We begin very early Wednesday Morning:
Ragan almost succumbs to the inevitable meltdown that many of us see coming. No hysterics or manic eating, he simply gets up and walks out to the backyard where he lays on the double chaise and proceeds to mentally wrap his mind around all of the possible HOH possibilities and whether or not he dares to go back on his word to Rachel & Brendon. He talks out loud & to the camera but never seems to get anywhere because he just keeps going in circles, but he does finally reveal an understanding that Matt is perhaps not as close an ally as he previously thought & his plans for Thursday’s HOH competition.

Ragan repeats himself ad nauseum when he is talking to others so it is a little bit of a shock to see that he does the exact same thing when he is talking to himself. He is refusing to eat baby food because as he says, “it has no nutrition”, so his thought patterns may not be up to par but it is self-sabotage and it is unpleasant to watch his shredded body turn to shreds and his mind turn to well, turn to baby mush! Yes, Ragan, baby food has NO nutrition, that is why they create it specifically for BABIES who need NUTRITION to grow & thrive. Sheesh, what a brain trust, NOT.

Here is one of his talking to us directly, conversations, “Ok Live Feeds Fans, my mantra for Thursday night is; I‘m playing to win. I‘m not playing to be on the jury. My goal is not jury. My goal is half a million dollars. (long silence, sometimes when Ragan stops in the middle of a thought I think my feeds have gone out & I will have to reboot & then he suddenly starts speaking again & it makes me jump out of my chair, lol!) and even if I ended up against one of them as a replacement nominee, I could talk circles around Brendon. He’s already done so much to incriminate himself, I’m more persuasive than he is, I’m even more persuasive than he thinks he is!”

This Ragan, talking to Ragan and us, conversation continues with him revealing his best case scenario plan that Brendon or Rachel win next HOH and put up Lane & Kristen & Hayden as a replacement and the survivor comes after Brenchel and gets one of them evicted. The conversation with us is interesting & also informs us that he is not drinking Matt “Kool-Aid” every day, “What do you think live feeds? See.. I have to acknowledge the live feed, or else I'm just a person, by myself, talking to myself, like a crazy person. Big Brother is both Prison and Mental Institution!”

“Why the f**k did Matt tell Britney that I was definitely not gonna put up Rachel or Brendon? Why the f**k did he tell HER, of all people? The biggest gossip in the house. Because he doesn't want to be the replacement nominee. (Long pause) Which means, I can't really trust Matt, as much as I thought.”

Thank God Ragan, Thank God & please don’t forget you said this to yourself & us. It has been painful to watch you trust someone that so totally toys with you. Plus, stop telling Matt everything you KNOW & everything you THINK you know. It is frustrating & stupid, so STOP IT!

(After another pause) “Ok. Last thing, then I'll go to bed. Live feeders, if any of you are watching, if I intend to throw the competition on Thursday, which I think I'm going to, I'm gonna wear a long sleeve shirt that's navy.

Ok, that was our big “middle of the night” confessional with Ragan. Typical Ragan Ramblings but worth the wait for the last two revelations.

Matt gets up & starts using the elliptical machine.

BB gives us bubbles while they give the houseguests some wake-up calls, possibly with music this time.

Lane is in the backyard working out. Britney is in the communal bathroom.

Lane, Kathy, & Matt in the backyard. Matt is talking about asking Diary Room for new batteries because his cd player & his remote don’t work anymore. He had to practically wake up the DR guy & the guy told him that when his batteries wear out, that’s it! Matt is clearly not happy with this & says, “Next time I go up I won’t have a bed!” Lane, “you’ll have a cot!”

Someone asks who is in the hammock. It is Brendon.

The 3 of them have a conversation about cop shows on TV & Kathy tells them that Law & Order is the most accurate but she loves CSI. She says, “you have to have a really high crime rate to get that kind of equipment tho.” Kathy also likes Unsolved Mysteries & America’s Most Wanted but she is not a fan of Cops.

Ah-hah! They did have wake-up music. Kathy asks about it & Matt says it was Alive, by Pearl Jam. Kathy says she liked it. Casual talk about birds singing & random other stuff.

Hayden comes out & joins them on the couch & they talk about Lane’s strenuous workout. Kathy finishes her cigarette & joins Kristen in the kitchen to make some breakfast. Kristen says Rachel is still waking up. Enzo walks through with his hoodie pulled up around his head.

He joins Hayden on the backyard couches, as does Kristen with her cereal.

Enzo starts talking game, “The evictions tomorrow, and I still don't know what I'm doing, Andrew's funny, Kathy's nice……..” Kristen replies, “Just think about what you think is gonna benefit you more in the game.”

Kathy is now in the bathroom with Britney who says she thinks that Brendon & Rachel will vote to keep her now. Kathy disagrees & says that Brendon told her straight to her face that he was supporting Andrew. Britney getting ready to go to DR who called in her via the bathroom, not the house loudspeaker.

Enzo, Hayden & Lane on the backyard couches. They would like to keep Andrew because Kathy is such a shrew but they don’t want to keep him if he is in an alliance with Brendon & Rachel.
Enzo: “Send him (Andrew) home. I don’t want to send 3 girls home in a row, we gotta change it up!”

Lane talks about how he avoided a conversation with Andrew by making sure he was around other people all day, so Andrew couldn’t get him alone. Lane is pumped about how he is going to “drop kick” Brendon during the HOH competition to make sure he doesn’t win. Lane is an equal opportunity houseguest basher & moves on quickly to Kathy until Rachel comes out to join them.

