I'm surprised this recap ever got posted—I did everything I possibly could to keep from working on it. For example, I finished my income taxes and it's only February. And, even more shocking, I baked two quiches. This princess never cooks—that's not an exaggeration. The last time I cooked was baking Christmas cookies at my mother's house. So what's wrong? I love The Bachelorette. Well, I'm bored and frustrated.

I'm bored for a number of reasons. First off, it's the second-to-last episode of the season (not counting the "Men Tell All") and I still know almost nothing about Jen and the final three men. What does Jen like to do besides shop? What makes her excited? What is her job like? Jerry is an artist but we've never heard him talk about why he paints or seen any of his work. And, why is Ryan a teacher? I'm not even sure I remember what subject he teaches. Usually I have fun watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette because I can analyze what's going on beyond the simple subject lines set up by the producers. This time, the producers have shown us almost nothing of the real people, so there's nothing to discuss.

I also find myself not wanting to watch this season because I feel sorry for Jen. She uses a lot of words like "scared" and "overwhelmed" when she talks about how she's feeling. Jen is not having fun, and as a result, I'm not having fun. Now, lots of people have posted that they understand how Jen feels because they would be scared, too. Well, heck, I'd find The Bachelorette scary, too, so I wouldn't go on the show. (Of course, not that the producers would ever pick me in the first place.) To give another example, I would never go on Survivor, even for a million dollars. Survivor is my idea of hell. But, that doesn't mean that Survivor hasn't been a life-changing experience for other people, to the point that they've done it twice. Similarly, there must be women out there who would find The Bachelorette fun, not scary.

I could do what all the other reviewers do, and just write a review making fun of everything on the show. Goodness knows, there's plenty of material, and it would be a LOT easier and faster to write than what I do every week. But, I've also gotten to like these people. I want to get to know them better. And, I want to give them some benefit of the doubt—not just make fun of them. But, tonight's episode, which could have been very revealing (in more ways than one) gave me no new insights into the characters. The producers have succeeded in their quest to edit out any trace of individuality.

And, the producers have also succeeded in editing out most of the interest in the outcome of this "journey," because we have been shown so little of Jen and the men. It would be as if the producers were writing a mystery novel where they left out virtually all the important clues and the personalities of the suspects. Yeah, we'd be surprised at "whodunit," but we also wouldn't care.

I've committed to a recap, so here it is. I've eked out whatever of interest I could find, but it was tough.

Preview of Tonight's Show

"Tonight Jen has intimate overnight dates with John Paul in Bermuda, Jerry in Hilton Head, and Ryan in Cape Cod. And, things start to get serious, as the bachelors fall hard for the bachelorette."...."And when Jen asks some tough questions, there's trouble in paradise."...."Will the fireworks be too hot for Jen to handle?"..."Then, at the rose ceremony, the men are shocked with an unexpected surprise."..."Three men, two roses. Who will she choose? Who will she reject? Find out tonight on The Bachelorette."

Jen and John Paul in Bermuda

During the opening scene, we see a gorgeous long shot of Bermuda, and then a close-up of Jen on a jet ski. Jen rides toward the beach, where JP is waiting for her...Jen and JP greet each other with a big hug...JP tells the camera that that Jen looks amazing in a bikini and the two of them have a whole lagoon to themselves.....JP sits down on the beach next to Jen and asks her if she is a "beach girl."...Jen replies that she is, even though it's raining....Jen and JP snuggle under an umbrella and a towel and share some small talk, such as telling each other how much they enjoyed Jen's visit to JP's family.

Formalities over, Jen asks JP what his usual work day is like....JP tells Jen that Monday through Thursday is usually just work, and that he normally gets in to work about 8:00 am ...(JP never says what he does differently on Fridays.)...JP assures Jen that he is his own boss, and that he has the time to put into their relationship. He tells Jen that if he didn't have a business meeting, he would try to eat lunch with Jen every day...Finally, the cameras must have gotten enough shots because it's pouring rain, and Jen and JP go inside to talk...JP tells the camera that he is having such a good time with Jen, it could have snowed and he wouldn't have known the difference.

