Quick synopsis of Sunday:
The Veto Ceremony took place and Annie replaced Brendon on the block.
When the feeds came back we saw that Britney was pissed, Kathy was crying, and Annie was packing. The house was uneasy for several hours

To break the tension the houseguests made a Slip and Slide. The ‘Have Not’ people were allowed to eat again and eat they did! And Andrew seemingly got drunk from one beer.

7:00 AM
Andrew is the first up. He gets in some prayer time, some breakfast and then goes to the DR. We hear him make a request for pads for the kitchen. He entertained us by pretending to read the paper and then went back to bed.

Enzo makes an attempt to start his day and goes back to bed too.

9:00 AM
BB has had enough and gets them all up with some Snoop Doog while we get a screen full of bubbles. We learn they are on an inside lockdown this morning. No apparent reason. Ragan is ecstatic to be taking a hot shower.

In the storage room, Kathy assures Rachel she has her vote.

Elsewhere, Annie claims she was at a Snoop concert and his uncle tried some moves on her.

Later Brendon lets Hayden know that Annie is trying to blame Brendon for her situation. She made him feel bad.

10:00 AM
Enzo tells Matt “Annie is going home”.

Matt and Lane work out while Annie does laps around the backyard.
Meanwhile Brendon, Rachel, and Brittany talk about working out.

Kristen and Hayden head up to the HOH room. They talk about how Lane and Annie are close. They both think they have enough votes to boot out Annie. They think they can trust Andrew at least for now. Kristen isn’t quite sure about Matt and warns Hayden not to tell Matt too much. Kristen thinks Rachel is trying to get buddy buddy with her but she knows where to draw the line and thinks it could work in their favor. Kristen doesn’t trust Britney at all.

Kristen feels out of the loop but feels good because she is staying out of the drama. Hayden thinks they should hide their alliance better. They don't want to look like Brendon and Rachel.

11:00 AM
Lane says, "I wish I could stare at weights and get big".
Ragan says it's unfair that guys are bigger than him, but he goes to the gym more.

Matt asks if Britney and Annie can get in a fake fight just for entertainment.
Matt tells Annie he thinks Rachel and Brendon are friends outside the house and their showmance is a game to get them alone and off people’s radar.

Britney, Enzo, Rachel, and Monet are in the Backyard confirming they are all still evicting Annie and plan to backdoor Brendon next week.

There is another inside lockdown.

1:00 PM
Ragan goes up to the HOH to talk with Hayden; He waited til now because he didn’t want it to seem fake. They talk mostly in generalities, but he does agree Annie should go. He feels most comfortable with Hayden, Kristen, and Matt. Brendon is growing on him.
Hayden makes a point to say that he also trusts Lane.

Next up, Andrew has a chat with Hayden in the HOH. He asks why they aren’t breaking up the alliance between Brendon and Rachel. Hayden thinks the three of them (Andrew, Hayden or Kristen) are safe that way. Hayden reports that he and Kristen are doing a good job convincing people Andrew is not the saboteur.

Andrew heads out and talks to Annie and asks who she has for votes. She says probably Enzo, Lane, Matt, him, and maybe Hayden if it ties. She’s going to sell to everyone that it's stupid to leave a clear alliance and even try to convince Brendon that keeping Rachel is a bad game move.

There is a brief flash of the backyard showing podiums and what looked like a competition set-up. (ed. Or it was just a feed malfunction and it was a flashback from three years ago).

3:00 PM
Lockdown is over. The backyard is clear. Annie thinks a shade was added to a camera and some balls moved around.

Annie works Kathy and Monet for votes until they decide to go take a bath in the HOH bathtub. Annie wants to go with them while they do it. Monet says they plan on doing it naked; the conversation gets awkward and Annie says “never mind”.

Brendon and Rachel do some snuggling and flirting in the sunset room.

Annie makes her pitch to Lane in the backyard.

