BB8 Daily Recap August 13, 2007
Dick saves Daniele, Dustin goes up, and the House Guests have a party

BB wakes the house guests about 9:45 am to let them know the Veto meeting will be in 90 minutes. A brief FOTH then we see Daniele and Zach in the bathroom doing their morning routine. They are both wearing towels. Zach does a little dance. (Not sure why). Meanwhile Dustin makes a slop breakfast.

Jessica is up moving around. Amber heads up to HOH. Dustin follows shortly after. Dustin complains that Dick is stealing people’s personal belongings. Appears Dustin leaves them as they get into a chat about how Eric is freaking out. Amber wants to DOR. Jessica says she’ll beat her up if she does. They wonder if Dick might not use the Veto today. Jessica makes mention she had just gone to sleep around 8:00 am. Jess then thinks better of things and says she thinks Dick will use it to save Daniele.

Dick and Zack talk strategy in the back yard, speculating on who will go up when Dick uses the Veto. They think it would be a bad move if Jessica put up one of her own, but she won’t want to make an enemy of Zach or Jen.

Jessica and Dustin discuss the Veto. If Daniele comes off the block, Dustin goes up. If Daniele goes off the block, Jen goes up.

11:00 am
Dick and Dani are in the back yard. Dick says, “I'm telling you right now I'm not playing the looking at the Memory wall game. I'm telling you now, I'm not doing it” (ed. referring to how BB shows the Veto holder walking past the pictures before calling the other house guests inside for the Veto meeting).

Jessica is called to the diary room. When she comes out, Eric runs outside. (ed. Late last night it was becoming apparent that the AP vote was for Eric to give Jess the silent treatment. He went upstairs and did this frantic data dump to Jessica, told her he was feeling sick and turned down an invitation to stay the night with her. She was very confused by the whole thing. We also saw Eric in the storage room on his way to bed. He tells BB, that he just passed up the invitation to stay with Jess and that it could have been beneficial for several reasons).

Elsewhere, Amber and Jameka think there is something wrong with all the juices and tells everyone not to drink them.

Jen goes to Daniele and Dick to let them know she will be going up if Dick comes off the block. Jessica had just given her a heads up. Jen is not happy.

Just after 11:30 we get an extended round of trivia on the feeds. It was a nice break. BB must have put the fear of god into the control room. Just about anytime anyone said anything, we would get a few seconds of FOTH this morning.

We notice Jessica appears to be upset that Eric will not talk with her. She had just tried to talk to Eric in the small room. She wanted to talk before the Veto meeting, but Eric said the Medic told him to go to bed and blew her off. She left in a huff. Then we see Jess upstairs alone saying to herself, "He has deals with both of them… The medic told him my ass!" Jessica was walking around and sighing heavily, then got in bed, put her head down and started to tear up (ed. Shame on America for voting for Jess). After yet another brief FOTH, Jess is talking to Dustin in the HOH, “Things just aren't making sense anymore.” She is on the verge of breaking down. Dustin goes to hug her.

In the HOH with Jameka, Dustin, and Jessica, Zach said he gave Jess his word he would vote Dick out and he will never go back on that. Zach says if Dick does stay he is going to keep doing this stuff, “I don’t like his behavior. He is a 44 year old 12 year old, and would make a great drill sergeant.” Dustin says he is like a 7 year old with ADD.

Outside, Jen informed Dick and Daniele that Dustin volunteered to go on block if Dani comes off.

At some point Jameka asks Dick, “Did you put something in the juice?” Dick says Yes! (ed. Well at least we know they weren’t imagining things… this time).

Just before 1:00 pm we get trivia on the feeds for the Veto meeting.

2:15 pm
Feeds come back and we hear Jen say to Dustin, “Thanks for taking one for the team.”
Dick must have given a moving speech in using the Veto on his daughter. Jen said that it was amazing that Dick sacrificed himself for his daughter. She said she had tears. Apparently Jessica was teary too. Dustin said "It was nice of him, but I'd never say that to his face."

Zach in the HOH with Jameka and Jess says, “Dustin seemed arrogant vs. Dick. He shouldn't be like that cause you never know”.

Dick apologizes to Amber saying all his flack was to protect Dani by making the house hate him, “I did what I had to do." Amber says she understands.

Dick takes his turn with Jameka too, "I had to do anything and everything I could in order to make each of you hate me. The personal outweighs the strategic. I knew I wanted you to vote me out. I know the things I said cut to the bone, I did it for a reason. I'd do anything for her. I did what I had to do and I'm sorry. It is what it is." Jameka says, “Yeah, it is what it is. And it was good to see that side of you." Dick says, “I'm not asking you to forgive me, I just hope you understand." Jameka says, "I understand."

