Goodbye Jessie….deja-vu!

Jessie ya know this just sucks
Oh not that I’m writing you another poem
I just thought I’d seen the last of you
Last season when you went home

But someone in production thought
Why not give Jessie another go
And while we’re at it let’s also give him
His very own pit bull and a ho

In the jocks click you were placed
It was fitting for your bod
But a better clique for you would have been
For those who think themselves a God

And Jessie your game did not change
Did you learn nothing the first time through
You’re still the same pompous ass
But then I expected no less of you

Like on the show when you exposed that tee
That said the legend the myth the man
That just proved what was always suspected
That you are your number one fan

Your attitude in this game
Is the same I’m guessing in your life
Good luck finding a woman to put up with it
But then you could always make Ronnie your wife

Some are pissed that you made it to the jury
But not me I think it’s quite funny
Stuck a loser for the rest of this game
Then having to give to someone else the money

Oh and one last word before I end this poem
Please don’t take this in the spirit of meanness
But most women think muscle bound men like you
Are over compensating for a tiny…..

Good bye Jessie and thanks for having the guts to make your self a huge target again. Good luck to you, I hope your head one-day comes out of the clouds.