Dan Gheesling: Jenny two houseguests tweeted me about a changing their vote, but it doesn't really change anything. :) I'm happy with the legacy I left on Big Brother.

ObsessedwithBB asks: Hellooo!! Ian said on an interview that 'Dan's Funeral' was unnecessary. Personally I think that's ridiculous. Thoughts?

Dan Gheesling: By the way, this second I'm DJing an epic song in our Turntable room  - a little good music always helps out an old school chat. ;)

Dan Gheesling: I never read or heard that. It was necessary for me and how I play the game. I don't have a photographic memory as a natural talent, so I have to rely on other things, like orchestrating mass chaos when needed.

Jokerette: I personally think that funeral saved yo ASS! Mass chaos - GOOD way to put it lol! Made for the BEST live feeds I ever saw. any season.

Dan Gheesling: Thanks Jokerette! That means a lot from a live-feeder like yourself!

Jokerette: oh man, one thing JU has - the BEST damn feeders... and we hate boring feeds! The moment you let everyone know the funeral was bs - best moment lol! :D

proudwife1564 asks: We saw that you reached out to Danielle via twitter, do you think you may have gotten a response if you had chosen to do it more privately?

Dan Gheesling: ProudWife without getting into too many details, sadly that was my only method of contacting her.

ALiHaaaji asks: Is there anybody from BB14 who you feel hasn't handled their new-found fame well?

Dan Gheesling: AL, first off, we need to be clear, it's not "fame." :) It's really pseudo-fame. It takes a little bit to get adjusted to it, but people who don't take it, or themselves too seriously handle it best.

Busto asks: I've always thought the most underrated aspect of the funeral was that it threw Britney off the scent. That is, she couldn't orchestrate a response before a veto because she didn't know you were making your case. Was that your intent?

Dan Gheesling: Busto (LOL), that was one of the primary reasons why I did it. Britney was SO smart that if she saw me go up and talk to Frank without the funeral she would have known exactly what I was doing. By causing mass chaos I was at least able to distract her and get what I needed done without her knowing.

tylersbailey asks:  you have said before that you have retired from Big Brother? Is this a definite statement or is it subject to change?

Dan Gheesling: Ty: #Retired means #Retired. Just like when Michael Jordan retired from the Bulls. ;)

Jokerette: not even all stars??? :(

Dan Gheesling: Re-read what I wrote when you get a minute Jokerette.

Jokerette: dig - I know jack shit about Michael Jordan :(

Dan Gheesling: That's really a shame, I mean he was the greatest to ever play in the NBA.

Jokerette: (not a question)   Floater asks: I was lucky enough to win your book. I've lost 15 pounds since September. You are a great host!

Dan Gheesling: Floater that's AWESOME! I'm glad "Punch It In" helped you. If you get a chance shoot me an e-mail, I'd love to hear about it. They can contact me via the blog.

SB74 asks: If you could have been on any season of big brother (besides 10 and 14), which season do you think you would have done best on?

Dan Gheesling: It would have been fun, as a fan, to be on Season 7. I would have LOVED to be on Season 13 with Memphis.

Jokerette: (not a question) Denise asks: if you had a dime for every time Shane whined about you taking the money from him, you'd of won more than the BB prize

Jokerette: RyanConley asks: What is "Punch It In" about?

Dan Gheesling: Ryan, "Punch It In" is a book that I wrote for people who wanted to be "coached" by me on a 24 day plan. You can find more out about here. I spent a lot of time developing it for people who need a kick-start to crossing their goal-line. I'm big into reading Self Help books myself, so this was my complication of things that have helped me over the years!

CJinIowa asks: Who would you have voted for, between Danielle and Ian, and why?

Dan Gheesling: Hey CJ! :) Tough question. Danielle doesn't get a ton of credit for getting to the Final 3. It would have been hard to vote against Ian because of his passion for the game. Good thing was I never wanted to put myself in a position to be on the Jury so I didn't have to make that choice. ;)