10:30 AM - HOH Lockdown
Dick tries to engage Amber in a discussion about Las Vegas in the HOH room. She doesn't seem interested and responds mostly with "I don't know." Everyone else is just lazing around. Then, for no reason at all, we get tunnel vision. (Lots and LOTS of this today, folks.)

12:00 PM
After a momentary shot of Jen treadmilling, we're blacked out until the traditional houseguest Thursday cleaning frenzy. Dick vacuums, Kail does dishes, and Jen appears to do the windows.
BB makes an announcement that the nominees need to pack.
Dick and Dustin have a quick hmmm? moment when they discuss the fact that Kail seems to know that she is in no danger of leaving. They wonder aloud who told her and why. The conversation turns to yet another Dick rampage on Jen. (Ed. *yawn* get a new shtick Dick, because this one is getting old.) He says that she doesn't belong there, or on the jury, so she needs to go home with this next HOH. Dustin swears that if he would have won POV that he would have used it and the situation would be the same. Dick wants both nominees next week worred and crying about leaving. He mentions that if Jen or Kail gets HOH he knows that it will be Daniele and him on the block with Dustin or Amber as a replacement nominee.
The girls keep cleaning and Jameka offers to make some food or scrub the kitchen floor. Amber complains that only Jameka, Dick, and she are the only ones that ever clean anything. Dustin watches while she cleans and complains. (Ed. LOL)

1:00 PM
Amber loses it on Kail about her cleaning habits. Kail comes in to apologize, and Amber just gets more mad. She says "How dare you!?" and reminds her that she was the mom in the place week 1 but hasn't lifted a finger in four weeks. Kail says she knows she doesn't wash as many dishes as she should, and Amber counters that she didn't know there was an assignment on dishes since she and Eric wash hundreds a day. (Ed. Wait, didn't she just say that only Jameka, Dick, and she cleaned? Oh, Amber...) Kail says she is speechless, but she apologizes. Amber says she doesn't want her to say sh*t to her, calls Kail selfish, and fumes and cleans some more. Dustin decides that a house meeting is needed to talk about it.
Kail finds Jen and tells her that she doesn't care if she is evicted. (Ed. It seems like Amber really got to her.) She seems concerned that after the argument that the house is going to flip and vote her out. Jen says she doesn't care what they think; she doesn't clean, she organizes. Kail wants to go home, but Jen says that it would just be letting Dick win if she did that. Jen says she only wants to win now so that Dick won't.
She leaves, and encounters Dick in the kitchen. He tells her that he will stay on endurance until his arms fall off just to get rid of her. He then proceeds to go on yet ANOTHER Jen rant; he calls her "queen of the c*nts", tells her he wants her gone (Ed. Gee Dick, really? We all thought you LIKED Jen!), tells her to go f*ck herself, and slams a plastic golf club down on the counter in front of her. He calls her a hemmorhoid on the house, and she calls him a delicate flower (LOL). He adds his favorite insult, "f*cking c*nt", and walks off.
Kail returns and has decided that she wants to be voted out. She wants to go tell Amber to flip her vote because she wants to go home.
Daniele and Amber chat about how Thursdays suck.

1:43 PM *DR LEAK*
We hear Kail in the Diary Room requesting to leave. This is best as a transcript. My thanks to Ohboy for the update.
BB: Are you sure this is what you want to do?

Kail: Well, I think I'm going to go home any -- they're probably going to be sending me home in a couple weeks anyways. And I really don't want in the sequester house. And...

BB: This isn't the Kail that tried to get on seasons 5, 6 and 7.

(Kail laughs)

Kail: I know. But I didn't think I was going to get cussed out every day either, so...

BB: You've held your head pretty high, regardless of being cussed out every day.

At this point the feeds were cut for obvious reasons.

2:00 PM
We are given a brief glimpse of Kail walking around the round bed room and sitting at the kitchen counter (presumably so we can see that she did not, in fact, leave.) Then, more tunnel vision.

4:00 PM
Other than a brief leak about something about a bird in front of a camera by the competition builders, we get nothing until almost 4:00.
Most of the houseguests are busy with the live show primping. Nick (the condemned) tells Daniele that he doesn't want "her" (I'm unsure who "her" is, Jen possibly?) to win HOH after he leaves. They banter back and forth about him telling people her real age (he didn't), and that he will drink a 12 pack for her on her birthday if she is still in the house. She tells him that her goodbye message to him sucks, and he tells her that it is ok, he heard enough last night.

4:30 PM
Trivia comes on for the duration of the show.

