BB8 Daily Recap August 10, 2007
Dick and Daniele are nominated, Dick plots his own demise

10:00 am - It’s a new day in the BB house.
The first words of the day are Dustin and Dick exchanging un-pleasantries (ed. gone are the days of quietly waking up to Kail and coffee). Amber and Zach are up too. BB announces “One hour to Food competition”.

BB’s angry voice comes on and says “Jessica, I said it's time to get up for the day!” She gets the hint and gets up.

Amber in the bathroom tells Jameka that Dick confronted Dustin this morning, and then Daniele comes in. She asks, "Amber, I would like to talk to you later if that's okay." Amber says yes (Amber reports back to Dustin). Daniele asks Jameka if she could talk to her later too.

BB played "Shout at the Devil" for the morning wake up today. (ed. An apparent reference to last night’s post-HOH “discussions”). We also learn that ants have seriously taken over the kitchen. We get FOTH for food competition just before 11:00.

1:00 pm
Feeds are back, Food comp involved swinging and smashing things (Zach said guitars). Dick and Zach seem to have minor cuts. Jen is wearing a long silver metallic wig and a red boa. We get the impression that Dustin, Dick and Daniele are on slop. Dick had to give someone a slop pass on the spot. It went to Jen.

Daniele isn't sure if they can trust Jen anymore since Dick walked in on Amber and Jen talking and they suspiciously stopped. Daniele can't trust anyone anymore. Dick says, "Don't." Daniele thinks Zach may be the only person who has her back anymore. They speculate that the others are pretending to want Dick out to throw them off their game.
They go over dates when things happened. Daniele explains a calendar Zach has made. Day 3 was the "Butter Me Up" comp and Zach cut out "butter" from the popcorn box and put it on that day and a piece of pasta on the pasta comp day. They think they should go over it with Zach sometime.

Amber tells Jameka that she wishes she wouldn't have told Dustin she would take him to the final 2. Amber knows that when it gets to the final 3, she will get HOH and have to send Dustin packing. But, she says it's okay because she knows God let Dustin win all that stuff, so it would be okay. Amber knows FOR SURE that she'll win the next HOH. Jameka agrees and tells Amber that she's never met anyone like Amber who can tell the future. Jameka thinks Amber is amazing that way.

2:00 pm
Dustin has his first bowl of slop. Eric hems and haws to Jen, Dustin, Jameka and Zach about seeing out of the corner of his eye that Dick might have blown his nose in the hand towel in the bathroom and threw it on the floor (ed. Bet that slop is really tasty about now, eh Dustin?).

Jessica recounting the food comp, thought it was fun walking back there and seeing all those guitars, “I read about it before, but I didn’t know there'd be THAT many!” (ed. She probably hosted it).

Amber is in the HOH for a very long time listening to music with the head phones. She is sobbing and praying profusely. TheRealDeal posted the entire session in the Media forum. Like it or not, its guaranteed entertainment. Heavily paraphrased, but some excerpts include:
God make me strong.
I know I cry a lot. I can’t help it.
Hope my daughter’s okay. I love her so much. I love her so much.
If I get HOH, take away one of my pictures and put up one of Jameka’s.
I’m just thankful for her.
I’ve wanted to be a nurse all my life. Please let me be a nurse someday.
The only reason I did drugs, and you know this God, is I had a lot on my plate.
I had 4-5 people to take care of, bills.
I’m sorry I turned to a drug to help me work harder and I regret it.
I love my boyfriend so much. I love Ben so much. I know that’s my soul mate.
Thank you for changing me, for making me watch what I eat by putting me in the hospital. I’m such a different person than I used to be.
(ed. If I didn’t think she’d let it slip, I’d say the DR has put a bug in her ear that she wasn’t coming off to well in the outside world).

Jess comes in. Amber tells her she’s ok and thanks Jessica for one of the best weeks. Amber tells Jessica that Dick won’t harass her like he has everyone else.

3:00 pm
Eric and Zach chat in the back yard. They both think it would be a great idea to have Dustin and Dick on the block together to watch them squirm. Among other things, Zach says he wants 3 kids: Two boys first, then a girl, so the boys will protect the girl. Dustin says he can only spend 5 hours with kids then he's done.

Eric, Jameka, Amber, and Jessica are in HOH discussing how to go about the nominations. Eric said Dick and Daniele were the king and queen of the backdoor. Let's welcome them to the front door. Let them hold hands. But one of them is leaving.

4:00 pm
Eric and Jessica talk in HOH about strategy. Eric says he was talking to Zach about Dustin. Eric thinks they should consider something with Zach. (ed. My guess is Eric has to do the AP and has to pitch Dustin as a nominee, I could be wrong).

Eric, Dustin, Zach, and Jen talk about how much they were making in there old jobs. Eric said he made about $30,000 and Dustin said he made about $18,000 last year.

Amber goes outside crying...all ask if she's ok...she just said she was having a DR session. That's why she's crying.

