"Play Misty for Me"

Every move Nick Uhas made in the CBS Big Brother house was tainted by my misconception that he was related to BB10 winner Dan Gheesling. I thought Nick was a part of a twist that Elissa was a part of. I was convinced & thought that he flew under the radar only because his resemblance was not as distinct as Elissa’s is to her sister, BB13 winner, Rachel Reilly.

I was wrong. When our interviewed started, it was the second question I asked him & I had to scramble to rethink my perceptions of him & his gameplay. I scrambled hard & fast & this is my time with Nick Uhas:

Hello Nick, this is BB Evers with Joker’s Updates, how are you?

Nick: I”m good! [enthusiastically]

BB Evers: Julie said you are going home, is that true or are you in sequester?

There were some mild titters on the line as someone gently pointed out to me that I am a doofus & if Nick was going to sequester I would not be interviewing him. My super bad~lolz! I will forever attribute that brain phart to the nonstop drama on the late night Live Feeds!

Nick talked about Elissa asking him in the middle of the kitchen to talk about the game & his mind was thinking “how do I get myself out of this situation” instead of thinking about the best gameplay. He was working really hard to strategize with the Blondetourage, meaning Aaryn’s alliance & he didn't think Elissa had anything to offer him.

Helen proved to be one of the driving forces behind his eviction & this surprised him because he thought it was all Spencer’s doing. He thought the Moving Company’s [MC] demise was that they did not have time to bond & really trusting each other. Nick thought Spencer & Howard talked so much game by themselves that they got too paranoid. Nick was convinced that Spencer was his demise & said if he got the chance to do a MC again, he would have the exact same people but would also make a side alliance with Helen & GinaMarie.

Nick said he had played out every possible scenario concerning his safety in the game & only thought in the very last hour that he was in trouble & he thought it was the MC coming after him. Nick didn’t want to stir up trouble in the MC by questioning members loyalties but also thought that refraining from having those conversations was the bane of the MC.

Nick: One day before I was evicted that house was in a landslide to vote out Elissa & the only problem was it was one day too soon.

BB Evers: The house was never in a landslide to evict Elissa. That was a misconception on the part of the MC. There were a lot of the other houseguests lying to the members of the MC.

Nick: Really?

BB Evers: Yes! You have been very popular on Joker’s Updates & there were a lot of questions; AMANDA orchestrated you leaving, with Judd working to get Jessie’s vote, Spencer was nothing but a lowly pawn in the machinations from the other side of the house, knowing that & knowing about all the racist comments that you were not a part of, how do you feel about being a part of some of the over-the-top sexist & misogynist remarks that were made about the women in the house & I wondered if you had anything you wanted to say about those comments or about all of that?

Nick: I would say this; inside the [BB] house, there is a tone of conversation that while you are playing the game you don’t want to break due to popularity. Outside of the house, we’re talking a very different game. I don't condone any misogynistic or anything that has anything to do with defamatory [comments] of any females or this, that or the other , that’s not my personality but when you’re in a group & the group is saying one thing & you/they’re going along with it, if you remain silent in those regards, then people are going to think well, why is he being silent?

I guess you could say that being part of the game is also, you know, lying if you have to, so if you have to go along with a conversation, you might have to be a part of it but those are not my views by a long shot.

BB Evers: I appreciate that. Are you related to Dan Gheesling in any way?

Nick: I WISH I WAS! OMG if I was related to Dan I would’ve gotten MVP & we probably wouldn’t be talking right now!