3:00 pm
Jessica is up in the HOH with Eric. She explains that Jen told her before the Veto meeting that Dustin has a deal with the Donatos. She said she talked to Jameka about it, but not Amber (Jameka told her she wouldn't tell). Jess says she doesn't know why she believed Jen, "I had a mental breakdown. I doubted Dustin when I never should have. I feel so horrible I didn't even tell him about it." Eric takes the opportunity to apologize to Jess, "I'm so sorry. It was killing me. I was telling Dustin to tell you I'll come talk to you later." (regarding the silent treatment for AP). Jess tells Eric that Zach's vote is locked in with her. Jess makes Eric promise not to say anything. Jess also said everything was clear to her (on who to put up) once Dick made his speech during Veto Ceremony. Eric says, "Something is sitting a little weird (referring about Dustin)." Jess and Eric are discussing the possibility that Dustin has a deal with Dick and Daniele. (Somewhere in this timeframe it was reported that Eric got a "stern reprimand" from BB during which the feeds cut out. I really don’t know for sure what it was about.) Eric told Jess he wouldn't have left her last night or this morning if the had the choice - then the feed cut. Jess continues filling Eric in, Zach was kissing her butt by proclaiming how much he thinks highly of Eric.
Eric says, "As I did briefly mention yesterday, we're about to hit phase B of this [game]. We need to evaluate who we can trust, who has our interests at heart. It's getting so sketchy in this house, I can't believe it… I think you made the right choice."
Eric tells Jess that she can't believe Jen, questioning Dustin and Amber saying that Dustin was the one with all the side relationships.

In the backyard, Zach asks Dustin if he knew that he was going up. Dustin tells him that he had known and he did it for the group. Amber is there too and jokes to Dustin by mimicking Julie, "Dustin you are evicted from the BB House". Dustin and Zach tell her that is so not cool (ed. I agree).

Dani says every time she feels like she has something figured out in this game, its 5 minutes too late. Dani tells Jen that one of them two HAVE to win HOH this week.
Dani also mentions, "Someone - not in this house - who begins with ‘A’ (maybe Alison Grodner?) told me in week 7 there is a twist!” Not surprisingly we then get FOTH.

Dick and Dustin go at it (a little out of sequence and paraphrased). Dick saying he did what he for a reason, he doesn’t give a "HOOT" what Dustin thinks. Dick says “how dare you call Dani a Skank when you are the one that has Gonorrhea.” Dustin trying to get a word in edge wise but Dick will not let him talk. Dick is going around house gathering all of Dustin’s things he hid, proceeds to the B.Y and throws them on the ground. Dick says to Dustin,”You can have your clothes back but your not getting the fake tattoo sleeves back until he leaves just so you can’t mock and make fun of me again. With YOU coming and being smug and saying how's it gonna be without your daughter here next week, I knew what I had to do. And what I had to do was outweigh the strategic from the personal. And how could I do that? By being the meanest that I possibly could by getting you all to not just to hate me, but to despise me, to not even want to hear my voice, to not even want to see me. To want me gone so bad - that no matter what you guys thought strategically that you personally would get me out of here! I hurt everyone so that they would vote me out of here and then Daniele would stay! That was my goal. That's what I did! When I won the POV that was the end of it!”
Makmadden transcribed the whole rant at 4:34 in the Archives.

Dustin does point out that it was not the end of it (Dick’s rants) because Dick came after him AFTER he won the POV (when Dustin was lifting weights). Dick says that was just him stating the facts (that Dustin would be leaving first out of their group). Dustin tells him not to touch his things ever again.

Amber comforts Dustin afterwards and says what are you worried about, you didn't have it (an STD), so don't worry about it. She says she got accused of being on meth, "And I was, how embarrassing." Dustin is visibly upset. He keeps trying to impress upon Amber how careful he is when he's so intimate. Dustin hates Dick for the way he makes his family feel, not for the way Dick makes him feel. He knows his family is watching and says his brother will beat up Dick completely at the wrap party. Dustin says he's not apologizing to Dani for calling her a Skank. He hopes Dick isn’t allowed in sequester (lol, careful what you wish for!)

A little later Dick asks to speak to Eric in round room. Dick explains he was being an ass because it was strategy, not personal. Dick says after Dustin made a comment to him, he knew he had to step it up and get personal so no matter what, they would vote him out. He tells Eric he is the most logical in the group and will not hold things against Daniele. Dick thinks Eric will beat everyone if he makes it to final 2. Dick says, "Dustin's acting like he's running the whole damn show." Eric replies, "This summer has been brutal. This game is bad. It's nothing but a pile of stress." Eric says he had no interest to fight with Dick as he was busy trying to redeem himself. He said he knew he be nominated if anyone but Jess won HOH.

