BB8 Daily Recap August 15, 2007
One pill makes you larger, the other one makes you… see little people in the living room!

It was a late night last night, so there is little activity other than the occasional bathroom trip by a couple houseguests. Everyone sleeps until noon when things get very strange very quickly. The feeds show a little person dressed as the Mad Hatter sitting on the couch locking around making different hand gestures and expressions. His top hat has playing cards on it (10 of diamonds, 3 of spades, 10 of spades, and 7 of hearts). He’s also wearing a large clock as a necklace with the time set to 6:47 (maybe 6:48). He’s very theatrical in his movements and when he speaks as well. Zack is the first one up and notices. He tells Zack, “What a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive.” Zack goes to wake the others while the Mad Hatter runs around the living room and kitchen. At one point we see him turning the setting on the toaster all the way up. It was reported he put on Dick’s sunglasses and danced too (I missed that part, darn it). As others make their way out and the Mad Hatter repeats several sayings over and over:
What a tangled web we weave when at first we practice to deceive.
There is no little enemy.
Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead
Fish and visitors stink after three days
A snitch in time saves nine (at times he may have said ‘stitch’, but usually he said ‘snitch’)
Sometimes he would speak towards someone, sometimes he would speak towards no one at all. He doesn’t say anything except the sayings.

Houseguest’s reactions are varied. Amber loves him. Dustin says his heart is beating fast and thinks he is scary. Jameka offers him something to drink. Zach stands beside him and mimics his movements (which was quite funny). Jessica examines him closely for clues. He runs back to the bathroom and stands beside the door while Jameka is in the WC. Looked like he was going to wait and scare her when she came out, but he moved on before she emerged. He ran upstairs and everyone thought he was leaving, but he came back down, of course still repeating his lines. At one point he sat on the counter and did a little butt dance. Zach said something about not eating there later. He looks and points at the pictures on the wall then goes in the bathroom with Zach. He starts dancing the Quip Tip with Zach.

Once everybody is up and presentable, the houseguests are allowed to go outside. BB announces to the Houseguests that it is Twelve Thirty-Six and Forty-Seven Seconds (12:36:47). They are treated to a barbershop quartet singing Ivory Rag while a pirate looking guy on stilts walks around. The Mad Hatter joins them and dances around. When the quartet finishes, everyone applauds and the pirate guy speaks “It is not enough to succeed, others must fail, after all what is a lie but the truth in masquerade, always drink upstream from the herd". He points it back to the quartet and they sing Wild About Harry and the feeds cut.

1:00 pm
The feeds return, but Joker’s has their own version of an inside lockdown due to the incredible amount of traffic generated by today’s happenings. Sarah, Dreamer, and Debber step in as special guest star updaters to make sure we are all kept informed.

Back inside, the houseguests see a mime/statue guy doing different poses in slow motion. There is a cage with 3 albino rabbits on the kitchen table. The cage has a sign that says Friends Welcome. Also there are 6 veto symbols in their cage in an arch shape. The rabbits each have a playing card on their collars (5 of diamonds, 9 of clubs, Ace of Hearts). Daniele took one out and petted it, while watching the statue. The statue makes many different poses including an archer, shock/surprise, thinking man, angry, quiet (hands over mouth). The houseguests are all very attentive and there are lots of whispers going on, particularly Dani to Dick. Jen is convinced the mime/statue is Joe. The statue bows and waves when Dick says thank you.

There is an outside lockdown while BB removes the ‘visitors’. Everyone is mostly quiet, trying to figure out all they had witnessed. Zach is going over nursery rhymes, "a man has 7 wives' and said that it has something to deal with that. Dustin said that the riddle is a snitch and Zach said he thinks it's a stitch, Dustin said a stitch in time will save 9 and if somebody figures out, it could save all 9 of them. Zach said that snitch is somebody amongst the nine of them that has still survived. He said that it could be somebody that is actually in this game.

