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helena - Janelle asks if there is any reason to be nice anymore. Rachel and Kay 0 Replies #2186758 4:51PM 15/08/2005
Janelle really upset. She is going to tell Jen at the dinner to stop "Staring to me you bi*ch!" She thinks Maggie is "Dumber that sh*t".
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helena - DR calls April in....Janelle calls out in GR, "Don't Cry You Bitch:" NT 1 Replies #2186762 4:53PM 15/08/2005
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georgiadawn - BB had to call April a 2nd time to DR, meanwhile, Rach talked K into going out and playing coasters so they can watch janie strut her buxomness NT #2186779 4:55PM 15/08/2005
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ferretkiss - some notes between 4:30 and 5PM BB time 0 Replies #2186797 5:00PM 15/08/2005
[Some notes between 4:30 and 5 PM BB time - not intended to be word for word or complete coverage.]

jan says maggie told her, that it is f*d up but what should we do now? jan getting pretty mean about some of the others. say that the others are going to look terrible on national television. jan told april this and apr said she doesnt care, but they know she does.

jan says she totally did not expect this. rach says she always was worried about it.

rach says now it is just nasty and they created that environment. kays says what can i do, its over.

[ed: my feeds have gone to crap]

rach says this is a giant social experiment and the types of people, appearances, position in life, its intersting how we divided, its almost two personality types that cling together.

kay says he thinks they thought between him and james that he (kay) is the bigger prize.

jan and rach say another thing they have in common is that they wear minimal jewelry.

other two feeds are iv and jam playing chess outside. talking about kayser. they made a strategic move. [audio really bad out here, there is a buzz on both outdoor feeds.] now cam flips to hoh room. looks like peopel there are watching the monitor, but now cam flips to empty living room.

now back to GR group, they decide to to to LR and play coasters. kay reluctant to go, i think maybe something is planned that he doesnt want to see. [all 4 feeds are on LR. now there is fish on one feed for no apparent reason. bb tells jennifer to put on her microphone but she is not on any feed.] just setting up coasters, nothing important happening. just coaster talk for last 5 mins, and all feeds remain on LR. jan is eating anapple, watching, not playing. (i believe how is working out.)

2 feeds go to outside group. hear maggie saying they think you are part of our group now, you see rachels trying to be nice to you. jen is leanignover iv and has her arms wrapped around her form the back for a long time. [feeds are terrible both in what they are showing and in quality]

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georgiadawn - feed switched, jen was hanging over ivette while 0 Replies #2186815 5:03PM 15/08/2005
she was playing chess in the by, and james was saying that he commends her for being the first one to play strategically.
..plays some more..

ivette-- i honestly dont see what rachael sees in kaysar..

James--they see and say the same thing about eric, they feel that eric was evil.
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Mirage - Jan announces she will wear stilletos(sp.) until she is evicted. She laughs & H, Jan, R, and K are all giddy at the situation. NT 0 Replies #2186891 5:13PM 15/08/2005
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ferretkiss - iv/mag/jen in Exercise Room... iv is really going off saying lot of things.... 0 Replies #2186946 5:21PM 15/08/2005
about jan, her tears will flood the diary room, she cant get her fat ass into her jeans. and howie has never even f*d a girl. and a lot more. [its what she is saying but her tone of voice is rally bad.] jen tells them oh you know what james said, howie said he is going after me next week but its strategy he is really going after april. someone says you dont have to stoop to their level. jen saying next week we are going after hoh and i dont want this bullsh*t about someone has already got it. cam flips to BY.
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DraftKing - Rachel: I wonder what the bloggers are thinking of all this right now NT 0 Replies #2186952 5:21PM 15/08/2005
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Disneyisme - RECAP for today...rough draft, please pm to me any errors you see :) 1 Replies #2187000 5:25PM 15/08/2005
8:30 AM

Rachel is up at around 8:30 this morning doing her normal routine (come on you all should know it by now…lol). Ivette got up next, she ate breakfast outside and after Rachel finished her work out and kitchen routine she joined Ivette outside. They just chat about small stuff for a while, especially about the weather and the possibility of rain. (It is pretty over cast here, but I doubt we will see rain.) At 9:30 Rachel went in to get changed and Ivette went to sleep outside. No sign of other life yet.