Amber ends up talking to Dustin in the back yard. She tells of how much she does for her family. Including that she tried to strip twice, but chickened out both times. She went as far as getting a license to do it, borrowed clothes from a friend, but went there and then chickened out. She is telling Dustin how she has to buy food for her sister and brother in-law, her daughter, her dog, their dog (and the entire Mormon Tabernacle Choir, just kidding). Dustin assures her she is good person.

About 4:30 pm there is a lockdown and Jessica is sent to the DR. Looks like nomination ceremony preparation.

Amber and Dustin continue their chat. Talk about the food comp. Amber tells Dustin how God told her which ones to pick, except for one. God didn't get a chance to tell her where to go, because it all happened so fast. We get trivia for the nomination ceremony just before 5:00 pm.

6:00 pm
Feeds are back. Looks like Jen gets to take a breather, Dick and Daniele are nominated.

Dick and Daniele have a long chat plotting some strategy, but Dick seems a little confused. He tells Dani if it’s a punishment Veto, she should take all the prizes and blame him. He will take all the bad stuff. He’s leaving, so he doesn’t care if he gives up 10 HOH’s etc. Daniele asks, “But who will win then? If there is a prize, YOU take it just in case”. Dick says, “If it's a bad one for other people…” (ed. Sounds like he was catching on just as we go to FOTH).
Dani thinks, “If I stay and me or Zach don't get HOH, then they are going to backdoor me. If they put up Zach and Jen, the only way everyone will use it is to put me up.”
Dick was almost going to eat peanuts. I think he actually had one in his mouth and spit it out when Dani looked at him funny. Dani says “Penalty nom!” Dick says he should have never given Jen that slop pass. They both laugh hysterically (along with us, it was funny).

Dani says, “I know where Zach is coming from kissing ass. At the same time it's sooo annoying.” Dick, “He does what he has to do; he'll be here longer than me which is amazing to me. Jen will be here longer than me which is amazing to me. Dani says, “It's embarrassing, huh?!” Dani realizes they will have to go to the diary room and hear them say "So, how does it feel to be nominated?"

Dani says she loves the movie Elizabethtown, and the quote of the father is "If it wasn't this, it would be something else." Dani says that quote says a lot and she finds it comforting. (ed. I liked that movie too, and not just because I used to live there).

7:00 pm
Dick and Dani still on the feeds bashing the others. Dick tells Daniele that he took Jen's sport glove right before HOH and put it with the bread, then put it back right after the HOH Comp. Jen complained to Rich (from the DR). And we got FOTH.
Dick tells Dani she is much better than he is at comps. He is not good at them (goes thru the different comps), “Still I think I did pretty good for like 44 years old, smoking like crazy, totally out of shape.”

Zach joins Dick and Daniele. They give him a hard time about ignoring them today. He says he was sleeping. Daniele goes inside. Zach tells Dick he wants Dustin to go down hard. Dick warns him to be careful of Eric. Eric’s the most dangerous of anyone. Not Dustin. And when I’m gone, watch out for Daniele. Zach says he can do that.

8:00 pm
Jokingly Jessica says to Eric and Dustin, “I think its a good idea to put Dustin up if they win PoV.” Dustin says, “No seriously I was gonna ask you if you would. It’s best not to make more enemies in the house. I have a speech prepared in case I was up next to Dick or Dani and it would be a landslide if they went up against Eric or myself. It would be a major kick in the face if they were up against Jen. I was actually gonna come to you.
(Mock speech) As you all know I stand before you as merely a courtesy flush to the large pile of crap sitting next to me. Daniele since you’re off the block, if you were smart you’d vote your dad out...or you again will stand alone. Thank you America.”
Eric says, “And do it wearing the grey shirt!”
Dustin, “Put me up! Put me up! I know I’ll be'll be a 5-1 vote either way and under those circumstances I’m not scared!” (ed, OK, Say it with me, “Have these people never watched the show?!”)

Jen and Zach share some tuna he made. Zach was exceedingly proud of himself at how it turned out, moaning "Its sooooo good", over and over.

Amber tells Jameka that she heard Zach and Dick talking and she's figured out that they're going to try to save Daniele. Jameka thinks maybe it would be a better idea to get Dani out this week because who would Dick have. They think Dani might be the bigger threat, she's smarter.

Dustin goes out to Dani alone in the back yard (paraphrased). I think he went out to make her feel ok with moving forward without her dad in the game, but we missed the very beginning of this and it turned into a loud argument for a time. He told her that people don't perceive her and her dad together, that they are individual people. She said, "Ok, Eric. That's out of Eric's mouth." She's telling him that people don't see him as an individual. Dustin says she made choices that put her in this position. She said she knows that. She said unfortunately she trusted people who lied and it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to. “It's a game, it's a game, I don't care. I'm not taking it on a personal level”. Dustin says “Well I’m glad you feel that way.” After Dustin leaves she says "I think I just threw up in my mouth." Dustin came across as pompous and disingenuous during most of this. Daniele was taking some good shots at Dustin and others. I think she took him aback somewhat as there were long silences where Dustin had to think hard about his next approach. Dreamer posted the video the Media forum, and cindytexas and SouternBelladonna transcribed the whole thing between 8:46 – 8:59 in Archives.