4:00 PM
Ragan makes a point that he hasn't had an erection at all since coming into the house (ed. And I’m guessing BB doesn’t supply Viagra). He also mentions JokersUpdates again, talking about posters here spelling Natalie as Gnatalie. Brendon and Matt are there and they discuss past seasons at length. They also speculate on what past house guests might do an All Stars.

Ragan wonders who will have the first meltdown. Matt intends to fight for HOH. He was going to toss it because he thought they wanted to get Andrew off. Now he’s not so sure.

Britney joins Matt, Brendon, and Ragan. They speculate on the next Saboteur message. Matt says he asked the DR if the Saboteur could win $550,000 and they said "not at liberty to say".

In the Kitchen, Rachael wonders "If I was a frying pan where would I be?" This leads her to the question “Is a skillet a frying pan?”

Kathy, Enzo, Matt and Britney come up with an idea for a Bean Bag game to play in the back yard.

5:00 PM
The Bean Bag game begins and draws a crowd.

In the HOH, Rachael, Monet and Kathy take a bath but Rachel is called to the DR and leaves them.

6:00 PM
Outside, Enzo tries to guess Annie’s secret from Britney. Britney won’t say but wants to be there when he finds out to see his face. They are amused about Annie campaigning and thinking she has some votes.

Monet, Britney, Andrew, Lane, Enzo, and Annie continue talking in the backyard. A lot of ‘getting to know you’ chat. Lane tells a story of making his girl friend sleep on the floor because she was crying.

7:00 PM
Annie goes the Cabana Room where Brendon, Hayden, Kristen and Ragan have assembled. More ‘getting to know you’ chat. Andrew joins them. Ragan likes when Julie Chen gets tripped up on the live show and "seeing her is like having a portal into another world"

Later Annie tells people in the backyard that she is angry at Rachel for dismissing her and rolling her eyes earlier. She wants to confront her.

Just before 8:00 PM – Things get entertaining…

Annie pulls Rachel into the Kitchen. They are alone. Annie wants to know why Rachel is ignoring her and why everyone is mad at her. Rachel uses a sweet voice to say she isn’t mad. She also says to Annie that maybe she is just being sensitive. Rachel leaves the room. The whole thing lasted about a minute.

Annie pulls the backyard crew into the Kitchen and pours on the dramatics.
She has to calm herself (ed. For way too long) before she could explain and wished everyone could see the tape of what just happened. She relates what happened but adds a couple elements… she claims Rachel said ‘it was all in her head’ and then walked away while waving bye-bye. (ed. That comment did not occur and unless the wave happened off camera, it didn’t happen either). She makes sure to point out ‘THAT” is what you are choosing to keep in the house.

This sends house guests scurrying to tell each other. Most get the feel it was just Annie taking a last desperate stab to stay in the house.

Britney tells Rachel about Annie's blow up, but doesn’t want to get in the middle of it. Rachel responds, “I knew this would happen. It's not fair. I didn't do anything.”

Annie pulls Brendon into a bedroom to tell him ‘what happened’ and says it will reflect badly on Brendon. It is a long conversation with Annie laying on a thick guilt trip while Brandon politely takes it.

As this was going on, Andrew walked in on them very upset. He mumbled something about people knowing how to push his buttons. He grabs something in a huff and goes to another room. It seems that Lane made a comment in the backyard that rubbed Andrew the wrong way. Lane says he was just joking, but the damage was done. Matt, Britney, and Enzo are all confused. Lane explained to Andrew that he misunderstood him. Andrew apologized “for whatever”, still showing attitude about the whole thing, wiped his mouth on a clean towel and put it back. Britney chooses to yell at him for the towel, so he picks it up, throws it on the ground and goes into the house.

A little later Andrew makes a point to stare at Enzo and Britney for an uncomfortably long time before joining Rachel, Ragan, Kristen and Brendon in the Cabana room

Brendon gives Rachel advice in avoiding Annie and tells her to stay out of any fights. Rachel gets emotional and leaves saying "I really want to be alone. Please." She passes several people who offer to talk with her, but she declines. Her sniffling gets progressively louder as she makes it to the Have Not room. She makes a comment that she hates these people and buries herself under a blanket.

