7 AM – 12 PM

All HG’s are slumbering away.

12 PM – 2 PM

Zach is the first one up this morning and takes a shower. The cameras follow him as he dries off and plucks nose hairs, blows snot rockets, etc. Jen appears to be having a bad dream or is extremely uncomfortable. She is tossing and turning in her bed. After completing morning business, Zach moves to the kitchen to make himself some breakfast. He turns on the grill and goes to the Storage Room where he sneezes several times before coming back into the kitchen. He proceeds to the grill where he proclaims to be the grill master and utters other generally goofy statements while farting.

Jen finally wakes up and goes to the WC and then applies something (moisturizer?) to her face. Dick is now up and in the WC, but then goes back to bed. Jameka is next up and is greeted by Jen as she walks through the kitchen. Jen tells Zach that she is glad to be on slop again so that she doesn’t just eat all the time. Jen heads to the Workout Room. Zach puts lots of pepper on his grilled salmon and eats his breakfast. Dick is up again and tells Jameka “Good Morning”. Jen finishes her workout and makes herself some slop.

Dick makes his way to the backyard for his morning cigarette. Zach announces that he is going to put on some shoes and join him. They discuss the last time they had “personal relations”. Zach lifts weights in the backyard for a few minutes and then joins Jen in the kitchen where she is still cooking slop. Danielle is up and changes her batteries upon request from BB. Zach and Danielle watch and discuss Jen working out.

Danielle and Zach discuss Jen’s reaction when she is put on the block tomorrow. They think that the rest of the week will be hell for her.

2 PM – 4 PM

Danielle and Zach go take a break from tanning for some food. Danielle wanted a cookie. They are talking and having a good time. Jen has stopped working out and has changed into her black bikini. She is tanning with Danielle and Zach. Zach asks Danielle about her “21st” birthday last year? She says she spent it with Kris and her family. Danielle and Zach continue to joke around in the backyard. Jen gets called into the Diary Room. Amber gets called into the Diary Room too. Zach and Danielle wonder what they are talking about in the Diary Room and have a discussion about Kris and Zach’s ex. Zach states that Kris gave up a lot when he started dating her (drinking, working out, etc) and that his ex would be impressed since he has lost weight since they broke up. They are both bored.

Zach, Danielle, and Amber are in the kitchen discussing the trip. Zach tells Amber that her outfit is cute. Zach and Amber exchange general chit chat. Jameka joins them in the kitchen. Dick and Jen are also in the kitchen. Dick complains that there are ants in the cabinets. Jen flashes her butt to the camera.

4 PM- 6 PM

Dick and Jameka are talking in the backyard. Jameka is pretty unresponsive and reply’s with a lot of mmm hmmmm’s. Dick proceeds to do cannonballs in the pool. Danielle is called in the Diary Room twice, and the others become suspicious. Eric is also called in the Diary Room. Jen tells Danielle that they asked her who she thought the replacement nominee would be in her Diary Room [if she only knew].

6 PM – 7 PM

Jameka showers while Amber sits on the couch. Jameka tells Ambers to only agree not to put up Danielle if Amber wins HOH.

Eric and Amber talk about making a possible deal with Danielle. When asked if she was willing to make a deal with Danielle, she tells Eric “No”. Eric then moves on to talk to Jen about the POV. He plays dumb and pretends not to know that the POV is going to be used against her, saying that it could be either one of them on the block. Jen is pushing to get whoever gets the next HOH to nominate Dick and Danielle- she wants one of them gone. Eric is in the pool, and Jen is poolside as they discuss replacement nominees. Eric tells Jen not to worry until tomorrow. Jen thinks she is safe if she is put up because she thinks she has Zach and Jessica’s vote. Eric recaps the biggest threats in the house, saying that it is Eric, Jen, Danielle, and Dick. Eric says that whoever remains next week will go after Dick [is he breaking his newest alliance?] and that if the POV is used it will be another wasted HOH since the original person nominated will go home. Eric says that he thinks Danielle will keep it the same, but isn’t sure since they lie all the time. Jen thinks that Danielle will try to back-door her sometime in the future and wonders why everyone thinks she is a threat. Eric says it is because she wins competitions. Jen thinks that Dick won’t be mean to her because he needs her votes in the jury. She also doesn’t think she will win, but that she will come in second. Eric told her he would vote for her if she was in the final two.

