9:00 AM
The Houseguests get their wake up call and they are off to the races.

Matt has a plan to keep the Brigade intact. He wants everyone to convince Britney to put Regan up.

Meanwhile Lane is in the HOH letting Britney know that Matt wanted him to make a case for Ragan to go up (ed. So much for Matt’s plan). She is surprised and after weighing her options still feels safer with Ragan in the house than Matt. She also tells Lane, “If I watch back the episodes and I discover you're with another alliance, I will kill you!”

Matt takes his turn with Britney in the HOH and he works her hard not to go up. He doesn’t want to go on the block a third time and he is ok with Ragan going up. He makes sure to mention, “I've been up since 5 in the morning thinking of my wife and it's making me mental.” Britney is noncommittal and says she has to do what feels right.

Hayden gets time in with Britney in the HOH. He is still in favor of Matt going up saying Matt would be harder to get rid of than Ragan. Britney agrees.

Brendon even gets a turn with the HOH. Britney says she is doing him a favor by putting Matt up. Brendon informs her that Matt is telling everyone to get Ragan put up. Brendon lays out a Final 2 with Britney and she is on board (*cough cough*). He particularly doesn’t want a Final 4 with Haydon, Lane, and Enzo for him or for Britney.

Enzo gets penguin time with Britney too. He is the final bus driver to flatten out Matt.

Just for good measure Britney seeks out Ragan on the hammock. She lets him know in so many words that Matt’s bus had Ragan’s name all over it.

All this just in time for Brendon to be called to the Diary Room to begin the Veto Ceremony Process about 11:30 AM.

12:30 PM
The feeds return to Britney and Matt in the Kitchen.

Britney tells him, “I'm sorry.” He says, “No problem.”

Ragan talks to himself in the Cabana Room, “If I don't win HoH, I'm toast. I'm out... If I can survive the double elimination things could change, tides can turn, winds blow in different directions. I just have to get past Thursday.”

He emerges to tell Britney he wants to call Matt out about throwing him under the bus. Britney doesn’t want her name tied to it. He says he probably won’t vote for Matt to stay now. Ragan is very unhappy.

Ragan studies the memory wall, memorizing facial placements for a morph-o-matic competition.

Matt and Ragan talk in the kitchen. Matt lets him know that he did discuss Ragan to Britney, but only in the capacity that he and Matt were a couple like Britney and Lane are a couple. He also recalls saying that Ragan’s campaigning for Matt should not be held against Matt in Britney’s consideration of the replacement nominee. Regan leaves the conversation go listen to music. He is clearly not happy with how the conversation went and Matt knows it.

2:00 PM
Ragan has a brief meeting wanting to clear the air about conversations he had last week regarding Matt. He was not campaigning for Matt to stay and wanted everyone to know. Matt and Lane are not there. The others are left confused.

Britney and Ragan have a discussion in the HOH. Matt was for sure gone last week. Hayden and Enzo were not going to split their votes. Matt had Ragan’s back only if it benefited him and that he didn’t have Britney’s.

Britney heads downstairs where Lane is telling Matt and Hayden about the phone call from Home he just got. It was his mom. He has supporters all over. A local restaurant has named a burger after him. Enzo is really funny and a lot of people are supporting him too.

Matt works Lane for his vote. Selling points are: a sick wife, is a good competitor, would never go against the brigade even for Ragan. Lane will think it over and check with Hayden too.

When Lane is called to the Diary Room, Britney says to ask about the bowl (pool trophy) and Enzo wants his clothes back.

Just before 5:00 PM Ragan is called to the Diary Room and the other Houseguests are put on an outside lockdown. This causes much discussion as to why BB would do that. Is he going to quit? Is he getting a special power? Matt says he's been acting real strange since the veto ceremony (ed. Ya think!)

We see some shots of the fish tank being cleaned. Outside the others mention they might just be fixing a camera or removing the dead fish.

Almost a half hour and the lock down is over. Ragan is nowhere to be found, however the dead fish is still there. (ed, so ok, they cleaned the tank but left the dead fish?!)

Haydon and Lane play a game on the back of the Lucky Charms box in the HOH. Britney and Enzo are there too, keeping tabs on the spy screen for signs of Ragan.

6:00 PM
There is still much speculation on why Ragan has not returned. Britney tells Enzo that Ragan is upset because Matt said, “I wish you hadn’t campaigned for me." After an hour and a half, Ragan is seen on the Spy screen walking towards the back yard with Matt following.

An hour long conversation begins on the hammock with Ragan telling Matt he knows he was throwing him under the bus. Ragan is fairly emotionless pointing out that he risked his game by campaigning for Matt when he was really safe all along and Matt didn’t appreciate it. Matt offers to distance himself if it will help Ragan’s game though he sticks to his story about what was said to Britney. Ragan says he will know the truth when he sees the episodes. Ragan matter of factly tells Matt that he will be voted out this week. Matt eventually apologizes. Ragan accepts. As they go inside for dinner Matt asks, “Are we still Cuddle Buddies? Are you breaking up with me?” Ragan laughs and says, “I don’t know where we go from here.”

