Good Morning Jokers!

Morning -

ED is the first up at around 9:50am in the BY, smokin and spittin. ED showers, shaves and gets ready for the day. ED back in the BY comments "There's so many f'ing weirdoes in this house, oh my God!". "God America, I am so torn up. Torn up! Such a weirdo man, that chick is out of her gaddamn mind!" [not sure which female he is referring to]. At 10:45am BB announces that it is time to get up for the day and plays Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer".

Jen gets dressed and she and Zach join ED in the kitchen, who is now making himself some iced tea. ED comments about ants being everywhere. [Updater notices a folded pink paper on frig, not sure what it is]. They talk about the wake up songs. Zach starts singing and ED asks if he is singing or in pain. Jen makes the round beds then heads to workout. Zach tweezing his nose hairs. Zach and ED talk game in the BY. They are hoping Dustin being put up backfires and that ED stays. Jen nearly trips on the treadmill. Zach and ED wondering about the date today.

ED asks how set Zach is on keeping his word to Jess. Zach says it doesn't matter to him, its all about what serves his purposes. He figures they can use Jen for two more weeks. They talk about Jen, how she knows Boogie outside the house, her vacation with him and Lonnie in Bahamas. Not being able to figure her out, says she is alien to them. They do know she has lied about not having seen any previous seasons. Eric steaks through the BY, hgs woohoo. ED says if Zach and Eric had a duel it would be a sword vs. a needle. Lots of talk about if it will be shown, blurred etc. Apparently Eric is packin heat. Jameka tells Jess about Eric streaking and Jess can't believe he did it without them.

Jess, Jameka and Dustin talking about Eric streaking. Dustin comments that Eric looked semi-hard, that he has a lot to work with. When Dustin entered the HoH, Jess said she thought he was Eric and Eric is not welcome there in the HoH. Jess goes to the BY and tells Eric she is not talking to him all day because he streaked without her there. ED tells Jameka she missed the banana show, she says she heard it was the mini-banana show. ED and Dustin assure her, it's no mini. Eric mentions that Jess saw quite close yesterday, ED asks if he put it on her forehead.

Afternoon -

ED and Eric just chatting. ED mentions having a staph infection in his elbows when he was 17. Jameka, Amber and Jess seem really put out that Eric did not include them in his morning performance. They all plan to ignore him all day. Some of the hgs laying out tanning. ED comments as much as they lay out they should be really dark. Eric thinks they hit a wall. Talk of how hot it has been lately. Dustin and Jameka talking in the HoH about ED. Dustin says he hasn't gotten his tattoo sleeves back yet, hopes ED will tell him before he is evicted. Jameka thinks he will not get them back at all. Zach plants seeds of doubt with Jess about Dustin. Talks about him being shady and the thinker between him and Amber and how he influences Amber's votes. Thinks Dustin uses Amber's emotions against her.

Zach talks about how boastful Dustin is being about being on the block, like Kail. Jess says yeah and look what happened to her. Zach tells her just to be careful. Jess tells him thanks for lookin out for her. Zach then talks to ED, says they might just say wtf and vote to keep ED. Zach just worried Jess will hate him, not trust him if he vote to keep ED. Amber, Dustin and Jameka napping on the HoH bed. Jess removing nail polish in HoH. Jess looking at her hair dye instructions. Zach and ED still talking game in the BY. Eric, Zach and ED play bee/water pong to kill some time. They are bored but it's to hot outside. ED asks Eric if they can talk later, Eric asks about what, ED says game, Eric says eh?! sure. Eric loses three straight games of pong to ED. Jess and Eric talk in WC downstairs. Jess asks about Zach saying the vote would be 3-3, wonders if ED told Zach. Jess has trouble opening the hair dye package, Eric opens it for her and she says "Eric's my hero".

Eric tells Jess that ED admitted in their talk the previous day that many of the things he said about Eric were not true. Jess says he should have told ED to tell that to the group. Eric says he doesn't care, he is not that fickle about it. Eric gets called to the DR. ED comments on the fact Eric was only in DR for five minutes. Eric makes pizza, Jess comes from dying hair to eat some, thanks Eric. Jameka eating hrs at the counter. Eric on the floor eating, everyone is watching ED and Zach playing pong on the table. Lots of playful banter between Zach and ED as they play. Dustin asks Jess how he would look if he dyed his hair black, she thinks it would look good with his blue eyes.