10:00 AM

BB announced “Veto ceremony will start in 90 minutes.” They woke the HG’s up with a song by Garbage called ‘Stupid Girl’. The lyrics to the song can be found here (just copy and paste):


Outside James is telling Ivette that he had a nice conversation with Rachel last night that she opened up to him about her dogs and past b/f’s etc. Then Rachel came outside to get her laundry and he changed the subject..

In the GR Rachel is telling Howie that she is not the stupid one in the house. She was reciting to him a conversation she had with someone where she said she may not use the veto. It is very hard to hear Howie’s part of this conversation. She asks Howie “What do you think about me taking Janelle off? “I'm just trying to comprehend, would you?” Howie says “It's getting personal this week”. Rachel says “You can't let it get personal.” Howie: “It is personal.” Rachel says “They swore on their f’ng lives, they better do it, or it's gonna get personal.” Kaysar walked and the subject changed to how well he slept last night etc. Rachel says she wishes they would wake them with some country music.

11:00 AM

Janelle, Ivette and Maggie are sitting outside and Maggie is talking about the veto competition. She says that there was a chance that no one could have won POV this week if there was a tie, but it seems that a tiebreaker was used to give Rachel the victory. Ivette is upset and says that their contracts say that CBS can change the rules at any time. Ivette is trying to get Janelle pissed off at Rachel for getting the POV and saying she needs to fight for herself. Ivette tells Janelle that if Janelle is still on the block that she will be tempted to vote for her to leave, but she won’t (she is kidding around and laughing). Janelle tells them that she let Rachel win the veto. Ivette uses this to try and get Janelle mad about the fact that “you gave it to Rachel and she won’t use it to save you.”

In the HOH with the ‘Stupid Girl’

Jen is SO mad; she is on a rant about BB’s choice of song this morning. She says “I'm a girl and I'm HOH what do you think it's about? They are trying to f*** with me!” Ivette and Maggie are trying to reassure her that the song is not about that, but Jen isn't having any of it. She is cursing up a storm and VERY angry. Ivette is saying maybe it’s about Rachel, because she is thinking of not using the veto or taking Janelle off instead of herself. Then Jen says “It's not about Rachel, even though she is a stupid girl. They're just mad because I don't tell them s***! I make for good TV, mf’ers!” I guess because Jen is in the shower still mad, everyone can hear her, because the sound travels down through the drain. LOL

Ivette is now telling the gang in HOH about James filling her in on the conversation he had with Rachel last night and how Rachel opened up to him and they are none too happy to hear this. They also don’t understand why Rachel wanted the veto so desperately, if they were only pawns to get James out, it should be no big deal.

Out of the shower now, Jen is told to ‘put on her microphone’. She flips the bird to the camera and says “playing that song may let the other side know that the deal was broken.” Then Jen is questioning whether the song could be saying that she's stupid for not getting rid of James. “I'm not going to ask them why they played that song, I hate them.” Jen says she knows better than BB what makes for good TV. She says “doesn’t it make for better TV to not let them (us) know what she is going to do?” April tells Jen she is reading too much into it.

Jen asks her crew if everything is still the same, they all say ‘yes’. April tells Jen to keep her speech simple and just tell them it was for strategy. Jen says she will say she is aware that no one in the house trusts James, “but I've been doing a lot of thinking and my group can do better if Kaysar is gone.”

Maggie says that Kaysar is some sort of self-proclaimed leader. She says there's a difference between a leader and a self-proclaimed leader. Jen says “They are weak without him, they'll f*** up.” April says “The more you piss them off, the more f'd up they'll get.” April warns Jen about Kaysar wanting to talk to her later. Jen says she'll only talk to the other side after the veto ceremony, with all her group present.

12:00 NOON POV Ceremony

Jen has put Kaysar on the block in place of Rachel. We come back form FISH to April and Ivette listening to James say how shocked he is that he didn’t go up. Ivette says to him that they put some trust in him. April “they all think we're dumb, we're not as dumb as they f’n think.” Ivette asks James what Kaysar was saying afterward and James says “Kay says Jen will go down as the worst BB player in history.”