A little later, Eric goes to Dick and relays his conversation with Jen. Dick looks forward to seeing Jen miserable. They both bash on Jen for a while.

7 PM – 8 PM

Amber and Danielle talk about the first day in the house in the HOH room. Eric told Amber not to worry about Dick and Danielle. That they will backdoor people. Amber says she is worried and Danielle assures her that she doesn’t want her to go home this week. Danielle offers her a deal if she agrees not to put her up next week. Amber says "I won’t put you up, I swear on my daughter. I feel my times coming. I won’t put you up, even 2...3 weeks down" [thanks journeyman]. Amber even throws Jameka under the bus and says she will vote Jameka out if that is what Danielle wants her to do. Danielle offers to remove Amber from the block and not get the votes for Jameka to leave too in exchange for safety next week. Danielle again says that she is playing the game strategically, not personally and that taking her off the block will piss a lot of people off. Amber is plays up the fact that she isn’t a threat since she has yet to win anything. Amber tells Danielle that she and Jameka have never discussed making it to final two or forming an alliance. She also says that she told Dustin to stop being rude. Amber says she won’t say anything about their talk to anyone0 not even Jameka. They end the conversation with a hug and Amber tearing up.

Amber moves on to the bathroom with Jameka. Jameka is putting curlers in the hair, and Amber is quietly sitting on the couch. Everyone else (expect Jen, Amber, and Jameka) is eating dinner together. Jameka asks Amber if she talked to Danielle. She said she did and she isn’t supposed to say anything but she will anyway. She told Jameka to act like she didn’t know. [Wow! That took all of five minutes!] Amber tells Jameka to meet her in the backyard in a few minutes.

A few minutes later, Jameka and Amber talk in the backyard. Amber tells Jameka about her conversation with Danielle in the HOH room.

All the HG’s were ordered outside for a lockdown. Danielle gets very excited because she thinks it is for her birthday. Jessica and Zach play tetherball in the backyard until Jessica broke it. Everyone is sitting around talking about past house guests on BB. They think Joe is happy that America thinks he was a better boyfriend and is probably getting more dates since the show. Danielle says that if she wasn’t in the house right now she would be at Disney World with Kris.

8 PM – 9 PM

It’s Danielle’s birthday party! Danielle got a card with pictures on the front of her friend’s and their baby, some home-made cookies, some Bath & Body Works stuff, and some red velvet cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes. The slop eaters don’t get cupcakes. The HG’s ask about her friend Paul. The conversation was kind of awkward since she hasn’t talked to him in awhile. Eric asks her if she is going to celebrate her birthday after midnight or tomorrow.

Conversation turns to why they have been called to the Diary Room so often and the party ends. Jameka puts the cupcakes away for Danielle, while she heads upstairs to the HOH room with her gifts. Dick follows her upstairs and she mutters under her breath for him to go away. He comes in the HOH room behind her and she is short with him so he tells her Happy Birthday and leaves. Danielle sits alone in the HOH looking sad. She reads her birthday card and closes it. Then picks up a letter and reads it. The letter was not mentioned downstairs. After she finishes the letter, she sits there with a blank look on her face, before getting up and taping the Happy Birthday sign over her bed. After getting a drink out of the fridge, she goes downstairs.