The consensus is that Lane, Enzo & Hayden are all voting to keep Kathy & evict Andrew.

Kristen, Andrew & Kathy in the communal bathroom & we are in the middle of a heated exchange!
Andrew to Kristen: “Don't play me like a fiddle. I know you're playing me, and I don't appreciate it.”
Kristen: Uh, Andrew, I've been backing you up.
Andrew: OK, Kristen, don't worry about it. So then you're ok.

Andrew leaves after tossing fire on gasoline, the way that he does & Kristen is obviously upset.
Kristen: That's not smart.
Kathy gets into the shower but doesn‘t say a word.

Kristen: “I’m pissed. Instead of talking to me like a normal human being…”

Matt comes in.
Matt: “I got to hear that entire thing. I was out there making slop.”
Kristen: “All these days and you (Andrew) don't come and talk to me like a normal person? Then you come attack me?”
Matt: “He's insane. Don't get upset.”
Kristen: “I've given him plenty of opportunities to come talk to me. There's an open door…..”
Matt: “You handled yourself very well. It's very strange.”
Kristen: “Well, it's already gonna happen, so……., we're gonna have a nice little chat.”

Ragan, Rachel, Brendon, Kathy & Kristen in the bathroom talking about lack of sleep & Ragan tells them he gave up at about 3:45am. He does not tell them he went outside to have a nice chat with US! Kristen looks angry but nothing is said about the conversation with Andrew.

Ragan moves to the backyard hammock with Matt & Matt starts laughing about having heard the whole conversation when Andrew confronted Kristen & Kathy. Ragan actually uses that as the rationale for not supporting Andrew anymore because Andrew pointing his finger at them and his POV speech about going after Brenchel is like bullying and Ragan says he knows “what it is like to be at the other end of that finger.” He says this with no irony. None. Ragan, the self-proclaimed, flaming queen from West Hollywood says that he knows what it is like to be on the other end of THAT finger with no irony? Wow, lol, just wow. I guess he lost his sense of humor with his sleep!

Meanwhile at the exact same time, Andrew & Kristen are having it out in the bathroom. They are getting nowhere and Rachel walks in & Andrew leaves, visibly upset. Rachel tells Kristen that she came in on purpose because you could hear their argument all over the house & she didn’t think everyone else should be privy to what they were saying. Kristen is till visibly upset. To Rachel she says, “I'm pissed off. To make a long story short, he came into the bathroom saying I'm playing him like a fiddle.. I'm one of the only people who would pull strong for both of those people. He can dig his own grave. Fine.”

Kristen tries to insinuate that the argument stopped because Rachel is part of an alliance with Andrew.

Taj room, Andrew confronts Kristen. The further in the corner Andrew pushes Kristen & confronts her on her lies, the louder she gets. She starts screaming at Andrew when he does not back down & does not accept her poor explanations for switching her allegiance from him to Kathy. She tries to say that Kathy just needs her but Andrew points out that he needs her to & he used to have her support but clearly she supports Kathy now. Kristen just becomes more & more upset because Andrew is making clear points that are truthful & Kristen can’t lie her way out of her very obvious & new allegiance to Kathy, nor can she explain her duplicity & being caught is making her loud & aggressive.

Andrew tells Kristen that she is screaming at him & she takes a big breath & tries to calm down but she is cornered & she knows it & she isn’t willing to beg Andrew not to tell about her & Hayden. She & Hayden have convinced themselves that their nightly sexcapades in the same room with Andrew, went unnoticed by Andrew, therefore she was free to betray him and swing her vote for Kathy, but Andrew is not having it & Kristen is unprepared for him calling her out.

Kristen: “Andrew, you're gonna dig your own grave. Don't do it.”
Andrew: Trust me, YOU”RE digging your own grave!”
Kristen: “No, I'm not.”

The argument continues with Andrew making strong points and Kristen screaming and only ends when Rachel comes in to purposely interrupt.

While Andrew is the talk of the house on every feed, he sits alone in the Have Not room, completely alone.

Kathy & Kristen alone in the bathroom discussing the “argument” with Andrew:
Kristen: “I said you're digging your own grave, and he said, no, you're digging yours.”
Kathy: “He said that?”
Kristen: “hmm hmm.”
Kathy: “Oh my God Kristen.”

Oh my God, indeed Kathy. You & your “moral values” have done a number on the house, all while you did your best impersonation of a sloth!

Ragan & Kristen on the backyard double chaise lounge.

Kristen: “I need a hug!”

Really? WTH is up with this cast & hugs? Is everyone in this house going through some kind of trauma du jour? Maybe that is why it is unseemly to watch them this year. They almost all appear to be damaged in some way & not in the usual, EvilDick-egotistical-delusional way. Or the Chima, look-at-me-while-I-scream way, this cast sincerely seems to be damaged in an uncomfortable, “I need serious time on the couch!” way. It doesn’t make the few verbal scuffles easy to watch & makes me think they need to call in Dr. Drew, STAT! The avoidance of confrontation may be an indication of bigger problems that aren’t going to be pretty, if & when they surface.

After Ragan & Kristen agree that they both changed their votes after the bad “theatre” that was the POV meeting, Matt comes over & asks if they want to talk up in the HOH. They both spring to life with a resounding YES.

Ragan makes a pit stop at the taj room to talk to Brendon & Rachel while Kristen & Matt blather on about Andrew.

