Sunday, August 12, 2007

[Sorry this recap is so late. Being on vacation got me all screwed up!]

7AM – 12 PM

Must have been a late night last night since no one is up yet. A few HG’s get up, use the bathroom and go back to bed.

12 PM – 1 PM

Dick is the first one up. He brushes his teeth and then heads to the backyard for his morning cigarette. He has a quite lengthy conversation with himself basically going over the past few weeks. He discusses events from evicting nick, "the Eric thing", winning pov, being thrown in here with her [Danielle] was f*cked, but it worked out well so it is worth it personally but it has messed up his game. He has wanted to do this for 3 years, was a finalist for 5, a finalist for 6, then they pulled her in as my secret partner, then decided not to use us. Then this year we both happened to show up at the open casting call, ran into each other. It was too good for them to pass up and it gave them good drama. He is going to give Danielle the POV and it isn’t a hard choice for him. He would have put up Eric and Dustin if he was HOH this week.

Dick moves on to the kitchen and is making coffee of iced tea. He adds a little hot sauce into the juice and someone’s slop.

1 PM – 2 PM

Zach is up and picks his nose in the storage room. He then goes into the weight room to run. Dick makes himself some slop. Jen wakes up and joins Dick in the kitchen and they briefly talk about setting things up for Danielle (not in a bad way). Dick then goes back out into the backyard to smoke. [No wonder he is coughing and hacking all the time!]

Jen joins Zach in the weight room and they talk about how late they stayed up the night before [such riveting conversation]. They both agree that one of the three of them (Zach, Danielle, and Jen) need to win HOH next week or they are going up. Zach jokes that Jen is an alien with superpowers and they talk about the three of them working together some more.

Dick forgot that he put slop in the oven and it exploded. Zach thinks it smells like burnt rubber. While in the kitchen cleaning up the mess, Dick rigged the sink again right in front of Zach. Zach [being the dummy he is] turned it on and got sprayed.

2 PM – 3 PM

Dustin is now up. Dick is telling Zach, Jen, and Dustin about a trip he took to Amsterdam in typical graphic Dick-style. No one finds the stories amusing and they seem uncomfortable. Dustin’s Dad and Step mom have been to Amsterdam. Dustin and Dick discuss how they think that marijuana should be legal. Jen compared catnip to pot. Jen has never smoked pot, but has done ecstasy. She says she researched it before she tried it. Dustin talks about his uncle has MS, and Zach says he didn’t know his uncle was a midget. Dustin has to correct him. They talk a little about Mike and Nick. Jen washes dishes, Dick tries to cook slop again, and Dustin is in the backyard. All in all things are pretty quiet.

Dick, Dustin, and Zach watch dragonflies in the backyard. Zach thinks they are lesbians, and the others make fun of him for saying such stupid things. Zach grills fish while everyone else lies out in the backyard.

3 PM – 4 PM

Dick woke Danielle and told her it was 3:00. Dustin, Zach, and Jen are still out in the backyard. There is random conversation about general things like Germany and Chernobyl, pin ball machines. Jen organizes another abs class with Dustin. Jen and Dustin discuss rants in the house and how they both have thick skins. Danielle is up and joins them outside.

More general chit chat. Jen talks about riding her bike and talking on the telephone. Dick and Zach talk about what they will do with their stipend and tax refunds. Dustin has everyone’s number memorized. Eric wakes up and goes into the hot tub- Jen joins him. Dick says that BB should have just thrown him in the house to attack people without the risk of being voted out. Dustin made a face that Zach says is priceless [anyone got a screen cap?]

4 PM – 7 PM

More general talk. Eric thinks that this is the best looking BB cast so far. Dustin gets sprayed with the kitchen faucet.

Eric and Zach play chess. Danielle and Zach take showers.

Dick and Danielle lie in the hammock and talk about the next HOH. Eric, Zach, and Jen are in the kitchen. Jameka, Jessica, and Amber are finally up at 5:45 PM! Zach calls them huey, duey, and luey. [LOL!] Danielle hopes that the next HOH isn’t a knock-out game because everyone will try to knock her out first.