9 PM – 10 PM

Dick screwed Danielle’s age lie all up by stating not another landmark birthday. Danielle’s face freezes and Jen asked Danielle is she was 21, 22 or 23. Dick deflects the awkwardness and asks Jessica what is up between her and Eric. She answers by saying Eric is the one she is closest with in the house. Amber asks Danielle if she knows what she is going to say at the nominations tomorrow- Danielle states she doesn’t know. Dick pulls Jessica aside and asks her to talk to Danielle. Apparently during the Diary Room, they asked her how she felt about not getting anything from her boyfriend. Dick knows she is upset and thinks Danielle might like to have someone to talk to about it. Jessica agrees to talk to her.

Dick tries again to talk to Danielle, and she is still being short with him. Danielle is obviously upset, but won’t talk to Dick about it. Dick is trying really hard to be there for her and make her feel better but it doesn’t work. Jameka comes in and Danielle says she’s going upstairs.

Danielle heads up to the HOH, pulls the covers over head, and quietly cries to herself.

Amber and Dick exchange random banter in the kitchen. They discuss the percentages regarding the bunny suits. Amber doesn’t say much as Dick rags on Jen. Amber wonders how may interviews they go on after leaving the house. Dick doesn’t think that many, just Julie Chen and House Calls. Amber doesn’t know what House Calls is [has she ever watched the show before?] and Dick explains it to her. Amber and Dick talk about Kail and wonder what else there is to know about her. Amber had to take time off from her job to come one the show and had to tell her boss at the last minute. Dick asked if Amber told him why and she said it was for a reality show and that he would only let her off of it was for Big Brother.

Zach went outside after ringing the HOH doorbell and not getting an answer. He starts playing chess by himself.

Eric and Jameka talk about how they think Zach wakes them up in the mornings on purpose. A little later, Eric joins Jessica in the bathroom. She asks him if he is nervous, and he says he is a little, but Jessica tells him she doesn’t think he needs to be worried. Eric thinks that Amber is trying to make a deal. Then they talk about sharing their first kiss and FOTH!!!!

After Jessica finishes her shower, Eric joins her in the Bedroom. He asks her if they are going to drink, she says yes, then asks are we going to talk the night away, she says yes...then he says are we going to share our 1st kiss and she says yes...then jess "they" asked me about that, if we've kissed, then FOTH...then feed back on and jess says "see now you know they asked me that" [thanks jamiekaylen]

Zach and Danielle sit on the balcony talking. Danielle is talking about how things are going to be different for her when she leaves the house. [She is having her own pity party IMO]. Jen comes up and interrupts. Zach tells Jen that they are having a heart to heart and she ignores him and keeps talking. After Danielle leaves, Jen stays and Zach looks like he is miserable. He is lying on the couch with his eyes closed, while Jen sits in silence and eats her slop.

Eric comes up to the HOH and is talking to Danielle. He says has noticed that she hasn’t been celebrating her birthday and he thinks he knows why. He tells her about his own situation, and she says it is hard not knowing what is going on outside the house. Eric talks a lot about his girlfriend (which results in lots of FOTH). Danielle is also upset that Jen has been tipped off as to what Danielle might be doing in her Diary Room sessions.

10 PM – 12 AM

Amber prays in the backyard and kisses her locket. Eric interrupts her to tell her it is time to play quarters and she informs him she is praying and will be there in a minute. Dick is asleep. The rest of the house plays quarters for awhile, and then move to playing spin the beer can. It is a question and answer game somewhat like the Magic 8 ball. They are asking the can questions like, who is most likely to be evicted next? (Jen), Who is most likely to win next HOH? (Eric), etc. Zach isn’t playing spin the beer can. Dick wakes up around 11:30pm and brings out more beer. The magic beer can says that Danielle will be the winner of BB 8! The game continues until 11:45 pm, when they are given more beer. Quarters resumes.

12 AM – 1 AM

At midnight, everyone shouts Happy Birthday to Danielle. Zach exclaims he will wear the unitard. Dick is by himself in the backyard and makes a comment about Danielle looking like she is having fun.