Kristen & Matt in the HOH. Kristen seems more concerned that Andrew is going to say bad things about her before he leaves and is livid that someone had the nerve to call her on her betrayal & Matt just hopes that Andrew leaves “with a shred of dignity” If we wanted dignity we would be watching Law & Order reruns! For all of their BB knowledge, this crew knows absolutely nothing about what makes good TV and most of the time ruin whatever good opportunity seems to be right around the corner!

Matt: “How long did it last?”
Kristen: “Like 5 - 10 minutes. As soon as he started though, I was like, don't mess with this Philly girl!”
Matt: “We've been waiting for the Philly girl to emerge.”
Yes, Matt we have all been waiting for the Philly girl to emerge, so where is she??? Oh, that’s right getting nookie every night from Hayden. I guess sex does calm you down!

The house continues to buzz about the ‘confrontation’:
Ragan is getting information from Brendon & Rachel & then immediately brings it back to Matt.
Kristen is a victim because she was only being a friend to Kathy because Kathy was alone & needed a friend & then Andrew attacked her.
Matt thinks Andrew had it made but he reverts to an infantile state & acts like a child.
Kristen is also panicked that Andrew is going to out her relationship with Hayden. She keeps saying that Andrew is “already spreading lies about me”. She seems to think that Andrew had no right to think she was betraying him, even though she was, indeed, betraying him & their alliance.

Matt appears to be very excited by the drama but keeps asking to be “left out of it” if there are any more tussles. Matt actually refers to the second Kristen/Andrew encounter as a “screaming match.”

This cycle goes on & on with Kristen’s role getting more dramatic every time she retells the story & eventually the backyard crew is alerted to the mini-drama in the house.

Matt is concerned that it is going to be a long, uncomfortable day & that his HOH pictures are going to suffer.

Andrew is alone in the Have Not room, talking to Ragan. Andrew is crying & asking Ragan to keep an open mind up until the minute of voting. Ragan clearly thinks he is the houseguest’s answer to Dr. Drew & pretends to be doing psychotherapy with Andrew. Soothing him & calming him, all the while asking questions so that he can scurry to his “precious” Master, Matt, and perhaps get a gold star on his forehead when he relays all of the info. What a sad game you are playing Ragan. So sad. I wonder if your original strategy included a crush on a married, straight man who you would completely capitulate to, even though your gut & your head (last nite) keep telling you that Matt is untrustworthy. Sheesh. So painful & so painful to watch!

Ragan actually tells Andrew that he thinks Andrew is bullying Brendon when he says he wants him on slop for 3 straight weeks. Ragan keeps reassuring Andrew that there is so much more to life than this house. Really? I thought the whole point of BB was to make the pursuit of 500k your entire life for an entire summer. Hmmmmmm, I guess I didn’t get the memo changing the whole principle of Big Brother on CBS! Meanwhile, Ragan continues to counsel Andrew on the ways of the world & the ways of the BB house but Andrew keeps telling Ragan that there are a lot of things going on in the house that Ragan doesn’t know about. Ragan is more than a little intrigued but does not want to step down from his self-imposed BB God Temple to ask one of the ‘lesser beings’ what could possibly be going on in the house that he, BBGod Ragan, doesn’t know about!!!

Ragan then gives Andrew a lecture about illusions that is so incredibly ridiculous it is sublime. Apparently Ragan is aware that there are many illusions in the house and there are many people complicit in the illusions & Andrew needs to figure them out but Ragan can’t say more than that, oh except the truth will set you free. Really Ragan, Really?

Ragan then proceeds to blow my mind by answering one Andrew’s cloaked questions about infidelity by telling a story about gay men who marry women as covers. In that instance, he told both parties what he thought. Hmmmmmmmm, what will he think about Kristen & Hayden doing the undercover mambo every nite?

Ragan: “I think honesty is important, even in this game. People make it seem like it's lies that get you through, but when you're trying to forge relationships, honesty is what gets you through.”
Andrew: “Remember that until the end.”
Ragan: “Honesty isn't sexy, but it gets you through.”
Andrew: “Remember that line.. And if you don't mind, I may use it.”

Andrew walks to the DR entrance & says he needs to talk but DR leaves him standing there & eventually he walks away.

Kathy & Kristen in the taj room are quickly become a coven of mediocre witches. Kathy is upset that Andrew will be asking for sympathy votes. When their coven meeting is interrupted by Brendon getting a shirt, Kathy shoots him with her imaginary pistol as he is leaving.

Hayden, Lane, & Matt are up in the HOH room with Britney who is explaining that she did not intend for her bubble bath to turn into a Girl Gone Wild segment with Rachel. Rachel asked if she could come along & she was just having a glass of wine while Britney ate some candy.

Brendon & Andrew alone in the cabana room. Andrew is telling Brendon that there will be explosives at the eviction but it will leave Brendon in a very safe position. Brendon keeps thinking that Lane & Hayden can be talked into giving Andrew their votes but Andrew just laughs at Brendon & tells him he knows what is going on in the house but Brendon doesn’t. he is thinking about calling a house meeting to out what he knows (Hayden & Kristen’s relationship) in case there is a chance of him staying. Brendon tells him to apologize to Kristen but Andrew disagrees. Brendon tells Andrew to cry if he needs to & Andrew says he already has. When Brendon suggests again that Andrew talk to Hayden, Andrew calls Brendon an idiot & says they are all coming after you & you don’t even know it!