Once inside, JP asks Jen what her ideal relationship would be....Jen replies that she likes spending time with the person she's with, but she would also want JP to have friends—she wouldn't want to be "joined at the hip."...Jen says she's not someone who wants to go out and party every night, but she likes having people over for dinner, or maybe just the two of them cooking dinner at home...(Wait a minute. I thought Jen told JP last week that she doesn't cook.)....JP tells Jen that if it's someone he wants to be with, he wants to spend all his time with them. He wants to make sure that Jen knows that he likes to have fun, but, when he has fun, he wants it to be with her....Jen tells the camera: I think that John Paul is really getting to know me and seeing me for who I am. I like that he laughs at the stupid things I say. I like that he jokingly makes fun of the stupid things that I do. That's normal. That's how I want to be in a relationship. And that's the one thing that makes me confident in him.....(Well, we haven't really seen shown any of this kind of "normal" interaction between Jen and JP, so I guess we'll have to take Jen's word about what JP is like.)

After we come back from commercials, we see Jen and JP do what every couple has to do at least once on Bermuda--walk through a moongate. (There are moongates all over Bermuda.)....Jen explains to JP that moongates are a symbol of love and luck in marriage...Jen tells the camera that the more she is alone with JP, the more she is attracted to him. She feels he's opening up more, and she is letting her guard down more when she's with JP....Jen says in a voiceover: I love that (JP) doesn't have to try to impress me, 'cause he's impressive enough....Again, we're going to have to take Jen's word on this, because at least in the conversations we've been shown, JP is still trying to impress Jen with how serious he is about this whole thing.

JP and Jen sit down at a table on a beach to eat dinner, with the waves breaking behind them...It's is a very romantic scene, and for once, they don't look windblown and slightly damp...JP asks Jen: How is this whole experience this time around working out for you?...Jen replies that it is much harder than she thought it would be....Then JP brings up "The Big A" and asks Jen if Andrew Firestone is still a factor...Jen answers: No, to be totally honest, it's been a year since we broke up, and there's no part of me that thinks, "What's Andrew thinking?" Or "what would he think about this?"...Jen asks JPL Do I give you the feeling that I'm guarded and I'm scared?...JP replies: No. Like I said, I'm so realistic about this because I have to be....JP goes on to say to Jen: I'm not getting engaged just to get engaged. That's a huge thing for me....Jen: I feel like you're real. You're not trying to put on some act to impress me. You're just being yourself, and you're just being normal. You're a normal person, and I love that about you.

Next Jen tells JP that she has a surprise for him, and brings out the fantasy suite envelope....Oh puhleeze. How many seasons of The Bachelor/Bachelorette will there have to be before we can stop pretending that the "fantasy suite" is a surprise? Heck, they don't even change the wording of the invitation from season to season—we can all recite it by heart by now...Jen gives it to JP to read, "Jen and John Paul, "We hope you are enjoying your stay in Bermuda. If you choose to forego your individual rooms, use this key to stay as a couple in our fantasy suite."...JP tells Jen: I think it would be an amazing opportunity to spend more time and be with you. I would love to....But before they go to the fantasy suite, Jen has one more surprise for JP, and this time it IS a surprise. As they stand on the beach, fireworks explode....(Note: I have to admit that the fireworks were very cool.)...After a short fireworks display, and a long kiss, JP suggests to Jen that they get out of the rain and go inside.

Jen and JP walk into the Fairmont Southampton Hotel into a huge suite...Jen and JP sit on the floor in front of the couch and share kisses and small talk....Jen tells JP: Okay, this is finally feeling normal and good...JP: I think we're on to something....They share a long kiss, and then JP asks Jen if she'd like to go upstairs. We see them start to walk upstairs and that's it....Heck, for all we know, the stairs lead to a patio where they can go stand out in the rain some more.

Jen and Jerry on Hilton Head

We return from commercials to see Jen standing on the steps of a large mansion, then walking down a path where Jerry is waiting for her, looking cold....Jen tells the camera that she's excited to be meeting Jerry on Hilton Head, but she wishes she was as clear about Jerry's motives toward her as she is about JP...Jen: Jerry is the one guy that acts like he's really confident about all this and that he's got it in the bag. I'm just worried that he might be a player....Despite her doubts, Jen runs the final few steps to Jerry, and greets him with a warm hug and kiss.