Zach and Dustin discuss things “Maybe the statue poses coincide with each person leaving the house. The Barbershop Quartet sang 5 songs and they sang the last 2 twice but the first two only once. (ed. not unless it was while feeds were out, we only heard the 2 songs once). It has something to do with the bunnies with the cards on them. I want to know what that is. Always drinking the water up the herd is staying one step in front of everyone".

Dick and Daniele get upset with each other from trying to compare notes. They get a little loud with each other.

2:00 pm
Outside lockdown is over. BB starts calling people to the DR. Dick tries to mend fences with Daniele, but it was not going well. He thinks she is cranky from the slop (or lack of it).

Zach must not have been paying attention and tries to talk to Daniele. We hear him say, "Fine if you don't want to share your secrets with me. I won't share mine" He stands there a moment then says "No response....interesting" and then walks out. Dani sighs.

Eric and Dick talk game outside. Dick says there is a plan next week to get Eric out. Unless he wins POV, he will be joining Dick in sequester. Dick says if he stays, him and Dani and Jess and Eric could rock this place. Eric says he's open and that he knows things change from hour to hour in this place. Dick continues working hard on Eric until Dustin comes out with them.

Jameka is in the living room telling Amber the numbers have shifted. They think that Eric realizes that he's #5 of the group and it's not beneficial for him to stay in it and they (the 5) don't have the power anymore. Jameka says we just put up one of our own. What a dumb move. Amber’s common response to most of this is “Oh my god!”

Dustin talks to Eric after Dick leaves the back yard. Wants to know what they talked about, but shifts to “clue” chat. Eric says the 24 hours can't be over soon enough, "These weeks are brutal." They wonder when the clues will come into play. Eric says it might not happen for weeks. Dustin thinks it might happen later today and worries that it might increase his chances of going home. Eric thinks people are over thinking the clues and jumping to conclusions.

3:00 pm
Lots of “clue” talk around. BB asks Amber to move necklace so it’s not interfering with her mic. On the way to the bathroom, Jen remarks to Amber how it’s funny her necklace hasn't been a problem for the first "47" days (ed. Cue the cat sound!).

Back outside, Eric and Dick resume deal talk. Eric wants something huge because keeping Dick in would be huge. Dick asks Eric what he wants.
Eric says he'll have to think about it.

Jess has started taking pictures with the HOH camera.

Zach comes outside, Eric asks him if he saw the Sanskrit writing on the Mad Hatter’s shoes. Zach says he did, but couldn’t read it because he can’t read Sanskrit. Zach heads inside. Eric tells Dick that he made that up and there was no Sanskrit writing, Zach couldn’t understand it because it wasn’t even there in the first place. Dick thinks Zach is an idiot.

Later, Jessica takes a picture of Eric as he backs out of the WC with the booty shorts on. He doesn't turn around and goes right back in to change. It’s posted in the Media forum (ed. no comment).

4:00 pm
Dicks talks to Dani outside about his conversation with Eric. Dani is still upset at Dick and doesn't want to talk right now.

Jessica is taking an‘all girl’ picture. Dani is not thrilled. An ‘all guy’ picture follows.

Dustin asks Amber, “When you came in to wake me up what was I doing?” Amber says, “Sleeping” (ed. Not sure what answer he was looking for, lol).

Dani joins Dick in the back yard. Dick starts talking about the "statue" making a sad face. Dani doesn't know if it was sad or mad. Dick continues going over things. Dani says it's driving her crazy and goes inside with a big sigh. Dick talks to himself, “She's horrible on slop. I shouldn't have given the slop pass to ‘Jen’. I can tell she's not going to be of much help today. I hope she can pull it together.”

Eric goes in the HOH to give Jessica his version of the pitch from Dick. Jess says she will consider it. She says she really doesn't trust Dick and Daniele, but she doesn't trust Dustin either. Eric agrees.