Dick, "Can we just talk? When did things change? We could have stuck together."
Eric, "I knew I wasn't doing a lot of stuff I was being accused of."
Dick, "Some of the stuff I thought you were doing Dustin was actually doing."
Eric again denied the mustard thing. And they're wondering who did it.

Dick tells Eric, "The smallest chance that Nick could be using Dani was why I evicted him. I knew I was wrong when I saw his eviction speech to her." Eric says, "This isn't how I wanted things to turn out. I couldn't control anyone's actions but my own. Now we're left to pick up the pieces."
Dick reveals to Eric the one-week-deal regarding he made with Amber (and Dustin) and the eviction vote last week.

5:00 pm
Dick continues talking with Eric. Dick is sitting on the bed and Eric is sitting on something in the corner. Dick says, "I'll never forget waking Dustin up with the pots and pans."
Eric tells Dick he's had food poisoning for the last 24 hours. At one point Dick got up to see Dustin fake sleeping in the bed in the next room.

There is a brief FOTH and when we come back everyone is cheering. They are at the Half-Way Point in Game. They will be getting a party with food and music. Dani said she hopes it's not the BB theme song!

Eric does some math, "There are 9 people here but only five weeks left. How does that work?" (ed. Yes Eric, we are curious about that one too).

On the Hammock, Dick Tells Jessica about his behavior this past week was all strategic
Dick says he doesn’t give a "Hoot" who wins. He knew him and Dani both weren’t gonna make it to the end. He feels like he's already won.
Dick says if America hates him when he gets out of here he doesn’t care! Jess says “you never know they might love you out there!” Dick says at Wrap Party he might have to smack Dustin since Dustin offered to go up against him. Jess tells Dick that Jen put thoughts in her head before the POV Ceremony and is second guessing her decision. Dick tells Jess the vote this week is going to be 3-3 and it will come to her. Dick says if she chooses to keep Dick that he and Dani promise to have her back. Dick says to Jess that there is a good possibility that Eric would go home next week. Dick’s closing with Jess is to tell her not to let Dustin control her game. He says do what you want.

We hear Jen say, "The key is to be on slop when Dani's on slop" Because she looses weight so easily, they work in a break."

Jameka, "I love the cast this season." Amber, "Good job, production." Jameka and Jen want to be on the amazing race. Next Jameka and Amber are yelling their praise and thanks to God. And then Jameka follows up, "Amber, did you take your medicine today? I didn't take mine." (ed. I found that sequence very amusing).

Jess says she’s gonna invite Jen and Dani to join them upstairs tonight to get cute for party.

6:00 pm
Dani is telling Zach she wants to go to the end with him, she would be so proud to be in final 2 with him.

Dick tells Daniele that he had a really good talk with Jessica and a really good talk with Eric. That Eric knows he is going soon and at the bottom of that group. Daniele tells Dick not to trust Jen completely and to be careful of what he tells her. Earlier Zach had told Dani that Dick told Jen “something” that Zach had told only to Dick, and Zach was very very very upset about it. Dick says he will talk to Zach about it.

Dani and Dustin can smell food in the SR, but they won’t open the door. Dani thinks she smells pizza. Dustin gets on the floor to smell under the door. Dani is yelling for BB to “open the door, open the door!” Then we get FOTH at 6:30 for the half way party.

8:00 pm
When we come back from the halfway party most everyone is out back just sitting around. Dustin and Jameka are playing golf. Eric says he feels better and doesn't need Imodium.

Dustin asked Jen when he could talk to her about the vote this week, she said she already promised her vote (to evict Dick no matter who went up).

9:00 pm
At the hot tub, Dick tells Zach he heard he was mad at him about something that got back to Dustin. Dick says I don't know what it could be and Zach said it was verbatim what I told you so I knew it came from you (ed. It was the “don’t trust the Donato’s thing). He basically tells Dick to lay low, that he looks like Joe going around talking to everyone. (ed. Not a chance!) Zach assures Dick he's not mad but to just watch what he says.
Dick relays that what he said to everyone was to ensure he went home and not Daniele.
Zach seemed to try to help Dick but is leery that there is any way of him to stay.

Amber has tweezers trying to get out an ingrown toenail for Jameka on the HOH bed. Jameka lets out a scream a couple times. Amber’s bedside manner is to laugh (ed. And she wants to be a nurse). Jameka takes her foot back at one point and says “how can there not be any blood?!”

