle to save her own butt.
A: I don't not like her for it, but that's her strategy.

April claims that she fully feels like she liked every single person in the house until last week.

April is coming up with more and more elaborate backstory of Rachel secretly being out to Jan.

April is stuttering a lot after Janelle comes back with comments and asks more questions but presses onward anyway.

Jan: The whole thing came out where Ivette was like me and James are not working together. Our whole intention of getting rid of Ivette and James was that they were working together. And when she said James came to me this morning and she said we're not working together I said I believe that.

The only reason I wanted to maybe keep Sarah was if Ivette and James were working together. That's the bottom line.

April: All I'm saying is there's been 20 million stories flying around. (Ed: 19,999,999 started by April)

Jan: If we're discussing things that doesn't mean that's that, this is what we think, that we're going to do this.

April wants to know who told Maggie and others of the Ivette plan. (Ed: I thought if they were just trying to get info, it would've been April/Jen?)

April says James/Sarah told April/Jen that Rachel told them April/Jen were swing votes about a possible Ivette eviction plan.

April trying to say that Rachel ruined their whole plan by going to James/Sarah.

Jan: She wouldn't f'ing lie.

A: She wouldn't?

Jan: NO!

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Topic #2185283
cyberaz - Ape now claiming that Rach told maggie about the plan to evict Ivette NT 0 Replies #2185283 2:35PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2185298
memyselfandi - Jan still doesn't get why if Ivette was safe April/Jen came up to them 0 Replies #2185298 2:37PM 15/08/2005
Janelle says it doesn't make sense for them to come up to them at all, if they weren't ever to be a part of the Ivette plan.

Jan filing her nails.

Conversation seems to have stalled since Rachel came and sat down with them at the BY table.

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Topic #2185347
cyberaz - Rach said into her mic " want to go to DR, come on, Call me call me call me call me!" NT 0 Replies #2185347 2:44PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2185355
cyberaz - Ape to Kay "Kaysar, no matter how much you hate me, I'm always going to love you." 0 Replies #2185355 2:45PM 15/08/2005
He said, "thanks"

Didn't deny that he hates her.
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Topic #2185380
cyberaz - Kay to Ape no matter how much you try to justify if, it's not the same as what happened to Eric. 0 Replies #2185380 2:47PM 15/08/2005
Kaysar: "What do you do with James at this point. You don't trust him. Where does he go?"

April says Kaysar's team fell apart without him. That should be a compliment to Kaysar.
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Topic #2185413
cyberaz - April trashes Rach to Kaysar 0 Replies #2185413 2:50PM 15/08/2005
Kay asking what that has to do with keeping promises. Tells her she is going off on a tangent. you are the liason, lets make this happen. Ape going on about liking Janelle. Telling Kay her version of what happened in his absence. Ape thinks that Kay made it very clear before he left what the plan was. Howie tried to deviate. Once again, she is here for Jen...not herself.
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Topic #2185430
bama_chevygal - April still blaming her group not Jen for Kaysar being up. 0 Replies #2185430 2:52PM 15/08/2005
April - she was going to put up Maggie like you said.
Kaysar- I didnt say Maggie because I had just promised her she was safe
April - Well can, I be honest, Jen said you wanted Maggie
Kaysar - That is a lie, bring her out here,
April - No, its he said she said
Kaysar - She needs to stop lying
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Topic #2185429
memyselfandi - April asking if Kaysar will forgive her and a long chat 0 Replies #2185429 2:52PM 15/08/2005
K is not really concerned about that.

K: No matter how much you try to justify it saying his Eric thing isn't the same as Jen's nomination of him.

April says you have to understand she was listening to a lot of people's feedback.

A says this is a she-said/he-said story.

K is incredulous that she is turning this into a he-said/she-said situation.

A bringing up that K is a strategical player.

K asks what you do with James at this point. Nobody trusts him.

A agrees that she doesn't trust james either.

K: If you really thought that how is that strategic?

A telling K that his group fell apart without him last week. Says that Rachel was storming around the house livid about Howie and Jan spending time together.

And then a story she told Janelle with Rachel selling out Janelle as part of a three-week promise.

K: You're going off on a tangent right now. I don't care about this stuff.

April goes back to last week stuff and the James/Sarah being put up thing.

April saying she is here for Jennifer not for herself.

April says that Janelle made it clear that strategically it wasn't smart to put up James and doing backdoor (ed: did this happen? does janelle talk strategy with anyone, let alone April?)

