Andrew brings in the day by praying, as usual.

In Jumanji room, Enzo takes advils for no reason. Annie tells Enzo they want to see him streak, and he claims he will. She has begun packing. Rachel is also packing in Meow Meow room, Andrew is vacuuming, tells her she is NOT going home.

Other hgs are showering and putting on makeup. The live feeders are bored LOL!

Ragan, Enzo and Matt bitching the HoH room is cold. Britt and Annie join them. Kathy comes in. General chit chat. Ragan imitates Rennie for a bit, there is talk of the saboteur and the noises. Enzo says he's going to nominate himself, win POV, save himself, then backdoor himself. LOLOL

All HG's are in HoH room, discussing what questions Julie might ask.:
"Rachel, will your relationship with Brendan continue outside house?"
Rachel responds "What do you think?"
"Hayden how was your first week as HoH?"
he responds "Stressful."
"Enzo, what is your favorite one liner?" (This is Britt, asking all these.)
Enzo responds, "Grenade."
"I don't know, Julie, leave me alone," Matt says. LOL
Enzo wants a question about his family so he can show them some love. Says he'll end it with a Meow Meow. Says he will ask Julie to do the face. LMAO!

Now they're locked down in HoH. They chit chat about how they will greet Julie. "Hey hey hey" from Rachel, Enzo doesn't respond then says "Do kung fu movie delay." Kathy is reading the HoH rules.

Finally the lockdown ends and Andrew vacuums the SR.

Brendan tells Ragan he's run three marathons, that he understands what it takes to stress his body which will help him in an endurance comp. Ragan says something about a comp he won where he had to hold onto something. also talks about poetry slam competitions he's been involved with.

Brendan/Ragan talk about poetry slams in Taj room. Ragan put his hands on an ice sculpture once for a over an hour at a party after a poetry slam in Austin, just randomly after he and some friends got talking about endurance competitions in reality shows. By the end his hands were burned. He thinks he won that contest. Brendon jokes but he lost when he took his hands off. Ragan says he won in being a moron.

Ragan wanted to be a theater major but there were no parts for him. Ragan tells Brendon about how he got into doing poetry slams. He thought poetry was boring but then he saw they weren't like traditional poetry. He took second place in his first one. He was saying things from a gay perspective in Texas, which was different, and people were very welcoming of it. Brendon once almost did a poetry slam in Long Beach. His grandmother passed away the year before and he wrote a big long poem and he would have liked to read it, but you had to memorize it and he couldn't memorize it. Ragan was part of the Austin poetry slam scene from 2000-2001. Ragan had the highest finish for a gay or lesbian in a national poetry slam tournament in its 20+ year history. You can't repeat poems until you make it to finals. Brendon says he is a big fan of poetry slams because he likes free verse -- when he was younger, his poems were more Dr. Seuss, but once you get out of those confines of like stanzas ... Ragan says his poems rarely rhyme. Ragan does not participate in poetry slams anymore but still writes poems. Brendon's sister did her BA and MA in English, and likes teaching.

Brendon and Ragan talk about teacher evaluations. Ragan says that students rate teachers better if the classes are easier, which encourages dumbing down. Brendon agrees.

Enzo was in the room briefly talking about his outfit. They're worried it'll be too hot outside so Brendon isn't going to wear his long-sleeved black shirt tonight. Ragan's going to wear a v-neck. Brendon jokes he'll do the eviction and HoH in his underwear and say it's been hot Julie.

Brendon doesn't like how sometimes people get put up because they didn't talk to the HoH, like kissing up. Ragan says that will be easier once the sides form. Ragan says he will be genuinely happy for whoever wins HoH. Brendon says him too, but he's not going to someone's new best friend who has been kind of mean to him.

Ragan wants HoH to be endurance more than a quiz, and so does Brendon, who thinks he would have a good chance at endurance while a quiz is more random.

Talk a little about the noises. Brendon asks, No one in this house has hearing issues right?

Ragan talks about production -- "So we're doing a run-through of the votes and then going up to the Head of Household for 15 minutes?" FOTH.

Hair trimming and shaving is up next. Andrew says Enzo looks like a fifteen year old boy from the back after Rachel's hair trim LOL. Rach now shaving Enzo's side burns. Hayden has completely shaved off all of his facial hair. Now Matt is using a safety razor to shave Lane's neck over the sink.
Brendon brings in food and eats on the bathroom couch.

Ragan and Matt talk in cabana room. Ragan likes his name now, not when he was a kid. Heyden joins them, wonders who will treat him differently.

Lane, Hayden, Britney on couches. Britney talks about how crazy nominations are tomorrow. But she thinks everyone has idea who they'll put up. Everyone talking about clothes then. HGs getting ready. Matt eating. Matt tells Enzo he'd put up combo of Andrew/Brendon/Rachel, probably Andrew/Brendon , "straight up."

Brendan and Rachel in Taj room. Talk about California schools and UNLV. Encouraging Rachel to move to L.A. for school? Brendon got in to CSU Long Beach for master's w/out GRE. Brendon/Rachel kiss for awhile, then Brendon leaves room.