We get the usual recap, and then the recap of the recap from Julie, as always. Amber cries, as usual, but this time she does it wrapped around Nick's leg with a death grip feigning innocence in his nomination. (This was hard enough to stomach the first go 'round.) Yay to CBS for calling her out by putting in the moment when she suggested to Dustin that they backdoor him. Anyway, Eric gets him assignment from us, and he's not happy. All 2 minutes of his attempt to flip the vote to Kail are shown and the results are as we assumed: Nick is still the target. BB actually shows the infamous tea incident exactly as it occurred, much to our shock, and even moreso, Julie asked Dick about it directly! Afterwards, we get the vote; its unanimous (well, except for Eric and Zach, but they don't count, right?) and Nick meets Julie. His goodbyes are standard, Eric is AP and basically got him evicted, Daniele thanks him for his friendship, and Amber weeps. See ya later, Captain Ambiguous. The houseguests move outside to the HOH competition... the long awaited endurance. They have to hang on a pole upside down and be hosed down with bird poop (whipped cream) until they fall. Julie reminds us to order our feeds to see it all go down, and we're done until Tuesday.

6:00-7:00 PM
Trivia, Trivia, and more trivia as feedsters panic and curse Alison Groedner. We still don't know why we missed half of the competition.

7:15 PM
We finally get to see what is happening. Only Jen, Kail, Jessica, and Daniele are left on the contraption. We have no idea who came off first, and other than Eric being DQ'ed for raising his head above the crossbar, we don't know why they came off, either. Everyone seems to be cheering on Daniele and Jessica exclusively, except for Jameka who makes an effort to cheer for them all. Dick stands on the sidelines and berates Jen and Kail, as usual. He calls Jen a "weird eye'd b*tch" and tells Kail to pray. Jameka gets a little testy over the prayer comments, and tells Dick so. He starts to argue, but seems to decide that he'd rather scream obsceneties at Jen instead.

7:27 PM
Jessica gives up or falls off, I'm not sure which. Dick tells Jen to put the rope holding her on the pole around her neck, and tells Daniele that she is doing "f*cking awesome." Eric and Dick say that Jen and Kail have cheated over 30 times. (This exact same conversation continues ad nauseum for the remainder of the competition.)

8:12 PM
Jen gets disqualified for touching the bar. Kail and Daniele start negotiating a deal. Daniele tells her that she can't promise not to nominate her, but she can promise that she won't go home. Kail inexplicably finds this a fair deal and jumps off. Daniele is the new HOH. Everyone celebrates (except Jen and Kail) and Amber cries, of course.

8:45 PM
Daniele talks with Zach. He admits to being one vote for Kail, and says that he thinks that Jen was the other one. Daniele agrees. Eric comes in a sucks up to Daniele by reminding her how he came to her defense against Jen while they were hanging.
Dick and Jameka talk about the banner plane (they all clearly saw it) and said that Eric was trying to just blow it off, but Amber was scared. Jamkes tries to defend them, but Dick says that if anyone spends that much money, they must know something.

9:00 PM
Amber cries over Nick while Dustin rubs her back and tries to comfort her.
Dick comes in and rails on again about Nick knowing that he was going home and there being a leak in the group. She doesn't seem concerned, but he cannot let it go.
Daniele and Jameka discuss the phantom vote again. Daniele swears that it wasn't her, and doesn't think it was Jen. They decide it must be someone in their own group. Daniele blames Dustin for Nick going home. She says that everyone is upset and knows that they evicted the wrong person.
The houseguests get pizza and the talk turns to idle chit chat and munching.
Jen wonders aloud if the same 2 people have ever gone up 3 weeks in a row before. She then blames the lack of alcohol on Dick by saying that if he was nicer and calmer they would get it.

10:00 PM
All the houseguests assume that the internet viewers did not see the competition.
Amber has a meltdown with Dustin. She is upset over the banner plane and says that she hasn't lied once in the house. (Ed. HAHAHAHAHA! Yes you have!!) She thinks that it was sent to make her and Eric look bad because they are so honest.
Dustin says that Jameka is really upset with Dick over the religion argument during the HOH competition.
Jen says that she had a charlie horse and that was the reason she really quit the HOH competition. (Ed. It sounds like she knew she would be DQ'ed, but she quit before they actually told her so.)

11:00 PM
Daniele gets her HOH room. She makes a speech about the last week being so hard for her, but she wants to enjoy everyone else. She gets pics of Kris, her dog, her grandmother, her best friend. She got chocolate, nail polish, a shirt, gummy bears, mike & ikes and nerds, skittles, vitamin water and other snacks. She also got a letter from Kris, her friend and her daughter, and her grandmother, but she won't read them until she is alone. Everyone leaves but Dick, and Daniele says that she is worried that the stuff is from her friend and not from Kris. They exchange "I love you's", and Daniele says that she thinks that Eric was the other vote for Kail. They talk about the banner plane and Daniele tells Dick that the nerd herd was hated. He wants to break out of the alliance now. (Ed. It sounds like Dick is worried that America hates him if they hate his alliance. Hm.)
Dick goes down to the backyard and talks with Eric. Eric says that they need to focus on Jen and not conspiracy theories about their own group.
Eric leaves, and Dick mutters to himself for awhile. Jessica joins him, and he pushes the anti-Eric agenda.
Amber and Eric hang out in the hammock complaining about the banner. They both try to convince the other that they really are honest. Eric wants Dick out because he is "a total nutjob."
Jen thinks that Amber was the other vote for Kail since she wasn't crying when she came out of the diary room.