*feed timed out*
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Topic #2185441
cyberaz - Kay"what does any of that have to do with Jen not keeping promises? " NT 0 Replies #2185441 2:53PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2185464
cyberaz - Kaysar: "I GAVE her HoH and she sent me HOME. She CRIED." 0 Replies #2185464 2:55PM 15/08/2005

"April, for once in your live, don't make excuses. Just tell me to my face."

April: "She broke a promise. Bottom line."
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Topic #2185466
virdee - Kaysar said b@llshit NT 0 Replies #2185466 2:55PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2185545
memyselfandi - Kaysar angry because Jen cried to get HOH competition thrown her way 0 Replies #2185545 3:00PM 15/08/2005
April: We don't know who would have gotten it/

K: Just tell me to my face that I'm a fool for ever believing anything that she said.

A: Bottom line she broke a promise.

K: Yeah. Bottom line.

April saying you can't put the blame on her because it was a group deal.

K says ask me how many times I went up to Maggie and she lied to my face and said I don't know, it's just Jenny.

K insistent he knows what motivates Jen and everyone else in the house he's not so stupid.

K: When you don't go by your word what are you left with.

A says K broke promises.

K talking about Eric, I said you are safe but under the conditions that you stay out of veto.

A: And because he broke your promise it was okay for you to break your promise?

K asks how they justify evicting Kaysar for Howie/Rachel/Jan were wavering on evicting Sarah.

K: You're drawing a parallel from a week I was HOH and I am telling you I had a certain thing with someone and based on that alone when he kept coming back and back and back and I told him specifically what to do. I told him for me don't do that one thing and he did it.

For someone to cry after 14 hours begging and pleading and to look me in my eye and say Kaysar why don't you trust me and for me to step down and say you know what enjoy yourself...

It was a majority decision.

Then if it was a majority decision then you all as a majority are crap.

you're telling \me that James can go up there and sweet talk (feed broke up)

then how can you do this then as a majority?

Janie asks don't you care how this looks.

A: I can act like the most innocent person in the house and I could be portrayed as a bitch.
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Topic #2185618
HollyMouse - OMG Howie cussing April out Big time 0 Replies #2185618 3:04PM 15/08/2005
says shes only there for the money even though she says shes not and howie called her a liar and said she sucks
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Topic #2185624
Andi - Howie just told Ape she "sucks so bad...most annoying person in the house" called her an ass hole NT 1 Replies #2185624 3:04PM 15/08/2005
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mrssand - Kaysar told H to calm down. She's just a chiwawa. NT #2185666 3:06PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2185664
memyselfandi - Howie, Janie, Rachel joined Kay in interrogating April Howie gets MAD 0 Replies #2185664 3:06PM 15/08/2005
Howie says everyone agreed they wanted to play straight up and that James/Sarah were playing dirty.

H: We wanted to take that out of the game.

April telling Howie different things than what he told Jan about the Ivette plan, Jan calls him out, then they change topics.

Kaysar now is just not talking and sitting there listening and eating.

April now trying to stir up things between Rachel and Jan with Rachel sitting here.

Rachel isn't having any of it.

A shares that R/H/Jan flustered last week without K.

A: I'm not here for the money.

H: Yeah you are.

H telling April she is target #1 and she and Jen's chances of winning money together and hers of winning money are out the window.

K trying to get Howie to stop.

Howie telling her she is in trouble because she's either with him in the BB house or sequester house the rest of the year

H: No one bothers to put you up because you suck so much. You are the most annoying person in this house, but yet you suck so you are a waste...

H: I don't f'ing care anymore. You're going out the f'ing door next week when I win HOH next Thursday!

K gets H away from the table to talk to them alone.

April: Why is it all about me? We are a group. It's all of us.
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Topic #2185674
cyberaz - Ape trying to sell her version of Ivygate to Rach. Rach just laughs NT 0 Replies #2185674 3:06PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2185704
Outcast - Howie to Ape: You're gonna play dirty, I'm gonna play effn dirty. NT 0 Replies #2185704 3:08PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2185716
cyberaz - Kay trying to get Howie to calm down NT 0 Replies #2185716 3:08PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2185724
rem3 - Howie ripping April a new ahole ...go Howie go. NT 0 Replies #2185724 3:09PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2185737
Kaynelle - April: He looks like he's out of control! 0 Replies #2185737 3:09PM 15/08/2005
Janelle: At least he doesn't look like a liar!!
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Topic #2185741
MilrGirl - Howie - paraphrased to April - You are really stupid - you leave your husband..... 0 Replies #2185741 3:09PM 15/08/2005
and your doggie for 3 months for minimal wage ...there is no way you are going to win and you will be without your husband and dog because you are going to be stuck in the F%^# sequester house with ME!
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