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Topic #2189959
SassyPrncess - Jan to Beau: You gold digging sl*t. (Sings) You're a f-ing whhh****rrreee! NT 0 Replies #2189959 9:40PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189967
knifey_spooney - April and her job liability and Janelle fight!!! Plus Janelle and Jen! 0 Replies #2189967 9:40PM 15/08/2005
She says she's been told that she cant say: w-h-*-r-e or s-l-*-t or c-*-n-t or she'll get fired. She just cant bring herself to say these things.
(Ed. Note: And she hasnt been doing this all night?)
April goes inside, and her and Janelle promptly start fighting. April calls her drunk and Janelle says shes not, then April tells her she can't even see straight. Janelle says she can, then calls her a sl*t.
April: At least I dont have to suck c*ck to get by in life.
Janelle: Sure you do, you suck off your husband!!
April: Yeah my HUSBAND. I have tons of times!!!
Janelle: Exactly, you gold digging b*tch!!!
April starts walking off with Janelle shouting behind her, they swear a bit more to each other and April goes outside.
April (to Maggot): I'm married, how could she say that stuff? At least I was telling the truth!! She's whores herself out!!! SHe even admits it! What is a gold digger Maggie??! What does it mean!?
Maggie: (Struggling to come up with something to make it in Aprils favor) Someone, that um, er, uses men for money and they're bodies... (whispering).
Janelle comes outside and starts talking to Jenn saying: I came on here just to get some camera time!!! I tried out 5 seasons and finally got on!!! How many other shows did you try out for?? Thats so pathetic!! Dont you think its pretty pathetic to come on here and become famous? I mean, you have to have the look to make it in the industry.
(Ed Note: I missed any of Jens responses, if there were any)
Janelle goes inside and starts calling Beau a wh*re. (Still not sure if they're kidding)
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Topic #2189982
strad - Janelle taunting Beau as he goes to the hoh room 0 Replies #2189982 9:41PM 15/08/2005
youre a golddigging whore.....whore whore whore.
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Topic #2189985
memyselfandi - Janelle terrorizing Jennifer then shouting contest with Beau 0 Replies #2189985 9:41PM 15/08/2005
Janelle: How many reality shows have you tried out for, Jennifer? A 100.

Jennifer doesn't say.

Janie asks Howie how many he thinks she's been on. 200?

Howie says I don't know, I've been on a few.

Janie says I just think it's disgusting that you came on this show trying to make it in the business.

Jen: I don't care what you think. You look like a clown.

Janie: How do you think you're going to break into the business? I mean... how beautiful that you are and all. Do you think you already made it.

Jen disappears.

BB: Beau, Jennifer please put on your microphone.

Beau comes out to kitchen where Janie is.

Janie: WHORE!!!!!!!!

Beau: WHORE!!!!!!

Janie: YOU date older men! You gold digging slut!
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Topic #2189986
ferretkiss - apr: i cannot say the s-l-u-t word. 0 Replies #2189986 9:41PM 15/08/2005
iv you cant say slut, you cant say whore.
apr: um hmm
iv: to people

apr laughing that beau told janelle to suck a fat f*cking d*ck and you need to gain a few pounds.

now april lecturing: you guys, money does not go heaven with you, money makes you mean.

apr goes inside to pick on janelle.
apr: youre drunk.
jan: what
apr: your drunk
jan: im not f8ckin drunk.
apr: the deal is i dont hvae to suck d*ck to get ahead on life.
apr: youve defintely scr*wed more men that you have b*tch.
jan: youve definitly given the most bl*w jobs.

apr talking to mag: i dont give a sh*t, im fricking married. i know...
mag trying to calm her down.
apr: she knows shes a slut. i dont think shes a slut. i said she s*cked pee pee. (laughing... think she is drunk).

maggie seems to be trying to corral her.
apr: look at howie. look at howie. he is so f*cked up. he admits he has screw*Ed over 40 women. he tries to get 18 year olds. that is a pedophile. i have a husband at home.

seems drunk, has a beer in her hand.
mag: doesnt matter what they think, remember that.
apr: do yourally think i care what they think. its just 34 year old howie. i konw im not promiscuous. ive never cheated on my husband, even when he was my boyfriend, my fiance, ive never cheated on him.
apr: she knows that shes a whore. i didnt say that. she knows that she uses her body for a living. [ed: she did say that, so if shes not allowed, she must be in trouble.]

apr says something about aa.

beau walks out in a towel.
jan: its funny how someone is so starved for attention, they try for five seasons in a row to get on this show.
jan: how many reality shows have you tried out for jennifer.
jen says she doesnt want to talk to her.
jan: jennifer i just think its disgusting you came on this show trying to make it big, i just think thats really disgusting. (jan has wineglass in hand, also seems drunk).
jen: i dont care what you think.
jan: so how do you think you are going to break in to the business jennifer. being how gorgeous you are, wouldnt it be obvious.

bb tells beay andjennifer to put on microphones.

jan: gold digging little whore. they all yell whore a lot at beau. (for some reason it seems to be funny directed at beau, not as mean, im not sure).

