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Topic #2184427
Qcoatl - Howie is saying that he is taking it personally this week because everyone swore 0 Replies #2184427 12:55PM 15/08/2005
on Bibles, anything, that this was a James Buster week. And Jenn went back on that. Jenn says that her group thought the S5 wanted Ivette off and wouldn't take James out. So everything was off. All the deals were off. So they had to do things differently.
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Topic #2184430
Kaynelle - Maggie gets involved 0 Replies #2184430 12:56PM 15/08/2005
Mag: What do you want? You are on the block! What can be said,

Kay: I'm not asking you! I'm asking the beloved HOH.

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Topic #2184435
CruiseCritic - Kay says that Jenn stabbed him in the back as he handed HoH over to her 0 Replies #2184435 12:56PM 15/08/2005
we had an objective. are you guys that insecure? we had an objective.
(wow they are upset) Jenn says she does not owe an explanation, she just explained everything.
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Topic #2184439
memyselfandi - Jen insistent that going after Ivette wasn't her and April's idea 0 Replies #2184439 12:57PM 15/08/2005
Janie is the only one who seems particularly upset by that lie.

Jen being confronted by Kay, Howie, Jan in kitchen

Jen, "I'm not stabbing anybody in the back, this is strategic."

*feed messed up*
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Topic #2184443
CruiseCritic - Maggie in kitchen now lsitening to kay say that he isnt here to rant 0 Replies #2184443 12:57PM 15/08/2005
and rave. he is not here to fight with you guys. he doesnt car at this point. jenn says she was goign to stick with her deal with kay.
kay says he doesnt care
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Topic #2184452
Caribou - Jen dancing fast to cover her b.s. Janelle, Howie and Kaysar calling her out 0 Replies #2184452 12:59PM 15/08/2005
Janelle brings up it wasn't our idea for Ivette. janelle busts out Jen that it was their idea to vote out Ivette.

Jen not getting anything by these people but she sits there with a smirk as if she makes total sense.

maggie washing dishes and being quiet but taking it all in, as is Beau who stands there eating. April nowhere to be seen.

Jen trying to say she's not stabbing Kaysar in the back and that she knows he won't believe her. Jen trying to cover her ass.

kaysar - are you guys that insecure
Maggie - what do you want us to say
janelle - i want an explanation
maggie - you're not getting one from me
Kaysar - i'm asking jen
Maggie - well janelle is asking me. she looks at janelle and repeats you are not getting one from me
(Maggie clearly enjoying power tripping and has been waiting all day to say that apparently)

Jen to Kay - what do you want to say?
Kaysar being logical pointing out the whole game, the agreeements and that he knows what she did makes no sense. He is not here to rant and rave or fight, he doesn't care, he's here to clear the air.

Jen still trying to cover, lying through her teeth
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Topic #2184455
CruiseCritic - Jenn says you are not going to beleive anything i say at this point and 0 Replies #2184455 1:00PM 15/08/2005
Kaysar says he is thoroughly amused. I am still convinced that you are starving for attention
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Topic #2184460
Qcoatl - Maggie said, "You're not going to get an explanation from me and that's it. You're not" 0 Replies #2184460 1:04PM 15/08/2005
Kaysar says, "I'm not asking you for one". M- "Janelle is". K- "I'm asking the HOH. What happened?"

I can't keep up, but a bit later Jenn said that she broke the agreement completely.

Kaysar says, "I'm not mad, I'm really not. I just want to have a discussion."

All is quiet in the kitchen as Maggie continues to cook and everyone else just sits/stands around. They're dispersing now.

Beau says he didn't swear on any Bible sor anything. He's here with his partner and that's it.
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Topic #2184462
Kaynelle - Attention starved-- Kaysar says 0 Replies #2184462 1:04PM 15/08/2005
Jen insisting, why talk when you won't believe anything I say?

Kaysar: I'm not mad, I'm amused. I'm having a great conversation... with myself apparently. I really think you are just starving for attention.

Jen: That's why were all here.

Kaysar doesn't seem to want to leave the kitchen area. Every one is silent.

Maggie: You said it wasn't personal, but now you are making personal attacks?
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Topic #2184469
babyd - Jen goes ouside to table and gives Jam a big wink. NT 0 Replies #2184469 1:05PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184478
Qcoatl - Howie walk by Maggie and says, "You're a bitch, Maggie". He was trying to lighten the mood, I think. He was smiling when he said it. NT 0 Replies #2184478 1:06PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184534
Caribou - Janelle really showing up Jen 0 Replies #2184534 1:12PM 15/08/2005
Janelle has a doggie door for her pets at home. She installed it herself and some cabinets in her home too. Janelle has a pink toolbelt. Rachel says you're the total package! Janelle says Yea! Jen sitting there growing more sullen by the minute as Janelle talks up herself, her photo sessions, etc.
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Topic #2184536
Kaynelle - Back yard-- Jen, April, Ivette, Rachel, James, Janelle and Kaysar 0 Replies #2184536 1:12PM 15/08/2005
Kaysar and Jen are silent while the other are idle in their chit chat.