Jerry and Jen sit at a picnic table, where it looks like they have lunch...Jen says to Jerry: I really haven't talked to you since your family visit. How are you feeling about everything? Are you unsure?...Jerry: I'm not unsure. I'm just very nervous...Jen asks why....Jerry: I don't know. You do it to me. You get me nervous. I feel like I'm a little kid. It's like a sweet little crush....Then Jerry and Jen play croquet, and Jen is surprisingly competitive...After the game, Jen tells the camera: I was having a great time with Jerry playing croquet. It was fun. We were laughing. There's so much chemistry, yet I ask myself all the time, "Is he being serious?"

Then Jen and Jerry sit on a bench with a blanket over them...Jen asks Jerry to tell her three things he likes about her.... (Here's Jerry's answer verbatim—I'm not sure I understand it, though).....Jerry: Well, first of all, you light up a room. That's always the thing that I kind of fantasized about was being with a woman that can entertain without me babysitting. And then I get as much joy watching it from the outside and seeing her make people smile. You make me feel weird. I get uncomfortable, and then I get comfortable. That's interesting to me. And third, your willingness to accept my life or to be open enough to...understand....Then Jerry asks Jen: Is this as great as I think it is? Is this as fun to you as it is to me, along with being stressful?...Jen: No, as stressful as this has been, I finally feel like, "This is why I'm doing this (show)"....Then Jen tells the camera: Jerry makes me feel giddy. He says things that are romantic and sweet and cute. And he's got his cute dimples when he smiles. And he's charming. And I think that he said three things that he likes about me. Okay, if I really broke it down in three, what would it have been? I think that he doesn't necessarily deal with emotions. He covers all that up with all these smoke and mirrors. And I'm not like that at all.

Jen asks Jerry: So, you say you have this crush. Can you say why? Is it just a feeling? Are there reasons?...Jerry: You're adorable. What, are you kidding me? Crush--maybe that's a simplistic term to define how I feel for you, but I want to have a crush on my wife. I want to have a crush on my girlfriend. I want to have a crush--like, "Look at her. She's coming home to me. That girl that's over there that's lighting up the whole room." You got a great smile. And you got beautiful eyes. And you're quirky.....Jerry leans over and they share a few short kisses...Jerry says to the camera: I was kind of excited to be able to share how I really feel about her. But at the same time, not only am I here to impress her, but she's also here to impress me. I need to know that we're partners in this whole journey. And I hope that, in the end, when it's all said and done, that I'm gonna fall in love with the right Jen, and she's gonna fall in love with the right Jerry, and those two people are supposed to spend the rest of their lives together. It just can't be a one-sided thing....(Note: I've given you Jerry's comments verbatim again, because I'm still not sure what he's saying.)....Then the two of them decide to leave to get changed for dinner.

For dinner, Jen changes into a black strapless dress, and they meet at the Dufuskie Island Resort....Jerry tells Jen that he needs to make sure that there is substance "behind the fairy tale"....Jen asks Jerry: Are you concerned about my substance?...Jerry: Yes....Jen: What do you want to know?....Jerry: I want to know where I stand with you. I want to know how you feel about me. I want to know if you're right for me.... Jen: That's what I want to find out, too. I mean, obviously, I'm very attracted to you. I love being with you. I think we have fun. But I don't want to make the wrong decision and have someone be with me because of all of this and think that I'm something that I'm not....Jerry: I've picked you from the second that I walked through that door....Jen: Why?...Jerry: I didn't know why....Jen: Was it like, "There's the girl. That's the one I'm supposed to like?" ....Jerry: No. Jen, are you kidding me? I'm not that naive....Jen: It's an easy (thing) to get caught up in...Jerry: For me? No, not at all.

