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Topic #2190684
Caribou - April did something to Howie's picture that's in HOH. Sounded like she threw it on floor. Claims it's not being immature. NT 0 Replies #2190684 10:13PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190685
ferretkiss - hoh people 0 Replies #2190685 10:13PM 15/08/2005
apr: i dont see why she doesnt admit she has fake hair. she is nasty.
apr: im never going to get a job. they wont show all this stuff will they? [ed:she must realize she broke the rules to keep her job.]

now april dispenses advice to beau, just because they say something toyou doesnt mean you have to say back to her.

beau: she is a nasty f*ckin skank whore , a gold digger.
apr: she is.. i said all those things earlier in the DR.
apr: she has lied. its unreal. she is lucky.
beau: she can lick my *sshole, its not even funny.
apr: she is a dick.
apr: she is evil (repeats) we know that beau.
apr: i can understand when someone is calling you black and sh(t like that id be f*cking going off on them too.
apr: did she push you first.
beau: she pushed me first.
apr: promise. (Repeats three times)
apr: thats defense. you can f*cking push her back thats defense. who else was in there that can verify that.
beau: howie.
apr: howie will take her side.

james comes in.
apr: not to get childish because im 31. but she has called me a f(cking gold digger. (Repeats the story AGAIN).

iv: listen to me. they want us to fall apart like them.
this carries on, beau is mad.

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Topic #2190707
memyselfandi - James has now worked himself up to HOH room with Ivette 0 Replies #2190707 10:14PM 15/08/2005
Asks to turn over Howie's picture

April asks to see it and then she takes in HOH bathroom and did something to it.

She says she's not being immature.

Ivette: I am not, but you guys are acting... Beau, you're not considering me in this.

Beau still very angry and still very drunk about a black dicksucking comment by Janelle.
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Topic #2190727
Ada - james goes with maggie NT 0 Replies #2190727 10:16PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190759
Caribou - Jen: BB said lights out in 30 minutes so we have to go to bed. James comments as wow they thought they were getting adults huh? 0 Replies #2190759 10:18PM 15/08/2005
Maggie - no they knew they weren't
james - you've lost a lot of weight maggie. yours is from working out though
Maggie - and yours is?
james - not eating. so how you doin?
maggie - fine how are you?
james - i'm doing well.
Maggie laughs
james - all this trouble they're saving me huh?
maggie - i won't talk to you about it until the wrap party. i don't trust you in this game.
james - i dont' want to talk about the game right now.
maggie - you can if you want
james - the game has taken a backseat tonight
maggie - that's a safe place
james doesnt' understand that comment
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Topic #2190795
Ada - jan i want to go home to mag and james lmao NT 0 Replies #2190795 10:21PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190798
memyselfandi - James tells Maggie she lost a lot of weight then they talk 0 Replies #2190798 10:21PM 15/08/2005
He seems to be trying to bond with her. They are in the BY. They both joke about how BB thought the contestants were adults. Maggie says they're not.

Maggie is giggling at them talking alone together.

James: All this trouble, you were saving me, huh?

Maggie: I'll talk about it with you at the wrap party. I don't trust you in this game.

James says he's been taking a back seat in the game tonight, Maggie says that's a safe place.

Maggie asks him why he thought she wasn't an e.r. nurse.

James says M set up the room as an interrogation and was asking questions about Sarah and M was sitting at an elevated level.

M asks April who just came out to give them a second to have a private talk.

James says after that I didn't see you as... he can't think of word... I saw you definitely as some law enforcement training, possibly military, but the way she took care of herself wasn't as disclipined as military.

We hear Janie in background drunk yelling at someone.

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Topic #2190799
SassyPrncess - Janie to James/Mags: I just want you guys to know I want you to vote to evict me this week. NT 0 Replies #2190799 10:21PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190804
Caribou - Maggie and james in BY on green round lounger. She asks him why he thought she was a cop. 0 Replies #2190804 10:21PM 15/08/2005
James delivering his story about that. Someone comes to the door and maggie asks them to give her and james a minute.

James - you set up the room like an interrogation, you interviewed me. i saw you as some sort of law enforcement training, possibly military, but looking at the way you looked after yourself during the day you didn't seem military. the fact you left your bed a mess, that told me you weren't military. and then when i asked you that day Reid or Wicklander and you ***** on yourself.

maggie - why didn't you keep it to yourself?
James - i thought there was this bond with those people and i really f'd up
Maggie - but someone of your proclaimed stature would not have opened your mouth

janelle calls out to them to evict her because she wants to go home.
james - we'll take it into consideration.
janelle goes inside
james - their plan is so pathetic
maggie - i don't have anything to say to that.