Jen and Jameka join them in the HOH. Eric talks about being perplexed by the situation [visitors]. They talk about the little person messing with Eric a lot. Jen says every time she thinks she has something figured out, she rethinks it.

5:00 pm
Eric mentions the Sanskrit joke on Zack just before he comes in. They tell him that the Sanskrit says "Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house "

Pretty much everyone takes a nap except Dick and Jen in the Kitchen. They talk about the clues. Zach joins them and says he thinks he knows what the answer to the riddle is; it’s going to keep Dick there. Dustin comes in and asks if BB called a lockdown. Dick said they didn't, BB was sneaky and just closed the doors. Dick goes to the WC. Jen and Zach say they think Dick is holding back

Zach, Jen, and Dick have moved to the hookah room and continue to talk about the clues. Jen is called to the DR. Dick and Zach whisper about Jen and how she lied to Jessica that Dustin was in an alliance with Dick. Zach says he told Jessica on their date that keeping Dick would benefit her.

6:00 pm
Zach and Dick continue talking about clues.

Later Dick and Dani go over the clues. He tells her that Zach's theory is now, if the vote to evict is 5-1, Dick will stay. Dick says he's the Howie of this season. Dani responds “Yes! He's an idiot. He's stupider than I thought he was.”
Dani thinks there's the possibility nobody gets evicted this week, "Save nine? There are nine of us here.” Dick reminds her to "be careful on your goodbyes, these people can be on the jury." Dick says that the clues have screwed him up since he should be campaigning. Dick tells her about Zach's talk with Jessica. Dani says she does not trust Eric at all, “Don't be surprised if he agrees to the deal and you still go.” Dick says “I don't think Jessica would do that to you”. Dani says “I don't want you calling him out on his lying and making a [scene if you're evicted].” Dick says “I'll just give you a hug and a kiss goodbye”.

Lockdown ends and we see nothing new was in the backyard.
Dustin tells Jameka and Amber that he has a photographic memory but isn't good with audio memory. Dustin says he hopes it has nothing to do with the vote, but with a game that follows after the eviction. They think Zach is misinterpreting the clues. Jameka said he said some strange things in HOH. Amber has a dinner date with Zach tonight and Jameka says do not let him talk about the clues because he will cloud her memory (ed. She’s not kidding!). Dustin says that Zach said the "1-5-9" means he's the one, there's an alliance of five he's not a part of, and there are 9 left in the house.

Dick goes up to the HOH to pitch his plan to Jessica. He gives her a few minutes a few minutes to wake up.

7:00 pm
Jameka and Dustin go over clues in the back yard. Still thinking that statue poses related to houseguests; Joe the Surprised/Shocked look, Kail was Sad, Mike was the Thinker, Nick was Mad and Carol was the Archery as in arch enemy.

Dick is going into overdrive with his sell to Jessica in the HOH. Promising a Dick, Dani, Eric, Jessica final four. Dick says he will send Dani to Jess later and thanks her for listening before he leaves. .

Dick finds Daniele in the backyard, napping. Dick says “there's a chat with Jessica you can have upstairs. She's waiting for you.” He fills her in. Dani lays in the backyard lounge as Dick smokes for a bit. She finally gets up with a sigh and walks inside. Jessica meets her and they go upstairs to the HOH.
Jessica says “So obviously you know what me and your dad talked about. This will be between me and you. I don't have to tell Eric.” Dani says, “Honestly, strategically he's the best move for all of us. My honest to God problem with it is I don't know if I can trust Eric. It makes me really nervous. I know he holds last week against me.” Jess says, “… you haven't been able to play as ‘just Daniele’. I didn't know if you wanted that opportunity.” Daniele would want Jen to go first.

Jess says what will keep her from taking the deal is worrying if Dick/Dani would keep their word. Jess says they may hold something against her because she nominated them. Dani says she does not hold anything against her. Dani says a lot of the same things Dick says about how the only time she didn't keep her word was her deal with Kail. Dani said she needs to talk to Eric. Jess tells Dani she will talk to Erik and if he is ‘a go’, she will send him to talk to her. Jameka walked in on Jess and Dani and they invited her in but she left. It has the desired effect though as the HOH talk is ended.