Andrew is talking to Enzo on the backyard couches. Andrew says he is going to call a house meeting to apologize for being so moody from lack of food & explain what happened with Kristen. Enzo doesn’t encourage him but warns him that the ‘house’ thinks he is a loose cannon.
Enzo does say the he will help gather people for the meeting.

Andrew is up on the HOH landing playing chess by himself.

Matt goes out to the backyard & announces picture taking time & is met with a less than enthusiastic response. Lane does some poses in the pool. Hayden on a lounge chair & Britney puts herself inside one of the metal balls that she hates. They get a pic of Matt laying in the hammock.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Andrew is eating kosher baby food & Rachel is giving him a pep talk.

In the backyard, Brendon has joined the picture crew and Matt has unzipped his hoodie to give someone (his wife maybe) a look at his pasty white chest.

Andrew is alone in the Have Not room, having a quiet meltdown. Brendon joins him & tries to give him a pep talk about changing everyone’s vote with the house meeting but Andrew has changed his mind. He is tired of being in the house & will say what he wants to say during his eviction speech.

Brendon starts to get upset and tells Andrew not to give up! He reminds Andrew about his daughter and tells him he is a strong competitor & not to let self-pity swallow him up. Brendon is doing a good job pepping Andrew and you can see glimmers of the good Swim Coach that Brendon is. Andrew seems to be coming back into his own. Brendon tells Andrew that it worked when he apologized to him so just talk to everyone else in the house when you’re ready, take your time!

At 1:32 Brendon tells Andrew that he must ‘pull himself up by his own bootstraps for all of US Jewish people.” There is now a great deal of speculation that the lifelong friends they is real & it is Brendon & Andrew.

The conversation ends on BB whim when they call Andrew to the Diary Room.

Feeds go to Kristen, Lane, Hayden & Britney lounging in the backyard.

Ragan telling Kristen & Hayden about plagiarism at his University, which is confusing because I thought he wanted to keep his PHD a secret. Apparently he has told them he is a grad student TA & teaches some classes.

In the backyard Enzo & Kathy are riding the “what if” train about Money & Britney losing HOH to Rachel.

Hayden & Enzo talking about Andrew ‘losing it’. Enzo says he is losing it, he cleans stuff that is already clean, although I do like him cleaning the dishes. Hayden says he cleans his own & then Enzo changes his story & says yeah he cleans his too, not very good, but he cleans them. He then says he leaves his clean dishes in the sink. Ragan comes through & Hayden talks about Ragan’s sandals & when he leaves he tells Enzo that Ragan is a good game player so they have to get rid of him.

Lane is alone in the hot tub, while Britney sleeps on the couch & Lane yells F**K but does not tell us why.
Matt comes into the backyard & yells to BB that he is finished with his blog.

Andrew alone in the kitchen with Hayden. Apologizes for getting so upset with Kristen. Hayden assures him that he is “okay” meaning safe & that he & Kristen have Andrews back. Andrew says he just thinks he deserves to be in the house more than Kathy. They speak quickly & quietly & Hayden goes to get his laundry.

Later Hayden is at the Hot Tub & gets really nervous when Enzo & Lane tell him that Andrew is thinking about calling a house meeting to out a secret alliance. They are excited about it & hope that he does it.

Kathy sleeping in taj room.

Andrew alone at kitchen table eating and talking to himself the way he does, lol.

Kathy gets out of bed long enough to go outside for a cigarette & tells Enzo & Hayden how great she is & noble & perfect…………..

But Enzo isn’t buying it & the minute she leaves he makes fun of her to Hayden. He is especially bothered by the fact that she keeps saying she did not throw anyone under the bus WHILE she is throwing someone under the bus.

Andrew alone in the Have Not room.

Enzo complaining about being constipated by the slop & baby food & this time last year the Houseguests were complaining that the slop was acting as a colon cleanser!!!

Lane is preparing steaks for dinner & keeps repeating “ball-barians”. It is hard to determine whether or not he is being ironic.
He says it is hard to pack this meat & Enzo says, “that’s what she said.”
Britney “I’ve never felt fake boobs”
Enzo “yours aren’t fake???”
Lane “insulted!” Then Lane asks Britney if hers are real but she doesn’t answer him.

Everyone in the kitchen prepping for dinner or just hanging out.
Lane asks Britney if she used laxatives while she was modeling & she says she was in pageants not modeling. Enzo says Monet was the one that said she threw up so she could model.

House fixes and eats sloppy joes while Enzo complains loudly about being constipated.

Kathy, Rachel & Kristen in jumanji/fern room talking and giving Rachel a pep talk. Kathy is really saying it has been a hard week for her and the minute Rachel leaves she and Kristen start talking about how mean Andrew is and how much he deserves to leave & how much of a victim of his, Kristen is. They congratulate each other on being ‘good people’ and not giving in to him. They immediately start bashing Rachel & Kathy says if she wins HOH, Rachel is going up for sure. Apparently Kathy has said goodbye to her “good, moral values.“

If you rewatch it on flashback, please have a bucket handy! Kathy is now telling Kristen that it is Rachel’s fault that Kathy is up on the block. Where this rationale is coming from we are not clued in or given any map to try to follow Kathy’s lack of logic but she and Kristen are working hard to form the New Nerd Herd!

Lane, Ragan, & others in cabana room, lounging off their dinner. Ragan is saying that BB told him they would have a long lockdown after dinner.