The aftermath in the GR

In the GR, Kaysar, Howie, Rachel and Janelle are all a little subdued. Kaysar can't believe how Jen lies. Rachel says people are going to be disgusted and think that Jen is an idiot. Rachel says Jen definitely will not be the most loved player. Rachel says she spent a lot of time in DR today getting all her feelings out about Jen and the lying and backstabbing that is going on in the house. Rachel says she feels really bad and wishes she hadn't save herself. Kaysar tells Rachel not to feel bad that he is more than wanting to go home now. Rachel says “maybe they're better at the game, but we are better competitors and better people.” Rachel says Jen was jealous because they got Kaysar back and she didn't get Eric back. Janelle agrees that Jen is a very jealous person.

Kaysar says he needs to gather himself before going to the DR, and then he says “Just make sure none of those people win.” Rachel says she would find it hilarious if James won now. Kaysar almost laughing says “You morons!” Howie says they played dirty, he's got to do the same, “we will stir things up, threaten them.” Kaysar says they are pieces of s***. Rachel says “we let them do it.” Howie says “it was a good move on their part, I just don’t like how they went about it.”

Rachel says “Jen is a really messed up person, it's so sad.” Kaysar says he has a life outside of there that is more important to him than the show, “I'm not the one who applied to a hundred different reality shows to find one that stuck.” Rachel says she’s not there for the money, she is there for Howie. Kaysar “Jen keeps saying how close her group is. What does it have to do with putting me up?” Howie says it’s a good strategic move.” Kay disagrees and says it was fear. Rachel is convinced that James knew about this.

Janelle tells them “let’s all go out into the kitchen and show them we are not stressed about this.”

Confrontation in the kitchen!

Okay so Janie’s plan of going to the kitchen and proving they aren’t stressed didn’t exactly work, at least not for Kaysar. Kaysar confronts Jen and says “so how does it feel to go 14 hours lying to everyone?” April says “You've lied enough yourself Kaysar.” Kaysar; “Okay, let's talk about lying, what have I lied about?” Janelle says “Talk about lying, you and April were the ones to come to us about getting rid of Ivette.” April says “Janelle, we like you, don't go there.” They go back and forth about who is lying, April and Jen still saying it was not their idea to go after Ivette. April says “Everyone in the house lies.” Janelle says “What the f*** have I lied about?”

April keeps defending Jen’s decision to oust Kaysar saying it was a group decision. Kaysar says this isn’t about the group, this about a promise that was made by the HOH. Jen says “You're not going to believe me but when I was in the pressure cooker, I was fully planning to do what I promised and I thought my group would back me up, then I realized if I put 2 of my own, they wouldn't believe me after the Ivette thing, so I couldn’t put 2 of my own up.” Kaysar says “That's not logical, and then you had 2 of us on the block, why didn't you put James up?”

Howie interjects and says “It’s obvious everyone can lie in this game. Our agreement was to get Sarah out and then James so why did that change?” Maggie says “you won’t get an answer from me, so stop asking.” Kaysar says “We aren’t asking you, we are asking the HOH.” Jen says “I explained what happened.” Kaysar says to Mag and Jen “Are you two so insecure? I don't want you think I'm mad, I'm more amused by this. I am glad I am not the one starved for attention.” Jen says “Isn't that why we're all on this show?” Janelle, Howie and Kaysar all say “NO, we are not here for the same reasons that you are.” Janelle is still telling Jen that she was the one that went against her own group to try and get Ivette out. (Mind you they are arguing and yelling and the conversation is difficult to follow, not only that but shortly after this all started April darted outside, my take is she had no defense against the fact that her and Jen really DID want to oust Ivette.)

Outside Rachel confronts James

While they are arguing in the kitchen, Rachel heads outside to confront James. She says to James “I'm having a hard time believing you didn't know about this James.” James swears he had no idea that he doesn’t even think her own group knew about it. Rachel tells James her reputation is more important than anything and when you destroy your own reputation in front of America, that's pretty bad.