Zach and ED talk more game in BY. ED mentions asking Eric to talk game later. Zach says Dustin is a f'ing prick and he wants him gone. Amber comes out and Zach teases her about just getting up at 4pm. ED talks about throwing Dustin's clothes over the wall or on the roof, more talk about the songs this morning. Zach and he talk about if ED leaves, they can't let Dustin win HoH. They talk about what type of competition it will be. They think it won't be questions, more physical or eliminating people. Eric was called to DR for audio problems, says he wishes he could just tell ED he doesn't want to waste an hour of his life talking to him since it's a foregone conclusion that ED is leaving. Dustin asks Eric if he has been approached about his vote, Eric says ED is campaigning but Dustin doesn't need to and shouldn't worry because ED couldn't get four votes or even a tie.

Eric tells Jess in the HoH that he thinks the vote will end up 4-2 with the mystery vote yet again. Eric talks about throwing a vote to Dustin if he is 100% sure ED is leaving, just as an fu. Jess says you can never be 100% sure, he says yeah, so he won't do it. Eric goes to the HoH bathroom, tweezing his eyebrows. Jameka, Amber and Dustin cleaning in the kitchen, trying to get rid of the ants. Dustin tells Eric that no one should talk game with ED, not to let him even think he might be staying. ED will just use anything they say against them. Jess is getting ready for her date. Dustin asks Eric about his talk with ED. Eric says ED claims the vote will be 3-3. Dustin wonders how ED thinks he can get Jen's vote after tormenting her for four weeks. Eric tells him not to worry, even if it is a tie, Jess will keep him. Eric tells Dustin this is not like Eric going up, Dustin volunteered, and they were actually considering voting out Eric and no one is dragging Dustin's name through the mud and making up lies.

Evening -

Talk in the HoH bathroom continues. Dustin is still concerned about the vote and maybe getting evicted. Jameka and Amber still cleaning in the kitchen. Jess, Dustin and Eric talking about the next HoH and who they would put up if they win. They are thinking Jen and Dani since they are both fierce competitors. They think Jen threw the last HoH and they wonder if she would be willing to throw the next one. They think Zach is getting worse at competitions. Eric jokes about it being a penis length contest and Jess says Dani would win. Eric says yeah cause she has four inside her. [huh?] Eric and Jess talk about who they could win against in the end. Dani is not feeling well, ED talking to her. They talk about going to Disneyland after BB and Dani says she never promised she would go. Talk about Nick going to. They start to talk about all the different rides etc. ED says Dani feels clammy, she says she is going to stay in bed for the rest of the day.

Jameka and Amber talking about Zach, about pros and cons of Dustin leaving. They talk about a comment Zach made about the peanut gallery, they are not sure what peanut gallery means.


Recap of previous events, Eric getting voted to stay, ED goes off on Amber and Dustin, the HoH contest, Jessica wins! ED goes off on Jameka, Amber goes off on ED. ED plans to torment everyone so he goes instead of Dani. Jess nominates ED and Dani. ED vows to attack until his daughter is safe. Who will win PoV? Will they use it to save ED or Dani? ED says in DR that he will do all he can to save Dani and make sure they send him out instead. Jess admits she has no problem with ED staying because there are other people he would go after first.

ED says he feels like every move he has made in the house is a mistake. Dani says how do you think I feel. ED says he is just not a good enough liar. ED advises her to befriend Jen and Zach, he tells her to take the vitamins too. ED feels he has made real progress in repairing his relationship with Dani. He says that is worth way more than the money. Jen enters the HoH, Jess doesn't really want her there but doesn't want to ask her to leave. Jess realizes Jen is trying to play both sides.

ED says he needs to win PoV so he can take her off the block. ED says he has to not only get the five to hate him, he has to get them to despise him. He gets up early, gets a pot lid and huge spoon and bangs on it to wake up Dustin and others, like a gong. ED starts in on Amber, then Eric, then Dustin. They show a shot of Dani brushing her teeth, smiling about what her father is doing. ED continues on like a mad man but it is clearly all calculated. As the five head up to the HoH, ED has a satisfied look on his face.


