Big Brother Recap July 30, 2010

Another houseguest opens mouth and inserts foot…………

9:30 AM – IN the true BB fashion, the houseguests are all woken up. Since they were told by Julie the night before that there would be no Have nots this week they speculate that there will be a luxury competition.
Ragan immediately goes to HOH to talk to Rachel. Rachel tells him that he is safe, that she like Matt and does not want him to go. She said she will probably target floaters like Kathy and Kristen and maybe Hayden. As Ragan was leaving Brendon said to him “Final 3” and Ragan agreed.

She called Hayden up to the room. HE came up and She told him that he was not her target this week that she thought they had a deal. Here is part of their conversation.
Rachel is encouraging Hayden to throw people under the bus
Hayden "I don't want to throw anyone under the bus"

Rachel "well, I think you should because I promise you that I will not say anything"

Hayden throws out who he said they may put up, several different scenario’s...Hay vs Kris, Lane Vs Kris, Kris vs Brit, possibly even Hay vs Lane...all scenario’s are exact scenario’s that Bren and Rach have said.

Hayden the recalls a story that Brendon said he was going to put up a strong couple that fell off the surfboards early.....(it was Enzo that Brendon told)

Hayden say directly to Brendon, “you don't remember saying that, don't recall"

Brendon is playing stupid, saying he doesn’t know what he is talking about or understand what he meant by two people by falling off early....

Hayden says it again, reiterates and asks Bren again point blank "you never said anything like that?"

Bren says point blank, NO! and yet he somehow comes to the conclusion that Hayden was talking about Enzo. He says specifically "I am not going to lie, I talked to Enzo about people falling early or throwing the comp, but I never said that. Hayden is still doubtful of what Bren is saying, but says that if he hears anything like that again, he will come straight to them.

Rach and Bren then say that they will be talking to everyone and seeing where they stand today, and they both say anyone that says they are playing for what the house wants isn't playing the game’

11:00 am – Competition started the feeds come back on at 1:45 pm. It was a luxury competition, they were all dressed in orange prison gear. The winning team gets to view a Will Farrell movie. Lane, Enzo and Hayden were the winning team.

Enzo was the first one up to the HOH to talk to Rachel and Brandon. He promised on his family that he will not put them up or back door them. Kathy then enters the HOH, she begs Rachel not to put her up, saying she has been put through enough (Umm it is a game Kathy). She said she does not want to be punished because she is Kristen’s friend. She said she is not a floater, no matter what anyone said she has a plan and is not floating. Meanwhile Enzo and Hayden are in the CB room telling Lane to pucker up and start kissing Rachel and Brandon’s ass.

Lane then goes to HOH to kiss some major butt. She says Brenchel have a huge target on them. Rachel wants to know what Lane's feeling. Lane saying he feels the same as last time. Lane says he'd love to have them in jury house. Lane saying if he goes to the final two he's glad "trustworthy people would be in there." Rachel saying only one person that's here won't go to jury. Rachel saying," Obviously there's the whole thing with Kristen." Rachel saying she's saved people from the block two times. Rach wants to know that Brenchel won't go up next week with Lane as HOH. Brendon saying the hardest part is that everyone's pointing fingers. Brendon saying it's hard to sift through truth and lies. Brendon saying he thinks they're friends... but he heard from a couple of people that Lane wanted to put Brenchel up on the block. Lane saying he heard that Kristen was throwing Enzo and Lane under the bus, but he's denying ever saying he'd go after Brenchel. Brendon says we have to take SOMEBODY'S word. He doesn't know who to believe. Brenchel not trying to guarantee safety through the WHOLE game, but just doesn't want to be a target a couple weeks down the road at least. Rach doesn't want to feel like a target even AS HOH. Rach saying if she wasn't HOH then one of them WOULD HAVE went home this week. Lane is grateful that he's been saved twice. Lane says he has a lot of friends, but not necessarily aligned with anyone. Rach says other than Brenchel there are no other OBVIOUS alliance. Everyone clueless to any brigade alliance. Rach repeats she has no idea what she's going to do. Brendon saying who Rach put up will prob. even be a surprise to him. Rach says there is only one person who she obviously has in mind to put up, but it's sad 'cause she used to love Kristen. Rach saying she can't fight next week. Brenchel are putting their fate in others hands next week if Brendon doesn't win HOH. Then Brendon told Lane that he wants safety for both of them for two weeks if they don’t put him up this week. Rach said at least one week. Lane leaves without really agreeing to anything,
Out goes Lane in walks Brittney. Rachel said she was glad they were friends now. That it was nice to have a girl to talk to in the house. Brittany ask he who she is thinking of putting up, Rachel’s said she was worried about Kristen fighting for her life and winning VETO. Brendon added his two cents saying he wanted Brittney to stay in the house because Rachel needs a girl friend in the house.

