Nick woke up and got into the hot tub. Once he got out, Kail woke up and Nick went back to bed. Kail layed on the couch in the backyard for an hour before feeds went to FOTH. When they came back on, Amber and Dustin were in the kitchen with Kail. Dustin went to HOH to write his blog.

All houseguests up by 1. Amber told Kail that she should try and get HOH, knowing that Kail would put up Dick if she were. They then went on to talk about how loyal Jen is in the game. Daniele mentioned that Eric gets called to the diary room pretty often as Eric got called in. After he comes out, Zach asks him what they wanted, and Eric played it off that he rambles and that they needed him to repeat things (which we all know is a lie, he’s getting AC information). Another banner is flown by because houseguests get called inside for another lockdown as Dustin begins taking pictures. Daniele told Amber that strategically it makes better sense to keep Nick and that it is the 3rd banner in 3 days to Amber and that it was Jameka that pointed it out. Amber then went directly to Jameka to rat Daniele out. Jameka got upset and wanted to call Daniele out for it, but Amber told her that it would look obvious that Amber told. They planned to say something tonight to her. Jameka relayed the story to Jessica at the same time that Amber told Dustin.

Another meeting of the LNC is planned for the evening to discuss the pros and cons of keeping each nominee. Another inside lockdown because of a banner flying. Amber swears on her daughters life that she is voting Nick out. Amber tells Jameka that BB is faking the banners, because they don’t want Nick to leave because of the showmance. She then got called into the DR and when she came back out she told Jameka what the DR had said (using the cover her daughter saying what her teacher yelled at someone at school about) where they used a stern voice saying that it was ridiculous to think that and inappropriate.

Jen and Zach realize that tomorrow is their last day of slop. Jen said that she is probably the only person to gain weight on slop. While talking to Kail, Jen said she’ll be a target from now on out. Jen said that everyone wants Daniele out, then Zach and therefore, Kail and Jen are going to be in a bit longer.

Dustin and Amber say that it’s going to be 5 on 2 tonight at the LNC meeting. Meanwhile, Dick and Daniele are complaining that Dustin doesn’t clean at all. Dustin, Daniele, Kail and Dick were outside and noticed that the camera in the middle of the yard is gone along with the awnings. Daniele and Dick think there is an endurance HOH tomorrow. There is a 23 hour lockdown scheduled.

Jen mentioned something about how America might have the chance to vote at some point this season, according to their contracts. Dustin and Jessica are surprised by this information and the camera panned to Eric who didn’t say anything. Dick continues his pranks- fixing the kitchen sink sprayer (and spraying himself on accident) throwing flour on Zach (because Zach kept changing into the same colored shirt as Dick). He also broke Zach’s bed as he was climbing on it. They were having a good time and Zach said he wasn’t going to retaliate but instead poop on him when he was sleeping. Zach then found that his jacket was dirty and got annoyed. Dick tries to help Zach clean but he said no. Zach later makes a concoction out of black pepper, oil, hot sauce, cinnamon and hides it in a jar within a tissue box. He then says “why am I such a guy?” and throws away the concoction because he said that Dick would probably be itching for days. Dick is very bored and going a little stir crazy.

Eric has started to campaign against Kail (Americas choice to evict). He started going off on how much he hated her to Amber and Jessica. LNC meeting commences around 2 am. Eric is playing Devils Advocate to evict Kail. He said that he thinks Kail is getting to comfortable there. They then switch topics to the impending HOH competition. They all believe it is going to be an endurance challenge. Eric said that he was willing to throw it to anyone left in the LNC. Despite Dick’s efforts and Erics as devils advocate, it seems as though Nick will be evicted. Daniele tells Dick that Nick told her to vote with the house, but she feels bad that she can’t get more votes for him.

Everyone heads to bed early (by 4:30 am) so they can get a good nights rest before HOH tomorrow.