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Topic #2189992
georgiadawn - april told kaysar that things will be re-evaluated in the GR NT 0 Replies #2189992 9:41PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189993
SassyPrncess - Ap to Kaysar: I don't want to give you false hope, but things will be reevaluated. (Janie out?) NT 0 Replies #2189993 9:41PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190011
Mirage - April tells K that she can't promise anything, but this (I assume eviction) will be re-evaluated. NT 1 Replies #2190011 9:41PM 15/08/2005
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Mirage - K is not buying it at all. April still goes on and on.... NT #2190037 9:43PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190042
ferretkiss - omg april is sitting with kayser alone, patting him on the stomach.... 1 Replies #2190042 9:43PM 15/08/2005
talking about why they did what they did. and april is drunk. [ i cant watch or type but maybe someone else?]
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ferretkiss - omg april says to kayser i love you to death, i f*cking adore you. (repeats, then repeats again) NT #2190078 9:44PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190065
Skamito - April trying to patch things up with Kaysar 0 Replies #2190065 9:44PM 15/08/2005
April sounds like the group has now decided to vote out Janelle. Says things will be reevaluated. Howie and Janelle's bad-mouthing may influence their decisions. April complains about all the names she's been called. Kaysar says, "I'm not going to be any more to be able to stop that, I was stabbed in the back." April lies to Kaysar that she had no idea what was going to happen with the nominations. Kaysar tells her how much she stood up for her. April says that the other group was eating each other alive without him.

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Topic #2190066
strad - april talking to kaysar 0 Replies #2190066 9:44PM 15/08/2005
She is telling kaysar that things will be personally evaluated
Kaysar i was stabbed in the back i wont be here
kaysar i cant beilieve you let james in here when he made you cry and I stooped down to make sure you are ok
April lying to kaysar

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Topic #2190093
sowhat - April tells Kaysar that she doesn't want to give him false hope, but 0 Replies #2190093 9:45PM 15/08/2005
that things will be re-evaluated. (ed. note: I'm certain she is lying about any hope. She just wants to dig in at Janelle).
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Topic #2190101
Skamito - Maggie's trying to stop the fighting 1 Replies #2190101 9:45PM 15/08/2005
Furious joke yelling... Maggie and Kaysar try to stop it and seperate everyone and call it a night.
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Caribou - Maggie went into GR, with lurker Jenn, to ask Kaysar to help her break it up. NT #2190140 9:47PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190113
Skamito - LOUD yelling.... FISH NT 0 Replies #2190113 9:46PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190115
BrookeBBFan - Jan/Jen 0 Replies #2190115 9:46PM 15/08/2005
Jan: Isn't it weird how you tried out five seasons in a row.... tell us about that Jennifer

Jen: Don't talk to me Janelle

Jan: How many ahve you tried out for, i think it's disgusting that you came on the show to try and make it big

Jen: I don't care what ou think

Jan: I don't care what you think you are a hoe. So how do you think you are going to break into the business. Maybe how gorgeous you are maybe you think it's obvious right?


Jan - Beau - You gold digging little whore,

B - Whatever

Jan - Whore

B - Whatever

Over and over and over

Jan - You date older men, you gold digging slut

Howie - Good job janie good job

Jan - Thanks howie i appreciate a whole lot.


K: how could you let jennifer lie to my face like that

A: I didn't even know what was going on until jen came out of thre, but i promise to you that things will be re-evaluated.

K: April

A: Kaysar I care about you you know that. Howie is attacking my house, my husband, my dog, me. why is he doing it to me of all people.

K: It's not cool

A: Janelle is calling me a dicksucker, a golddigger.

K: I'm not going to be here to be able to stop it, i've been stabbed in the back.

A: Listen to me, I don't want to blame other people, but majority rules.

