Jokerette: (last one: gonna open it to CHAOS after!!!!!!!!!!!) Then y'all can ask him yourselves!

Dan Gheesling: Whoa Jokerette - hang on with the chaos. Let me push the button on that one, that was part of the deal, remember? :)

Jokerette: haahahahha NO problem! I thought you wanted it soon - you just tell me when, kk? (SHITLOAD more questions, for real.)  We could keep going until tomorrow and not get through them all!

TwerkMasterP asks: Considering you are most people's favorite BB player, who is YOUR favorite past BB player?

Dan Gheesling: Twerk, I would say heading into Season 14 it was Will from the old era. He was a great player, but after playing with Janelle, she is my new favorite from that era. Modern era I'm a big Rachel fan just because of how she won. That's all speaking from a fan perspective of course. I'll always respect Will's game because he inspired me to get on the show and he was always trying to make things entertaining.

 KMANZILLA asks: Why did you have Danielle vote Frank out in Week 3?

Dan Gheesling: KMAN, because I wanted Frank gone.

ShanielleFan asks: How much is "punch it in"?

Dan Gheesling: There are two versions at different prices, Kindle and eBook.

Jokerette: (e-book will be cheaper.) ((and you can get a free reader at Amazon - no need for kindle))

Leeto asks: Do you think Ian played a good game when he gave up at F4?

Dan Gheesling: Leeto can you clarify by what you mean by "gave up" just so I know what you're talking about exactly.

He was resigned to going home and didn't try to save himself

Ian was ready to be cut from the game. He had accepted his fate of leaving at F4 & was okay with it. He didn't even try to fight for his spot after losing the POV

Dan Gheesling: I was actually happy that Ian threw in the towel at that point at put 100% confidence in me. That kept him at bay in terms of not figuring out I had a Final 3 deal with S&D or a Final 2 with D. Also it allowed me make him owe me one in the next round. So do I think he played a good game at that point? He won so there's no real arguing that, but it's not what I would have done. You would never see me roll over in that game.

yoyo3492 asks: Dan why did you abruptly change from wanting Dani in F2 to wanting Ian? You asked us to vote for Ian for AC and then ??? what happened?

Dan Gheesling: Yoyo, inside the house, with the limited information I had, I whole-heartedly felt that Danielle was loved by everyone on the Jury because hadn't ticked any of them off. Hence thinking she would have won easily. I thought against Ian I would have a fighting chance, little did I know it was the exact opposite. Either way I don't think it would have mattered with the emotional jury.

CJinIowa asks: Do you, as a fan, feel as though it's justifiable for jurors to say that it's nothing personal and it's just a game when they're in the game, and then when they get evicted do a 180 and vote for personal reasons? How do you counter that as a player, and is it something anyone can really tell?

Dan Gheesling: It's not my place to say whether or not it is justified. Do I respect it as a player, no. But it's their vote they can do whatever they want with it. Ultimately it's my job to find out what is the driving force behind how they are going to vote, which I did a poor job of this season apparently. ;)

Melissa asks: Dan, you're the man. Do you think you, Frank, and Mike would have made a killer alliance (because I know I do), with the knowledge you know now after watching the game?

Dan Gheesling: Well I'm only 15 episodes into the season with the commentary I'm recording, so I haven't seen Boogie's demise yet. Do I think we would have made a good alliance? No. Do I think Boogie and I could have done some damage and had fun? Yes. I think I would have liked to work with Frank, or Boogie, but not both.

Denise asks: As a player and fan of the show, and knowing how boring the last week in the house is, would you like it if the jurors were brought back to live in the house the last week of the show? As a fan it would be exciting, but as a player how would you feel about it?

Dan Gheesling: Denise I've thought that same thing while in the house. Now that would be fun from my stand point. If I had 24-48 hours with the jury IN the house, imagine how much misting could be done! It would be a really cool twist with guaranteed drama. Just think of the Final 2 whispering in seperate rooms with individual jury members. #MistingGold That would be a twist I would cosign.

KMANZILLA asks: Did you feel that Boogie really wasn't working with you, nor was willing to by the end of Week 3? Did you decide to work with Janelle's team at the time?

Dan Gheesling: Janelle told me early on that Boogie tried to throw me under the bus to her. When Janelle did that I saw that as a huge move on her part to build a bridge between her and I while destroying the one Boogie and I had.

Jokerette: (not a question) MsRevRay asks: comment...they need to go back to having jury directly asking questions and it could be the F3 that are asked the questions

Dan Gheesling: MsRev, to be honest, the most important part of the game: the end is the most rushed during a live Finale. Yes, a live finale is more entertaining and nerve racking, but the time limit can really impact 75 days of work.

golane asks: Dan - How surprised were you to find out that Brittany had told Willie about the coaches coming into the game?