Dani reports to Dick that Jess agreed to the plan too easily and she wants to talk to Eric.

8:00 pm
Jessica and Eric have a long chat in the HOH about the Donato deal. Some paraphrasing: Eric says he likes to hear both sides, “My selfish motives are not guiding me. It's important to me that you have your HOH week and you get the results that you want. Not to put it on your shoulders, but I want you to be confident on [what you choose to do]. I will take all the heat for it, not you. You will probably comfort Amber and Jameka and it's all my fault, I'm outcasted, and I can't spend time with you.” Jessica says “I don't know if I can trust them. Dustin is shady, but they are too. As long as Daniele doesn't win HOH next week, I don't see why anybody would be after you. It guarantees us a couple of weeks. We already have that if we don't piss anyone off. Amber's not good, but I wasn't supposed to win last week and I did. I told them "yeah, sounds good," but every time I go by myself, I think don't do it, but strategically it might be good to team up with them.

Eric says, “For me, this week put a lot of things into focus of what I want to do here. I am interested in protecting your interest as much as mine, I feel you have a great chance and mine change. I feel weird about Dick and Daniele. Very weird about Zach and far as I am concerned we can never talk to them again and they can sit alone for as long as they're here. I started feeling like I want to kick it in gear and stop at nothing to get us where we need to be to win. Whatever it takes. There is more to be done. I guess I am torn by the options. It's a big week. Positioning...the way things unfold. To me, the way I see it, I refuse to put the ultimate decision of the entire game on myself. I am one of 9 people in the of 6 voting...I can't go blue in the face.

Jess says, “I just want to get rid of Dick. I really do.”

Eric asks if Jessica would want to stand up and break a tie in front of everyone. Jessica says she wouldn't care. Eric says he's torn. Eric says staying with Jameka Amber & Dustin means down the line, they will crush them in HOHs because Jameka can't compete and Amber sucks. Amber comes in and the conversation ends.

Zach and Amber go on their "date" almost exactly like the one with Jessica last night, even the same food but it's in the living room. Amber tells Zach, "You should go on The Bachelor!" She asks him who he was voting for and he said that he told Jess that he'd do what she wanted him to do (ed. Zach didn't make any commitments and skirted the subject).

9:00 pm
In the HOH, Jessica, Jameka and Dustin are discussing all the clues. Dustin feels the end of the wondering will happen tonight and they will find out what today was all about. He wonders why Eric hasn’t really given any ideas on the clues and thinks it’s odd. Dustin is afraid of going home. Jess reassured him he is not going home. Dustin notices the night crew (CBS) people are here early and wonders if something will happen late tonight, early tomorrow.

Eric is alone in the hammock. He appears to be thinking. Dick puts a bug in his ear about talking to Dani while others are occupied. Eric does talk to Dani in the back yard. He says he hadn't thought about it really, but he's starting to think it might be a good idea to form an alliance. He says if her dad goes, she's the next one to be the target. It's a foregone conclusion. He says that what he's trying to explain is that they are both in a vulnerable position. There is something to be said for taking the strongest people and going for it and when we get to the final four we all go for it. Eric isn't sure about Zach and his thinking. Dani agrees and says that he's weird and strange. Eric continues on for a long time without much response from Daniele.
Eric says they are moving into the second phase of the game and he can't worry how other people perceive his actions. He has to do what's best. Daniele says if this happens, they shouldn't be open about their alliance. Daniele says she wants Jen out next. Eric says he isn't comfortable with Zach being the 5th, because he'll team up with Dick and Daniele. The conversations continues.

