Big Brother Recap August 22, 2007
Dick explodes again; Zach speaks his mind and another day in paradise!

Jen was the first one up today at 11:00. Dick wakes up 10 minutes later. Jen heads to the pool to do some laps while Dick smokes a cigarette, then goes in side repeating over an over 1 more Fu*&*^g day. At 11:30 BB wakes the houseguests up. The paranoid house guests can’t figure out why she is swimming all those laps (440 make a mile). They think she gets a prize for doing it. Amber actually said we will find out what she gets on Thursday! Eric and Zach with Dick’s help all trash Jen. Jameka thinks BB wants to keep Jen because she makes good drama for TV. Eric said I bet America voted to get her out of here too!

Dani goes and writes her HOH blog. The others sit around trashing Jen. Dani gets the HOH camera and everyone joins in getting pictures taken, some were funny, one in Dustin’s crown, one of Eric in a suitcase and another of him in dryer and Zach in washing machine.

Jen spent a good portion of the day searching for her clothes. Dani told her she was not involved and that she had asked her Dad to remove the stuff from the HOH room. She found her stuff in Howie’s jack shack. While hauling the stuff Jen’s bathing suit comes undone and almost falls off. Dick said he wished she waited to expose herself on the live show. Jen replied that she didn’t take it off, it fell off.

Eric did tell Dani that Jen told everyone they had a deal to be the final four (Dick, Dani, Jess and Eric). Dani said she never said that and that nobody believes Jen anyways. Dick gets told by BB that he has to give back Jen’s stuff. Amber was upset that they used Dustin’s crown in the pictures. Dani then said when she was returning the camera to the storage room; she accidentally deleted the pictures that Amber had her take of her kissing her necklace and sending love to her daughter. (Right Dani accidentally)

Zach told Dani that he was glad she was not there when the fight broke out with Jen and Dick because it would have ruined her birthday. HE said Jen instigated most of it except the cigarette part, which Dick said she did instigate that part; she sat down next to him. (Untrue, she was out there eating first, Dick lit up after he joined group.)

Zach and Jen have a heart to heart. Zach tells her he is not mad at her at all, he just does not like it when people break the rules. Jen said she was treated unfair. That Dick was told it was OK to take her clothes and not destroy them but while she was in the DR he got his cigarettes back and she did not have a chance to hide or destroy them. She said that she was mad at BB for that and that is why she decided to eat. It wasn’t against Jameka or anything. Zach then tries to explain that she is still playing the game in the jury house. He keeps repeating the responsibilities etc, but all Jen keeps saying is that it will be three more weeks that no one will see her on TV and she needs exposure.

Dick and Zach have an argument in the BY. Dick and Zach argue over why Jen is leaving. Zach said she is leaving because she ate food, Dick said no way she is leaving because she was nominated. They go back and forth and Dick finally leaves, Zach then yells at him that he shouldn’t run away from his problems, and that he was good at that. Dick was swearing and yelling that Zach had nothing to do with him staying here. Zach really let Dick have it.

Dick left and calmed down. Then apologized to Zach (save that jury vote Dick) Then started talking to Jameka about his problem with Dani,. How he is always reaching out to her and she only comes around on her terms and when she feels like it. How he wants to go to counseling with her but she refuses. Jameka being the counselor listens, mmmms, and said he proved her love when he used the VETO on her.

Jen continues her eating frenzy. She seems to be eating everything in sight. She then told the group that BB might be doing something to keep her in the game maybe a competition or something because she is so good for ratings!

The houseguests get alcohol and play quarters and some sort of spin the bottle with questions instead of kisses.

Jen joined Dick and Eric at the hot tub and said that she thinks that there is more public involvement this year. Dick said with shotoo? Jen said that and with the public being involved, Dick quickly came back with what is the DR giving you notes too like Carol?