Rachel & Brendon alone in taj room, jedi training all the dates, etc for tomorrows HOH comp.
Andrew alone in the have Not room, is not wearing his yarmulke.

Andrew goes up to HOH to talk to Matt. He thinks Matt is sleeping so he starts to leave but Matt jumps up & they chat a while. Matt tells Andrew not to give up, that anything can happen. Andrew says he just wants to apologize to the house & let everyone know he appreciates the time he had. Matt tells Andrew that if he gets the 4 votes he needs, Matt will break the tie in his favor. They both go outside.

Kathy, Brit, Ragan, Andrew & Matt outside on the couches and Andrew reveals that he made it really far the first time that he auditioned but it was the season of exes (BB4?) and there was no way his ex would have done it so he didn’t get final cast. He said it was for the best because his daughter was so young at the time. He and his wife must have broken up when their daughter was still in infancy.

Rachel comes outside and announces that Brendon cut her hair & the HG’s all agree that he did a great job. Maybe we could send a petition to CBS that they cut off Kathy’s bleached out horse hair, it could happen!!!

Brendon is now in the backyard with Kathy & Rachel & he tells Kathy that he will definitely have Rachel sign a prenup before he ever marries her. Brendon got into a big debate with Rachel & Britney about love & marriage & told Britney she was stupid to believe in love & think about marrying someone without a prenup.

All of the Houseguests are assembled in the living room.
Andrew gave the houseguests an emotional speech. He starts out by saying that he is usually very shy & it is a miracle that they are all in this house together. He gets very choked up.

Andrew continues and apologizes to Kristen for being rude to her this morning. He says the lack of food & lack of sleep has really affected him but hat does not allow him to be improper. He talks about being too aggressive towards Brendon & Rachel as well. Enzo seems to be listening very intently & nods when Andrew talks about how hard it is to be a Have Not.

Andrew cracks everyone up by saying that he definitely believes that there is estrogen in the protein shakes.

This is some of his very serious speech: “So please, no hard feelings. It is a game, obviously, but it's still personal for all of us. I appreciate being here and meeting all of you. Whatever happens in the next 25 hours, it affects everybody, and I know we're still friends and I know it's going to be hard. Whatever you do decision wise, do whatever you decide. I have no problem. I just want people to talk to me. I do realize I made the decision (to) seclude myself. It's my personality, unfortunately. I do ask to talk to people and when I do, people think it's more a game or something. You're right, it's hard for me, and I'm being honest, so, I appreciate it. And I know Kristen in the past you stuck up for me, and I'm just letting everyone know. Thanks so much for everything and whatever does happen, happens.
Kathy, you know I love you, and I don't think I have ever thrown you under the bus, or spoken any bad word to anyone about you, because I won't. It's not my character.”

Kathy interrupts Andrew to lie & say, “And I have not done (or said anything about Andrew which is a huge lie. Kathy seems to have put down her “moral values” as soon as she began a ‘mean girls’ friendship with Kristen) you can ask anybody. I have never said anything. It's not my character either.”

Kathy seems to think that Andrew hasn’t heard any of the lies she has been telling about him & for the most part, he hasn’t.

Andrew finishes his speech by saying, “So, whatever you guys decide, you guys decide. I appreciate it. Thank you. He leaves to go pray in the Have Not room leaving everyone in the Living Room very quiet.

Enzo breaks the silence by saying that the Ex-lax BB gave him worked great. Everyone starts leaving after that.

Andrew is alone in the Have Not room. He has been alone in there for almost 30 minutes by himself when Lane finally comes and tries to cheer him up. Lane tells him that he wants to know him better because they are so different. He also tells Andrew that he is impressed with him on a daily basis and even more so after tonight’s meeting.

Brendon comes in next to comfort Andrew. Brendon hugs Andrew & tells him he is very proud of him. He leaves rather quickly but comes back with his POV necklace & gives it to Andrew, telling him how much their friendship means to him. Andrew tries to reject the gift & gesture but relents when Brendon starts to get upset & thanks him & tucks it away in his suitcase. BB will probably make him give it back before he leaves but it is such a gentle sweet moment between these two men.

Andrew is starting to cry again when Matt comes in & it just gets worse. Matt tells him he did good & he appreciates it but Andrew starts weeping & Matt says he will just “leave him alone.”

Andrew stays by himself for a little while longer & then convinces himself that some food will help.

Ragan announces to the backyard crew that he wants to open a gay bar called The Shitty Shaft. No, that is not a typo & no, I did not make that up. Our 2nd resident genius with the PHD in communications has proven himself to be one of the worst communicators on the planet. When he isn’t totally misinterpreting everyone & everything going on in the BB house, he is busy making the most obnoxious generalizations about gay men in general and himself in particular.

Kathy & Kristen are in the cabana room making fun of Andrew crying. Kristen has gone from Andrew’s best friend to his biggest basher all because of lies that Kathy has told her & her own fear that Andrew may ‘out’ her relationship with Hayden.

Kathy talking to Matt up in the HOH & Kathy is totally lying. Throwing Rachel & Brendon under the bus & lying about things Brendon has said & done. Will the new Nerd Herd include Matt & Ragan or just Kathy/Kristen & her sidekick Hayden?

Rachel & Britney are making a sincere effort to mimic Boogie/Dr.Will’s funny DR phone calls to explain to the crew in the backyard. Hayden & Kathy are most interested & then Brit & Rach start talking about how great Janelle was. Hayden is fascinated by all of this.