Feeds go to trivia. When they return, Rachel is talking about Annie saying Brendon would carry her through the game. R: "I carried Brendon through the game!"

`Ragan, Matt, Monet in Have Not room. Rachel comes in briefly. Brit joins. Ragan feels overwhelmed, with lot of conflicting emotions. Rachel plans a have-not party in the HoH room. After Rachel leaves, Monet tells Matt and Ragan she feels screwed. Matt says a lot of people probably feel screwed but there's a whole week, PoV, and she might not even be up at all. Britney comes in and says she's pissed at herself.

Monet and Britney say it was a fair game, everyone had an equal opportunity. Britney says she'll never win a tiebreaker. Discussing Annie, Ragan tells Monet and Britney on a personal level he adored Annie, but he just couldn't trust her. Ragan overheard Annie throwing Monet under the bus, bringing up the $10,000, contradicting what Annie had said before. Monet also heard Annie.

Ragan is saying Annie might have been upset with him that he was not open to her. Ragan thinks this is so much harder than he thought it would be.

Rachel and Brendan in Taj room alone. Rachel tells him she's putting up Brit and Monet. Brendon called Rachel "my queen" and said he was happy for her. They think it was good TV. Brendon really feels bad about Annie. He hoped she would leave with dignity. Rachel said she didn't even know how to react to Annie saying Brendon lied about his occupation -- so? They still seem to want to put up Britney and Monet, but first Rachel wants to ask Hayden who told him to put her up, was it Annie, was it Britney or Monet, was it one of the guys? Brendon suggests Rachel watch what Enzo does. Rachel wants to team up with Ragan, he's a good competitor, and with Kristen. Rachel is talking about how all the have naughties are going to stay up in the HoH room (for the night) and take baths all week long.

This is after the live show. Ragan keeps going on about how he thought Monet hit the number exactly because when she yelled it out the audience gasped. he thinks it's cos Rachel won and went from top to bottom. Rachel saying she wants tequila really bad. (LOL BB heard her, evidently.) She says that Brendan wasn't carrying her and she doesn't know where Annie got that.

Andrew and Britt have a little tiff. Andrew walked in room where Brit and Monet were, and Britney tells Andrew that it wasnt tactful of him to be so happy that Rachel won and then tell Brit she played a great game. Andrew says, "just being honest," you think I'm the saboteur and at least with Rachel "I have a chance." They went back and forth like this but basically kept repeating the same thing.

Monet left. Enzo and Matt talk about how they have to rethink this. Matt says it will be Monet and Hayden on the block. Matt says he could be on the block too because of andrew. enzo reminds him that he was a have naughty this week and doesn't think he'll go up. Matt and Enzo say they would keep Monet over Britney, He says they cannot tell her anything because she cannot keep her mouth shut. Matt Tells Enzo that he hopes Brit and Monet are nom'd. Both agree they would keep Monet and not Brit

Enzo can't believe the house picked Rachel over Kristen for the bikini question. Matt says, unbelievable dude. Enzo: We effed up letting Annie go home. Enzo and Matt now think Brit is the saboteur. Matt thinks Britney is the Sab. Both him and Enzo want her gone. Matt asks if he should throw her under the bus, enzo says yeah get rid of that b!tch. enzo leaves the room. matt: f**k...

The hgs are in the kitchen, discussing the HOH comp questions. An outside lockdown happens. They've got alcohol now. Beer for sure. Brendan cooks tacos, so in the backyard they have tacos and beer. Matt was heard being said that he thinks it will be him and Monet will go up. He acts worried. Everyone is getting food and digging in. `They all toast for surviving the first week. They all talk about how the stink bomb that the Saboteur left was lame. Rachel asks the group if America knows who the Sab is, They all agree and say yeah. Rachel says that means Annie will find out now.

The HG are allowed back in the house. Britney, Lane, and Enzo come in. Brit says she did something bad and Lane will be mad at her cos she yelled at Andrew. HE come up to her and said good game sarcastically she said she told him she saw how excited he was when she didn't win. She went on to argue with him. He apologized. She says she shouldn't have done that. Britney thinks she hurt her game by yelling at Andrew. She says she's so p*ssed at herself and has been on the verge of crying all night long. Britney tells Lane she could have easily won that game and says she should have kept Annie.

Lane and Britney are playing pool. She says "i am the one of the two of us that can spell." he says "you're the one of the two of us?" she describes how what she said make sense. She tells Lane she has had a rough day. She says the last thing she needs is his tude. HE says sympathy is for losers. Brit wants to know why Rachel and Kristen are like BFF now. Lane tells her that's part of the game. Lane said he was going to show his weeny off tonight on showtime. He says it's for America. We deserve it and have been waiting. Britney says she doesn't think America would want to see his weenie. He says Oh Really? She said if there were an HoH comp right now about it that there wouldnt be a lot of people that would want to see that. he keeps busting her balls. Britney is starting to get angry with Lane busting his balls. He wants to make a bet. If he make the hard shot she has to take clothes off. Brit says she kept her morals in tact by not taking the bet. She tells Lane that she's suprised that Lane didn't throw a vote to Annie. Brit says Annie would have been coming after her eventually anyway, Lane wants to know what is stuck up Brit's azz besides a bowling pin. He's still aggravating her. She's taking it. Lane thinks God wanted to mix all good things into one thing. Brit interrupts and says it's her, and Lane says it's him.