10:00 pm
Jessica, Jameka, Amber, and Dustin are in the HOH room talking about trust. Dustin wants to make a pact for the LNC5. Jameka talks about the safe route, taking the 5 to the end. Jameka talking about working on both sides and how others can cause doubt in the group because she knows people will work against their alliance and cause mistrust. Dustin asks Jessica about her talk with Eric. Jameka says Dick cannot be trusted and Jessica agrees. Jess doesn't like the combo of Dick and his daughter, she doesn't like them being there.
Amber says she is not two faced. Says she doesn't talk bad behind anyone's back. She feels she can get taken advantage of and not know it. Dustin says Dick was taking advantage of her. (ed. OK, I’ve been pretty good about not making the comparison, but that just had Nerd Herd written all over it, sorry).
Jessica tells them that Dani came to talk to her and said she would be ok with Dick going and that she can’t be trusted. Dani is open to deals but it isn’t gonna happen. Dustin and Jameka say good for you Jess (ed. As an updater pointed out, meanwhile Eric is downstairs hammering out a deal with Dani). Jess says she feels bad for people that go in to sequester with Dick. Dustin leaves and sees Eric talking to Daniele, reports back to the HOH.

Outside, Dani and Eric reach an understanding. It has to be final 4. If one of them is on block they have all other 3's votes to stay. If both are on block then Dick can vote for Dani and Eric can vote for Jess. They will discuss final 2 votes later. Doesn’t sound like they made a determination on whether to keep their alliance secret or not (ed. But if Dustin goes home Thursday, it will be pretty obvious). They keep discussing things before they finally head inside.

Dani points out that in a mirror she can see a monitor with her and Eric on it. They look closer and BB says “Stop that”.

Dustin says he will walk out in his robe if evicted. He put it on top his packed bag.

11:00 pm
Jess is in her bikini and Jen is putting hers on. Jess tells Jen in the Hot Tub it doesn't matter. Dick's going home, no matter WHAT they're trying.

Amber, Jameka, and Dustin are in the HOH bed. Amber says, “Something's up with Eric you guys, I know it.” Dustin and Jameka agree. Jameka says he's been distant and won't even discuss the various scenarios. Amber said two people in the house could be best friends and they'd never know. Amber is continuing to think Eric knows someone else here and has a secret partner (ed. How did she know? lol). They discuss the clues given today, trying to fit that in with their various suspicions.

Just about everyone makes it out to the back yard. Zach says he liked the little guy and wishes he could have one. Daniele thinks that is horrible and said "Oh my gosh, who says that." They all groan at Zach and he says he was kidding.

We see Eric working on Jessica to take Dustin out. Eric says Jameka proposed an all-woman alliance with Daniele, according to Daniele. Jessica asks if that was out of the blue, she just said that? Eric says yes. Eric says he thought about it and they didn't come into the house to be 5th and 6th. He wants to figure out how to get to the end. Eric says Dustin has deals with everyone and he's rubbing people the wrong way and he has ideas in place that Eric & Jessica aren't a part of. Eric says it makes him sad to say but Jameka doesn't have 4 HOHs and Amber sucks at the competitions. This is a chance to make a big move. Eric says if they do this, they are two HOHs away from the game being decided. And then in final four, they do their best. Eric says it probably won't happen like that. But says they can align with the weak or the strong.
Jessica asks what Daniele said that Dick didn't say that changed Eric's mind. Eric says he just had more time to think. Eric says game-wise, he and Daniele see eye to eye and that helped his conversation with her more than his conversation with Dick.

Amber, Jameka, and Jen are in the HOH talking about the clues for awhile. Jameka thinks tomorrow will be a two hour special because maybe an award show made it so the last show couldn't air. Jen thinks maybe it was football. Amber says, “I am so confused. I can't deal with this anymore.” They talk about the HOH comp, what it might be. Jen wants BB to tell them now if it matters what they wear.