Jen tells the camera that she doesn't think Jerry is used to being challenged...Jen: I think that women are probably mesmerized (by him). And I don't want to be just that girl that falls under his spell, because that doesn't work long term.....Jerry tells Jen: People are connected on a spiritual level. There's an energy. There's a calling. There's something bigger, and there's a plan for that....Jen: I love when you say that, and I hear that. But I don't--my head--I'm so literal....Jerry: I like you. How literal is that? Period. I like you. I want you to get me. And I think that's what I'm really worried about--is that you don't "get" me....Jen: No, but I want you to "get" me, too. Because you don't think the way that I think. It's easy to say something, but if you can back it up, that's what I believe in.....There is more of this arguing back and forth, and finally Jen and Jerry toast to "understanding their differences."

Then Jen tells Jerry that she has a "surprise" for him...Yup, it's an invitation to the fantasy suite, and no, they haven't changed a word except that now it says "Dafuskie Island" instead of "Bermuda"...Jen and Jerry take a carriage ride to the fantasy suite, which changes the mood of the evening...Jerry tells the camera: The carriage ride over was perfect. We actually had those moments where we looked at each other, and we realized that it was very important to talk about those things. And even though it was heated, it was only heated 'cause it was so condensed....Jen and Jerry pull up to a large white cottage and it turns out that this is their fantasy suite. In short, it's not a suite, it's a house, complete with pool table...Jerry and Jen sit down on a couch in the middle of the living room by a fire and share small talk and a long kiss. (But I'd only rate the kiss "medium" on the passionate scale.)...We hear voiceovers again from Jen and Jerry...Jen repeats the same theme we've heard several times tonight that she loves being around Jerry, but she's always left feeling like there is something not quite right about it, and she's still not ready to take things to the next level...Jerry tells the camera: This has been the first time in my life that I've been challenged as to whether or not I've been me. I just hope that it's not a communication thing. The big concern with that is we may never "get" each other.

And that's all we see. We don't even get to see Jen and Jerry walk up stairs. For all we know, there isn't even a bed in the cottage/house and they're expected to sleep on the pool table. Or, maybe the staff guy in charge of scattering rose petals on the bed got the flu, and there were no other members of the rose scatterers union on Dafuskie Island. That's two fantasy suites so far tonight, and no hint of a bed. What an anticlimax! (So to speak.)

Jen and Ryan at Cape Cod

We come back from commercials to see some nice long shots of Cape Cod in fall, and Ryan standing in the tall grass waiting for Jen, wearing a stocking cap and looking cold....However, this romantic scene is ruined by what has to be the tackiest, most obvious product placement I've ever seen. As he waits for Jen, Ryan pulls out an Oral B Brush-up and uses it on his teeth. (At least in Chicago, we've seen endless commercials for Oral B Brush-ups this season.) I hope Ryan gets residuals for that shot. Once Ryan's teeth are sufficiently clean, Jen walks up to Ryan and they hug and kiss hello. Then Ryan invites Jen to walk with him to a nearby lighthouse...As they walk, we hear a voiceover from Jen: I've always had so much fun with (Ryan). But I left his hometown feeling unsettled. His family didn't really seem to want to get to know me. So, today, I want to see if I can get that feeling of comfort and

The two of them stand at the top of the lighthouse, overlooking the landscape, and talk....Ryan asks Jen about how she felt about her visit with his family the week before. (The family visits seem like a long time ago to me—no wonder Jen and the men feel like things are happening fast—they are.)....Jen tells Ryan: I went in with great expectations, and I kind of felt that maybe those weren't met. I just didn't know how they received me. I didn't know how you received me in that situation....Ryan admits to Jen that it probably would have been better if his parents had been a little more up front and asked Jen more specific questions, but he also says he didn't feel like he was being himself with his parents, either, and he doesn't know why that was. (Hmmm, Ryan. Maybe taking a woman you don't know that well home to your parents as a possible wife while you were surrounded by camera and lighting guys might have had something to do with it.)....Then Ryan says: My question to you is--are you happy being here?....Jen: I wouldn't be here right now with you if I wasn't serious about it....Ryan is still worrying about the family visit and tells the camera: I think I put a lot of expectations on her visit to my family, maybe too much. And because of that, didn't let things flow naturally. I think she maybe felt that I could've reached out more and done more. I feel bad that she felt that way....Jen assures Ryan: You're very easy for me to be around, and I feel very comfortable with you, very at ease. It's nice. It feels good.....Jen and Ryan walk to the beach, where there is a bonfire....Jen tells the camera that she is still very unsure about how she feels about her relationship with Ryan.