Eric and Zach go to the workout room and talk strategy. Zach tells Eric that he can win against Dick in the final 2, but not Danielle.

Eric returns to the game wearing Jen’s bikini. He was crouched in the shower wearing it, back out of the bathroom and ran into the Little Room to put on shorts. He then does cartwheels and everyone is laughing. Eric and Zach then changes back into normal clothes.

Eric and Jameka talk in the small bedroom. He tells her that she is not the target this week, and that if she stays on the block that she has his, Jessica, and Amber’s vote. Jameka doesn’t sound that convinced.

Danielle tells Jessica to go in and interrupt Eric and Jameka and play a trick on them by telling Eric not to waste his time talking to Jameka because she is going home. Eric comes out and Jessica tells him that. Eric is pretty wasted. He keeps grabbing her hand and pulling her close to whisper to her. He tells Jessica that he has a secret sexual relationship with Jameka and Jessica smacks him. She tells him she is done with him and she hates him. They continue to flirt and Eric asks if Danielle was serious. Jessica says they were joking. Eric says he was just being nice to Jameka because she is sad that she is nominated. Zach comes over and starts playing with Eric’s nipples with a pair of tongs.

All the while, Dick is sitting on the toilet taking a dump and is asking them to go away. Zach opens the door exposing Dick.

Eric and Jessica admit that they are both drunk. They ask Jen if she knows where any more wine is, but it is all gone. Eric tells Jessica that he thinks that America is rooting for them. They continue to flirt and Jessica asks him what he wants to do. She wishes she would have won the trip. Eric says then she would be taken away from him. Jessica says that why she lost the competition on purpose. They talk about getting married and her telling Dick that Eric will move to Kansas, but then they agree to compromise and move to LA.

Zach tells Danielle that he wants to make her breakfast in bed for her birthday.

1 AM – 2 AM

Amber is explaining more of her conversation with Danielle to Jameka. Dick is in the backyard talking to Jen about Dustin. [It isn’t nice]. He compares Dustin to other arrogant players from other seasons. He talks to Jen about the Chill Town alliance and that Will was the best player to ever play the game. He thinks Janelle was the best competitor on BB so far. Jameka joins the conversation and says that Erica looked like Skeletor. She is holding her stomach and complaining of gas. Conversation continues about past players.

Danielle and Zach talk in the HOH room. Danielle says that Jen is going to be furious when she is nominated. Zach thinks she will be a little pissed, but Danielle seems worried about her reaction. Danielle wants Zach to promise to evict her. He guarantees it 100%. She is going to replace Amber, and that should make it obvious that she wants Jen gone this week. Zach says he doesn’t respect Eric, but Danielle says he is a very smart player. Zach disagrees and compared Eric to an encyclopedia. Jameka comes in and interrupts them. Zach leaves.

Jameka talks to Danielle about being nominated this week. She says she wants Danielle to have a good HOH week and she will respect whatever decisions she makes. It was a pleasant and short conversation. After Jameka leaves, Zach returns. They try to get the spy screen to work with no success.

2 AM – 3 AM

Looks like Eric got his AP assignment. He tries to sneak the Woobie back out of the Diary Room and the HG’s ask him what he was doing in there. Eric quickly goes to the WC and rinses with some mouthwash.

Danielle and Zach are still in the HOH room talking about random stuff. Zach says he doesn’t care what the HG’s think about him- he is a gamer. Danielle says that she is going to take a vacation from life after the show. Danielle and Zach talk about how no one has come up there since she has won POV. Danielle is enjoying it. Zach tells Danielle that he didn’t even know what a Mrs. Robinson alliance was. [Now who is playing stupid?]

Amber, Dick, Jessica, Eric, and Jen talk about Eric not playing for POV yet. They pick on Eric a little and talk about Julie Chen. Amber wonders if Julie’s job is hard and she thinks that the head of CBS is Asian. [Where has she been living?] They are all talking and hanging out in the bedroom. Dick starts in on Jen, saying she smells. Dick files his nails, and Jessica asks if someone had used Ben gay. There isn’t anything exciting going on at this hour.