12:00 AM
Eric and Amber continue to bash Dick. They think that he will be on a power trip again with Daniele as HOH. Eric says that Dick thinks he always puts his neck out and the others do nothing for him. Eric says that all he did was get rid of Mike who no one cared about anyway. Amber calls Dick a psychopath. They agree that he is out of line in the way he talks to Jen and Kail. (WHY don't they SAY something then!?)
Dick and Daniele talk in HOH about Eric being untrustworthy. Dick thinks that they have evicted the wrong person two weeks in a row. He wonders how they can recover, and speculate if Amber and Dustin are a part of Eric's scheme. Daniele decides that she should nominate Kail and Jen, but backdoor Eric. They are both upset that Jameka cheered for Kail and Jen during the competition. Dick tells Daniele that he owes her and Nick dinner at TGIFriday's.

1:00 AM
Jessica joins the Eric bashing in HOH. Daniele tries to convince her that Eric was just using her and that he is "100% full of crap." Jessica just says that it is weird, but promises not to say anything about the backdoor plan to him. Daniele makes her promise that if she wins POV that she will take off Jen. Jessica tells them that Jen was told by the diary room that there will be a luxury competition tomorrow. They wonder why they would have told her and Jessica says it's because "She's Jen. She's Janelle #2.)
Jessica goes downstairs and immediately finds Dustin and tells him about Eric and the backdoor plan.
Dick goes downstairs and asks to talk to Eric in the hammock. He goes, and says that he thinks that the second vote was Jen. He tells Dick that he would have never risked a funny vote with Dick and Daniele around, and Dick blows it off like he would never suspect such a thing. He runs through his list of things that he has done to prove his loyalty, like yelling at Jen on behalf of Daniele.

2:00 AM
Amber is in the storage room crying over Nick to Dustin... yes... AGAIN. She thinks that Nick's goodbye speech was really aimed at her since she says "it is what it is." (Ed. In other words, she thinks that she is his favorite houseguest. MMkay.) Dustin tells Amber about Dick and Daniele thinking that Eric was the leak, and they decide that the idea came from Zack. Amber asks again if Dustin believed the banner, and he said no. She says that she used to do drugs and lie, but she doesn't anymore and it hurts her. She is afraid that America hates her.
Outside, Eric says he wants to play veto because he'll go "balls to wall" and do whatever Daniele wants. He and Dick talk about cutting Jameka, Amber, and Dutin lose and going on with just Jessica and Daniele. Dick says that there are weird things going on and that he is afraid that it was a mistake to send Nick home. They bash Kail for awhile, and say that they think she and Jameka use God as a crutch.

3:00 AM
In the kitchen, Dustin admits to being an open and honest nose picker. They get into why some boogers are hard and some are soft and what they are made of. (Ed. I wish I was kidding.)

3:30 AM
Jessica finally spills the beans to Eric about Dick and Daniele's plans to oust him. Eric says that he will never go home, so he isn't worried. He promises Jessica that he wasn't the other vote, and she makes him promise that he won't tell anyone that she told him. He thinks that the banner was just because Nick fans saw how hard he worked to get rid of him. She says that the people in the diary room asked her why Eric would be in a conspiracy. (Ed. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is CBS covering their bums. Slick, no?) Eric says that he doesn't want Jessica to think he is a liar because he doesn't want her to be the girl that got played. He then says that he wants to tell Jen about the backdoor plan. It sounds as if he wants to make a new alliance with the old LNC minus Dick and Daniele, and add Jen in . Jessica is in agreement, because they think it would be easy to get rid of Jen at the final four.

4:00 AM
Eric, Jessica, and Dustin continue the anti-Dick conversation. They finally figure out that Dick and Daniele are definitely a pair, and even speculate that *they* might have been the ones behind the odd vote. Dick comes outside, and everyone pretends that all is well. Eric and Dustin go to bed.
Dick tries to convince Jessica that Eric is a liar again, and she goes along with it. (Ed. It still seems like she is just humoring Dick.) They talk about the 2nd vote forever, and get nowhere new.

5:00 AM
Dick continues to rail on against Eric and work himself up into a frenzy. He goes inside for a moment, and Jessica rolls her eyes directly at the camera, so we know who's side she's on. He comes back and talks up Daniele for awhile, and says that the LNC was a waste and that they ate one of their own by evicting Nick. Jessica goes to bed.

5:30 AM
Dick talks to himself about Eric, Jen, and the nerd herd for awhile. He finally goes to bed a 6 am.