1:00 am
It appears Jess is going along with Eric and the Dick/Daniele alliance. They will iron out details tomorrow. Eric asks “So, if we win HOH next week, who do you want to go up?” Jess says “Dick & Daniele”. Eric laughs and says "Shhh, we don't have to tell them that" and nods in agreement. Jessica and Eric agree they'd like Jen to win because they will be safe and she can nominate Dick and Daniele and get rid of them. (ed. I’m as confused as you are, folks) Then they said, "Well, we promised not to vote them out - So if they win Veto, we'll vote out the replacement."

Dani to Dick, “Did you get the head nod too? They're in. We'll talk about it tomorrow but they're in. Dick responds with a fart (ed. Now there’s a sentence I’d never thought I’d ever type). Dick says if they win HOH, they nominate Amber & Jameka but backdoor Jen.

I missed what triggered this, but Dick and Dani have a little spat. Dick is refusing to betray Eric, and Daniele says she doesn't trust him. Dick says Eric is betraying his alliance, and he won't do it to him. He tells Daniele that he thinks she is still playing emotionally, thinking about Nick, and not strategically. That did not go over well with Daniele. Dick tells Dani how much she means to him and how he got to spend more time in the house with her than he has in a very long time and how much he has appreciated that. Dick is very emotional, close to tears. Dani says “I'm going to bed. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

The winner of the ‘Dick rant of the day’ is Dick! He berates himself somewhat for upsetting Daniele. He said he should have never given ‘Jen’ the slop pass, that's when all of this started. Then says no it isn't. Talks and yells at himself some more.

Jessica is up in the HOH. Amber & Jen left right after the feeds showed them. Jameka stuck around, but eventually left too. Jessica is primping in the bathroom in a bikini. Appears to be waiting on Eric to get out of DR and come up.

2:00 am
After a FOTH we see Jen in the HOH with Eric and Jessica. Eric talking about DR questioning an alliance with him, Jessica & Jen. (as an updater pointed out, BB did not reprimand, so he was probably fibbing). They do some ‘clue’ work again.
Not much else going on for awhile.

4:00 am
Jess Eric and Jen are talking about going downstairs and hiding items so others will think there are more clues to be figured out. They're trying to decide where they can hide them. They think it would be really funny to put them in Dick's packed bag in the storage room but decide they will get in trouble with BB if they do that.
Jen and Eric eventually go down to hide things. Jess stays in HOH. First they hide large chess piece in back yard in the pool storage area, then they get some small items out of the kitchen and WR and put veto down inside it's holder on wall. Then FOTH...
When feeds come back Eric and Jen are coming out of storage room. They take out two purple flowers from the wall and FOTH again...
Next they are hiding things from the bathroom. Then they get green plastic knife in the kitchen and one of the utensils on kitchen wall, wrap them in towels and hide them under the couch in the bathroom. Back in the HOH they all laugh about it. Jen leaves and Eric and Jessica start to wind down, turn off the lights and go to bed but not really sleep.

5:30 am
Jameka rings doorbell and comes into HOH room. She turns on lights sits down and starts talking. She asks if they have had any sleep yet. They tell her no but she doesn't leave. They were talking about recent events in the house. Near the end of the conversation Jameka started talking about how Dick has been degrading people, and asked if they think Dick knows he's leaving. Jess and Eric were quiet for a moment. Jameka said Dick hasn't come to her for a deal or anything and talked about how Dick has been calling Jen names again. During most of this Jessica and Eric were dead quiet on the bed. After Jameka left Jessica sounded guilty about evicting Dustin. Eric told her he feels bad about it too. Jessica replied "Well, then..." (like she was telling him let's not do it) but Eric cut in and said they'll talk about it later.

Jameka made a snack after leaving the HOH room and ate it on the couch in the backyard. She goes to bed and all houseguests seem to be asleep.

At this point do you know who’s going to be evicted? I sure don’t.
At this point do you know what the all the clues mean? I sure don’t.
At this point do you think the Mad Hatter will return? I’ll take a guess we’ll see him again at the end.

The updaters had it rough today. Give them a kind word when you can.