Jess emerges from DR and says they must pick players for the veto competition. Jess chooses Jameka. Dani picks Dustin. ED picks Zach. ED says in DR that it's us against the world, he and Dani need to win the PoV. Jess wishes everyone good luck. Everyone gets separated and sent to the backyard one by one. There are ten stations of drinks, some not so bad, some disgusting. The number of drinks you finish decides how many shots they each get in the croquet match at the end.

Jameka has trouble with many of the ones that have chunks.
Dustin drank all of them.
Zach doesn't even try.
Dani tries but has trouble with some of the chunky ones.
ED forces himself to swallow every single one.
Jess tries all the easy ones first, then has trouble with the nasty ones.

Now Eric takes over as host, the game is called Shot for Shot. He reveals the players, lowest shot to highest.

Zach has three shots. Scores = 6
Jameka has four shots. Scores = 10
Jessica has five shots. Scores = 17
Dani has seven shots. Scores = 20
Dustin has ten shots. Scores = 32
ED has ten shots. Scores = 33

ED wins the PoV. ED says "Over bitch!" He revels in his win and says he had to do it for his daughter. Dustin says ED has control in his hands and we all know how ED loves having control. Dani says she didn't want to make a big deal when her dad won but she was really glad he won. ED is very in their face about his winning the PoV.


They all come back in the house after the PoV. Dustin is bummed that he did not win. They wonder if ED will use the PoV on himself or Dani. ED comes in the house and rubs it in their faces some more, calls Dustin Princess over and over. He snipes at Jameka who says in the DR that ED is Satan in the house. The five all head up to the HoH. ED again standing in the kitchen looking very satisfied with himself.

ED makes comments to Jameka and Jameka says to Dani she thought it was her God too. Dani goes off on Jameka about how no one will look at her because of what ED does to her. Dani goes upstairs to the HoH and tells everyone there that she is tired of the comments and everyone judging her for what ED does and says. Jameka says Dani never bothered to get to know them, that it's not just about her dad. It turns into a yelling match between Dani and Jameka. Dani's point seems to be that she is not responsible for her father and what he does or says. Zach speaks up and says it is not Dani's job. Eric tries to make her understand that by not saying anything it comes off like she condones his conduct. Dani says no one understands what it is like for her, this is her life. Jameka apologizes. Dani then says in the DR that it was how she was feeling, but it was also strategy, because she doesn't want everyone hating her after her dad leaves.

Dani heads downstairs and ED joins her and tells her that was a nice shot. Dani asks him to stop going after people, ED agrees, says he has no reason to continue now. He says he just wants to enjoy the time they have left now. Dani cries, it sucks, she hates being on the outskirts of everything. ED tells her that when the five fractures, they will need someone and she should remember that. Dani admits when she first entered the house she didn't care if her father left, now he is the one person she does not want to see leave.


We return to find Dustin, Eric and Jess talking about putting Dustin up as a replacement nom, as a pawn. Eric is happy to see Dustin offer this since America wanted him to get Dustin nominated. Eric tells him that he would be safe, worst case, it's a tie and Jess keeps him. Eric goes to the DR and finds out that he must give the silent treatment to Jess. He is determined to earn our respect if it kills him. He plays sick as a means to avoid speaking to Jess. Jen talks to Jess and Jen plants the idea that Dustin and Dick are working together. Jess buys into it and is not happy about it at all. Jess goes to talk to Eric about it and Eric tells her he is sick and the medic told him to just avoid everyone. She gets even more upset and decides that Eric must be in on the Dustin/ED deal as well since he refused to talk to her. Jess is upset and crying over this. Jess feels like there is no one in the house she can trust now. She is very upset.


ED comes from the DR and prepares to hold the PoV ceremony. He says he knew from the second he won what he was going to do. He says if he didn't save his daughter he would be a complete and total asshole. Jess is still unsure who she is going to nominate because of not trusting Dustin and Eric now. ED gives Dani her chance to speak her piece. Dani says whatever he decides, he decides. ED says he is not going to use the veto on himself, but to use it on Dani and take her off the block. He then tells Jess to make a replacement nomination. Jess still looks upset and nominates Dustin. ED adjourns the meeting.

Dustin in DR, he fake cries about being nervous. Then laughs and says he is not at all worried. ED is very happy, he points out that many times the pawn has gone home. Jess says she thought she was playing for the group but now she feels like she is playing only for herself. She doesn't know who to trust.