Hayden, Enzo, Lane & Matt in the backyard laughing about how they are getting away with the Brigade alliance. Lane is mocking his earlier conversation with Britney where she told him about the four horsemen alliance and how they ran the house. Lane asked her if America likes alliances & Britney said yes, except for Brenchel. The guys are alone in the backyard and being very bold and talking very loud about their alliance & bragging to each other that they just have to make it to the jury house & one of them will win the 500k. They are all very high on their own self-importance!

Britney & Matt are in the HOH and both think they will be ok if Brenchel win HOH and of course they will be safe if either of them win. Ragan is afraid that if Brenchel win he will be safe but they won’t take care of Matt. Ragan’s encyclopedic knowledge of all things BB is not helping him play his own game. Apparently his strategy of coming into the BB house & getting a crush on a married man & playing his game devoted to said married man is all he wants to do now. Who knew that was a strategy for winning Big Brother???

Kathy is in the communal bathroom talking to Kristen & Hayden about packing & Kathy is trying to manipulate Hayden into giving her his sock monkey. Hayden says his Mother made it & he may want to Ebay it. Kathy immediately forgets her supposedly un-compromised “moral values” and tells Hayden to get his Mother to make another one & just lie to all the people in America. Kathy also says that now she is stealing the sock Monkey because she will give it a better home than someone on Ebay. Kathy’s power tripping bitch sessions with Kristen have now left her drunk with power & she is laughing & lounging as if she is really drunk. When Hayden fails to fall for any of her manipulations, Kathy actually says she is going to get out her “belt”. She catches herself & says she is just going to tell his Mother. She is being very demanding & argumentative & I pray it makes Hayden think differently about her.

Up in the HOH Ragan the ‘great communicator’ keeps telling Brendon how smart he is but cannot communicate any reasons he is smart so he just keeps saying, “it is what it is.” Meanwhile the bucket that I thought I only needed when Kathy was on the feeds is now doing double duty and serving me well whenever Ragan is on the feeds.

Brendon & Rachel are both making very good albeit different arguments to keep Andrew over Kathy. Britney seems to be listening but of course Ragan stops them cold. He tells them their logic is “nowhere near as logical as what I am saying in response so you just need to stop.” Wow, if I hadn’t heard it and typed it verbatim I would not think that anyone was this deluded but that is our Ragan. No matter what anyone says to him he keeps saying his logic is better than theirs and closes with “"truly, it is what it is.”

Ragan continues to browbeat whatever argument for keeping Andrew that Brendon or Rachel come up with & when Brenchel leave for a minute, Ragan gives Britney a WTF look as if he can’t stand either one of them. All of this might be a little intriguing if we feed watchers were not universally aware of Ragan handing his whole game over to Matt. While Matt is bragging to the ‘Brigade’ that he has Ragan “wrapped around my finger.”

Matt’s blog is up on CBS

Matt comes up to shower & thankfully ends this horrific HOH discussion. Ragan leaves in all his self-righteous regency and leaves Brendon & Rachel in the HOH with Matt. Brenchel take the opportunity to cement their alliance/friendship/support with Matt.

Britney & Ragan are laying on the hammock together & Ragan starts to slam Brenchel but Brit doesn’t want to slam them. They both say that they wish they could talk to Matt because as Ragan says, “he is so logical.” They start discussing Brendon’s illogical bent to keep Andrew & Britney says, “he is either stupid or a flat out liar.” Ragan says, “well he is not a liar.”

Rachel has been getting peeved with Brendon over his allegiance to Andrew and it has come to a head tonite. Brendon & Andrew made a mistake when they did not let Rachel into their secret alliance. She is left out of the intrigue & the house clearly sees the alliance between Andrew & Brendon and assumes Rachel is guilty by association.

Brendon & Rachel leave Ragan & Matt alone in the HOH and Ragan only wait’s a few minutes b4 he throws them under the bus. He says he does not trust either one of them & brags about going off on them. He thinks Brendon & Andrew are the life-long friends and he keeps saying he was so “offended” by Brendon’s lies. “For him to think so little of me is insulting!” As usual, all Matt has to do is smile at Ragan & Ragan tells him everything he knows & everything he THINKS he knows. He actually goes into a long diatribe about his logic being so far above Brendon’s logic. It is ridiculous and very West Hollywood dramatic. I feel sure that Ragan is going to go on for hours or as long as Matt can stand to listen to it, despite the fact that he HG”S have been told they will have an early morning wakeup. Oh, Ragan, just said that he felt like an adult talking to a retarded monkey. Nice Ragan, real nice.

Matt asks if Rachel knows and Ragan at least says the truth that he does not think Rachel knows. Ragan cannot stop talking about what the fact that he is convinced that Brendon is an idiot. Ragan analyzes all of Andrew’s moves for the day and as usual has it completely wrong. He thinks Andrew was going to come clean to the whole house but Brendon stopped him. Ragan says that Andrew & Brendon will never win because they will keep tripping over their own egos. Ragan, let me introduce you to Ragan, whose hubris & ego will surely send him to jury house before by his own fault.

Ragan says he wants Brendon “out of this f**king house!” He continues, “I don’t trust them at all!” while talking to the one person that has made fun of him to the Brigade all season; Matt. Matt is laid out on the bed with his hoodie unzipped exposing his oh-so-not-sexy-chest to Ragan. The homoerotic tension between these two is strange & sure to be Ragan’s downfall.
Ragan to Matt: “There is one person in this house that I have complete trust in & it is you!”