Enzo asks Matt if he thinks America laughed at the slop/ex-gf joke during the live show. Matt says yes. Matt is playing a game of pool with Enzo, Andrew, and Hayden. They are talkng about how Annie is no longer in the house and how it's weird. Rachel told Brendon what she said in her goodbye message to Annie. He said he tried to keep his nice. He just can't believe what she said before she left. Rachel is worried that her and Brendon will now look like an even bigger target than they already were. He says to make deals with people he really trusts. Hayden and Kristen were two of three he said. (didn't hear the other... andrew?) Brendon thinks they have have Kathy too. Rachel said the only bad thing is she's not a good competitor. Rachel wonder how people will treat Hayden this week. rachel thinks enzo matt brit and monet are in an alliance. she thinks lane could be swayed by them. Ragan comes to join them. Ragan tells Brendon and Rachel he's hurt that Annie didn't hug him when she left. Brendon says he didn't take what she said personally and for him not to either. Ragan says he can't believe nobody else heard the audience gasp after monet read her number out loud because he thought she had it right on the dot.

Rachel and Brendon are laying in the hammock talking about who to put up. She says she really like Kristen. She can't believe Annie said her speech and says it sounded like she was a jealous x-gf. She said she is going to nom Britney and Monet. To Brendon: "Do you think Monet knows I'm going to put her up?" Rachel thanks Ragan for being excited for her. She says if it were him she'd be excited for him. She also said she would not put up Andrew. Ragan said he thought Rachel would win because she had to be good with numbers knowing chemisty. he walks away. Rachel is saying how she thinks america loves them (her and brendon) and she says "thanks america for rooting for us" Now she is saying how brendon MUST win the next hoh. now she says that they both should be on the amazing race like jeff and jordan, she saying how they sucked cuz Jordan was not a competitor she says unlike her self who is one.

Matt comes over to Brendon and Rachel. He's acting nervous. He fishes for info on noms, and Rachel says she's not thinking about it yet. Matt, Britney, Ragan, Monet talking about endurance competitions Matt thinks it's next week. Ragan said it'll be fun, because there are a lot of competitive people. They say it would suck to get 2nd unless you cut a deal. Ragan wishes Julie would have asked him about being a have-not. He would have said be a metaphor for his love life. Britney said she thought the saboteur was Annie.

Matt, Ragan, and Britney were chatting in the have-not room. Monet joined partway through. All left room later. Ragan said he answered the parking ticket question the way he did because he was thinking he had done speech and debate, and poetry slams. Britney talked about facing another week of stress about her safety.

They were surprised at the eviction vote, they didn't know it would be 10-0. They think the next HoH will probably be endurance, and Ragan was looking forward to it because they have a lot of good competitors. Ragan said it'd suck to be 2nd in endurance, unless you make a deal, spend all that time up there for nothing. Britney said that's almost how she feels about finishing 2nd today, and Monet agreed.

Monet asked how the beds were, they didn't seem that bad when she tested them out. Matt said that they were fine sleeping on your back but not otherwise. Britney sleeps on her back, but Monet sleeps on her side and stomach sometimes. They talked about moving things from drawers when there are new have-nots.

They expect a new saboteur message tomorrow. Britney really thought Annie could be the saboteur. Ragan said he did too. Britney said until the twist saying it wasn't Annie or Rachel.

They all left the room. Ragan planned to go to the hot tub.

Houseguests in HoH room. Rachel finds tequila in her basket, says "Oh my god we have tequila!", and all cheer. Rachel got a boa and a bunch of food and drinks. She's giving away the food. NOT the tequila lol, she has plans for that. Rachel said something like "From Vegas showgirl to pageants to chemistry", there's a lot to her.

Some of the items in Rachel's basket appear to be a Rascal Flatts CD, white wraparound for bikini, brown rice, cheese balls, and popcorn -- they figure the popcorn is a joke. Someone said they wished there had been more pictures. Rachel said they didn't use the pictures she gave out. Enzo said the most important thing was the letter, finding out what's going on back home.

Rachel talked about someone who Rachel's mom and dad had to take care of who's disabled.

Lane and Enzo went to storage room to check on alcohol, some whispered game talk between them. Lane thinks the Brigade is good. Enzo thinks Monet's gone. They want to talk to Brendon about something.

They find 3 bottles of wine and 4 beers.