Amber goes out and asked Dani if Dustin was being rude to her during their talk and Dani said it was fine. Then after Amber left she said "I threw up in my mouth a second time."

9:00 pm
Dustin is re-telling the talk with Dani to Amber in the weight room. Amber turns to leave but turns back and catches Dustin checking her out. Amber smiles big and accuses Dustin of falling in love with her, “you are!” They actually get a little flirty.

Amber goes to mention something about a DR session and stops herself, “I promised I would never talk about DR again. It ruins everything. It’s a good private time. I won’t talk about it again, ever! I’ll say I had a good DR, but that’s it! (ed. Sounds like BB is trying to close the barn door after the horses already left).

Jessica, Amber and Jameka are in the HOH. Jameka thanks them for putting her key first. Jen comes up and wonders why they aren’t picking Veto players today. Random chat, Jen mentions she had to make out with someone from BB when she was on Two and a Half Men. They figure out it was Drew.

Dick, Dani and Zach are in the back yard. Zach tells Dick that he hesitates to tell him stuff because he yells at people and it's harmful to his game. Dick says he wants people to be mad at him so he will go home. Zach says Jessica made an agreement with him that she wouldn't put him up this week if he didn't put her up. Zach says if he wins POV he doesn't want to use it. Dani said, “No, you don't.” She said if she gets HG Choice, she's going to pick Zach. Zach leaves and Dick gives Dani pointers on croquette.

10:00 pm
Zach is working out in the weight room with Amber. He tells her he has been waiting for the opportunity to get rid of Dick, he is an idiot.

Eric has joined Jessica, Amber, Jameka and Jen in the in the HOH, general chit chat.

Daniele and Dick in the back yard getting in some House Guest bashing.

11:00 pm
Jen, Zach, Dustin, Eric, Jessica sitting in dining room speculating on what the veto comp will be.

Jameka goes out to practice croquette. Dick is there and prays to God for Jameka, "Please forgive her..." Treats her to other patented Dick comments.
Jen, Dustin, Eric go outside afterwards asking her about what Dick said. Eric says he needs to get a new writer.

Dick joins Daniele in the round room. They are trying to get the people behind the walls to talk to them, “Tell us a knock-knock joke.” Dick is resolved to the fact that he is going home. He said he made it to mid-season, just like his life, he made a mark. Like him or hate him, people will have an opinion of him. Unlike other people that have been on this show. They proceed to get in another round of HG bashing.

Up in HOH, Amber trying to convince Jessica that Eric and Dustin have a secret alliance. And Now Jameka joins them in the HOH. Amber is worried she is being played by the gay guy. Jessica is going along with it. The girls will unite and take them out before they strike. Jameka didn’t get to say much before Dustin came in. (ed. Darn it, I wanted to hear if Jameka was going to egg them on or rope them in).

Amber asks Jess who she wants out this week. Jess says she has thought about it a lot and she wants Daniele. A lot of people want Dick out, though, and she doesn’t get a vote. But Daniele is a better player. Dick will be so broken down.

Amber says she asked Dustin in the weight room and Dustin said, “No, Dick has to go”. Amber tells Jess she will vote however she wants her to. She says Zach will vote to evict Dick.

1:00 am
Dick and Dani are talking in the back yard. Dick took one of Dustin's shirts (a white shirt he found outside) and threw it on the roof. He tells Dani that he hid Jen's headband behind the washing machine too.

2:00 am
Eric, Jessica, Dustin, Amber, and Jameka are in the HOH bashing on Dick and Dani. They decided they should sit in silence when Dick and Dani are evicted and not get up and tell them goodbye. They get a little Jen bashing in and then take a turn at Zach. Amber says but Zach does have beautiful eyes.

4:00 am
Jameka and Amber walking through the house. Amber goes to bed downstairs. Jameka tells her good night then heads back up to the HOH. General cutesy chat with Eric and Jessica while Jameka is in the HOH bathroom. Eric keeps talking as he is leaving HOH and Jessica yells at him to “Get out!” She says “Good night pumpkin” as he finally leaves the room.

Jessica and Jameka continue talking. They do some drilling for the Veto comp before they go to sleep just before 5:00 am.

We are left to wonder how the Veto will play out tomorrow. Will the girls hatch a plot to put up Eric or Dustin? Will Zach finally become a player in the game? Will Dick be so completely obnoxious as to ensure his eviction? Or will the ants form an alliance to take them all out?!

Once again, thanks to all the updaters, especially the ones that really stick with it.