Dick, Danielle, and Zach are outside talking about house alliances. Zach says that he and Nick were in one at the beginning as a joke but he can’t remember what it was called. Danielle jokes that it was called G-A-Y! They are playing games and laughing while everyone else is inside eating dinner.

Inside, Dustin is telling everyone about a dream he had about Mike taking a shower with his shorts on. The LNC have a discussion about dreams, how much Jessica loves watching hockey, and bad pick-up lines.

7 PM – 9 PM

Dick, Danielle, and Zach are still out in the backyard. Dick found some workout gloves and told Danielle to keep a pair for future competitions. Zach joins Amber in the workout room. Zach tells Amber that he had a talk with Dick about lying off people since he will be in sequester with them, Jameka and Dustin are primping in the mirror. Jameka asks Dustin if he is afraid to leave his toothbrush out in case Dick does something to it. Dustin thinks BB won’t let him. [Has he ever watched the show before?] Danielle and Dick are in the backyard playing golf. Danielle is playing tether ball with the big golf club. Dick says he thinks the people in the house are stupid, but stops talking when Jen joins them.

Jameka joins Zach and Amber in the workout room. They are talking about the exercise routine and diet Zach put Amber on and how he calls himself Big Boy like Howie did. Jameka thought he was talking about Big Boy hamburgers. Jameka and Dustin talk about what it was like on 9/11 at the Pentagon. Jameka lives 7 miles from there.

Eric, Dustin, Jessica, and Jameka talk again about getting in the hot tub. Dustin talks about going to school. He must have gotten into trouble a lot. He said he was in detention 168 times his senior year.

Dick has discovered that there are no mics in the middle of the backyard, and tells Danielle that if he says he needs to talk to her he will pull her there and to go with him.

Amber joins Eric and Jessica in the hot tub. Eric is flirting with Jessica. Dick and Danielle talk about who they will talk to outside of the house. Danielle feels bad about evicting Kail. They think that Jessica is going to put up Jen is Danielle’s place and Dick wants Danielle to try to be friendly with Jen.

Everyone is getting along and talking about random things. Eric, Danielle, and Zach talk about t-shirt sayings for each person. They are all talking about their sayings they would have on tee shirts. Dustin’s would be just a gray tee shirt; Eric's would be I'm Jewish; Dani's would say deliousinis; Ambers, and that's that; Joes' would be story time; Jen is already wearing hers; Mikes would say meat log or someone scratching their head saying how did I get here; Jamekas would be, mmmmmhhh hhhhhh; Kails would be her morning face in the bunny outfit and saying I don't know what do you think; Nick's would be a picture of his head with the Mohawk in the hot tub; Jess's would say zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz; Zach's would be, is that a challenge?; Dick's would be You & * ^ % $ & *]; and Dani's would be Dani, don't be a dick.

9 PM – 10 PM

Danielle and Amber talk about Nick leaving her a bandana to wear during the competitions. Jen and Eric talk about Dick and Danielle’s chances. They think Danielle has a better chance then Dick in the game. They talk about the now infamous Amber and her boyfriend story and how Eric knows what is going on, but only talks when he needs to say something.

Jameka and Eric notice that Jen and Eric are talking and they don’t trust him. Beer arrives.

Amber, Jessica, and Jameka are in the HOH talking about everyone and how they think the POV will be used. Dustin joins them and is furious because Dick has stolen his king’s robe, fake tattoo’s and the olives. They think that Danielle is using the M&M’s to sneak food. Dustin doesn’t want Jessica to put him up. He is scared that Zach and Jen will vote against him. Amber says she is willing to go up if Dustin doesn’t want to.

Danielle and Dick talk about next week on the porch. If Danielle gets HOH next week, all she wants is cupcakes from Sprinkles and a letter (implied: from Nick). They discuss the LNC. Dick does the usual trash talking and wants to do a DR with Danielle. They discuss past HOH competitions and the final two, and Dick is upset that he lost the last HOH competition. Danielle thinks that Zach might make it to the final two. Most of the talk is random strategy talk. They are hoping that Eric will try to make a deal if he is put on the block, and it will cause the group to split apart. Danielle is going to not tell the house who she wants out so that they will stress over the possibilities. Dick warns her that everyone will try to be nice to her once he is gone to win her votes.

