BB8 Daily Recap August 20, 2007
Amber is saved! Tropical Storm Jen makes landfall!

9:30 am
Dick is the first one up. He has a cigarette in the backyard couch and talks to himself. It’s the “Dick in the Morning” show. Nope, show canceled, he went back to bed. 20 minutes later BB wakes the houseguests and we get FOTH. We learn that one song BB played was Suspicious Minds. Mostly general morning routine around the house for a long time. Eric is still trying to shower off the paint from night before. Dick offers him a scrubbie. Jameka and Amber talk about Jen going up. Jameka says if she puts up Jen, they (Jameka, Jess, Eric and Amber) might still have a group.

11:00 am
There is an outside lockdown. Dani’s in the DR. Folks out back are still wondering where Dani and Amber’s trip will be. After about 20 minutes of FOTH, we see Jen on the treadmill, Eric in the living room saying "needless to say, Jen wont be banging pots and pans over heads", and Daniele saying, "...why was it rushed and all?"

Dick goes into the work out room and tells Jen, "You kept saying it wasn’t about the money. I am telling you, that is what people see.” Jen says, "Well I'm not going to vote for either of you (if it is a Dick/Dani final 2)". Dick's response, “If I were you I'd concentrate on staying and not on being bitter”. Jen said she's not bitter.

It’s now completely obvious that Jen is up and Amber is SAVED (so to speak). Dani gives Jameka advice on what to say to people, "I'm not a threat, can't compete in next 3 HOH's and can’t put anyone up". She warns her not to sound arrogant, that's what Dustin did. Dani says "Let Jen do the campaigning like Joe did”. Jameka thanks Dani.

Jameka and Amber talk about Jameka staying no matter what Eric does (votes). Jameka has Jessica/Amber/Dicks' vote for sure.

1:00 pm
Jen tells Amber in the bathroom, “When I go, be careful what she (Dani) says to you. She told me I have your back til the end… But, I said I would work with her and not her Dad, so I guess she didn't like that. Oh well, at least I’m honest.”

We learn that Dani was told she and Amber will go on their trip within the next 48 hours, and have been instructed to put a bag of dress clothes and makeup in the storage room within the hour.

2:00 pm
Dick, Dani, Eric, Jess, and Zach are outside. Zach thinks it's funny that Jen has to spend 6 weeks in the sequester house with Dustin. Dani wonders if they will be fake nice to each other. When Zach goes inside, they say Dani is the new Nick, that Zach has latched onto her.
Eric tells them that Zach was asking him what the plan was, telling Eric that he was open to options, that he was floating around. Dani says, "Oh my God!" (ed. I can see a little thought balloon over Dani’s head that says “Did I just put up the wrong person?!”).

Elsewhere we hear Jameka say, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." And Amber asks, "What does that mean? I've heard it, but I don't know what it means." Jameka goes on to explain it to her.

Fresh out of the DR, Jen walks into the bathroom with Jameka and Amber. Jen makes the realization, "I'm the first one in the house to be on the block 4 times”.

People come and go through the bathroom while Amber continues to fix her hair for her trip. Amber says "my boyfriend will probably propose to me after this. After being away from me for so long, he'll want too."

3:00 pm
Jen tells Amber and Jameka she is worried about fitting everything into her bags. She says that Dani used the Veto so she could hold it over Amber. Jen says, "Where we went wrong is we let them (Dick/Daniele/Eric) trick us at the last minute, I was so mad" (referring to voting out Dustin).

Jess outside says, "How about an anteater as a pet. We could just let him loose in the kitchen." Jen joins them and asked Jessica whose dog was on her bed. Jess claimed it and Jen asked if she'd had it with her all this time. Jessica says “Yes”. Then Jen wanted to know if it just made it to the bed now? Jessica said “Yes, it had”. Eric asked what the dog’s name is. Jess replied “Woobie” (ed. she may have said Woffie, not sure). Jen questioned whether the dog has always had a name and Jess said it did. Under his breath, Zach says "yea, right". (ed. Hmmm, someone may have been fake sleeping last night).

4:00 pm
Most houseguests are attempting to nap inside. ED asks Jess about the Woobie, “What happened to its arm?” Jess says he was in a rough accident. She was playing with a lighter. ED says, “Nice, you lit your dog on fire?!”