As they sit on a blanket and pillows in the sand, Ryan asks Jen: Do you feel like one of us is somebody that you would potentially see yourself with and that all your questions are being answered in what you came in here hoping to find?...Jen: Yes, but what I'm finding is that I thought that I would know everything by now. But yet, every time I think that I have my mind made up, it's like, "Well, wait." But I feel like I'm not getting caught up in moments, which is good. But yet bad because sometimes I feel like my guard is up and that I'm questioning everything.....(Whew. Did you follow that conversation? Jen is definitely still confused.)

Then Ryan asks Jen whether he's someone she'd feel comfortable bringing home to her family....Jen: Absolutely. I think they would like you. And I think you'd fit in very well. You're definitely the type of person that I could introduce to my parents and not be worried about what they're gonna think. (Did you catch that? Not that Ryan was someone she wanted to introduce to her parents but he was the "type of person" her parents would like.) ...Ryan admits to Jen: It's difficult knowing that you've already been in this, probably, similar situation with the other two guys. I'm just kind of trying to trust my own instincts, my own gut feeling. I feel like that's really, at this point, all that can be done on my part, and then just putting that trust back in you. (Yup, Ryan, trust your instincts. You're feeling insecure and there is probably a good reason why.)....The camera folks must have gotten enough "sitting by the bonfire" shots because Jen then suggests that he and Jen go inside and get changed and warm....As they go, Jen says in a voiceover: Ryan is very much like me in the way he thinks about things, which made me realize that he and I speak the same language. I had a lot of questions, and he answered them directly and in a way that I could completely understand. (Well, Jen, Ryan DOES teach middle school so he's had a lot of experience. Meow! Bad me.)

Next Ryan and Jen meet for dinner at the Chatham Bar Inn...Ryan says in a voiceover: Going in to dinner, I wanted to take the lead in terms of asking some questions, because I definitely need to just let my raw emotions out. It's tough knowing that she's still unsure about the decision she needs to make, when I feel like I could be the guy for her....Ryan asks Jen if she's definitely hoping for a proposal at the end of the show....Jen: That would be the best-case scenario, but yet I also don't want to get engaged just to get engaged....Jen asks Ryan why he's never yet found "the one."...Ryan: I don't know that I've ever been in a relationship where I feel like I can be completely, 100% myself. I'm totally at a point now where I'm ready for marriage. And I feel really good when I'm with you. You're somebody that I can totally see myself with.....Jen: Well, on that note....And Jen pulls out the "surprise" fantasy suite invitation...Ryan says, "I'd love to stay in the fantasy suite with you," and gives Jen a long kiss.

Ryan and Jen open the door to their fantasy suite, and it's a large, lovely room with a fireplace, and yes, finally—a bed. They sit down on cushions in front of the fire and share some "medium passionate" kisses. (I see chemistry here, but not "I can't keep my hands off you" chemistry.)....In a voiceover, Ryan repeats again that Jen is someone he could see as his wife...Then Jen and Ryan share a bubble bath. (I assume they're wearing bathing suits, but they're conveniently covered by bubbles.)....It's a very romantic scene, but again, the chemistry seemed about "medium" to me....Jen says in a voiceover: My time in the fantasy suite with Ryan was just so romantic. It was cold outside. We were able to get into the tub and cozy up. He just has something about him that excites me. I'm really drawn to him. And I really like being around him. And I think we resolved everything very well. And I just wanted to sort of be with him....Ryan describes the scene in a voiceover as "one of those moments you don't want to end."