10 PM – 11 PM

Amber and Jameka are in the HOH talking about who to put up. They think it should be Dustin, because Eric may vote against Amber. Jameka doesn’t think they should be volunteering themselves as pawns. [A little nervous are you Jameka?]

Danielle joins Eric and Jessica in a game of beer pong. Amber and Jameka watch the game from the HOH spy cam and bash on Dustin. [I can’t wait to see Dustin’s reaction once he sees all the smack Amber’s has said about him]. Amber doesn’t think that Dustin trusts the group and that something is wrong with him if he isn’t comfortable going up against Danielle of Dick.

Dustin joins Amber and Jameka in the HOH room and they talk about his reasons for not wanting to go up against Dick. Dustin says it basically boils down to him not trusting Eric’s vote. Amber asks if it is because of Eric or his arrogance. Dustin admits it is both. He wants to do this as a favor to Jessica but his instinct tells him not to do it. Amber doesn’t seem to buy it, but hugs him and they “make up”. Earlier Dustin approached Jen and asked her how she would feel about going up. Apparently, she doesn’t want to go up again because she is never been up following a POV. Amber and Dustin both want to talk to Jessica about putting Eric up. [They sure do throw people under the bus don’t they?] Dustin doesn’t have a problem going up against Dick, but he doesn’t want to go up against Danielle. Amber and Dustin both agree that if Danielle and Dick both remain on the block that they want Danielle to go since she is a stronger competitor. Dustin, Jameka, and Amber all think that Eric is on the defensive (which back up what Dick is saying about him) and that he needs to chill out. All three are watching Dick on the spy cam and bashing him.

Beer pong with Eric, Danielle, Zach, and Jessica continues. They have started a new game with new rules. If Eric wins he has to propose to Carol at the wrap party. If Jessica wins she has to slap Eric and Carol. If Danielle and Zach lose they have to have a 5 minute conversation under covers in their underwear.

11 PM – 12 AM

Dustin leaves Amber and Jameka in the HOH room, and they immediately start talking about him. They think his attitude is too much. Amber talks about not bringing her boyfriend to the wrap party while Jameka braids her hair. [Who told her that would look good?] Amber says that Kail didn’t know that she was going home, but that she owns all those businesses so she doesn’t deserve to win.

Eric and Jessica win beer pong. Eric asks Danielle what underwear she will be wearing.

Amber leaves HOH and Dustin enters. He is annoyed by Dick [this is a surprise?] Jameka and Dustin think that Eric told Jen not to hang out in the HOH room anymore, because she hasn’t been up there again since the morning. Jameka still thinks that there is something going on with Jen and Eric. Amber comes back and agrees that something might be up between Eric and Jen. They all talk about missing people (or not as the case may be) that have left the house. Dustin doesn’t like that people bring Joe’s name up everyday. The three of them can’t get over the supposed alliance between Eric and Jen. They agree that they won’t talk about the votes in front of Eric.

A new beer pong game starts with another set of rules. If Eric’s team loses, Eric has to wear booty shorts and dance around while Jessica smacks his butt. There are also secret rules that apply to other HG’s, but they aren’t allowed to tell anyone what they are. After going into OT again, Eric and Jessica win.

12 AM – 2 AM

Everyone talks about the wrap party. Jameka, Amber, and Jen are in the HOH bathroom fixing Jameka’s hair and Jessica and Zach are in the backyard in the hammock talking basic game. Dustin joins them in the bathroom for some “girl talk”. Jen admits to getting implants when she was 18, but that they have gotten bigger and now she thinks they are too big. Dustin and Jen name drop. Dustin has friends in Hollywood, and Jen has had dinner with Al Pacino (even though she didn’t know who he was at the time).

Amber leaves and Eric joins them. He is drunk. They share general chit chat about who wakes up when and other sleeping habits. Eric and Dustin are flattering Jen, telling her she has been so strong. Talk turns to Dick and his “unusual” wake-up tactics.