Jen and Jessica talk Eric into letting them paint on him with a water paint kit. Jen and Jessica begin to paint on Eric. Dick joins them as well. Jameka walks in as they are painting, and says “oh my goodness”. Eric doesn’t look at what they are painting, and says he trusts them. Jessica paints “I heart Zach” on Eric’s belly. Amber is trying to talk someone into walking on her back. Jameka agrees to do it. Jameka is called back in to judge who is the better artist, but she won’t say.

Danielle and Zach join everyone in the bedroom and see what they have painted on Eric. Jen tells Zach not to read what they have painted on Eric, and he proceeds to start reading it aloud and gets yelled at.

Dick leaves the painting and has a cigarette alone in the backyard. He seems much more laid back and relaxed than in the past few weeks. He gets something off the teacup and walks back in the bedroom. When he sees Eric he laughs. Danielle and Zach join in on the Eric painting. Zach messes up the paints by mixing the colors and Jen yells at him. She says he is “that” kid in school that was always messing things up. They have painted the entire front and start to paint the other side. Some of the sayings are rather crude [LOL]. They are trying to talk Eric into taking off his shorts. He is covered in paint. All the HG’s are either painting or watching.

3 AM – 5 AM

Eric is wearing Dustin’s crown and goes to inspect their artwork. When he comes back, Zach tries to take off his pants and Eric flips out. Some of the sayings they have painted are: “sexy, do my ass, I love co*k, Kail Marry Me, I Will Do That For A Dollar, Suck Me, I Love Dani, Body Slam Me, etc. Eric thanks everyone for the artwork.
Amber and Jameka whisper in bed. They talk about Danielle’s boyfriend being mad at her and someone being to tempermental. The rest of the HG’s are talking about Eric going into the Diary Room painted, but he wants someone to go with him. Zach volunteers.

Eric walks into the short bedroom where Amber and Jameka are talking about him. He shows them his artwork and they read the sayings. Jen joins them. There are a lot of FOTH during this time. Dick is again in the backyard by himself.

BB calls Dick into the storage room for some antacids. Eric is in the shower and Jen is outside the door trying to help wash off the paint. Dick slowly opens to door before going back to the back yard. Danielle joins him in the backyard for game talk. She is still being very short with him. They argue about the POV and Danielle talks about how mad Jen is going to be because she made a deal with her.

America’s Player mission is underway. Eric shows Jessica his Woobie and tells her the story behind it. His mother gave it to him just before she left. Eric gets out of his bed and goes over to Jessica’s bed. They are talking and giggling. Jessica gets the Woobie! Eric tells her that she should hold onto it and it will protect her from Zach. Eric gets in bed with Jessica and they lay with their heads together while Jessica looks at Woobie. They are flirting and cuddling.

Everyone is in bed. Dick and Jen talk a little. They can hear the cameramen walking around and Dick is upset that they are being loud. He wants them to be quiet.

Eric gets out of Jessica’s bed and goes to the WC. He finishes and washes his hands, then goes to the kitchen. He rinses out a cup and fills it with water, then walks back into the bathroom while talking to the cameras, saying he just got $30,000 and thank you. He heads back into the bedroom and tells Jessica goodnight.

Dick continues to fart really loud. Jen yells at him and he laughs. He gets up and says he can’t sleep. Jen asks if he can’t sleep because his butt is exploding [LOL!] Dick leaves and goes into the bathroom and then the backyard for another cigarette. He then returns to bed.

Apparently, Eric gave himself a little love. He takes a drink of water, and goes to sleep. All HG’s are sleeping (or trying to sleep in the case of Jen and Dick). Dick keeps farting and Jen suggests he go sleep in the hammock.

What will tomorrow’s POV bring? Will the wrath of Jen reign supreme over the house or will she react with her typical indifference?