K: April, each person watched her cry and I crouched down on my knee's to make sure you were ok.

A: As much as you want to believe that your group tried to change the vote for james and sarah last week.

K: What does that have to do with me.

A: Absolutly nothing, your group was eating each other alive last week. We brought that to the attention of the group, and had to ensure they didn't get strong again. I know you are going to say whateve,r but watch the tape. You brought them together and they are only together b/c ur here.

K: Nothing really got to me until.... 1) Maggie told me nothing was going on, I feel as tho it was different between you and me....

A: I love you to death, I ***** adore you.

K: LISTEN! and then people tell me you walk around on your high horse, I was the only person who sat down on the floor to make sure you were ok. 2) for Jenny to look me in the face repeatedly and it tore me up after 14 hours.

Beau and Janelle are fighting.

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Topic #2190134
Mirage - M and J disrupt conv w/ K and Apr to beg K to come break up the verbal fighting downstairs. NT 0 Replies #2190134 9:47PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190155
sinsuelle - looks like janie and bo are going at it. possible janie hand poking at bo, then fish. NT 1 Replies #2190155 9:48PM 15/08/2005
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sinsuelle - sounds like no touching. just got in his face. NT #2190183 9:49PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190160
Skamito - BB intercepted 0 Replies #2190160 9:48PM 15/08/2005
Janelle sent to Gold Room. Sounds like they're being given a warning for the fighting.
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Topic #2190175
Caribou - Beau running toward Janelle so she met him face to face and told him he ***** old men for money and his b/f's are 45+ 0 Replies #2190175 9:49PM 15/08/2005
BB goes to FISH and tells Howie to take Janelle to GR and we see Beau on in HOH on another cam with Ivette talking at him asking what happened.
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Topic #2190180
memyselfandi - April comes to Kaysar to reassure them that she cares about him. 0 Replies #2190180 9:49PM 15/08/2005
April complaining then swears on her life (a lie) that she never knew what Jennifer was doing.

More April complaining about personal attacks from Howie yet again.

Kaysar: I was stabbed in the back.

APril says i don't wnat to blame other people but I'm going to say majority rules (it was unanimous).

Kaysar asks April how could you let James stay who has said so many bad things about you and I've crouched down on my knees to try to comfort you.

April says other side was eating each other alive when K was gone.

Kaysar says what does that have to do with me.

A: They're nothing without you.

Kaysar as much as you going up you're taking it as a personal attack you can't take it as a personal attack.

Watch the tapes and I sat there and I said I adore Kaysar I think you are wonderful.

K: April can I tell you something. Nothing really got to me *pause* like there was two things. One, Maggie to my face said that there's nothing going on and that's fine. She didn't want to tell me. But I feel as though it was different between you and me.

When I was HOH I didn't walk around on my horse and act like I was the sh!t. I lowered myself to make sure you were OK.

A: I love you to death You know that.

K: That just generally hurt. K says he is tore up that after 14 hours and Jen was looking him in the eye and she lied.

A says but majority rules.
*background distraction is Janie and Beau yelling*

Maggie and Jen tries to drag April up to HOH so sides aren't fighting any more.

Beau and Janie are having argument "Who f'ed who for ferraris?" and we get fish
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Topic #2190185
SassyPrncess - Beau is chanting to Janie: You f*ck for Ferrarri's. Janelle goes up to 0 Replies #2190185 9:49PM 15/08/2005
Beau, towers over him and points her finger in his face.

Rachel in DR, the producer screams "Houseguests! Houseguests! Janelle go to the GR!"

BB: Jennifer, please go to the DR.
Janelle: Jennifer, please go f*ck yourself.
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Topic #2190201
zezzie420 - APRIL- CHANGING VOTE??? 0 Replies #2190201 9:50PM 15/08/2005
April:Were going to f'n vote to evict Janelle. She can't f'n talk to you this way
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Topic #2190208
SassyPrncess - Howie thinks Kaysar will be staying, Janie out. (K): You guys WILL vote me out. NT 1 Replies #2190208 9:50PM 15/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - Howie: What? They think f-ing pizza is going to make me like them? NT #2190224 9:51PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190206
Caribou - Jen in HOH to her group: they had the audacity to ask me if I felt responsible. I don't. Howie's a grown man NT 0 Replies #2190206 9:50PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190251
miramira - Friends sound like they want Janelle out now. Ivette is against it: "We're thinking with our asses, not with our heads." NT 0 Replies #2190251 9:52PM 15/08/2005
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