Feeds change to Andrew in the kitchen hashing it out with Britney and Matt over his blow up.

It doesn’t take long before Brendon goes to comfort Rachel. She plays cutesy and pouty and they work it out.

Meanwhile Matt wonders if this means Brendon will still cook the chicken or not. Kathy says, "At least live feeders got their money's worth tonight"

9:00 PM
Show2 Crawl reads: Hayden is the current HOH. Brendon and Rachel are the first to be nominated for eviction. Enzo continues to grow close to Monet, Kathy, and Britney not knowing they have formed an alliance. The Veto Competition and Ceremony will air Wednesday Night.

Brendon continues comforting Rachel in the Have Not room. In his efforts he actually says, “I want to have a showmance with you…”

Ragan, Hayden, Lane, and Kristen are in the Cabana Room. Ragan says Andrew going at Lane was "completely out of the blue." Annie, now out of the Diary Room, pops in and requests to speak with Hayden.

Annie and Hayden go to the HOH. She gives him a very lengthy sell job why Rachel should go instead of her. They go through the votes. Lane and Enzo will vote for Annie, Kristen will do her own thing. Ragan, Monet, Kathy, Britney will go with the house. Annie takes the opportunity to get in some Britney bashing. Hayden tells her she still has 3 days and needs to relax.

Ragan talks to Rachel in the SR. She doesn't know what happened (with the Annie fight). Ragan says he thinks it's Annie's "last card" to sway things her way.

Enzo tells Lane that Kristen and Hayden are getting too close. He’s starting to get puppy-eyes for her.

10:00 PM
Dinner is served. Ragan is dressed up a bit and was joking to America about how he's single.

The Brigade is outside playing pool. They speculate that Brendon and Rachel are the two that know each other outside the house. They still want Brendon out next week.

Hayden and Kristen chat in the Cabana Room. Kristen thinks they are doing a good job hiding their alliance and wants to talk in the HOH later. They end up staying there and talking game with Andrew. After he leaves Lane comes in and they joke around.
Other join and Matt tells them he brought gloves for the physical comps and wishes he would have brought a poncho. No one else brought gloves. Kristen stuck her hand in the fish tank then licked her fingers. She wanted to see if it was salt water or not. She said it's not.

Out in the Hot Tub Britney and Money think that Brendon needs to go. He’s too powerful.

Annie tells Monet in the backyard to watch out because Brendon is coming after her. She continues her attempts to make her case with Lane, Monet, Enzo, Kathy, and Britney. Lots of silence when Annie is not talking.

Meanwhile Rachel is retelling her side of the story of her confrontation with Annie to Hayden, Kristen, and Brendon.

The mood of the house has gotten lighter though. Enzo comments he is seriously thinking about going on slop next week because he'll lose weight. Kathy says she can be on his team to help lose.

1:00 AM
Enzo thinks the back wall should be a fence. It could be more like a zoo. He says people would like throw food at them and stuff.

Brendon and Rachel have gone to a double bed and make out in the dark.

Most everyone is getting ready for bed. But Annie is still working. She has Kristen’s ear and goes over the earlier incident with Rachel. Hayden and Kathy are also present to hear the story again.

2:00 AM
Hayden and Kristen go to the kitchen. Kristen thinks the next time Andrew does weird stuff like get drunk off one beer (ed. Sunday night), Hayden should confront him jokingly, like "Dude, you got drunk after 1 beer and you drink Johnny Walker?"

Lane asked if Kathy would pull her own son over. Kathy already has once.

As everyone had settled in for the night, we see an awkward moment for Monet. The only place left to sleep was with Brendon. She quietly gets in the bed and the house goes quiet.

With three days left, what else can Annie do to stay? I don’t know but I’m curious to find out!

There were some excellent detailed updates by the updaters last night. Many thanks to them!