Dani was called to the DR. When she comes out she tells Amber they are spending the night out somewhere. BB says you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions. Dani says it can't be talking about her and continues to answer questions. She has to pack pajamas, a hat, jacket and sunglasses. Jen said, “Now she's really jealous”. Dani said she's nervous. Amber goes to the DR and when she gets back tells Jameka she has to pack more stuff and BB warns her not to talk about DR sessions. She keeps talking about it and we get FOTH. (ed. Somewhere in the control room there’s a guy throwing his arms up saying “I give up!”).

5:00 pm
Jen is in the HOH asking Daniele, “What in the world is going on? Dani responds, “I don’t know how much I can trust you. You've made it clear you don’t want my dad in here and that won’t help me. I don’t wanna be rude, but it must be nice to not have to worry about money. Jen says, “I know what you’re saying. The only thing that is bothersome to me is the fact you didn’t tell me. I would've saved you if you were on the block.” Jen started to cry briefly, “I don't know why I'm crying. It’s awkward.” Daniele says, “It’s not like I did it to be mean.” They both continue on making their cases.
Jen says BB is “going to hate me if I get evicted on Thursday”. She's not going to be stuck in the jury house for as long as she's been in the house. She'll walk home if they won't take her. She'll be wearing her tennis shoes out of the house Thursday.

We get an extended Diary Room leak. We see other parts of the house but hear a female voice (that sounds like Kail), “We had a little technical problem right there.” Dick asks “So we have to do it over again?” DR voice, “Just a moment. We will do it over again once we fix the technical problems. There is a Pause.
DR voice, “Ok, so if you can just tell me last week Eric saved you from eviction because you and Daniele, Jess and Eric had a deal to go to the final four.” Dick says, “um, last week Eric did save me from eviction and evicted the person that saved him the week before.” DR voice, “Hold on just a second, we are still having problems. Then FOTH

Not much else happening except more trip speculation. Amber said since they're telling them not to wear patterns, it must mean they're going to be somewhere with cameras and taking shots. Then Daniele and Amber are both called to the DR. Everyone hugs them good bye, making a big deal before they go. False alarm though. They both come back from DR a few minutes later.

6:00 pm
Jen is sitting at the bar in the kitchen reading the BB rulebook. She is up to something. She reads several passages out loud including, “The producers have the right to amend the nominations… if a HG is unable to vote for any reason, viewers may vote in their place." Cut to trivia.

In the back yard, Dick asks Dani if Jen is reading up on the food and Dani says, "No, she's not reading about food, She’s…" Cut to trivia. Dani mocking Jen says, "America will LOVE me!" and BACK to trivia we go again!

Jameka asks Jen, "So did you find anything interesting in the book, anything new that you didn't know before?" Then FOTH.

Dick comes back outside, Dani gets up and leaves. Dick lights a cigarette, Jen rubs her nose, gets up and fans the smoke and goes inside. Dick says, "Jen repellent. Works every time."

7:00 pm
Jen tells Jameka about how she can't go to sequester, sitting there for all those weeks will just kill her. Jameka says, “You have to weigh out your options”. Jen says, “If you don't go, they count it as a voluntary…" FOTH.

Zach and Dick get into a conversation about Survivor and also comparisons to BB. Jameka comes out and says “Your daughter’s gone. Amber was called in (to DR) and your daughter never came out.

Jen is inside packing up her belonging into a garbage bag and slop bucket. She hides the bag in a top drawer of one of the dressers and hides the slop bucket under Amber’s bed.
She giggles at the camera and walks into the kitchen. A few minutes later she goes to the bathroom and puts more of her stuff into another garbage bag. Jen goes outside and Dick asks, "How can you pack if you haven't gotten your suitcase?"
Jen: "Maybe I got it."
Dick: "Nobody gets your suitcase this early"
Jen: "Has anyone ever asked?"
Jen: "So what is everybody up to?"
Dick: "We're talking about your erratic behavior until you interrupted"
Jen: "Oh. Okay" and then goes back inside.

8:00 pm
In the Kitchen, Jen says there are ants everywhere. Jess wonders if the ants are coming up through the sink and wonders if they should pour bleach down the sink.

Jen goes to the storage room. She looks upset. Next we see she is tearing a carton of Dick’s cigarettes. BBVOICE: Jen Please go to the DR. In addition to what she has torn up, she throws 3 more unopened cartons in the trash can and pours bleach or something on them. She gets a second call from BB. Once in the DR we hear her say, “Yes? (Pause) Hello?”