Kristen and Hayden meet in the storage room and have this conversation.
Hayden: I love her to death (Kathy), but you came to win and so did I.
Kristen: What do you want me to say to them? I won't kiss her ass
Hayden: I know. I know, but If you go home and I have to spend 3 months in the sequester house with them I will kill myself
Kristen: I will kill myself if I leave this week.

Hayden leaves to make a sandwich and Kristen follows shortly.

Out goes Brittney satisfied that she is on Rachel’s good side. In walks Kristen… Kristen said she was not going to apologize and realizes this is a game. Kristen says she was never after Brenchel. Rachel saying Kristen is lying. Kristen raised her voice Rachel saying that Kristen and Rachel were friends and Kristen always remarked snooty to her. Kristen apologizes for that. She never meant to do that. Rachel saying every time Kristen was in HOH she put Rach against everyone. Rachel wants to know what the reason that made Kristen was turning her back on her. Kristen said that they were never her target until Rachel rubbed her HOH in her face. Rachel asked why she was hiding her relationship with Hayden. She said it was nothing beig, that they did lay in bed together and talked, but would never make out with Andrew in the room. Kristen then said that she didn’t come up to see her HOH room because she didn’t think that she wanted her there. Rachel then tells her that she isn’t making any promises but she is considering putting her up against someone that she will have a fighting chance against to get POV. Kristen said that she will play tit for tat, so if she does this to her then she will do it to them.

4:30 We got trivia for the nomination ceremony. When feeds return we learn Hayden and Kristen are put on the block. We also see Brendon visibly mad at Rachel. IN Rachel’s speech she challenged everyone to come after her and Brandon. Rachel and Brendon were in HOH. Here is some of their conversation:
He saying she's acting like a bad person and he knows she's not...he doesn't know why she can't control her emotions and seems like she has a chip on her shoulder...he's upset about what he said during the nom ceremony. He's talking a lot and she is saying nothing - not a word. She's just staring at him looking mad/upset. At one point he tries to touch her face and she jerks back away from him.

B saying she has to stop playing like everyone is after them...stop challenging the others to come after them...he says it's self-fulfilling prophecy and everyone will come after them.

B says R needs to stop everything she's been doing yesterday and apologize. He says what she did was mean. She is still quiet.

B says she's not playing strategy now, just emotion...she needs to let go of what happened yesterday.

B: I love you very much. I wouldn't say this if I didn't.

B says she is still dealing with the feeling that everyone is after them...he still feels it too...but they have to play smart...and now she's put them in a position where he has to win HOH next week. He says they only way to salvage this is to apologize to K/H. "they are human beings. you can't be like that to people." He says they spent all day talking to people to be safe next week and she messed it up.
Rachel left and apologized to Hayden and Kristen but it did not come out sincere, so they did not believe her.
Hayden and Rachel discuss Rachel and what she said. Brendon interrupts them and again apologizes to them. Once he left they agreed that Brendon is a nice guy and too good for Rachel. They are both very upset with Captain Kosher for outing them to the others and they worry about how they are being betrayed on TV. Both agree that they have to win VETO and Kathy has to go up, that it would be the only way yhey both will stay in the house and make the jury. Rachel then comes back into the room and tells them the “Bring it on” comment was purely for TV.
Brendon then talks to Rachel, he told her he loves her and is proud of her but he wants to be kept in the look of her decisions. He said he is tired of fighting all the time too, This pursues into a big shouting match about who trusts who and who is HoH and how she does not feel any support. She tells him that she does not want him apologizing for her behind her back and calling her emotional. He claims that he is just so sick of fighting; They eventually settle down, hug and kiss to make up.

Once the lock down was over they go in the backyard and see a giant pinball type game. They agree it is a crap shoot. (Looks to me like a future POV competition that they get to practice at).
Matt’s Birthday is tomorrow (July 31st) he will be 30.

Hayden and Kathy spend the night hating on Rachel and Brendon. Swearing about Andrew and worrying about POV competition. Enzo believes the only ones with luck in the house are the ones occupying the HOH room. All were asleep by 3:00 am.
Who will play in the POV? Who will win it? Who will replace a nominee? Will the brigade finally get broken up? Can Rachel keep her emotions in check and her mouth shut? Happy Birthday Matt, 30 is such a great year!