AP task - Who should Eric get evicted from the Big Brother house, Dick or Dustin. Voting begins after the show and goes until Midnight.



Zach and Jess have a backyard date, just to the two of them. They start by discussing whether or not ED and Dustin actually have a deal or not. Zach thinks they do not, given the failed Eric eviction and the hatred between them. Jess says Jen told her and she mentioned it to ED because he asked why she was so upset at the PoV ceremony. By the end of this section of their date, Jess agrees that ED and Dustin do not have a deal or anything.

They talk about Jen. They talk about Jen giving up half the money and why she is still around. They wonder why she gave up the money and they decide that Jen will say anything to stay in the house but they wonder why she wants to stay so badly since she can't win all the money. They talk about the supposed kiss between Jen and Nick. Zach feels sure that if Nick had kissed Jen he would have told him [Zach] about it. Jess agrees that the kiss was a figment of Jen's imagination. They decide that Jen is alone in the house because of the hatred between Jen and ED, Zach starts to say Dani is part of that hatred to, but then says it's just ED.

They talk about the jury and ED. They talk about how they get only limited access to information and how much can change after someone leaves the house. They talk about ED and his tactics. Zach says ED apologized which is news to Jess. He never apologized to her. Zach says ED apologized to Amber and Jameka, again this is news to Jess since Amber and Jameka never mentioned this to her. They both agree that bringing people's personal lives into the rants was a bad idea. Jess thinks a good portion of America hates ED but that he probably has some fans as well.

Zach makes a promise to Jess to vote out ED but he is concerned about another rogue vote. He says he does not want it blamed on him and if it happens again he wants to have another talk with her. They wonder about Jen where the rogue votes are concerned. Jess admits that Dustin has brought up his concerns about that as well. Zach says he is going to vote out ED unless Jess tells him otherwise. Zach explains the tension between him and Jameka, says it started when she had just put on lotion before a live show, he touched her skin and then rubbed his fingers together. She took offense to this and he tried to explain but she wouldn't hear it. He says she holds a grudge and won't let things go.


ED and Dani talk prior to the date, ED wants Dani to try to find out how Jen is planning to vote. ED wants to do a DR session with Dani. Eric's gums start bleeding as he flosses to get ready for bed, Amber flossing as well. ED has to use the HoH WC since the one downstairs is occupied by Jameka. ED takes a few minutes to look at the HoH photos.

Jen says the DR is trying to get her to evict Dustin even though she plans to evict ED and it is annoying her. Amber asks Jen if she is keeping Dustin and Jen starts to answer but stops because she doesn't want to get in trouble for discussing DR. Dustin and Dani go to do a joint DR and Dustin tells her to remember to look as frail as possible. Amber asks Jen if she has a crush on Eric, Jen says no, that is Jess' guy. Dani and Zach vs. Eric and Jess in beer pong. Dustin tells Amber that America is probably so over you [her crying] and Amber takes offense and say no that we are not.

Jen, Amber and Dustin talking. Jen admits she was hurt when Dustin nominated her but really didn't care when ED did it. Jen says she is so ridiculous because she wants ice cream but can't stop looking at her love handles. They talk about working out, how much, when and how often. Amber and Dustin continue to talk when Jen goes down to get ice cream. Amber starts to mention something to Dustin but Dustin says he doesn't want to play the "I have hurt feelings game" and drag stuff out of her. Jameka prays on the hammock in the BY while Eric/Jess and Dani/Zach play beer pong. They only have four beers because Jess and Zach each had one with their date dinner. Jameka prays for ED and Dani, not wishing anything bad on them, praying she doesn't use her words to hurt others. She prays for Jess and her family and prays that Eric finds God. Basically she is praying for everyone in the house and thanking God for all the hgs.

Amber is on the treadmill. Dustin wakes up from a nap and joins Jen and ED watching the beer pong game. Eric and Jess lose again. Amber joins Jameka and they talk game. Jameka feels she is not doing enough for the team and feels helpless since she cannot compete in HoH's for four more weeks. Amber feels she has not done all she could. Dustin joins them and they talk about his hair cut and how hot he looks. Eric gets called to the DR. While Eric is in the DR, Zach suggests that Dustin and Eric have to make out for one minute if Eric and Jess lose the next game of beer pong. They have to wait till Eric comes out of DR to see if he will go for it. Dustin, Dani, Zach and Jess all think it's a good idea.

