BB wakes the houseguests up at 10 and promptly ushers them up to the HOH for a lockdown. Everyone laid around trying to catch a few more moments of sleep until the lockdown was over around noon. Jess began moving out of HOH and Jameka speculates that this is going to be a double eviction week. All the houseguests helped to clean up the BB house for the live show tonight.

Dustin asked Zach if Dick and Daniele have approached Zach for a deal because they are the “king and queen of making deals.” Zach said that they had not and that if Jessica changes who she wants Zach to evict, it’ll change things for him. Dustin mentioned that the alliance between Zach and Dustin has been strong from day one. They noticed that things in the house have gone missing and suspect that it is someone in the house trying to throw others off. After Zach left the gym, he gives Dustin the finger.

During the show, Joe gives his two cents in an interview about Dustin. By a vote of 4-2, Dustin was evicted from the house. Despite having his king's robe on top of his bag, he does not put it on. HOH was a True/False quiz type of competition based upon the events that took place the day before. Jen went out first, Zach and Dick next and then Eric leaving Amber and Daniele. Daniele won her second HOH and is excited to spend her birthday as HOH.

After about 20 minutes, Amber goes into the bedroom and begins to cry. Jameka upset because “peoples word means nothing in this house.” She stays in the bedroom while everyone else is out in the kitchen talking and laughing. Amber was a little upset and holding back tears when Daniele asked her what she thought her daughter was thinking. Jessica later tells Dick that Amber is taking it a lot better than she thought she would. Daniele also tells Dick that Amber is handling Dustin’s leaving better. Daniele joked that she is going to put Dick up to get rid of his farts.

Dick told Jen that Jessica tipped Jameka off to what was going to happen earlier and that is why Jameka didn’t look at anyone during the show. Daniele and Dick were outside talking about the HOH competition and joking about who Daniele would put up if Dustin was still in the house. Amber comes out and asks if she is interrupting anything, they both said no and Amber hopped in the hot tub. Daniele had burned her hand on a hot pan after HOH.

Jameka and Jessica talked upstairs about how they never knew what Dustin was going to do, but they know what Dick is going to do so it was better to keep Dick. Jameka said that she thinks something is going on with Eric because why would he vote to keep Dick who outted him last week. Jessica told Jameka that it was Zach that sold her on voting out Dustin.

The mans club (Zach, Dick, Eric) hangs out in the backyard. They talked about the Chinese food that they will be getting tonight. Eric gets his clothes out of the dryer and heads inside. Amber tells him that she is ready to talk whenever he is. Before they get the chance to talk, Daniele came out to see her HOH room! She got a bunch of new pictures, nerds and a handwritten letter from Nick. When she went downstairs to eat with everyone, she said that Nick wrote to tell Zach to stop fake sleeping and that he wrote things which made her know he read her blog.

Daniele gave a speech over dinner saying that there were a bunch of people and they are the eight left and she is happy that she is sitting there eating with each and every one of them. After a few minutes, Amber said that everyone voted how they felt they needed to and to not treat her any differently than when Dustin was there because she’ll be fine after a few days and that she isn’t mad at anyone.

In the backyard after everything was cleaned after dinner, Daniele and Dick discuss who Daniele is going to target. She’s going to put Amber and Jameka up and if someone wins POV, she’ll put Jen up and Jen will go home. If the nominations stay the same, Amber will be going because Jameka can’t play for HOH for another 3 weeks.

Eric is goofing around and is putting on Jessica’s dresses. Everyone but Jameka is amused. Jameka and Amber were taking in the bedroom and Dick comes out of the DR and joins them. He said that he knew that they were going to target Daniele had she been on the block and they both deny it. He also asked if Dustin volunteered himself to go up to which the girls were both silent. Dick replied “well, that’s what I heard.” He is showing all of Dustins lies to them but the girls are quiet. Once he left, Amber said that Dick Daniele Eric and Jessica have an agreement to go to the final 4 but that they don’t have the votes.

Amber is clearly depressed and sad when she was laying in bed. Jameka joins her and says that everyone is saying they evicted Dustin because he was so boastful and prideful and that he thought he had it in the bag. She said that it wasn’t a Amber thing or a Jameka thing, but it was because of Dustin that he got booted. Amber admits that she feels like a big nobody since Dustin is gone.

Daniele said that she was getting depressed about her birthday, but now since Dick is there and Dustin is gone, and she’s the HOH, she is excited. Eric joins them in HOH after receiving the note from the DR as to who to get nominated. He promptly said that the would love to see Amber on the block. Dick pointed out that he went up against both Gonorreah boys (Joe and Dustin) and that they were both sent home and that people should start calling him penicillin.

Eric left and did jumping jacks naked for Jameka, Amber and Jessica, and they all head to bed. Dick and Daniele chatted up in HOH til 5 in the AM about how they think that Amber will tell everyone to vote her out to be with Dustin if she stays on the block until Thursday. During the Dick and Night show, he continues to say that he can’t believe that he pulled it off and that it was unbelievable. He said the worst thing that could happen is that Jen wins POV and HOH next week because she’ll probably put Dick and Daniele up on the block again. After talking to Daniele up in HOH again, who isn’t tired at all, Dick goes to bed. By 7:30 am, everyone is in bed with the lights off.