All leave HOH except Kathy, whom Rachel tells she won't put up even as a pawn. Kathy is so excited for her, she tells her. Kathy says even though they won't let the former have-notties stay with Rachel in HoH, it's the thought that counts. Rach/Kath talk about people going to start acting fake and how the girls (Monet/Brit) have already started..Kath says Rach is smart tho. Rachel says if either one of them had one (Britney or Monet?) that she and Brendon probably would go up again. Kathy says lookout, see people change. It's all turned now, and it changes daily. Kathy said she was touched by Brendon's story today, about how he wants to treat/cure? cancer. Rachel: "Brendon's like the most amazing person I ever met in my life ... I know that sounds stupid ... Since I met him, I can't imagine not hanging out with him."

Kathy: "I can't imagine it either, even though you were in denial the first couple days I tried talking to you about it."

Kathy jokes the only thing that kept her alive was Brendon's cooking. Rachel talks about her charity work, selling art for a nonprofit foundation for arts and sciences. She also donates a lot. She thinks people don't think that about her.

Rachel doesn't understand why the former have-nots can't sleep in the HoH room tonight. Kathy doesn't either. Kathy says Rachel was in denial the first few days about Brendon's crush on her. ...that Rachel said "he doesn't even know I exist." They both laugh about it.

Lane & Hayden alone on the BY couches saying Enzo will spill everything about the 'brigade' to keep himself safe. Then Lane & Hayden agree that Brendon is making all the decisions it is his HOH Rach just has pictures & tequila.

Matt and Ragan talking in the hammock. Ragan trusts Rachel and increasingly Brendon. Matt agrees, but worried Andrew is out to get him. Matt tells Ragan he wants to say something to Rachel to keep himself from going up. But he's worried it would get to Andrew. Ragan talks about how rare & valuable it is to be able to trust someone in the house. He thinks Rachel is a trustworthy individual, and that with Brendon what you see is what you get. Matt agrees. Matt thinks he could convince Rachel to put Andrew up, but he's worried about trying because Andrew might be aligned with them. Matt seems pretty sure Andrew is coming after him. Matt says he has an argument with solid facts to back it up to get Andrew to go up but he wouldn't want it to get back to Andrew. Matt is telling Ragan his theory that Britney's the saboteur. He mentions the bed Britney chose being perfect location, her falling down and allegedly hurting her knee in the first HoH competition, and Britney telling Annie Hayden was putting her up.

Kath/Rach now unpacking Rach's clothes in the HOH... Rach talks about Monet winning $10,000 & can't believe Hayden didn't put her up..Kath agrees. Rach starts to mention names to Kath .. says Brit & Monet..and then the doorbell is Monet & she joins. Brit joins the girls in the HOH. Kathy left HoH. Rachel told Britney she wouldn't build a tent, she made fun of Jessie/Lydia for that, and denied she'd be frisky. Brendon comes up to HoH. Britney/Monet still there with Rachel. Britney gives some red wine to him because she doesn't want to waste it. Britney jokes just because Brendon/Rachel have the HoH room, that doesn't mean they can be lazy and stop cooking. Britney says if she had the room she'd be up there all day.

Rachel plans to drink tequila. Rachel mentions "Big Brother gave me other toys -- like whipped cream, and fruit?" Britney/Monet leave HoH. Britney thinks Brendon/Rachel need alone time. B/R say they'll come down later.

Brendon and Rachel take tequila shots... Brendon makes a face afterwards & chases with Vitamin water but Rach is fine.. lol. Brendon & Rach talk about how Brit is so mean. Rach asks Brendon to take another shot of tequila with her ... he agrees. Rach asks Brendon why is he such a wimp after he takes the 2nd shot because he struggles with it lol.

Matt alone in the have not room and says to the camera "Don't worry Big Brother, I have it all figured out.." Matt thinks he may go up. He thinks he can prevent it by saying Britney is the saboteur. Lane joins Matt in have not room... Matt says he is going to play off to people that Brit is the saboteur to try to get her nominated. He is worried he is going up.

Lane says Brendon wants Monet out. And that Brendon is basically HOH. Lane tells Matt he thinks they are good (not going to be put up). And tells Matt he doesn't need to play the "Brit is saboteur" card. Matt says ok cool cool..I won't do that then.

Matt is pleased after their convo. They leave the have not room.

Brendon has been saying "We" in the diary room and he's thinking when did he become we? Brendon wants to find out where Enzo is, and Rachel says there will never be a where Enzo is, he will always be just out for himself.

Monet telling the gang that she does not think Kathy & Rachel talked game/kathy just helped her unpack. Monet says this is worst nite of her life. Monet says she thinks Rach is an alcoholic/Brit says R/B had HUGE glasses of wine & then Rach wanted to do tequila shots w/out lime or salt/never meant mentioning that Britney is the one that egged on Brendon to just 'do the shot'! Kitchen crew not impressed with things saboteur has done, nothing major. Monet thinks someone should have been kidnapped.