Ivette is outside now with James and Rachel and tells them about the whirlwind in the kitchen. Rachel is saying that Jen swore on her life and Ivette says “so did James, and Kaysar. To be honest I don't give a s***, I was a pawn myself last week and everybody was f’n ready to put me out.” Rachel says “no they weren't.” Ivette says he really likes Kaysar as a person, but she doesn’t get what is so great about him game-wise. Rachel says “I'm sure everyone has their own reason for liking people.” Ivette says “You fooled me because I thought you really liked Cappy.” Rachel: “It's not about liking someone, I liked Eric. We used to have breakfast every morning.”

1:00 PM

Almost everyone is outside now and for a while there was not a whole lot of talk, arguing, fighting whatever you want to call it. Jen and Kaysar are outside too, but not adding anything to the conversation. Janelle talks about how she built a doggie door for her pets at home and she also installed cabinets. She says she has a pink tool belt. Rachel says “Wow, you are the total package!” Janelle: “Yep!” Jen is growing more sullen as the conversation about Janelle goes on.

Ivette heads inside to talk to Maggie. In the kitchen Ivette is telling Maggie that she heard Janelle call out April and Jen in wanting to vote her out last week and Ivette says “she is just trying to ruin our credibility.” Maggie just nods her head. Ivette says Kaysar is mad that he was beaten by a woman.

Now back outside are the friendship and James and Ivette says how mad she is that Janelle would accuse Jen/April of coming up with the plan to oust her. April says she and Jen were going along with it only to see how far they would go along with it. April lies and says that Janelle confessed to her that it was her team (Janelle’s) that came up with the idea.

Jen says she doesn't like a person trying to win BB each season by being an angel, and that is not what the game is about. She says every winner has to be a little bit dirty. She thinks Cowboy should have won.

James says to Jen “this is the most strategic move of the game. This is the first time that the game will hit home with them.” Jen agrees and says they are getting personal with their attacks on her. Ivette says she is so ‘over’ Rachel's innocence. James says thank you to Jen “whether it's strategic or something else, thank you.” He says he won't they won’t regret it, and that he knows he has to show it and not just say so.

Jen says “What they don’t realize is I really don’t care. I have done everything in this game but won the POV, I’m already in the sequester house, so send me there!” (Note: She really doesn’t care. During a lot of the arguing and fighting, she would wink at someone. Or just after a spat in the kitchen she would go on to talk about how to prepare certain foods.)

2:00 PM

April is now talking to Janelle trying to get Janelle to view Rachel as an enemy. April was telling her how mad Rachel was when Jan slept with Howie in the HOH and that Rachel will do what it takes to get her (Janelle) out. April says “Rachel is playing in the middle of the road to save her own butt.” April says that Rachel ruined their whole plan by going to James and Sarah and telling them that April and Jen were possible swing votes to get Ivette out. Janelle says “well Rachel wouldn’t f’n lie.” April says “she wouldn’t???” Janelle: “NO!” April goes on to say that Rachel bad mouths everyone. (Janelle just sort of listens to this diatribe and acts as though she gives a sh&! lol)

Jan told her “It was you coming to us saying how much you and Jen suspect Ivette and James of working together.” April says “we never considered they had a pact with each other until Howie asked, “Do you think they have a pact?”

Janelle tells her that James will probably be in the game for a long time now. April says “I hope not.” Janelle says “I hope he is.” (I take this to mean that “James and I are going to kick your butts!”) April says she didn’t play a part in wanting Kaysar gone.

Janelle is filing her nails and she says to April “If Ivette was safe, it doesn't make sense for you to have come to us at all about the plan to backdoor her, especially if you weren’t going to have anything to do with it.” Rachel came outside and this conversation ended.