Ivette excuses herself to join her partner in crime.
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Topic #2184547
Kaynelle - Ive and Mags in kitchen 0 Replies #2184547 1:14PM 15/08/2005
Ivette doesn't seem to be buying that it was Apes and Jen's idea to oust Ivette.
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Topic #2184607
memyselfandi - Friendship plus James in BY upset with "personal attacks" on Jen 0 Replies #2184607 1:26PM 15/08/2005
Ivette incensed that Janelle would accuse Jen/April of coming up with the plan. April says she and Jen were going along with it only to see how far they would go along with it.

Jen says she doesn't like people trying to win BB each season by being angels. That's not what the game is about. Jen says that every winner has to be a little bit dirty. She thinks Cowboy should have won.

They seem to remember season 5 differently.

James sharing his feeling that this is the most strategic move of the game.

Ivette saying Janelle is very feisty and sarcastic.

JAMES: This is the first time the game to them is going to hit home.

Jen agrees that they are getting personal with their attacks on her.

Ivette says she "is over" Rachel's innocence.

Maggie doesn't care if Kaysar personally attacks her. Ivette asks what personal attack was. Maggie says it doesn't matter.

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Topic #2184653
terrybelle - Is that the D/R door on F$? NT 0 Replies #2184653 1:30PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184660
memyselfandi - James thanks friendship 0 Replies #2184660 1:30PM 15/08/2005
He says whether it's strategic or something else, thank you. He says he won't make them regret it, although he knows he has to show it. He can't just say it.

April brings up that S4 brings personal attacks into the game on Jennifer.

James: The reason they are like it is because they are not a group they are individuals.

April (LIES) that Janelle has confessed to her that her team started the Ivette plan.

A: What makes me laugh is that they say we approached them, April concocts yet another more elaborate story for how the Ivette plan started without her and Jen initiating it.
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Topic #2184698
memyselfandi - Jen says they don't realize I don't care 0 Replies #2184698 1:34PM 15/08/2005
Jen: I've already done everything in this game but won the power of veto. I'm already in the sequester house, send me to the sequester house.

*feed timed out*
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Topic #2184749
memyselfandi - Jan/K/R in Gold Room trying to figure out who was in on it 0 Replies #2184749 1:42PM 15/08/2005
They have realized that all of the friendship knew what Jen was going to decide.

Kaysar thinks Jen made the main decision as the leader this week, Maggie probably reinforced it. Kaysar realizing that Friendship sensed he made the S4 stronger and that's why they went after him.

Janelle making fun of April: You take your chin-implanted ass out of this room bitch.

K: You actually paid for that?

J: You actually paid for that? You look like a bird.

Rachel saying even if they lose they look better than the other side.

Look at Beau and his drinking...

J: He peed him in the box that my plasma tv was in because he was jealous.
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Topic #2184759
DraftKing - Making fun of Cappy's Cult 1 Replies #2184759 1:44PM 15/08/2005
Kaysar, Janelle and Rachel are making fun of Cappy's Cult. They mocked April's chin implant: "I can't believe she paid for that!" Kaysar is making fun of April and Jennifer using cliches like "This game changes on a dime."
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DraftKing - They also made fun of Beau's constant drinking NT #2184767 1:44PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184774
fgjadfg - Typical GR talk : Kayczar, Janelle and Rachel 0 Replies #2184774 1:45PM 15/08/2005
teasing April about her chin implant, laughing " she paid for that? she looks like a bird".

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Topic #2184814
babyd - Mag Ap and Jen say Rac is the biggest liar in the house. NT 0 Replies #2184814 1:57PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2184947
strad - april talking to janelle 0 Replies #2184947 2:08PM 15/08/2005
april trying to excuse her action telleing janelle that she wouldnt have broken any promise but she is not Jen
Janelle we did what the house wanted and put up 2 of our own
Janelle teling april she can never trust her again]
April talking about the janelle howie jena and april incident and starting to lie to janelle about what happened and get then gets vague about what happens
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Topic #2184985
strad - april trying to turn janele about rachel 0 Replies #2184985 2:10PM 15/08/2005
Telling janelle that rachel was furious with janelle and howie sleeping together.
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Topic #2185041
mountainmama - April and Janelle talking... 3 Replies #2185041 2:14PM 15/08/2005
about the promise to Kaysar from Jennifer to backdoor James.
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Torra - april lying again... #2185100 2:17PM 15/08/2005
trying to get janelle to believe rachel is badmouthing everyone
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pittsburgh24 - Janelle also lying that she and Rachel never told James and Sarah about the possiblity she might be able to stay NT #2185271 2:35PM 15/08/2005
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cyberaz - April claims that she would not have broken that promise NT #2185072 2:15PM 15/08/2005
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