Big Brother Recap August 17, 2007

Tears, Fears, Slop and Dick remains on Top!

Big Brother woke everyone up at 10:30 am with promise of a food competition in one hour!

Jen and Eric talk about his naked jumping jacks the night before, Eric wishes he could take it back! He believes his naked booty is probably all over the net by now!

The food competition was 2 hours long. When the feeds finally return the houseguests were dressed in togas. We first see Zach calling Dick into the storage room to celebrate their victory. Seems it was the Zach, Dick, Eric and Jess against the Jameka, Amber, Dani and Jen for teams in food competition. It was a game like beer pong that they played except the losing team was put on slop. The men won leaving Jen, Amber, and Jameka on slop for the week. Jess was on the men’s team and can eat this week. Jameka commented that she was not going to let this get her down, Amber agreed but they both went into the bedroom to mope!

When they came in from the food competition they noticed the table was a smaller table!

Jen and Eric chat a bit. Jen said Dani wouldn’t tell her who she was putting up but she figures it will be her, Amber or Jameka with the one left out being put up if veto is used. Jen said she didn’t want Amber to win HOH, but she didn’t want Dani to win either. That Amber would have been out for revenge because of Dustin. She then said getting Dustin out was a bad move. Eric said no it was a good move he said they took out a strong player and a member of the team. He believes Amber is the weakest link of the team now. The discuss Eric’s girlfriend. He said he does not know how she feels. That he didn’t discuss the house with her.

Jen said that she thought their would be a twist this week. Eric said he thinks their will be a luxury competition. They then start stroking each others egos saying that they would hang out with each other outside the house, and how much alike they are etc.

While everyone was napping (that food competition really was tough)! Zach made some chocolate cookies. They came out really soggy. Dani said they looked liked poop. SO they decided to put some on the toilet seat and in the toilet and see people’s reaction. Dick was the first one to get up. He at first said he didn’t know what it was.

At 5:00 BBstarts waking people up and calling them to the DR. At 5:15 we get trivia on the feeds indicating it is the nomination ceremony.

When the feeds return we see Jameka outside the HOH praying. Dick asked her if she was OK she replied yes very sarcastically.

Amber and Jameka have been nominated. Both were visible upset over it. Amber said to Jameka that God did this for a reason to make them stronger to which Jameka replied that she just wanted someone good to win not someone evil. Amber then said that if they both stay this week they will be like Jen and Kail. She said she had a vision that she will win HOH. Then they both agree the biggest mistake they made was keeping Eric. Both girls claim they will win POV and fight to the end. Both are upset with Eric and Jess for getting rid of Dustin. They think that Jess and Eric have a plan to go with Danielle and Dick to the finals because according to Amber nobody would want to sit next to Amber in the finals because she is a Mom, good person and everyone loves her. (Another delusional comment by Amber!). Amber also said that she could “feel” it that she knows they are not going home this week, that she will win HOH this week and send them packing!

Amber and Jameka think that Dani’s letter from Nick was coded. That the line in it referring to Zack refers to who she should align with.

After amber gets called to the DR. Jess joins Jameka and asks her if she is OK. Jameka said she was but she was upset with all the different alliances in the house. She couldn’t understand why Dick was still there and how he berated Jen all the time. She also asked her if she picked house guests choice would Jess play for her in the POV competition. Jess replied that she would because she liked those games (not that she would use the Veto to save her). Jameka then asked her if Eric had a deal with Dick and Dani, Jess replied that she really didn’t know (lie).

Amber and Eric talk in the bedroom. Eric explained to Amber that the best move was to get rid of Dustin. That it was very hard for him but he knew Dustin had deals with everyone. Amber asked him why he didn’t tell Dustin he was going and Eric replied that it wasn’t his thing to tell him and he did not know how the others were voting. Amber then said she can’t trust Eric or Jess anymore. He said that the four of them should meet to clear the air.

Jen and Jess have a discussion in the hammock. Jen is clueless on who the replacement nominee would be if POV was won. She also said that she hates to lose and is real mad about the HOH competition because she messed up and went out first.

Eric met with Jameka a bit later and said same things. Said it was purely strategic, that he was the fifth wheel in the alliance and he needed to vote Dustin out to get some security. He told her that Dustin said he had a deal with everyone and would be OK the next few weeks. He also felt that Dustin was a huge threat to win the whole game. Jameka replied that she has only 1 vote,, but it is a vote out of loyalty. That Dustin gave his vote out of loyalty too. That she should have known before so that they could have discussed the votes. Eric then went on to explain that he was alone after the group disserted him. How he felt good the first four weeks but after is nomination he felt so alone. That the group had turned on him. He said that he was not a risk talker and removing Dustin from the game was a huge risk, but one that he had to do because he knew his days was numbered. He said that he hopes they can move past it, that he never envisioned the game going like this. He then tells her that she has his support and he is willing to talk whenever. Jameka thanked him for the talk and for talking to Amber.

Once most of the house guests go to bed Dick and Eric have a conversation in the back yard. Eric explained the conversations he had with Amber and Jameka. Dick told him that Dani and he are committed to this alliance to final four. Dick said the three biggest mistakes made in the game were
1. Dustin offering to go up as a pawn
2. Mike offering to go on the block
3. Jameka giving up 5 HOH’s

Dick then said the target is to get Jen out. Eric said would not be his first choice but he sees where he is coming from. Dick said they need to get rid of Zach next week, that he is useless which Eric replies that Amber is useless too. Dick said that he is glad Dustin is gone, and Eric said he does not miss him for a second. Dick said he would have walked out of sequester if Dustin was in the final two, Dick said that if Jen wins POV tomorrow that Amber will leave. Dick then explains the candy bar plan to Eric, Amber and Jameka up this week, send Amber home, Jameka and Jen up the next week, send Jameka home then put up Jen and Zach and send Jen home, have them all be on the block for multiple weeks.

Dani joined the BY crew and they had some laughs. They agree that at the POV if prizes were offered they should take them. Eric put Jen down some, he told them that her told Jen that he was going to put mustard up her nose, Dick again asked if Eric did the mustard and he said no. Dick then said that he took and hid Dustin’s robe in the round room and hid one of his famous gray shirts n the storage room! Dani then said she did not understand why Dustin hated her so much which Eric replied he sure did hate you!

Eric then explained to Dani that they should give Zach an HOH so he can’t compete the following week for it. That they could control him and that if he does not compete for a bigger one then they could get him out.

Dick then said this was the best show ever that he knew he was going home and had to talk to the other side. He picked Eric because he knew he would listen and reason that he was a smart guy. Eric said that he is going to have a big week this week on the show and Dani said that they will show him in Jess’s dress.

Dick and Eric head to bed around 4 am to dream of Veto’s and Jen!

Who will the POV? Will Jen be saved yet again? Is Eric plotting to get Zach and HOH so he can get rid of Dick or Dani? Only Saturday will tell!