Ragan cannot form a thought without getting his new man crush to help him so he asks Matt if he should throw HOH or not. Thankfully the feeds change to Lane & Enzo shooting pool.

I typed too quickly. What I think is going to be an entertaining game of pool is Lane & Enzo plotting out their BB rap album & tour. Lane actually tells Enzo that BB diary room told him that he has lots of fans already & is the STAR of the show. We get feeds right away but not fast enough and when they get finish telling Lane to stop talking about his Diary Room sessions we come back in time to hear Enzo bragging about getting the American’s Favorite Player money & putting it down on studio time to get their CD out.

Enzo says they are going to use Matt’s studio & his wife might get mad but she can go on tour with them. The talk turns to game play & Lane tells Enzo that Britney is not going to put up Brenchel because she thinks they support her. She will put up Kristen & Hayden and Enzo tells him not to worry because the Brigade will have all the votes they need to protect Hayden & get Kristen out.

Enzo cannot stop going back to the DR telling Lane that he & the Brigade have fans. Enzo says, “we gotta get jiggy with this, right away!”
Enzo: “DR said we have fans?”
Lane: “Yeah, we’re real popular!”

The Brigade has moved indoors & Lane is drinking wine. He & Enzo & Hayden are making fun of Brenchel getting ready for HOH comp tomorrow. Enzo calls Brendon “needle dick” which says a lot about Enzo & his fear that his small penis will be revealed & he calls Rachel, Carrot Cake, which is well earned because of her wild red hair.

Andrew is saying goodnight to Brenchel who are laying together in the taj room. Andrew is hinting that he is going to say something about Kristen & Hayden & Rachel is getting upset about it. She says everyone knows about them & Andrew ask what everyone knows? “They are in an alliance.” Andrew just smiles & waves goodnight grinning!

Meanwhile the “Jealous Brigade” is in the kitchen talking about how badly they want to get “needle dick” out of the house. They cannot stand that he has a better physique & wins all the comps or comes in second. It is kind of sad to see grown men act so petty & jealous towards another man.

The 3 brigade members keep pumping themselves up about their popularity & the way they are determined to win HOH back to back so they “rule the house.”

Kathy is in the kitchen trying to sabotage herself to the brigade by saying that she deserves to keep Hayden’s sock monkey. She has been riding that bitch train for three hours nonstop! This starts the entire kitchen crew, Enzo, Hayden, Matt, Britney, Kathy & Lane to debate how much money they will get for their outfits when they post them on Ebay after the season finishes. It is a boring & trite display of their continued obsession with their “popularity”. I am hanging on just to watch them flame out when they realize how Unpopular they are this season. CBS is winning in the ratings due to poor competition & excellent editing skills but this years Houseguests are winning every Most BORING poll on every website link I have been to which is dozens.

Britney looks like she is biting her tongue while watching Kristen in the kitchen. Kristen has gotten very dressed up & spent an hour straightening her hair & putting on a sequin bra. Sure enough Britney goes up to the HOH with Lane & is explaining why she dislikes Kristen so intensely. Britney says Kristen walks with her butt perched up in the air because she farts so much. Lane wants her to try to pretend that she likes her, then he warns her to keep her distance from Rachel because the house thinks they are getting buddy-buddy. Britney says she doesn not want to be associated with them, even though they aren’t coming after her.

Lane starts talking about how much he enjoyed tonight’s DR sessions and we immediately get the bubbles while BB tells them not to talk about their DR sessions. Even though they have an early wake-up call, the Houseguests are all having to wait their turn to go in the diary room & this may be the night that they are meeting the PR person & BB Agent/talent manager. BB advertises that the Houseguests don’t have any outside contact but they are all assigned an agent/talent manager who talks to them about their popularity outside the house & the opportunities that are coming their way. All of the HG’s have been really excited tonite and we have gotten lots of Bubbles instead of the feeds even at 1:20 in the morning.

After the bubbles, we come back to the HOH room & Britney is getting a ration from the guys about hanging out with Rachel. She shifts the talk & they all start making fun of Brendon. Lane is elaborating on the many mean names he has made up for Brendon & Andrew walks in & interrupts and they all shut up, so Andrew leaves. Britney starts to talk some more but Matt tells Lane to go get him. Lane comes back & says Andrew looked like he was about to cry & Matt leaves HOH to go talk to him. The rest of the group go back to listening to Brit tell her version of the Ragan disagreeing with Brendon trying to support Andrew staying. Matt told Hayden about the conversation, earlier in the kitchen & makes it sound like Ragan was Russell from BB11. Brit is now doing the same thing.

Andrew & Enzo are in the storage room & Andrew is asking him to please just reserve his decision about his vote until after his speech which Andrew says is going to “blow people’s minds.” Andrew said, “There is a secret alliance in this house that is trying to get me out.”

The Brigade is up in the HOH pumping Britney for all the info she has. Enzo comes in & immediately tells the Brigade exactly what Andrew begged him not to tell. Enzo says he is going to make a fool of himself & not leave the house with any dignity. He tells the Brigade & Britney that he is going to out a “secret alliance.” Matt says he is the new saboteur. Enzo says he will lose all respect for him. They all start talking at once, convincing each other that he is just making up stuff. Hayden finally speaks to say, “he is going to throw someone under the bus but it is all a lie.” The guys all agree with Hayden and say that no matter what he says, no one is going to believe him. Matt: “If he does something tomorrow it is just classless.”