In classic telephone game fashion, Hayden tells Lane and Enzo that Britney says Ragan thinks Hayden, Enzo, Lane and Matt are an alliance.

Ragan gets his groove back enough to do some Rachel bashing saying his main motivation for winning is not to spend any time in the Jury House with her. Britney joins in.

Matt reports to the Brigade about his talk with Ragan. Ragan is still pissed at him for throwing him under the bus.

Matt makes his case to Lane again. Matt wants to know if he should even bother, relating Ragan’s opinion that Matt is going this week. Lane says that Ragan doesn’t know that for sure.

09:00 PM
Sho2 Crawl: Britney is the current HOH. Enzo and Brendon are nominated for eviction. As a result of the competition, Enzo chose to give up all his clothes and is wearing a penguin suit while Brendon chose to shave his head. The Veto Competition and Ceremony will air Wednesday night.

Matt makes his case to Hayden. Matt says he will do anything to keep the Brigade alive. When Matt leaves, Hayden says to himself, "What should I do? What do I do?" Then he proceeds to mouth his preferred eviction order to the camera: Matt, Ragan, Brendon, Britney, Enzo. He does it a second time putting Britney before Brendon.

Brendan exercises on the elliptical.

(The theme to Rocky is surely playing in his head)

Matt and Ragan talk again. Ragan let’s him know not to believe what Hayden or Lane tell him, “They're just telling you what you want to hear because you're a jury vote. Matt promises to tell Ragan a super big secret later tonight to cheer him up.
Matt gives in and tells Ragan his big secret. Matt is really a huge BB fan since season 1 and was supposed to be on the show last season. In the process he met Natalie (and liked her) and rode in cars with Ronnie and Casey. Ragan is very intrigued, “Wow, that's wild!”

Meanwhile Britney is a little concerned with how much Matt and Ragan are talking, "They broke up and now they're back together again."

Hayden, Enzo and Britney practice before and after questions in the HOH. She is not encouraged with how they boys are doing.

Meanwhile Ragan is alone in his bedroom studying out loud rattling details off at lightning speed.

Lane lets on more about his phone call from home. His mom is getting calls everyday. 15 calls about Muscle Milk; his previous trainers, coaches will give him free Muscle Milk. The other Houseguests are like celebrities to her. She said you wouldn't believe how many supporters are out there. People hound her at bars when she walks in. Lane says, "That to me was worth more than half a million dollars."

Britney and Ragan are in the hammock. He brings her up to speed on Matt and him. They also strategize on how to keep from getting put up together. Brendon says good night to them and triggers a round of Brendon bashing. Rachel is included for good measure.

Enzo joins Matt, Lane and Hayden in the backyard. He says, "So yo Matty! You got no powers?" Ragan and Britney join too and laugh about Enzo doing the live show in his penguin outfit. Ragan, “The more cantankerous you are the funnier it will be.” Matt, “ Now you're going to have tell him what 'cantankerous' means.”

Enzo is pretending he is flying a space ship. Matt hops on the back and shoots imaginary lasers.

Britney is posing and walking in a tinfoil tiara.

Hayden snapped an ornamental vase in half by trying to use it as a skateboard.

There is laughter about Hayden breaking the vase. Ragan says no one would ever guess by looking at him that Hayden has anger issues.

Britney attacks Enzo with a towel. Everyone is laughing. She chases Enzo inside. Enzo is giving her 'the knuckle' and begging her to stop.

Hayden reports that he is on probation with BB because he broke the vase. He says this is the second thing he has broken and he can't be going around breaking things. (Pool sticks the other day too.)

Matt was alone in the backyard. He looked right at the camera and shrugged his shoulders.

Ragan comes back outside and tells matt that before Matt actually leaves the house would he tell him if he won any prizes. Matt tells Ragan he swears that he got no prizes. He believes that Britney won the Hawaiian vacation.

Matt is telling Ragan that he just needs to understand what happened this week from Britney. Ragan says he trusts Hayden the least of anyone in the house. Matt is very surprised. Matt says he is still going to try to stay. Ragan responds that he is just being his friend and tells Matt that nothing is going to keep him here this week.

Ragan & Matt head towards bed. Matt and Ragan are in the Taj. Ragan is whispering about when Chima obstructed the camera in that room. "She makes more and more sense to me everyday"

3:00 AM
All Houseguests are in bed and the house goes quiet.

It was a largely somber day in the house but the Houseguests managed to have some fun in the evening. Will Matt be able to come back from the abyss? Or will the penguin swim through the votes? Either way, come this Thursday the Brigade will have finally lost a member.

Thanks to all the updaters. Your efforts are appreciated!