Dan Gheesling: Very surprised, it was one of the Top 5 things that surprised me in the first 15 episodes!

Jokerette: other 4?

Dan Gheesling: Top 5 Surprises.

Dan Gheesling: Oh before I forget, I wanted to invite everyone here to a live video Spreecast of the recording of episode commentary next Tuesday Nov. 20th at 9PM EST! Oh I just realized I forgot to give you guys the link to the live video Spreecast next week  (thanks to one of the Mercs for the reminder ;) )

Jokerette: episode commentary?

Dan Gheesling: Yes, I've been recording commentary over every Big Brother 14 episode as I watch them for the first time. It's like a special feature Director's Commentary on a DVD movie. You listen to it over the actual Big Brother 14 episodes, they're filled with behind the scenes stories and my initial reactions to DRs. You can find out more about it here

oops - i fell out!

Dan Gheesling: TWSS.

kosmos asks: One evening in the backyard it seemed like you and Boogie were testing the waters with each other about a money split, is that true?

Dan Gheesling: Kosmos, nope, I think you may be confusing Boogie with someone else. As soon as that conversation came up I snuffed it out, that is one of the few Big Brother rules I actually follow. ;)

Leeto asks: Why did you OK Danielle's plan to backdoor Janelle?

Dan Gheesling: Leeto - at that point there was nothing I could do to save Janelle. Try convincing 7 people that Janelle isn't going to win 80% of the competitions...Or 5 people, sorry.

tylersbailey asks: You've said before that Britney was a very intelligent and threatening player, however, she has said that her season (BB12) was basically one big nap for her compared to BB14, what clued you in to her strategical game-play?

Dan Gheesling: Tyler, watching and observing Britney operate in the house was something special because no one else really saw it. She pulled daily ninja moves untraced.

Dan Gheesling: Oh I have to admit something to you guys, I may or may not lurk on Jokers on a regular basis. Just not as much as my Mom does. ;)

Dan Gheesling: One more questions Jokerette and then I have a coaching client call I have to get on. After I push the chaos button of course. ;)

Jokerette: haahahhah! Tell mom to post!

Dan Gheesling: You tell my Mom to post!

time asks: Was Joe telling the truth when he said you had asked him in the Storage Room to work with him right before the coaches entered the game? You denied it but we never saw what happened

Jokerette: (horrible when us feeders miss shit! drives us nuts lol)

Dan Gheesling: Time LOL, I've never been asked that before. I would mess with Joe all the time! I may have phrased something to him to make it seem like I wanted to work with him without directly saying it. Translation: the mist.

Jokerette: OK we've stolen so much of your time - ready for chaos??

Dan Gheesling: Thanks for all of the questions guys! I love coming here. Now it's time to hit the RESET button and cause some chaos, unleash the hounds Jokerette!

And then I opened the room! Bunches of people got to talk with Dan themselves, always the most fun part of any chat. It's been years since we did a chat in this format, instead of BTR (Blog Talk Radio, call-in show.) It will =not= be years before we do it again: this was hugely fun! :)

We thank Dan for his time and honesty.