One-on-One Talks Before the Rose Ceremony

Back in New York, the men arrive separately at the bachelor house. As each of them walks up the stairs, we hear a voiceover of their thoughts....JP is confident that he is getting a rose tonight...Ryan hopes the connection he made with Jen is strong enough....Jerry says that after his date he was filled with all kinds of crazy questions and feels that (he and Jen) just scratched the surface. But if he is sent home tonight he'll be brokenhearted....Chris greets the men, and then brings in Jen...Jen says in her voiceover: I have so much going on in my head. I'm second-guessing myself. We're at a point where everyone sort of put themselves out there, and it's scary to not know what's ahead of you. The way I feel right now--I don't even want to show up....And frankly, if I was wearing what Jen was wearing, I wouldn't want to show up either.

At first glance, Jen looks like she's wearing a simple, short, red satin dress with black straps. Kinda nice—with the black straps making an interesting contrast. But, later, we see a few close-up shots of Jen from the back, and it sure looks to me like we're seeing black bra straps....Why is Jen is wearing a black bra under a strapless dress? Did Jen forget her strapless bra, so she decided to wear her black bra and hope the straps didn't show in the back? Or did some fashion person convince Jen that having your bra straps show was "daring" and "the latest fashion"? I know that having a bra strap show with your T-shirt has at various times been a "daring, hip" look for the middle school kids that Ryan teaches. But, this is an elegant cocktail dress, and Jen is old enough to have never had Britney Spears as her idol. If I had been Jen, I would have stomped my pretty little foot and refused to wear this outfit. Surely in Manhattan has to have been at least one other dress Jen could have worn. I know I don't usually get this emotional about Jen's clothing. But, because of the scenes that follow, we see the back of Jen's black bra A LOT, and every time I saw it I felt like wanting to take pity on her and bring her a shawl. Well, we know what tape Jen's kids will bring out whenever they want to embarrass her. "Have you seen the time my mom went on national TV with her bra strap showing out of the back of her dress?"....Okay, on to the rose ceremony. But, I'm not sure why I'm bothering because Jen's dress was the most interesting thing that happened at the rose ceremony....Caveat: I guess it's possible that that wasn't a black bra strap at the back of Jen's dress, but it sure looked like one to me.

After all these rose ceremonies, Chris must get a sort of sadistic thrill from presiding over a ritual where all the men look like they're about to throw up, and Jen has already told us she wishes she wasn't there. I sure hope Chris gets some kind of thrill out of this, because he sure doesn't get it from his lines....Chris: Another rose ceremony, but tonight is gonna be a little different. Jen has asked to speak privately with each of you before she hands out these final two roses. Guys, this is the last opportunity you will have to speak with Jen before she makes a huge decision....All the guys look horrified at the prospect of one last talk, as if they are about to lose one testicle without anesthesia. C'mon guys, this is a woman whose black bra strap is showing out the back of her dress. How intimidating can that be?.

Jen says to Jerry I do have some concerns in the sense that I feel like I ask you a lot of questions, yet I don't know if I get direct answers. If we end up together at the end of all this, do I know you?...Jerry: You have gotten to see a side of me, so much more of me than most people have. You've made it easy for me to share that. This has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. I feel that it's not "could we foresee having a long-term relationship together?" It's "Can this person be my soul mate?" And if there's somebody downstairs that you feel is better suited for you, then you have to go with that person.....(Good move Jerry. Play the sincerity card.)....After the talk, Jen tells the camera that she still isn't sure if Jerry is there for her or there to win.

Ryan's turn is next....Jen says to Ryan: You're such a good communicator, and that's so important to me. You always make me feel comfortable and put me at ease. And I really appreciated when I had a concern, and you were so good about talking about it with me. That means everything to me, so thank you for that. Do you have any concerns?...Ryan replies: I don't have any concerns. I just know you have this huge, huge decision to make. And you had just mentioned that you were scared of making the wrong decision and that you didn't want this to be some kind of joke where, six months down the road, it ends in a failed relationship. I would be completely committed to you for the long haul and try to provide for you always -- emotionally, physically, financially. I want to be the guy at the last rose ceremony receiving the last rose and ultimately being your husband....Jen replies: Thank you for just always being so sweet, saying the right thing....(Ouch! When a woman says you're "sweet" that's usually a prelude to "I could see you as my best friend.")