Outside Jameka, Zach, Eric, Dick and Jess are chatting about Jen and what if she leaves the show early. The cameraman is zooming in on what may be Dick's last pack of Marlboros on the backyard table. The group is joking and laughing unaware of the impending time bomb (ed. Meanwhile the rest of us are on the edge of our seat, afraid to leave our computers for fear of missing the fireworks to come).

Dick goes inside (and we hold our breathe). He is looking around different rooms, including the storage room, but he doesn’t notice the cigarettes. Zach asks him if he’s doing detective work. Dick confirms. He goes outside and tells everyone, “Well, I got the storage room open, I propped it open with an oatmeal box. Please keep it in there. (ed. Probably because of a bleach smell). There is no stuff of hers in there, there is no bag.”

Jess goes in to the bathroom to see if any of Jen’s stuff is there. It’s all gone. She reports back to the others and they all go take a look too.

Dick had gone upstairs and we get FOTH. BB must have said something to him because when we get back he is purposefully looking for his cigarettes. He realizes they are gone and says a few choice Dick sayings. He and Jameka have found some of Jen’s hidden belongings (one garbage bag and the slop bucket). Dick takes them to the HOH and says ‘Ransom!”. We hear a mail BB voice say “Dick”. Then FOTH.

When feeds return, Dick is telling the BY group, “they told him hiding is fine, destroying is not.” He asked them if that is what’s going on (with his cigarettes). He says he could hear someone in the background saying, “Don’t tell him, don’t tell him!”

9:00 pm
Dick is still looking around the house. He finds 3 cartons of cigs on the storage room counter. He takes them to the HOH, and removes one pack.

Jen is out of DR and Dick tells her he got his cigarettes back, “You can hide things but you can’t destroy things. I know that’s what they told you in there”. Jen’s meltdown goes into overdrive. She is upset and yells “That’s F’ed up Big Brother!” Dick says, "Too bad you aren’t getting your clothes back". He is clapping "I am so happy to be done with the bitch in this house".

Dick goes to his room to get the rest of his up to the HOH. Meanwhile, Jen grabs some food and goes outside. "I destroyed every single cigarette and they replaced them". Eric says there is a saying in the Stein family similar to ‘what a turn of events’. He says there is a song that goes with it, but he will get yelled at. Jen says go ahead they probably have the feeds blocked so (we) can’t see her eating. Eric says, “Notice that she (Jen) has Turkey burger, cottage cheese, and an apple." She is upset. She says she specifically asked BB before she came on the show that she could destroy cigs (ed. I remember her saying this to Dick earlier in the season too). BB lied to her so she is going to eat. Jen says to Jess, “Sorry, you probably aren’t getting any beer tonight.” Jameka goes to get Jen a tissue. Jen tells Eric and Jess that Dani told her it was "you four" to the end and they promised to vote her out already.

Things get a little physical! Dick comes out sits down and starts to smoke and blows it in Jen’s direction. She gets up and tries to forcibly take his lit cigarette. He does it again and she tries even harder. He says, “You are going to get burned again.” She yells something and then all feeds are cut for several minutes including ShoToo.

When feeds return Jen is in the bathroom applying something to her face. She still looks upset. The rest of the HGs are in the BY. Eric says tonight will finally be a good Showtime episode.

Jen comes back out and Dick and Jen go back and forth with the verbal jabs.
(ed. The last couple hours were fast and furious at times. I may not have everything exactly right. There are a host of videos posted in the Media forum if you want to get the full effect.)

ED goes to the DR. You can hear him say "I got issues!" as the door closes.

Zach and Jameka are in the Kitchen talking about Jen eating and the rules, as Jameka makes some slop.

Jess and Eric are getting playful in the hot tub, doing their best to ignore Jen nearby.

Jen joins Jameka on the outside couch and says, “I'm surprised they haven't yelled at me for eating yet. BB wants me to be emotional… Dani's going to come back and be like what in the world?!”

Dick out of the DR now is in the HOH Bathroom talking to himself and BB. "Thank you Rich, that was a very good convo. Don't forget Marlboro 100's Red. Thanks!"

Dick comes outside and says they will be replacing my cigs. Dick goes inside with Zach talking about how he doesn’t have to give Jen her stuff back.

Jen goes to the storage room, probably looking for the replaced cigarettes. She grabbed one of Dani’s birthday cookies and looked at the camera, then chomped down.

Everyone but Jen in the backyard, Dick says, “The fact of the matter is, even if she did destroy all my cigarettes and they didn’t replace them, it would still be worth it getting rid of her.