Rach/Brendon in HOH bed.. Brendon says America, please blog about how much you want to punch me in the face right now. Rach adds, Me 2 lol. Rachel says Britney is probably/possibly going home if Monet wins POV. If Monet doesn't, she's going home. Brendon/Rach say they have the house split now ... They claim the sides are.. You(Brendon) Me(Rachel) Kristen Andrew Hayden Ragan. Brendon says and Kathy. Rachel says she thinks Kathy is split. Other side: Enzo, Lane, Matt, Brit, Monet. Rachel adds Ragan is kind of in the middle too but Ragan likes B/R way more. Rachel says she'd game it up with Ragan any time, she loves Ragan.

Brendon says Rachel thought he was a ditzy swimmer. Brendon mispronounces "philanthropic" and Rachel makes fun of it. Brendon says they need to go downstairs and be social, but Rachel wants to enjoy the night upstairs. Brendon/Rachel kissing outside the covers, HoH lights off, talking. Brendon calls Rachel a science nerd who's beautiful and sexy. Brendon would never ask Rachel to do something (move? -- can't tell, Rachel is whispering very quietly). Brendon has chosen his lab, signed up for 4 classes. He's not going to lie, the Vegas thing is intimidating.

Brendon: "I'm going to tell you now that I will treat you like no other guy will every treat you." He thinks it's crazy that this happened in the house but it's even crazier that it happened at all.

Brendon says that Annie said he made a mistake, and maybe he made a mistake for gameplay but he's here for experience and he found something that was worth way more than half a million dollars. Rachel agrees. (DR seems to have asked him about Final 2.) Rachel tells Brendon she would never hurt him. He had a "small sliver of doubt" that this wasn't real. Brendon to Rachel: "Your brain is huge but your heart's even bigger." They plan to go down and get some water. Brend & Rach come downstairs... she is very drunk or at least acting the part...

Drunk Rachel downstairs in cabana room laughing, everyone surprised at how drunk she is. Rachel stumbled down the stairs. Enzo asks if she drank the whole bottle of tequila, and telling everybody that she's "bojangled". Rachel is giggling uncontrollably in the CR. Brendon says she wasn't laughing like this upstairs and she says "obviously, because I was trying to put some moves on you".Rach/Brend/Krist/Heydon/Ragan in cabana ... Ragan puts on a tiara and does a little dance..everyone laughs"Rachel please go to the diary room" ... everyone goes OOOOOO! Rachel kept insisting Brendon go into Diary Room with her and said production wouldn't care. Brendon eventually went in with her.

Monet, Kathy, Britney talking nominations in bathroom. Monet thinks Andrew has a deal with Brendon/Rachel but hopes maybe Brendon/Rachel won't want too much blood on their hands and will put Andrew up. Monet thinks they have to wait to talk to Rachel tomorrow because she's too hammered right now. Monet thinks Rachel will do what Brendon wants anyway.

Britney will feel better tomorrow -- at least if she knows something. Not knowing is the worst. Britney will try to stay positive -- if she goes home, she gets to see her dogs. Monet wants to at least make it to the jury.

Britney asks Kathy if she's worried at all and Kathy says absolutely.

Monet thinks Hayden made a deal with Brendon/Rachel. Monet wants to get nominated directly if she's going to be, not backdoored. Monet says the past couple seasons, the person who was nominated the 2nd week but stayed has been the winner - "it's just coincidence, but ..."

Enzo/Monet talking game in backyard. They think Andrew/Brendon/Rachel are aligned. Enzo thinks Andrew is a creep. They think Hayden made a deal with Brendon/Rachel, but Monet points out, can Hayden trust Brendon? Monet thinks she and Britney are going up and Kathy would the replacement with one of them came off. Enzo wonders if Brendon will put up guys. Although Enzo's not happy, he also thinks not being HoH means not getting blood on his hands.

Annie told Monet Brendon was after her, but when Monet asked Annie when Brendon said that, Annie said she had been on the outs with Brendon for awhile. So things might have changed. They think Annie is laughing.

Enzo thinks next week the rest of the house needs to put up Andrew, Brendon, and Rachel again. Monet agrees. They think Kristen and Ragan are floaters. They talk about Kristen hanging out with Hayden all the time. Enzo says he hasn't seen them kiss though.

Enzo says both Brendon and Rachel escaped the block this week (so whoever gets put up can survive too).

Talk about Annie, how it was probably still the right vote to send her home. Monet thinks Rachel won't be as dangerous with Brendon gone so it was still a good idea to vote out Annie. Annie gave them faces or barely hugged them as she was leaving. They thought the vote would be 8-2 or 7-3, not 10-0. Enzo says his goodbye speech was about Annie playing too hard too fast, multiple alliances. Enzo thinks Annie had an alliance with Brendon and Rachel but was a loose cannon who threw Brendon and Rachel under the bus.

Enzo/Matt talk to Brendon/Rachel in backyard, B's playing golf. Matt hints at saboteur theory. B/R pretend they haven't talked game yet tonight.

Bren and Rach talk game in HOH. They talk about how some people are scrambling because they don't feel safe. They think Ragan and Kristen are cool and they both trust Hayden.

