BB8 Daily Recap August 25 2007
For a boring day there sure was a lot of kissing

10:00 am
After a longer than usual wake up call, the house guests are doing their morning routines. Jessica and Eric agree not to tell anyone how late they were up. At most they got 2 hours of sleep. They discuss a POV strategy if it’s a prize/punishment comp. Jessica says “You take the prizes and I'll put the house on everything (Slop, etc.)”. Jess admits to Eric she lied to save him the week he was a replacement nominee. She told Dustin and Amber that Dick and Daniele thought one of the hinky votes was from Eric OR Dustin (even though they never mentioned Dustin). She did that so that Dustin and Amber would care more that Dick and Daniele were planning to put Eric up. Eric seemed surprised, but complements her, saying that was smart.

Amber and Jameka do some early morning whispering. At one point Amber says she isn’t sure she’d want Jameka to use the Veto on her if she happens to win it today. She doesn’t want Jameka to put a target on herself that way.

11:00 am
Feeds were out for the ping pong ball picking. We learn that Dick is the only one not playing in the Veto competition. He will be hosting. In separate conversations Dani observed the morning songs all had colors in them, Amber observed they were all about cats, pussycat dolls, or cat scratch fever, and Zach thought they were all “old fogey” songs. Everyone seems to be trying to tie the songs to the theme of the Veto comp. Eric makes the observation that there are no costumes.

Jameka is in the HOH with Jessica going over evictions, HOHs. Zach eventually joins them and they continue drilling. Shortly after we get FOTH for the Veto competition.

2:00 pm
Feeds were out for just under two hours. It doesn’t take long to figure out that Eric won. Also they are expecting to be on an inside lockdown for 6 hours.

Jameka goes up to the HOH while Jess is showering. She asks Jess if she can lie down. Jess says that she can. Jameka proceeds to get comfortable, getting under the covers. Jess says she’s glad Eric won so her nominations will stay the same. She also mentions she needs her “Eric time” but can’t keep staying up so late (ed. a subtle hint to Jameka since she was in the HOH last night for several hours). Jess comments on how Zach will be up Eric’s butt now that he won. Jameka says “Well Zach did pick him for the comp” (ed. I don’t think you want to go there, Jameka). Amber comes up to the HOH a little later and sits on the bed. Jameka is lying down facing away from Amber and makes little attempt to look back at Amber as they chat.

From Dick, Dani, and Zach downstairs, it sounds as though the Veto comp was very close. They had to review the tape (not exactly sure why).

Eric is showering downstairs and yells for some help. Zach comes running, enthusiastically yelling “Pants on or pants off?!” He proceeds to look over the shower door to point out places on Eric’s neck and back that need extra scrubbing (ed. not sure if this is due to the Veto comp or maybe left over paint from last week).

3:00 pm
Everyone is in the Kitchen eating pizza wondering if feed watchers think this is boring (ed. Actually it was the one thing we could all agree on in the Discussion forum. It was quite a boring day so far). Dani says she asked someone while she was away on her trip. "Just tell me one thing, is Pirate Master still on?" The person said they honestly didn't know.

Everyone takes a nap. Zach gets up and works out around 5:30 pm, then goes back to bed.

6:00 pm
Jameka and Zach have gone up to the HOH (again). Jess dutifully entertains them and then excuses herself. She went outside and talks with Dick in the back yard. Zach and Jameka actually talk a little strategy and wonder if Eric will use the Veto. Amber comes into the HOH too.

Meanwhile, Jess and Dick talk about the food comp. Dick complains about his eye (ed. From what I can tell, he irritated it with the suds from the food comp yesterday). Dani joins them and they talk about the washing machine being broken and also how they would have done things differently in the Veto comp. Zach joins them outside.