Jess is posing at side of the hot tub in a fancy 2-piece and says she is trying to look hot (joking around). The camera person doesn’t miss the opportunity to zoom in on her from bottom to top. Jen also looks very dolled up with dangling earrings, makeup, bikini, hair pulled back into bun.

Jessica asks Eric, “How many layers do you have on?
Eric, “one, just a bathing suit.”
Jess “let me see the top.”
Eric, “the top of what?”
Jess, “the top of your butt.”
Eric shows her.
Jess, “just making sure.”

Later Jess says to Amber & Jameka, "What if it IS 3/3 (tie vote)?" and feeds switch (darn it!)

10:00 pm
Zach and Dani vs. Eric and Jess in beer pong. Dick is watching.
Eric and Jess won first game of beer pong.
Dani and Zach won second game. Eric wants to play again with water.
Zach and Dani beat Eric and Jess in game three. Game four about to start
They negotiate various things they have to do if either team wins. Its a little cryptic, but involves things like getting naked, doing weird diary room sessions, cleaning the house for the others. They are all having a nice evening.

11:00 pm
Beer pong game four goes into overtime. Zach and Dani win again. Eric and Jess have to clean Thursday and Eric has to get naked in the back yard tomorrow.

Amber, Jameka, and Dustin were in the little bedroom. Amber said if she wins HOH next week she doesn't want to nominate Daniele. Dustin and Jameka seemed a bit surprised and Dustin asked if it was because Amber feels bad for Daniele. Amber said she would nominate Jen and Zach. Dustin questioned her about it (mentioning how big of a competitor Daniele is). Amber said she would nominate Zach because he's going after Jameka.

Dick suggested to Dani about making an alliance with Eric and Jessica. Dani said if they do that, her loyalty is to Zach 1st. Dick then pitched it to Zach, who is open minded about it. Dani is saying Zach has nothing to worry about if Dustin leaves. They will have the numbers then. (Zach, Dani, Dick, Jen, Jess and Eric). Even if Amber gets HOH, she'll probably put up Dick and Eric for turning to the other side. She's really trying to push this idea on him. He's reluctant but seems open to the idea if Jess releases him from his promise to vote out Dick.

Jen, Amber, Jameka and Dustin are playing the "I've never" game. One person says “I’ve never done something (usually embarrassing) and everyone has to say whether they have done it or not. During this session Dustin announces he did oral sex for money, but when the details were revealed, it was really that he made his date give him cab fare because it was very late (but he took the subway home and pocketed the cash).

1:00 am
Zach and Dick talk about movies on all four feeds.

Jen, Amber, Eric, Jameka and Dustin are now playing “Which house guest did…”. Eric is the MC. He is really good at coming up with questions and rattles them off in rapid fire succession.
Jameka notices Eric’s shoes don’t quite match and makes fun that one is darker than the other.

Dani is telling Zach when this is all over she is going to take a month off from her life and Kris to figure things out. She said she will probably travel. Zack offers his sofa in Hollywood if she needs a place to stay. This came after a long conversation about Nick and how she and Nick found something so much more special than anyone would expect to find in a crazy situation like this. Dani says "everything happens for a reason".
Zack asked why Kris was moving back in with his parents while Dani was away and that it seemed to be a regression in the relationship after living together for 2 years. Dani said it was her idea because he had changed career paths, was in a 4 year internship and not making any money. She was supporting both of them, said it was very stressful and she couldn't do it anymore. They talked about Nick's goodbye speech to Dani on the live eviction show, she couldn't remember all of it and Zach filled her in on some parts she couldn't remember. Zack told her that Nick told him repeatedly he was really into her and hoped their relationship would continue outside of the house, but that it would be up to her. She said the night before he left she was able to talk with him and tell him many things about her feelings that had been left unsaid up to that night. Nick said, so this is "to be continued..." and she said "Yes, to be continued..."

Dick went to bed in the round room about 1:30. (ed. I figured he was trying to hear what the LNC was up to in the next room, but it appears he really went to sleep).
Dani and Zach go to bed too.

Jameka, Eric, Jen and Amber move to the living room and kitchen. Nothing of interest is discussed.

For a couple hours one feed has been on an extreme close-up shot of Jessica's face sleeping with her mouth slightly open. She’s in the HOH bed and the lights are on. She is out hard and doesn’t move.

Amber, Jen, and Eric are in the bathroom getting ready for bed.

Everyone is in bed and sleeping by 3:00 am leaving us wondering what the heck BB put in that party food?!

So, the halfway point does have many evaluating the alliances they need to make it to the end. The eviction vote will probably sway at least three times before Thursday. And there is hope among the late night feed watchers that Jessica and Eric will get their night alone :-)

Thanks as always to the updaters. It was a surprisingly uneventful day for a Monday.