Kaysar and April

Now it’s Kaysar and April talking. April says “no matter how much you hate me after this, I still love you.” He says “thank you.” April asks him if he will forgive her and he says ‘he isn’t that concerned with it.’ Kaysar then says “No matter how much you try to justify it, it’s not the same as what happened to Eric. I told Eric he was safe but under the conditions that he stay out of the veto competition. ”

April says “you have to understand she was listening to a lot of people's feedback. It’s a she said, he said story.” Kaysar says “It is incredulous that she is turning this into a he said, she said situation.” April tells Kaysar that he is a strategically strong player. Kaysar asks “What you do with James at this point? Nobody trusts him.” April agrees that she doesn't trust him either. Kaysar “Well if you really thought that how is my being up strategic?” April responds “Jen was going to go with Maggie like you said, but that the group wanted to go with you.” Kaysar rebuts this “I didn’t say Maggie because I had just promised her she was safe.” April: Well to be honest, Jen said you wanted Maggie.” Kaysar: “That’s a lie, bring her out here.” April: “Again it’s he said she said….” Kaysar says “She needs to stop lying.”

Kaysar says “SHE sent me home, AND she cried! For once in your life April don’t make excuses, just tell me to my face.” April: “She broke a promise, bottom line; you can't put the blame on her because it was a group deal.” Kaysar says “Ask me how many times I went up to Maggie and she lied to my face telling me ‘I don't know it's all Jenny’. So if you say it was a group decision then your whole group is crap.”

3:00 PM

Howie, Kaysar, Rachel and Janelle are outside now with April. April is saying this whole thing wasn't Jen's choice it was a group decision. She says there is no leader. She says she is not there for the money. Howie is so MAD, he says “yeah you f'n are, you are going to sit in the sequester house for minimum wage without your f'n husband. You suck so bad, you are the most annoying person in the house, when I was HOH you were threatening me and then when your partner is HOH you are being an a** hole!”

Apr now calling out Rachel saying that Rachel said she couldn't even talk to her own partner because Janelle was always in HOH with him. Rachel and Howie say they already discussed that, there is no issue there.

Kaysar and Rachel want Howie to calm down. Rachel tells Howie he is being cruel. Howie keeps o yelling “You are stuck with me in here or you're stuck with me in the sequester house!” Howie was calling her out n everything and making fun of her because she could make more money as a pharmaceutical rep but she's willing to stay in the BB house making minimum wage and staying away from her husband for three months. Howie yells “No more cigarettes, no doggy, no husband for minimum wage?!” Howie says “When I get HOH on Thursday, which I will, your gone, you are an emotional s*** head f’n player!” Kay and Rach are still pleading for Howie to stop.

April says “He looks like an idiot right now.” Janelle says “better that than a liar.”

April went inside and Maggie comes over. Howie says “She is such a bad player; she is a waste of an eviction!” Howie says he can’t help himself he is taking this personal now. Maggie says “I know you are, but that was really mean. After what I saw you do, I can't talk to you anymore.” Howie says “She drew first blood. If it's okay to lie in this game then why do I have to stick to morals?” Maggie has no answer.
April was in the kitchen with Beau, Ivette and James re-hashing what just went on, then Rachel and Janelle came in to bring in the dirty dishes and it went stone cold silent in there.

3:30 PM

James says that the problem is people in the house only hear part of things. Rachel says only “they hear want to hear.” They talk about the Internet people knowing exactly what’s going on (that’s questionable at times lol). Rachel says Howie is the first one to screw up. Everyone in America knows that. We were faced with a double edged sword. She says she is mad that Howie just went off outside, but she says she can’t control him and his emotions. James says he doesn’t know if he will be here next week if Howie, Rachel or Janelle gets HOH. Rachel says “Target #1 has changed, your position in the game improved because of others actions today.”

James tells Rachel that he will not sleep in the GR with the S4 because someone intentionally put a coffee ring on Sarah’s picture. The picture was standing upright.

Ivette and Kaysar

Ivette, Howie and Kaysar are outside talking now. Ivette telling Kay how neither, April, Jen or Howie would look her in the eye last week. Ivette says “I’m sure they decided to keep me because no one wanted to be accused of casting the two votes against me to save any fall out. Ivette tells Kaysar “please take this as a compliment, when Jen came to us and said she wanted to put you up I had no problem with it, we have seen what you can do in competitions so I had no problem agreeing she should put you up.” Ivette says she really didn’t know 100% who was going up. Howie didn’t say much but yelled “I want April’s DOR, she is my first blood!” Then he walked away.