They are OK with Andrew.

Rach wants to nom Monet and Britney.

Rach warns Bren that the guys are all trying to be "down" with him right now and he shouldn't trust them.

Both talk about not trusting Enzo...Rach is especially against it. She doesn't want to make a deal with Enzo. R: "We shouldn't be put in the same category as Enzo. We're better than that." Bren and Rach think that Annie is probably mad that Rach won HOH.

Hayden came out to the backyard. Enzo asked where Hayden's sleeping and he said Brendon's bed. Brendon said he's washed the sheets. Ragan also came out to the backyard. Brendon told Ragan about teaching some Physics labs at CSU Long Beach (where Ragan teaches). Enzo told Rachel he didn't believe Annie's story about Rachel waving bye-bye to her.

After a few minutes more, Brendon and Rachel went upstairs. Brendon thinks all the people who have come to them first after Rachel won HoH are the ones who are scared because they were going to put the two of them up. Ragan was already talking to them last week so has nothing to worry about. Kristen too. They made a deal with Hayden. Rachel doesn't understand why Matt is so scared, what did he do that would make him scared? Lane hasn't approached them so maybe he's not worried because he wasn't against them.

They talk about Andrew. Brendon says only he and Rachel need to know their alliances. Rachel wants to know why the house would think they have an alliance with Andrew. Rachel says no offense but all the guys are trying to be BFFs with Brendon, because they think Brendon and Rachel are one person.

Brendon doesn't want an alliance, but thinks they should make a temporary deal, with Enzo and Matt to try to insure Brendon and Rachel's safety, because what does it hurt? Rachel disagrees, tells Brendon tell me if I'm wrong, but she doesn't trust Enzo, thinks it puts them on the same level as Enzo to make a deal with him.

Brendon gets that people think he and Rachel are one person. He doesn't plan to be present when Rachel is meeting with people. He doesn't want people to see him, Hayden, Kristen, and Rachel together as an alliance in HoH.

Rachel plans to tell Britney she is a pawn. Rachel wants Monet out. She doesn't care if Britney tells everyone. But Brendon thinks Rachel needs to tell Britney not to tell everyone she is a pawn. He thinks this will help ensure their safety next week.

Brendon wants to talk to Hayden to make sure he knows they're not out to get him. He thinks Rachel also needs to talk to Kristen to let her know they're over it.

They plan to get out the weak players, the people who will flip, and the people out to get them. They plan to get out Enzo, Britney, Monet, and Matt (not said in any kind of order). That takes them to Week 6. Rachel used to like Matt but doesn't trust him anymore.

Brendon praises Rachel's instincts and to trust Rachel's gut instinct about Matt. Brendon tells Rachel about Annie telling him not to trust Rachel. Rachel thinks people talk to Brendon to get to her. They still think he's the threat, he controls her. But may be good if both B/R not put up then.

Hay and Kris worry about being nom'd together. Brief bubbles. back and Andrew is in the room in bed and is complaining (can't tell if he is joking or serious) about them talking while he's trying to sleep.

Hay and Kris get in the double bed together. He jokes with her about a "dutch oven". She doesn't know what that means. He says he'll show her maybe tomorrow night and she'll love it. He's laughing.

Now she says she does know what it means. Andrew is up and moving around. Kris gets up. Hay still laughing. Andrew comes back and asks Hay and Kris if they are going to be quiet. He gets in bed. Hay and Kris get back... the double bed together. They are whispering...more talk about a dutch oven...she asks Andrew if her knows what it is. No response from Andrew. They laugh.

Kathy talking to Enzo about Annie in backyard. Enzo tells Kathy that he believes Monet is the target this week, he thinks she'll go up against another girl- probably Brit.

Brit and Monet were in the kitchen- Brit"I wish I could phone a friend, I'd call Annie, what can you tell me?"

Ragan and Lane are in the HN room talking about homophobia. Lane saying that he has always been misunderstood and people think he would be homophobic because he's a jock, but that he isn't like that at all. "But I totally hate you and would stab you in the back in this game." Ragan laughs.

Monet and Brit are searching fo the cricket sound. Money tries get something up near the cams and falls off the bed. They are laughing. Brit asks if she is hurt. She's not. BB shows us that the device is still in place in the window between the HN room and the jumanji room. Brit and Monet still looking around trying to find the source of the cricket noise. Bubbles. Monet did flip the switch on one of the devices..Lane comes in and they tell him about the device, they go searching for more. Monet tells Enzo about the device she found, she pulls it down and shows him how she turned it off

Enzo, Kathy, Lane and Ragan in have-not room Enzo thinks that they change the have-not room every week. They inform him that this is it for the season Enzo "ahh that's whack, I like to see the creativity"

Brit and Monet are moving mattresses looking for another noise maker. This is really funny. They're determined. They flip Enzo's mattress off his bed. For some reason, they haven't turned on the light so it's pitch dark in there. They don't find it. Lane is milling around looking for it too.