Amber talks to Jameka in the HoH about birth control. Amber uses nuvaring and Jameka asks if it gets hit during intercourse, Amber says yes, like a tampon but further up, her bf likes to play with it. [ewwww... TMI]. Eric tells Jess he wants to talk to her about game, their options for next week etc. Jess wants to talk too but says she thinks Amber and Jameka are sleeping up in the HoH. Amber tells Eric she thinks Jen has a crush on him despite her [Jen] denying it. Eric mentions that Jen called him Mr. America when he came out of the DR, wonders what that was about. Eric asks what he should do with this info, about Jen having a crush on him, Jess says make out with her. Eric whispers to Jess about there being more leading questions from the DR this week than any other week. He wonders if there is some reason they should be considering keeping ED. He tells her he thinks it means there is obviously something up with Dustin.

Eric makes points to Jess about if they cannot trust their group, this would be the week to cut them loose and align with other people. He says Amber would just be left dangling and Jameka cannot compete in HoH for four more weeks. They are leaning on the railing and BB voice says to stop, Jess asks what the voice is going to do about it. In the HoH Eric tells Jen and Jess he doesn't think Dustin's popularity is very high. Jen agrees and says he probably doesn't have the most fans. Jen says she thinks the most popular hgs are herself, Jess and Eric. They all laugh. Jess agrees with Jen. Jen thinks Dani is not popular because she cheated on her bf. Eric says Janelle was bratty too, but Janelle was funny and Dani isn't at all. Jen thinks only little boys who like being cheated on are fans of Dani.

Jess and Eric flirting quite a bit on the balcony. Eric says they have a twelve hour window to decide where they want to take their game. They have a few things to go over. First, Zach and Jen, what's going on with them. Second, make passionate love to each other. Jess giggles. Lots of stares and brushing hair, touching and hugging. They are being very sweet with each other, nice flirting. They talk game the whole time as well, where they stand with everyone, who they could win against in the end etc. Eric says he doesn't think LNC5 will make final 5. They talk about if Dustin goes what will happen, about negotiating some safety with ED if they keep him. They talk about how to get people voted out so no one hates them. Eric gets called to the DR and tells Jess when he comes back to be ready for him. Jess tells him to shut up, she's ready!.

After DR, Eric goes to HoH and talks more with Jess. Tells her it is her HoH week and she should do what she wants with it. Jess admits that she gets swayed when talking to people. After her date with Zach she was not trusting Dustin but then after talking to Dustin she starts to second guess herself. Eric tells her to just do what she wants, but all the time he making subtle pushes for Dustin to go. Eric says he thinks Amber is the most disliked person in the house, but she is weak and can't win anything. Dustin is a good competitor and can and has won stuff. He tells Jess he just doesn't want to do a D&D and act to soon. They talk about Jess' date with Zach, he teases her about and says he wanted to have dinner with her and they go back and forth as to why that hasn't happened yet. They talk about why each person got picked for the show, Jess thinks she was the ditzy blonde, Eric says he is the funny smart guy that knows about BB.

More talk into the wee hours. Talk about colleges and jobs, raises and such. Then they talk about the questions they got asked to be on the show. The psych questions about sexual desire for your mother, seeing animals no one else sees and such. Eric tells Jess he lived with his parents until he was 26 and didn't have much money when he moved out. Jess says she remembers Amber being in the same room where she took her test. Eric said there was a hippy chick in his room that kept trying to get attention. They told Eric he has a problem with authority, and a slight need for attention. Jess asks which way Eric is leaning on the vote, he is noncommittal and says it is her week, but at least they know about both of them and it could be good either way.

Jess tells Eric she likes his haircut and she forgives him for not showing her his wiener. He said it is harder to show her than others and she says really? He says it's because he cares what she thinks, he doesn't care at all what others think. He says to him it looked incredibly tiny at the time and he was embarrassed. Jess says well it didn't on the outside. He was just worried everyone was expecting something grand were disappointed. Jess said well it looked pretty grand. Eric says its just slightly larger than average, perfectly reasonable. Jess says he would rather have it that way than the opposite. Eric and Jess finally go to sleep about 8:47am. The house is quiet.