Ivette says that things get sticky. “While trying to get rid of James you miss out on other things. Just like there are things about our side you don't like, there are things we don’t like about your side.” Ivette says “week one, we got rid of Ashlea but had talked about getting rid of you because you were such a strong player, then the next week we got out Michael because of the mess. Then Eric went when there were other targets. Sometimes we keep going after the wrong person and leave the biggest threat in the house.” Kaysar says “so if I understand correctly, you are saying because of what happened to you last week you are justified in doing this to me.” She explains how much work it was to get him out the first time. She says “honestly when you are here you make your team stronger and that is a threat to me.”

Maggie is in HOH with Jen and April. Maggie tells them that Ivett is outside telling people she hasn't broken her word in this game. Maggie says “we have all broken our word now because Kaysar went up instead of James.” She is reluctant to talk to anyone about what happened because there is nothing she can say to make anyone including her, look clean.

4:00 PM

GR Antics with Janelle, Rachel, Kaysar and Howie

Howie and friends are in the GR. Howie says “If James takes me out next week, good; he beat me fair and square. If Maggie takes me out, good she beat me. But I am not gonna sit here and let April get over me, she doesn't win any comps. She doesn't do anything….” Janelle says “I just want that H0 Jen out of here!” Rachel says “James could very well win HOH next week that would be interesting.” Kaysar says “Just make deals with him; don't make teams deals with him. Just tell him ‘if I get HOH you are safe’.”

Kay plans on humiliating Jen on the live show. Rachel says “well don’t humiliate you too.” Kay says “Don’t worry; I have a way with words.” Rachel tells Janelle and Kay about James seeing Sarah’s picture with a coffee ring stain on it and that he said he will not sleep in the GR anymore. Jan admitted that it was her cup, she didn’t realize it was wet.

(LOL, I know this will be just awful for some of you male viewers, and female too for that matter…) Janelle says for the rest of the time she is going to walk around with her nose up in a bikini and high heeled shoes “she will be the buxomest blonde in the house to drive them all crazy”. She says she will be sarcastic and mean the rest of the time she is in the house. She says she can’t wait to rip Jen in the DR, and that her speech at eviction time isn’t going to be very nice.

Janelle left the room for a moment and put on a low cut tank top, her jeans, and her strap on high heels. She says “when you are buxom like I am, you have to change your clothes several times a day.” LOL, this is hilarious! Janelle is on a roll… Janelle says about April, ‘You look like an f’ing bird; I was lying about you being a buxom blonde to get on your good side. As if I would ever do a photo shoot with you’.

Janelle goes and changes her clothes again into a black top, straps off the shoulder. She comes back to the GR and they talk more of the buxom blonde talk and she admits that she intentionally stained Sarah’s picture. She said she was taking her aggressions out. She then says that she will tell Jen at dinner “stop staring at me you b****!”

In the HOH they are having a nice big pity party for April rehashing the same crap from earlier in the day and the insults that Howie threw her way. April says “don’t any one of you be f’ing nice to Howie.” April is crying and Maggie says that Howie will forever feel bad for what he did to her.

5:00 PM

Just before 5:00 April was called to the DR and in the GR Janelle yells “Don’t cry you b****!” Janelle, Howie, Kaysar and Rachel left the GR to go play coasters.

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antykat - Wonderful Update Disney. Thank you so much! NT #2187357 5:59PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2187002
DraftKing - Ivette misreads Howie 0 Replies #2187002 5:25PM 15/08/2005
Ivette just told Beau in the HOH room that she thinks that Howie still might put up James if Howie gets HOH.
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Topic #2187078
BBmaKee - Janie just apologized to james for getting a coffee stain on sara's picture. NT 0 Replies #2187078 5:31PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2187090
BBmaKee - He said he's glad she told him about it. NT 0 Replies #2187090 5:31PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2187091
Starlady - Maggie just said "I don't want Eric's name brought up at all - I don't want anything to defame him" [Ed note: he's already done that for himself!] NT 0 Replies #2187091 5:32PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2187207
OneKidsMom - Iv and James 0 Replies #2187207 5:44PM 15/08/2005
Ivette tells James she's like him, doesn't really belong to a side.

Then says the difference between the sides is that [S*] lie to each other and Friendship doesn't.