10:00 pm
Jen was in the DR and comes out to the back yard and announces “If I am still here next week, I have a penalty nomination and I can’t compete for the Veto.”
Dick immediately lays into her for saying that in front of Jameka. He had interpreted her announcement as a way for her to stay over Jameka this week (ed. Gotta give him credit, he is thinking game.) She says that’s not what she meant.

A little later Jen asks Eric if there's ever been a penalty nom before. Eric says no. Jen says that's awesome. Dick says this is the happiest day he's had in the Big Brother house. He thanks Jen, proceeds to scream with glee and jumps into the pool.

Jess goes inside with Jameka and asked if she was upset with Dick or Jen. Jameka said she was upset at the whole situation and people might keep Jen since she has a penalty nomination. Jess says its B.S. and people won’t keep her.

Jen finds Jameka to explain that is not what she meant about the Penalty Nom, “that is how Dick thinks, not her”, and she is sure they will change it. She also said that BB told her there will probably be something more (additional punishment for Jen).

Jen now eats a cucumber by herself in the kitchen. Camera zooms in on the cucumber. She makes an "I can’t believe it" face, shakes head, doing a lot of thinking. Zach comes in and just stuck some food covered in aluminum foil in the microwave. Camera zooms in on it. A few seconds later BB tells Zach to knock it off, but no one knows why. We get FOTH and when it comes back Jen is saying, "It's just so the ants don't get in it because there's lots of ants."

Later Zach goes outside and said he confirmed with the DR that what Jen was saying about the penalty nom is correct. Dick wants to know if there is anyway possible that she could get off the block (Coup or special power, etc), “That’s the one question I have”. He spends the rest of the night wondering out loud if it might be better to leave Jen in the house this week.

Eric asks Jen if she's allowed to keep eating. She says she hasn't been told, so she's going to eat until she is told. Not long after, Jen is called to DR. She thinks she will be told not to eat anymore.

Outside Jameka is complaining that it's not fair Jen broke the rules. There should be another clause in the rules. Jess is reassuring her that she has the votes. They wonder if there would be three noms if Jen stays. Could she play for HOH? Jess said Jen may have to go to a psych ward after this.

11:00 pm
Jen is out of the DR now eating one of Daniele’s B-day cookies. Still not satisfied she gets an apple from the storage room.

Thinks are relatively calm for now.

Eric and Jess are talking a little final 4 strategy. Dick and Zach are playing games in the back yard. Jameka has gone in and is reading the bible on her bed.

Jess comes in and tells Jameka that the DR said they would address Jen's punishments tomorrow morning. Eric comes in wearing the Veto and joking that he has won it for the rest of the season as long as he wears it at all times. Dick joins them and Jess answers questions from Dick and Jameka about "Woofie". Eric hears the new name and says "cute" and smiles at Jess.

1:00 am
Jameka tells Jess she had to walk out of the DR one time due to the tone of questions she was getting. Jess speculates if Production gets mad at them. Jameka says they do have favorites. She recalls the DR saying one time in a very loud direct voice "How do you know? Are you SURE about that?"
BB "HG's you are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions".
Jess asks when that happened. Jameka says the week Kail went home. Jess says "Whoa back up!" Jameka says she's done talking about it and changes the subject.

Jess and Jameka tell Eric that they know he is the twist. They jokingly tell him they know he has a twin named Derrick and they switch and watch each other behind the two way mirrors. Jessica tells him she wants him to paint JESSICA on his chest, and if he wins HOH he should rip off his shirt and run around the yard. He asks what's in it for him. She tells him airtime!

Dick tells Zach, “I've got it! We throw HOH to Amber so that she can't get it the next week and we send her home. Final five, baby! This is the perfect plan. We take Jameka out, then Jen, then Amber.” He wonders if the whole house has ever thrown the HOH to one person before. Dick is very excited about this plan.

2:00 am
Most everyone has gone to bed now, but Dick finds the rulebook and starts reading (uh oh!). He goes up to the HOH and tells Vincent he misses him and he hopes he is having fun. He gives Daniele a shout out too. Then he goes to bed.

No other conversations happen tonight, but the house guests are very restless in their sleep. It’s been an eventful thought provoking day.

So, will Jen keep eating until she explodes? Will Jameka just go ahead and eat to even the playing field? What will Daniele and Amber think of the turn of events? Oh yea, and where the heck have those two been anyway?

Thanks to all the updaters! It was a challenge to keep it all straight last night, I know!