Zach and Jessica continue to talk in the hammock. Jessica says she wants to trust Eric but doesn’t know if she can. Zach tells her that she should test her alliance for loyalty. He tells her to tell her alliance that they are going up and see how they react. If they are ok with it, then she knows they are loyal but if they aren’t then they must have something going with Dick. [Very smart on Zach’s part]. They continue to talk about those going into sequester and how they will determine who wins. Jessica will know if someone has betrayed the LNC based on the outcomes of the vote.

Jessica joins Eric, Jen, and Dustin in the HOH room for a game of Never Have I Ever.

2 AM – 4 AM

Dick and Danielle talking in the Round Room. Nothing really important going on. Everyone has left the HOH room, and Jessica is up there alone listening to music. Everyone else is in the kitchen. Amber is making fun of a mentally challenged person.

Eric joins Jessica in the HOH room and asks if they can talk. Jessica brushes her teeth while he starts talking. He back-pedals to explain his earlier behavior by saying he felt really bad and asked for a medic in the DR. He is very upset with how everyone is acting toward him. There are lots of FOTH during the conversation, but the gist is that everyone is acting sketchy. Eric tells Jessica that Zach said he overheard Jen and Jameka talking about getting all the guys out, but that Jen wasn’t ok with it. Amber comes up to the HOH room to get her things- she is going to sleep downstairs. Eric doesn’t talk to her while she is there, and after he leaves he states that he doesn’t like being the fifth in the alliance. [I smell trouble!] Jessica expresses that she thinks Eric doesn’t trust her. He reassures her that he trusts her 100%, it is the others that he doesn’t trust and he feels bad that she feels that way. They go on to talk about possible replacement nominees. They go back and forth and Eric is really pushing for Dustin. They also talk about putting Amber up if Dick takes himself off. Eric is upset that Dustin volunteered Eric to go up in his place. Jessica says she trusts Zach and Eric points out that he can name several deals that Zach has made with people. Jessica asks Eric if he wants to stay with her for the night, and he asks for a rain check- says he doesn’t feel well.

Eric leaves the HOH room, changes his mic and has a conversation with Jameka. He is giving her the sick story to cover up for him not talking to Jessica tomorrow.

4 AM – 5 AM

Dustin, Amber, Jameka, and Jessica are in the HOH still talking about replacement nominees. Jessica agreed to talk to Jen about going up against Danielle with the promise of safety. Jameka doesn’t think they should nominate someone from the LNC. They talk again about a possible alliance between Jen and Eric. Amber said that Jen and Eric talked and he said he wasn’t going to tell her anything anymore. Upon hearing this, Jessica says she is going to up Jen as the replacement nominee but she doesn’t want to talk to her about it until afterwards. They all wonder how Dick will use the POV. Dustin reiterates that he is ok going up if Dick saves Danielle. Amber and Jameka continue to bash Dick.

Dick, Danielle, and Jen are outside. Dick tells Jen that Jessica didn’t want him to win POV so that she could use Jen and Zach to her benefit. Danielle called out Dustin saying her lied to Julie Chen and America saying he had 3 grey shirts when he really only has two.

5 AM – 8 AM

Dustin wants to put up Danielle and Jen if one of them gets HOH next week. If Amber wins, she wants to put up Zach and Jen and backdoor Danielle. Dustin, Jameka, Jessica, and Amber make fun of Zach and don’t think he has any common sense.

Dick, Jen, and Danielle talk about the POV ceremony. Dick jokes that he isn’t going to use it and they talk about the look on everyone faces. The three of them are joking and talking about Danielle getting woke up at 6 am for questions. Nothing really exciting happening. Just general chit chat and the occasional verbal jab at someone. Danielle thinks her roots look trashy.

Jessica, alone in the HOH, takes a bubble bath. She is shaving her legs. Everyone else appears to be asleep now. Eric is asleep in the small bedroom. Amber and Dustin are in bed together. Dick is asleep in the round room. Following the bubble bath, Jessica takes a shower, gets dressed, and fixes her hair and other primping like plucking eye brows and chin, and puts on make up [exciting stuff!]. She gets a bowl of cereal and goes back to HOH bedroom where she listens to music and read her letter again.

By 8 AM everyone is (finally) asleep.

Will Dick use the POV to save himself or his daughter? Who will Jessica replace? Will tomorrow be more exciting than today?