Kristen, Kathy & Ragan in the cabana room & Ragan is saying that Andrew is just a desperate man with no integrity. Ragan is proving himself to be a complete moron. Kathy is saying how proud she was for proving that Brenchel could not control her. Ragan stops Kathy and tells her to not even think about it anymore because by a majority vote Kathy is staying in the house & Andrew is leaving.

Kristen starts talking smack about how awful Brendon & Rachel are & Kathy starts talking about how truthful & honest she is & how Brendon & Rachel just used her mercilessly. This is coming from the woman who planted herself uninvited in the HOH room for a whole week, eating Rachel’s food & mercilessly interrupting Brenchel’s makeout sessions. Did she designate herself their chaperone? They barely talked game to her & now she is telling Ragan & Kristen that they strong-armed her.

Oh my god, just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, Kathy says that God wanted her to come to BB instead of having to deal with crackheads all day. Nice Kathy, real nice. Crackheads have feelings too YOU KNOW? They are people too YOU KNOW? You were hired to serve & protect, YOU KNOW?

The cameraman is obsessed with Kristen’s breasts which she has on all-out display, anticipating some late LATE NIGHT sex play with Hayden, perhaps. She isn’t talking much but her breasts are up & out & waiting for Hayden’s attention.

While the New Nerd Herd cements their allegiance in the cabana room, the Brigade plus Brit is jedi training in the HOH room, going over as many house stats as they can remember. This doesn’t last long & they start talking about how much they don’t trust Andrew & how paranoid he is and how much he deserves to leave. They rehash all of Andrew’s personality quirks relentlessly making fun of him. It is kind of sad because the Brigade is turning into a bullying brigade, straight out of the jocks versus the nerds. It is not entertaining to watch.

This goes on for some time and then we get bubbles.

Back from bubbles & Hayden is getting ready for bed. He plops on his own bed & lays quiet but then says he has to pee. There is silence for a while & then he asks Kristen to play thumb wars with him. That turns into touching & they smile at each other as their hands reach across their twin beds. Kristen’s breasts are almost falling out of her shirt. The camera guy moves in for a close-up of Hayden & Kristen touching & holding each others hand. They seem to be desperate to touch each other but just when it appears that they may get into bed together, Rachel started coughing. They didn’t move but kept holding hands.

Matt & Enzo & Britney are discussing the demise of the Brenchel. They don’t think it will last outside of the house because Rachel drinks too much & Brendon doesn’t like it. Enzo talks about Brendon’s family not approving of Rachel & how pissed she is going to be about that. Matt talks about how much better Rachel’s game will be once she leaves the house and how cool she was before she got so involved with Brendon.

Enzo starts talking about food & how badly he wants to eat something that will make him happy. Britney says that the more she talks to Andrew about pork the more she craves bacon. Matt ask her what she is talking about & she tells him that Andrew has never eaten pork, even during his “bad years.“ Matt: “What were his bad years, when he was finger banging girls on airplanes?“ They all laugh.

Matt has slipped up & almost outed the Brigade to Britney but she doesn’t notice. He actually corrected himself after saying we & us & said that he was just talking about “Us, as in the good side of the house.” Britney leaves to go to bed soon after this & Matt & Enzo wonder if Andrew is going to ‘out’ the Brigade. They decide that it doesn’t matter. The whole house wants to get rid of Brendon & then they will be too afraid of the Brigade to go against them.

Enzo is padding his Have Not room bed. He was warned that he would get a penalty nomination if he ate any more food while a Have Not but I doubt that BB is going to do anything about his cheating on his last night in the Have Not room. Still it would be a great way to shake up the house…………

All of the Houseguests are in bed, except for Andrew who has gotten up to go the bathroom but wanders into the kitchen & is eating. He walks over to the Houseguests pictures on the wall & seems kind of sad & resigned to his inevitable eviction. He has moved over to the refrigerator & is just standing in front of it with the door open. He seems to have finally realized that he can eat whatever he wants without any real repercussion. He picks up something on the counter & eats out of it but gets really paranoid when he hears something down the hall. All this time, the refrigerator door has been standing wide open. He moves to the garbage can & leaves the door open. He takes out tea & pours himself some & leaves the door open. He puts the tea back in the fridge & finally closes the door. Andrew picks up a box of something, maybe crackers & takes it with him into the Have Not room.

All Houseguests now in bed and quiet.

In conclusion, it appears that Andrew is going home & he plans on dropping the bomb that is the Kristen & Hayden shomance, on his way out. Kristen has been gearing up for this reveal by saying that Andrew is lying about her so we will see where the chips fall!

The Brigade has become the “Petty Brigade” & is consumed with Brendon jealousy and hate & is also convinced by the Big Brother Diary Room, that they are very popular in the real world and have lots of fans. They spend a great deal of the day, plotting their career paths after BB & cashing in on all their new fans & FAME! Note to Brigade: Talk to all the former BB HG’s that are now unemployed. Just sayin’!

Finally, it seems that somehow somewhere, Maggie from BB6 has reanimated herself just to get back into the HOH room. The technology is not completely up to par so she acts like a sloth named Kathy, but it is still the “moral” Nerd Herd mentality, in a better looking, albeit plastic body. If Ragan doesn’t change back to the funny, intelligent hard game playing guy we met the first week, he is sure to join her & her numskull minions; Kristen & Hayden.

We all have reason to be afraid or cheer, because THE NERD HERD is reanimating itself & is ALIVE in the BB12 house!