There are no rules... don't tell what's said in DR and don't physically harm one another. Anything else goes.

James can't believe he's safe for the week.
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Topic #2187221
memyselfandi - Ivette and James bonding in barracks. 0 Replies #2187221 5:46PM 15/08/2005
They have been hanging out together almost all day since the nomination.

James says there are no rules in this game. Just don't talk about the diary room, don't take off your microphone and don't physically harm anyone. Both sides try to pretend like they're the ones playing the game the right way.

Ivette defends things her group did and shares that she didn't know until Jen made her announcement 100% what would happen.

James: "I cannot believe I am safe for this week."

Ivette is talking about how her instincts are always right.

James says the reason he's still here is that people made dumber mistakes than he does.

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Topic #2187226
CeiggeP - Iv checking behind the blocks of color on the wall in the barracks NT 0 Replies #2187226 5:46PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2187253
buxom_veto - James schooling Ivette on the Bible again. 0 Replies #2187253 5:50PM 15/08/2005
Talking about Daniel in the Lion's den...
He has been doing this a lot lately.
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Topic #2187260
OneKidsMom - James to Iv in barracks - only reason I'm still here... 0 Replies #2187260 5:51PM 15/08/2005
is because people keep making dumber mistakes than I do.

Ja: whispers something about needing HoH this week.

Iv on HoH - your time will come. If I don't get it, it's not my time.

Ja: Game has been so long. We're barely over halfway. We still have half the game.

Bashing others: James - Janelle for ruining Sara's picture.
Iv - Howie out of control.
James: Bible verse he opened up to last night, Daniel and the Lion's den. Iv doesn't get it and he has to explain. "The lions hadn't touched him, and the king throws the other people into the lion's den".

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Topic #2187277
memyselfandi - James tells Ivette he's upset about Sarah's picture 0 Replies #2187277 5:53PM 15/08/2005
James says Janelle told him that she did on accident but James doesn't believe it was. James is upset because Sarah really liked Janelle.

James then compares himself to Daniel in the lion's den. That's the bible verse he opened up to the night before.
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Topic #2187311
seezall - April exits DR and tells James and IV the DR told her that Howie was out line 0 Replies #2187311 5:56PM 15/08/2005
making personal comments and would she like to make a comment to Matt.
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Topic #2187431
buxom_veto - Now April rehases the story AGAIN in the gym. 0 Replies #2187431 6:06PM 15/08/2005
And now Howie is screaming at her in the Gym.
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Topic #2187476
memyselfandi - Howie: I WANT YOUR DOR! 0 Replies #2187476 6:08PM 15/08/2005
Howie interrupts the girls in the gym. Howie says if April doesn't care about going home, then she should turn in her DOR right now.

April is saying physically he is starting to scare her, embellishing their fight more and more saying there was a personal attack on her family just for saying she has a fatass husband and that she was physically threatened and Kaysar had to restrain him.

Jen says he's following the rules. He's just being rude.

April doesn't want any of the Friendship to talk to him.

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Topic #2187481
veronika - Howie yells at April again 0 Replies #2187481 6:09PM 15/08/2005
in BATH and asks for her to go give her "DOR".

Tells her why doesn't she leave now if she doesn't care about being evicted next week.

He said he won't leave her alone tell she leaves the house.

BB comes on and tells APR not to talk about her DR session
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Topic #2187487
memyselfandi - BB: April, houseguests, do not talk about your discussions in the diary room. NT 0 Replies #2187487 6:09PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2187524
memyselfandi - Jen: They're doing the same thing to us that we're doing to them, we just thought of it first. 0 Replies #2187524 6:11PM 15/08/2005
Jen says they are acting happy and that should worry her team, because that's how they acted.

Maggie leaves gym to find out what's going on.
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Topic #2187557
memyselfandi - April breaking down in tears and praying to GOD in HOH bathroom. 1 Replies #2187557 6:13PM 15/08/2005
She says she needs strength to get through week. Praying then Fish...

maybe they're not allowed to show prayers?
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notchbaby - That's right, they're only allowed to show bowing to the East. NT #2187658 6:17PM 15/08/2005
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