Bashing, Bit$%*!%g, and Blindsiding

9:15 – The houseguest were woken up. Ragen and Matt have a conversation in the HOH about Rachel and Brendon. The house seems to want to blindside Rachel, and keep Brendon. They just don’t want to listen to Rachel’s drama for the week and to throw Brendon off his game for the HOH competition on Thursday.

11:30 am – The houseguests have the VETO meeting, once the feeds return we learn that Brittney did not use the VETO and Rachel was crying (what else is new). People were talking about Brendon’s speech which he called Brittney a selfish and spoiled. So this made Rachel cry and tell Brittney that she had nothing to do with the speech and Brendon did it to himself. Brittney said she understands her point, but Brendon has no respect for women and she hates that. Rachel kept telling her that she did not want the repercussions from Brendon’s speech. That she did not think she was selfish or spoiled blah blah blah.

A bit later Rachel and Brendon went into the Taj room, and both giggled and laughed about the speech. Brendon asked her if they thought he was sincere, and believed it. She said yes that the plan worked perfectly. Rachel believes she will be staying now, and even said what she wants in her HOH basket because she will be winning it this week. (Poor Julie, she will be sobbing all over the place, someone separated her and her man!!!)
So Rachel and Brendon planned this speech to try to get him evicted over Rachel, while at the same time, the brigade plan on telling Brendon he is leaving, and actually vote out Rachel. What a web they are weaving.

Throughout the day the houseguests study for HOH. They all seem to be quizzing each other.
All night, the houseguests bash Rachel and Brendon. Brittney really hopes that once the blindside of Rachel takes place that Brendon walks out the door too. Both Regan and Brittney have agreed to tell Rachel they will vote to keep her, but actually vote her out. They believe that if they all vote her out then it will not secure her jury vote for anyone but Brendon.

Regan won tonight’s pool tournament, his second tournament win in the house. (This is how exciting it is in the house)
Hayden and Kathy have a chat, he tells her that once Rachel and Brendon are separated that they have to separate the other two couples (Lane and Brittney and Matt and Ragen).
Hayden and Enzo are polite and do chat with Rachel and Brendon. Brendon even made Enzo a egg sandwich. The others all gathered in the HOH and spied on them. Brendon and Rachel had a tiff because Rachel won’t tell him what the DR told her about the Pandora’s Box. Rachel thinks Matt is lying about his dollar being the only thing in the Pandora’s Box. They look in the manual to see if BB can go through their things and take things out (like Matt’s dollar he won in the first competition) and recycle it. (Hey you two it is a game).
All are retired to their beds by 3:15 am.
Will Rachel tell Brendon what the DR said? Will Brittney allow her hatred for Brendon to ruin her game? Will Matt come off his high horse? Will this bunch do anything funny so we can write about it? Thanks Updaters for all your great posts and hanging in there on such an uneventful day!