They don't find it, but are sure they are close. Enzo comes in. They tell him they found one of the "crickets" and are looking for more. Monet shows him the device and shows him how she turned it off. She cuts it back on to demonstrate (it's it high pitched beep). Monet is messing with the thing she found...making it make several sounds. She and Brit are still looking for more noise makers.

Monet, Kathy, Enzo and Brit playing with the device...playing the different sounds...the cricket,the buzzing,the doorbell-they listen for more devices. They hear another one and begin to tear the room apart, flipping the mattress, looking under the bed, in the drawers.....They find another one!! 2 down! It was under the drawers...

Hay/Kris now talking about how Rachel is "that girl"... Kristen says that Rachel is a good person to stay friendly with but Hayden doesn't buy it. He thinks she's "that girl".

After finding the "cricket", Enzo Brit and Monet seem convinced that Andrew is the sab. Brit and Monet go into the LR to look for more noise making devices. Brit and Monet head back to the living room looking for another device they know must be hidden in there... They are looking all around the couches, under the cushions, around the nomination chairs...they are waiting to hear it go off again, they are both pacing around the room waiting...Monet thinks that maybe they turned off the living room device today because of the live show...Brit and Monet are wondering where they should hide the devices- they want to use them to trap the saboteur- they are worried that the saboteur is going to be told by BB where they (Brit & Monet) hide them and then re-hide them throughout the house.

Hay/Kris saying that they can not reveal their alliance They don't want their alliance to be out in the open like Rachel and Brenden's alliance are. Hayden says that their showmance makes him gag and Kristen agrees. Kristen doesn't want Julie Chen to call them out on their alliance on live television. She only wants people to see what they see and not know anymore.

Hay/Kris convo turns to Rachel/Brenden Hayden does not like Rachel and is not attracted to her personality. Kristen says that she has to keep them close for now. Hayden doesn't want to go back on his word about not putting them up. Hayden tells Kristen that she doesn't compare to Rachel. Kris/hay discuss Lane and possibly adding him to their alliance Kristen says that she wishes that they could talk more during the day but doesn't want to reveal their alliance. Hayden tells her to plant a seed with Lane about joining their alliance.

Kathy, Enzo, Brit and Lane talking about Andrew being the saboteur and chit chat Enzo asks Kathy to" tell us a story, a murder story"
Kathy tells him "I can't talk about that stuff"
Enzo says "no, not a real story, make one up!"

Kathy now telling a story about her and a friend who would clean a fiend's apt. so he would buy them beer, they'd play quarters get lite

Enzo asks her if she has done any drugs and she says no, just drank beer
Enzo then asks her how many guys she has been in love with
Kathy "four"
chit-chat continues...Enzo tells her she tells better stories than he does but comments that he is funnier! Enzo pretending to be Julie Chen and is asking Kathy about the caramel competitionEnzo as Julie "Will you ever eat caramel again"
Kathy doesn't know what to say so Enzo gives her a line to repeat "Another 5 more minutes and I would've needed a St. Bernard to get me outta there"
She's like what's a St. Bernard? He tells her it's a huge rescue dog,"You ever seen Cujo?"
She says "Like Beethoven?" Enzo "Yeah like Beethoven"
Enzo asking Kathy about herself during high schoolShe tells him she was a little overweight in high school and the jocks used to make fun of her
Enzo "F***ing jocks, bunch of donkeys"

She tells him she was more of an offbeat...she partied in high school

Lane asks Kathy if she has always been straight? She says yes, she has always been straight...he then asks her if she has ever made out with a girl, she says no. Enzo tells Kathy about meeting his wifeThey went to high school together but nothing ever happened then....years later he saw her again
he says the first time he didn't get her phone number so the next time he saw her he told her she "wasn't leaving without giving him her phone number"

She did give him her number, they went to a movie and the rest is history

Enzo says that Annie is probably home right now watching TV...they wonder if she will be at the wrap party, they aren't so sure
(Lane , Brit, Monet also listening, laying in bed)

Kristen talks about gaining weight and Hayden says she hasn't gained a pound. Kristen wants to be a have-not to lose weight. Hayden tells her that she hasn't gained any weight because he knows what he's saw. He says "not that I've checked you out or anything." And she says "you probably haven't" and he says "no comment." Hay tells Kris all the qualities he likes about her. He tells her that he likes that she's "real" and "is who she is".Hay/Kris talking about what they would do with winnings. They both say they would give some to their moms. Kristen says she would be happy if Hayden won. Hayden says "We're like the same person, but different. And you're weird. (joking)"

