The houseguests are a bit lazy and do not stir much (other than the usual Thursday morning migration to the HOH) until 12:30pm.

12:30 PM
The houseguests are all awake and staring around the room at each other. They start to wonder why they have been locked up for so long (just about 2 hours at that point) and most speculate (wrongly, as usual) that they were closing up a bedroom.

12:45 PM
The lockdown ends and there is no bedroom closing. Most houseguests return to bed: Jen just keeps eating.

1:00 PM
The usual Thursday house cleaning begins. There is little of interest to note other than Zach breaking the platter on the coffee table. They take the opportunity to hate on Jen a bit more and claim she gets in the way of cleaning.

1:30 PM
Eric and Jessica have a quick pow-wow about who they would put up if they got HOH. Eric mentioned Zach and Daniele because he wants to keep Amber and Jameka close. Jessica gave no real input and Daniele interrupts before she can.
Dick and Zach join the bunch and they hate on Jen even more. They try to think up mean send-offs for her as she goes out the door or ways to make fun of her when casting the vote. They discuss the curse of the harem room and how everyone that sleeps in there gets evicted. (Ed. Interestingly, that room seems to have been "cursed" from the word go. Everyone who slept in the gold room in season 6 was evicted, and everyone who slept in the red room in Season 7 was evicted. Things that make you go hmmmm... Dick might want to think about checking out some new real estate.)

2:00 PM
Amber is heard calling Jessica "little bitch" under her breath when she leaves the room.
Then... Trivia.

4:00 PM
Zach sits around nervousing about HOH and tries to remember dates. Someone mentions that the fast food du jour will be In N Out Burger.
Then... Trivia

After the usual recap and the recap of the recap, Julie starts us off by leading in to the battle of Dick and Jen part 48325618. The segment showed the highlights (sort of) of Jen trashing the cigarettes (but mysetriously not Dick getting them back immediately) and the subsequent chow down and girlie slap fight and cigarette burning. (Ed.No matter what side you're on, it was grossly edited and did no one any justice but the producers and their "save our arses" campaign.)
Daniele and Amber had a lovely flight on a private jet, and they seemed thrilled to be out of the house. (Who wouldn't be, really?) Amber makes us giggle with her assertion that she is SURE America loves her. Nick is titled as "Daniele's BB8 Boyfriend" (wha...?) and Amber's cousin is there, too. We don't get to see the cheering squad reveal, but we do get to see the moment when Drew meets Amber and Daniele. By the way, watch The Power of 10 on Tuesday at 8 pm to see how the game played out. Did we mention you should watch Power of 10? Really, watch Power of 10. (Ed. We got it Julie, thanks. LOL)
Julie catches Jen off guard by asking how it feels to make history for being the first person to get a penalty vote and she answers... kind of... by saying she thought she already made history and that she was upset with Big Brother, so she ate. Julie then aims her questioning to Eric and treats the houseguests with the "Eric in Drag" bit we got a few days ago. They found it funny the second time around (and let's face it, so did many of us.).
The votes begin and, as expected, it is 6-0 in favor of a Jen eviction. Eric gave the results of the America's Player vote live and without the use of the handy dandy notecard prop to help remind him. Jen seems pleased to leave, and the others seem pleased to be rid of her. Still, most of them remember she is a juror with a vote and make attempts at niceties; even Dick takes the "if you can't stay anything nice..." route and just leaves the room, but Eric didn't get the message of live show civility and shouts after Jen something to the effect of "As happy as you are to leave, Jen, we're happier to see you go." Classy.
Jen's interview with Julie is all smiles for both of them with flattery (?) just oozing from Julie who seemed a bit bemused by Jen. The goodbye messages were pure saccharine and absolute kiss ups, particularly Eric's which looked like a blatant vote beg after his outburst. Jen gets to stick around for the HOH comp to help, and she's pleased.
The competition seems tailor made for the Jen fans dying to see her get a touch of revenge on those who did her wrong. Its a dunk tank Q&A with Jen in charge of the dunking. Jen takes pleasure in dunking each of them in turn, and only seems to mind hitting the button on Amber who she apologizes to. The final dunking goes to Dick, and we aren't treated to a shot of Jen as it happens, but i'm sure she had a look of pure glee.
In the end, Jessica is the new HOH (Blonde hair must be a requirement for winning BB competitions. Have you noticed?) and we're told to direct Eric to nominate someone and reminded to order our feeds and once again we're done for another night.