Dick and Dani got into a tiff in the HOH. Dick was upset because She made a deal with Amber and didn’t include him. He is mad because he took her off the block and she didn’t include him in the Amber deal. Dick then pointed out that she has no relationship with her brother, mother, grandfather or him. She replied that she does not want a relationship with them. Dick said they all love her and want a relationship with her. Dani then gets upset and tells him to get out of her room, he said he needed ot get his stuff, he grabs his stuff and bolts out the door. She said she is done talking to him, she didn’t ask to be born. After the door is closed Dani mutters to herself that she hates this house. Dick threw his two bags of stuff over the upper railing and immediately apologized to Zach saying he was not trying to cause any drama.

Dick went outside to smoke and calm down; He said that he was done trying to fix this relationship on TV. He would work on it outside the house. He is mad at CBS for putting him in this situation. He then comes out with that he will win HOH tomorrow.

Jameka comes out and Dick and she discuss double evictions. Dick explained that they had to have one or a fast forward so that the numbers work out. Jameka asked if he was ready to go back to his normal life yet. HE said no he still had a lot of game and that Dani putting up Jen really caused some good TV.

Amber talks with Dani and gives her some advice. She said she (Dani) is strong and that it must be real hard to have your father in the house. Amber then told Dani to just work with her Dad in the game and work on the relationship once they leave the house.

Amber, Dani and Jameka had a brief conversation. Jameka asked Amber how it was seeing her cousin (we immediately get FOTH). So amber must have seen her cousin when she was on her trip out of the house. They talk about Eric and how smart he is and how he needs to be back doored. They talk about Jen and how she messed up the game eating and how proud she is of it. Amber said she is ruining her own reputation and Dani said she would be afraid that BB would have her put her in jail. Amber asked if she (Dani) thought Eric and Jess have real feelings for each other and Dani said yes that she called it at the beginning of the game. They talk about how they need alone time and how alike they really are. Amber asked Dani if she was going to be partners with her Dad for the next food competition. Dani said no so Amber asked her to be hers since she has been on every losing team since the first one. Dani agreed to be her partner. They then talk about Nick and how much Dani hated his Citadel shirt (it smelled like BO) and how he has only been gone three weeks and it has felt like three months. Amber said she didn’t think that the game would be this tough. Dani said it is very stressful. Amber asked Dani what she was going to do when she gets out of this house, Dani said she wanted to take a month and half off and travel then move. She also said that her Grandmother has had two liver transplants and that each one lasts about eight years. Both of them watch Dick on the HOH screen. They see him sitting at table thinking and then see him staring at memory wall. Dani said she always stares at that wall and amber agrees she does too!

Here is a bit of the conversation between Amber and Dani this early AM:
Dani and Amber talking about who they would put up if they get HOH
Dani says Eric and Zach

DANI -I can honestly say other than certain things that have happened - like this was the easiest HOH of the season. Just because of everything that happened. everyone will be happy

Dick drying some dishes and putting them away

Dani talking how Nick told Dani if she gets HOH she better send Jen home - she is a little late.

Dani wonders what people think of her (Jen) that are watching. Amber thinks a lot of people like her because she is ballsy and doesn’t take sh*t

Amber says she probably comes off like the bitch - stuck up

Dani - do they love to hate her? I see my Dad as that person

Amber - your dad, he is just something else

Dani - what do you look forward to the most when you get out of here?

Amber - family, trips get away. see sister, daughter and niece
Dani says after spending three months with her dad she wont want to hang around with him all the time

Dani - when you get out of here - do you want to watch the show - Dani says there are certain things she wants to know

Dani then said she misses the girls at Hooter’s. That they are like her family. Amber said she misses her dog so much that her dog is probably depressed because she is not there. She is worried that her dog will forget her! (What about your kid Amber!)Amber then said she will die if her boyfriend proposes to her at the end of the show. They discuss their trip and how they ate everything in sight. Dani said once she leaves there she would have learned so much about herself and that life is not predictable as you think it is. Jameka then asked her if she will be traveling around by herself after she gets out, Dani said it was something her and Nick discussed.

How will the power shift tomorrow? Will it be a fast forward or a double eviction week? Will Big Brother please give these people something to do, watching them day after day sleeping, eating and doing nothing is getting old! How about a puppy or a trampoline, maybe some new games, a deck of cards or even some colored pasta and glue so they can make pretty pictures! They are one boring group right now!