Jen says to JP: What's so funny to me about you is that from the beginning I've been like, "You're 25. Are you sure you're ready to settle down?" And you have this great job. And you started this business. And you have your own home. Do you ever see yourself creating something with somebody?...JP answers: That's exactly what I'm looking for. If I wanted to be settled in my ways and what I thought, I wouldn't be here. I could've found that at home.

As Jen walks up the stairs she says in a voiceover that she's scared, because the person she's sending home thinks he's going to meet her parents, and she hates that he's going to be hurt.

The Rose Ceremony

After commercials, we see Jen walking back down the stairs and standing next to Chris. Jen gives the usual little speech about how the person she is sending home is an amazing man but she is looking for her one true love. She hands out the first rose—John Paul. And, Chris must have been caught off set with his zipper stuck, because he doesn't remind us that there is one rose left. Jen hands out the other rose—Jerry.

To sad guitar music, Ryan hugs the other guys good-bye, and Jen walks him down the stairs. In a voiceover, Jen says she feels bad because she can't give Ryan back what he's giving to her. She knows he'll make a great husband, but she just doesn't feel that intangible quality that she's looking for.....In years to come, I think Jen may regret the one she let get away, but, I'm also a believer that the chemistry has to be there. If Jen's not feeling it, she can't force it. I would have made a different choice than Jen made, but heck, when I was younger, I let some good ones get away, too.

I don't need to repeat the conversation between Jen and Ryan. She's feeling bad, he's feeling bad, and they have to do this with cameras on them.....Ryan, class act that he is, says: I know that you've got another big decision ahead of you, but you're gonna make the right one.

I'm gonna skip the car interview, too. You've heard these. Ryan feels bad, and he's kicking himself for putting himself out there—he would never have said those things if he'd known it was going to end like it did.....Personally, I think that, crummy as it was to be dumped on national TV, Ryan got the better end of the deal. He's going to find someone smarter and less self-absorbed than Jen, who will love hearing about his parents' trip to Thailand. I know it's a catty thing to say, but Jen wasn't good enough for Ryan....Oh yeah Ryan, one last thing—Do you have an unmarried uncle by any chance?

Next Week on The Bachelorette

I usually hate the "Men Tell All" episode because it comes just before the finale. But, this season, the bachelors were more interesting than the bachelorette, so I'm looking forward to seeing them again...."The men are back to dish some dirt."..."And share some secrets."..."Plus, the truth finally comes out about Fabrice."....Will it really? I hope so...."Then Andrew Firestone surprises everyone by showing up to confront the men."..."Then, in two weeks, on the season finale, Jen faces the most difficult decision of her life"...And, emotions run high when the two remaining men meet Jen's family"....We see Jen saying to her mother (who is wearing the beige sweater that she wears for Jerry's visit), "If you don't like him, say you don't."...."And, as Jen struggles with her decision, the pressure is finally too much for her to handle"...."Then it's the moment we've all been waiting for. And, this time, both men propose to the bachelorette."...."Who will she choose, who will she reject, on the unforgettable season finale of The Bachelorette."

Over the credits we are shown a funny scene of Ryan and Jen eating dinner at Cape Cod. Jen is grossed out because the lobster on her plate still has an eye, and Ryan tries different ways to hide the eye as Jen exclaims that it looks like a cockroach. (Yup, Jen is definitely a city girl.)

Spoilers and Speculation

Any hope we might have had that the National Enquirer prediction would be wrong was dashed tonight when Ryan was sent home. However, the NE spoiler said nothing about two proposals, so it didn't get every detail right. Still, I think Jen is going to pick Jerry, as predicted by the NE. I just don't see Jen wanting to move to Oklahoma with JP. But, I don't see Jen's relationship with Jerry ending in marriage—they are just too different. However, as I know all too well, I can be wrong. Maybe Jerry and Jen wil live happily ever after.

In the meantime, The "Men Tell All" episode next week could be interesting, unless they turn it into "The Fabrice Show," which unfortunately is likely. For better or worse, I'll be here to write about it, even if I have to chain myself to my desk. Until then!