6:00 PM
The feeds return and it's all hugs and congratulations for Jessica and still more hate for Jen. They spend awhile rehashing the show and the competition, as usual, and there is general merriment as they loaf around.
Amber tells Jameka that she asked God to give Jessica the HOH earlier today (Ed. I'm NOT kidding.) and that she thinks that Jessica will put up Dick and Daniele. (If you are confused as this seems like direct contradiction from earlier in the week and, indeed, the nasty comment about Jess earlier in the day, consider the source.) Amber then decides that the next week will be endurance and that she, of course, will win it.
The rest of the houseguests wander to different gathering spots and continue to hate on Jen and celebrate her demise.
Jessica asks Amber what Jen wanted her to tell her, and Amber says that Jen told her that Eric had a girlfriend named Cheryl at home. They all decide that they don't believe that. Jessica reminds us that she doesn't like cheaters.

7:00 PM
Enter twilight zone: Dick promises to stop hating on Jen, and Jameka defends Dick's actions.
Jameka tells Daniele that Dick has the right intentions, but just comes off as abrasive. She assures Daniele that Dick always talks highly about her. Daniele opens up a bit and says that she doesn't fit in with her family. (By the way, Dick's self imposed Jen-hate moratorium lasted 14 minutes.)
Daniele mentions that the houseguests were never asked about the benefits of keeping Jameka and Jen this week. The others corraborate her story, and we get a quick flash of tunnel vision. When we return, its clear that Daniele was severely reprimanded for saying that and asking the others. (Ed. Mhm, right Allison. This show isn't manipulated at ALL.)

8:00 PM
Jessica gets her HOH room complete with a shirt that says "Boo-yah!" She gets a letter from home, and reads it quietly to herself. Dick sits outside and gloats.
Eric talks with Amber and is worried that Jessica is mad at him over Jen's accusations.
Dick comes inside and writes "Ding Dong the [blank space] is dead" on the round room door, and BB tells him to "stop that."

9:00 PM
There is still ongoing random Jen hate from time to time.
Dick wanders upstairs to talk with Jessica about nominations. Zach and Amber's names are thrown around most often.
Eric tells Amber that the aforementioned girlfriend cheated on him and he never retaliated. He's been waiting for her for over a year (she lives in CA, he in NY) and he doesn't want to hurt her. They decided that the Jess/Eric storyline could be peiced together as a big romance, and that they (Jessica and Eric, that is) do have feelings for each other, but Eric is paranoid about hurting the other girl.
The food arrives and Jessica hops in the shower while everyone else eats.

10:00 PM
Yet more Jen hate, mostly from Eric. They go over her flaws, game play, personality, etc, etc, etc and find fault with it all. (It is essentially the same conversation they've been having for the last week all over again.)
Jessica and Jameka pow-wow in HOH. Jameka pushes for Dick and Daniele to go up. She insists that Zach is not a threat. Jessica is non-committal and says that she needs to talk to Eric before she makes any decisions.

11:00 PM
Dick talks to himself in the backyard and congratulates himself for being rid of Jen and still being around himself.
Lots of casual chat happens around the house... very little of interest.

12:30 AM
Eric is called to the diary room presumably to get his America's Player instructions.

1:00 AM
Eric pow-wow's with Jessica in the HOH. He pushes hard for Zach and Amber to be the nominations. (Updaters speculate that the AP choice was Amber based on his speech to Jessica.) Jessica refuses to put up Jameka as a pawn. She mentions wanting to put up Dick and Daniele, but Eric says that it isn't the right time and that he thinks she can beat them at final four. The conversation turns to more Jen hate.

2:00 AM
Idle chit chat in HOH... Eric reveals to Jess (and all of the feed waters/update readers) that he lost his virginity at 20.
Daniele sits alone staring at the memory wall.

3:00 AM
Still chit chat in HOH. Jessica thinks her parents are wearing booyah shirts for her at home. They tease about being married and which side of the bed they will sleep on. Eric calls Jessica a covers hog. Jessica sings her BOOYAH song. They tell each other that they feel like they've known each other for years.

3:30 AM
All asleep or quiet.