(ed.note. I looked up Wicklander - it's interrogation training company. link: http://www.w-z.com/)
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Topic #2190863
Ada - maggie: i wanna go home NT 0 Replies #2190863 10:25PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190880
Caribou - James - a lot of times i react without thinking 0 Replies #2190880 10:26PM 15/08/2005
maggie - no you don't
james - yes i do
mag - why did you walk out of that room saying i can get her out, i can get her out
(his response a mess..no idea what he's saying here)

James says they always talked to maggie too much.

maggie tells james he's wrong about his beliefs about her.
james says maybe. i told you what i used to do.
maggie - maybe. i'm a cynic.
james - that's it. you never believe things. that's why you have to be a cop. they let their friends off but never believe you're innocent.
maggie - you think it's only in the police force that people think and act that way?
james - when you didn't know the largest joint in the body i thought what nurse doesn't know that
maggie - i didn't have to answer
james - but in this game, some people take that and run with it
maggie - you did
james - i did but i'm not making excuses for my actions. idont' know what you want
maggie - i don't want anything. i want to go home
james - do you really? this was the last week for that
maggie - i let go of the button
james - not before i did
maggie - correct
james - that was hellacious. i don't think people have still recovered from that. i'm glad for what happened in (hoh comp). it opened my eyes to so many different things.

James rambling at maggie.
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Topic #2190889
Ada - maggie: i like who i am outside this house...BB lights out in 30 mins NT 0 Replies #2190889 10:26PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190901
SassyPrncess - James to M: One side of the house HAS no life. One side does and tries to help friends. NT 0 Replies #2190901 10:27PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190904
ssseeeaaann - Janelle: hey guys! 0 Replies #2190904 10:27PM 15/08/2005
Jani: I'd just want you guys to know that I'd prefer if you voted to evict me this week. I'm completely serious. I don't want to be here and I'd like to go home.

James: OK, we are kind of having a discussion, so...

Jani: Okay, thats fine, continue your ***** discussion but I'm just saying I'd like to be evicted, thank you very much

James (sarcastically): We'll take it into consideration
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Topic #2190923
seezall - Janie shouted to James and Maggie in BY..Just want you guys to know I want you to 0 Replies #2190923 10:28PM 15/08/2005
evict me ..I'm serious I just wanna go home
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Topic #2190927
Ada - jan wearing a sign to evict her NT 0 Replies #2190927 10:28PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190941
SassyPrncess - Janie to Iv: Will you just please f-ing evict me please? (Later: I would do it for you) NT 0 Replies #2190941 10:29PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190946
Ada - im not gonna let them down. they put trust in me says james NT 0 Replies #2190946 10:30PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190961
Caribou - BB: HGs, lights out in 30 minutes. BB: Rachel please go to DR NT 0 Replies #2190961 10:30PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190964
Ada - jan: evict me plz vette NT 1 Replies #2190964 10:31PM 15/08/2005
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Caribou - Janelle in kitchen begging Ivette to evict her. Ivette says if she gives up the tv she won maybe she will. NT #2190974 10:31PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190970
Caribou - James complains about paying for school while attending. maggie says "i did it" 0 Replies #2190970 10:31PM 15/08/2005
James now telling Maggie not to believe any of the things they may have told her that he said, he's not a demon, he's just ***** up.
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Topic #2190976
Ada - jan: lemme go lemme go in peace, just lemme go NT 0 Replies #2190976 10:32PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190985
Ada - fish NT 0 Replies #2190985 10:33PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2190993
memyselfandi - Janelle asking Ivette to be evicted 0 Replies #2190993 10:34PM 15/08/2005
Ivette asks for 42 inch plasma tv and maybe she'll vote to evict her.
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Topic #2190998
Caribou - Ivette: we'll talk tomorrow. Janelle begging her, please evict me!! 1 Replies #2190998 10:34PM 15/08/2005
Howie and Ivette laughing at Janelle.

Ivette: you dont' want to go to sequester janie?
Janie: NO GOD NO!!!!
Ivette laughing.

Ivette being fairly patient with Janelle, keeps telling her we'll talk about it tomorrow.

janelle: i'll call you all the time, come over, come across the street. It's my time!! I want to go home!!!!!!
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ferretkiss - It's my time! It's my time Ivette. It's my time! (jan and how laughing; iv almost laughing herself) NT #2191018 10:35PM 15/08/2005
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