Enzo now moves onto Lane He asks Lane if he misses his ex-fiance. Lane tells him he doesn't and that part of his life is over. Enzo is a little surprised that Lane doesn't miss her, He asks lane what he does then? Lane says he works, hangs out with his friends, goes to bars. Enzo asks if people in the bars there (Texas) carry guns... that gets a laugh out of the other HGs.
Ragan comes in and sits on the bed with kathy, Enzo asks him how old he was when he came out...bubbles Ragan tells his story to Enzo, Kathy, Lane, Brit and Monet. When he was growing up in the 80's he didn't have any positive gay role models, he tells them he always knew he was gay since he was a little kid but because of the climate he grew up in, gay was equated with AIDS, he wasn't able to explore himself until after high school
He started going to gay bars in Houston and realized who he was, starts talking about the bouncer at a bar,Heaven, who he had a thing for...bubbles

Kristen talks about wanting to adopt chimps (yes, monkeys) when she retires. Kristen and Hayden talking about what the cameras can see and how good they can see, Kristen says she changes in the bathroom
Hayden is sure he is going to expose himself this summer...he tells her that he has already walked out of the HOH shower without thinking...beep heard in their room...that device hasn't been found. Kris to Hay""The only bad thing about you being in this room is I probably won't get any sleep". Kris: "Do you want me to lay in my bed?" Hay: "No, Do you?" Kris: "No"

Monet and Enzo...they both really want to get a letter and pictures from home, Enzo says this really makes you miss your family

everyone asleep except kris and hayden. Hay/Kris talking about how much they like Kathy. Hay: "If you or I don't win, I want Kathy to win. I don't see that happening. But, she deserves it." Kristen thinks Kathy knows about their (Hay and Kristen's) alliance...Hay says that if they don't win BB he would want Kathy to win- Kris agrees Kristen talks about HOH comp question. She can't believe the group picked Enzo over Kathy for the question pertaining to who's life story would be made into a movie...she says kathy has lived a crazy life, Hay to Kris: "It's weird to me how much you and me have in common." Kris: "I think they brought us here together to pair us up." Hay: "It's obvious. They did a good job." Kristen and Hayden talk about the half million dollar prize- they agree it is easy to lose sight of Hayden "We have a 1 in 12 chance to win.." They think their odds are actually better than 1 in 12. Kristen worries that how she carries herself, the energy she gives off could make her a target. Hayden does agree with this but says that she is opening up to people now and that is a good thing.

Kristen says that by her acting normal, it makes her a target. Hayden agrees. Hay: "had you not even talked to me. I wouldn't have put you up." Kris: "why?" Hay: "Cause you're weird." Hayden asks Kristen what her first impression of him was She says her first impression was pretty dead on in a good way
She says she likes guys who are comfortable with themselves and they don't have to be the center of attention, guys that are like her in that sense and she could tell Hayden was like that right away. Hayden asks her what did she think of his personality I think and I thought
you were a really perceptive person, that even if you don't know it, you have the ability to see through people she goes on that he is a likable person, reserved, she can't really see him having a lot of enemies. She says he is also level headed... she asks him if she is right and he says she is pretty dead on.
She says he gives off that West Coast vibe...she wasn't surprised he was from Arizona...she says he is definitely not an East Coast guy

Kris says that Hay is a very likable person and thinks level headed and won't have a lot of enemies.

Hayden tells her that a woman came up to him in a bar and said to him "You're really pretty..are you gay?" He says he was embarrassed but Kristen says he should take it as a compliment. Kristen assures him he is very manly...definitely not gay...they laugh. Kristen saying that she was surprised Ragan had no prob voting out Annie cuz he seemed closer to her than that. Kristen says that besides Hayden, Ragan is someone she would hang out with outside the house but... She says she doesn't know what he is thinking and she has a hard time trusting him.
They agree that Ragan has a good chance to win BB because he is so likable and Kristen says "and animated, he is a good actor...for as much as I like him I could never trust him." Hayden tells her about a conversation he had with Ragan in the HT which in which Ragan was very cryptic, he wouldn't use any names or specifics with Hayden.

Hayden's goals coming in were to 1st-not be voted out first, 2nd-make it to the jury and then win 1/2 a million dollars Kristen says those are her goals as well
Hayden says "so now my focus is to make it to the jury..."

They are talking about how important it is to keep their alliance secret. Hayden thinks that a lot of people may have a hunch that they do have an alliance. Hayden is worried that Julie is going to blow their cover by asking them questions during the live show that may give them away. Kristen assures him that BB wouldn't do that, they know it is our game play...she says we can ask tomorrow how we should go about it since we don't want that out their ...(ask someone in DR)??

Kristen hopes rachel puts up brit and monet. Kristen is telling Hayden why she thinks Enzo could be the saboteur- Hayden tells her "Enzo is not the saboteur"Hayden "I really thought it was Annie." (by the way Andrew is sleeping in the same room as them this whole time) Kristen and Hayden are going to try and sleep even though they don't really want to Kristen asks again if she should sleep in the other bed...they kind of both hesitate but now they are thinking it might be a better idea to not be seen in bed the end they decide to just stay in bed together
They both say good night
All HGs sleeping

Kristen Hayden in bed together they have gone from Kristen facing away to Kristen and Hayden facing each other than Kristen moving close to Hayden now to spooning. Finally full spooning action after Kristen almost has to grab Hayden's arm around her.