7:00 pm
Amber and Jameka get into some serious strategy chat. They are back and forth on if there is still a group. Jameka wants Jessica and Eric to make a power move (i.e. use Veto to put up Dani). Amber says, “Eric loves me”. They see Jessica coming back to HOH on the spy screen. Jameka offers to leave so Amber can talk to Jess. Amber asks her to stay. When Jess comes in the room, Jameka and Jess chit chat while Amber is relatively quiet.
Jess has found a pink/red wig from one of Jen’s drawers. She is wearing it and styling it into a pony tail.

Dani is reading the rulebook. Every time she reads one out loud to Dick, we get FOTH. One was “You should not use penalty nominations as part of your strategy.” (ed. We could have used that little gem last week!) One feed zooms in on the heading “Sequester Envelope”.

Dick and Zack start dinner. Dick gets out some chicken then proceeds to pound the daylights out of it. Zach disappeared and Dick asks Daniele to help with dinner. She reluctantly complies, peeling carrots in a way never before seen on live TV.

8:00 pm
Dani thinks it's weird that "We got all those banners in one week. Do you think they did something?" and feeds cut. (ed. Gotta say, that girl is perceptive. If you haven’t heard, CBS filed a cease and desist order to the company that flies the banners).

Jessica is up in the HOH with Jameka and Amber. She is still wearing the red wig, but has now put on a white dress over her clothes. She stuffs it to look pregnant and also stuffs a rat doll (leftover from the POV comp) down her front so the head is sticking out. She starts yelling “Eric… Eric Stein… Why’d you leave us?!” She walks out of the HOH with a bottle of wine in hand. Jameka and Amber are following her. She goes down yelling “I’m going to get my man back!” Dick sees her and thinks it’s very funny. She goes toward the bedrooms yelling something about wanting child support.
They all wake up Eric, but it takes him a few moments to get into character. Holding the rat, he says, "How do I know it's mine?" Jess says, "Well look at it!" He holds the rat next to himself and makes the same face. (ed. Several versions were posted in the Media forum. It was entertaining.)

Dick continues cooking dinner. Dani has left in a snit. He cracks eggs and throws the shells into the trash can. He gets a little off rhythm and actually cracks one of the eggs into the trash can and laughs at himself.

Dani has joined the others and sees Amber trying to nurture the rat doll. Dani tells her to stop petting that rat! Amber says she didn’t even realize she was doing it. She likes holding babies like that.

9:00 pm
ShoToo cuts in and out for the first half hour. Just happened to note the ShoToo Crawl for this evening that said ‘Jessica is HOH, Amber and Zach are nominated for eviction, early this morning Eric and Jessica admitted having feelings for one and other, later in the day Eric played in the POV for the first time this season, Amber insisted to Jameka this was the week her vision for winning POV would come true, meanwhile Zach is looking at all options to secure his safety.’

Zach offers to make dinner for Jameka. Amber points out he has said that at least three times before, but has never done it. He says because she was on slop. Jameka declines the offer saying she’d rather he make something for everyone.

Eric tells a story about writing an essay in 1st grade called "Sometimes I wish I was a fly" and they sent him to the school psychiatrist. Jess tells a story about picture day in the 1st grade. She had on a flower head band that she moved to fix her hair. After looking for it for several hours, someone told her it was around her neck. Zach joins in. They are starting all their stories with “There I was…”

10:00 pm
Dinner is ready, they all sit down to eat except Amber (who joins after coming from the diary room). They have a nice dinner and conversation about clubs, restaurants, Beanie Babies. Dick tells a story about going to a bay with some food in his shorts pocket that he had forgotten about. He didn’t understand why fish started congregating, 1, then 3, then 7, then 10, then 30. They were biting at his legs in a frenzy. He had to swim away eventually taking off his shorts while his date was laughing in hysterics. Eric on his knees, jokingly tells Jameka she is a princess, his queen, the fire of his loins, and he's been in love with her since day 1 (ed. Not sure why. Maybe an old beer pong wager being fulfilled).

After dinner Dick joins Dani in the backyard. He says he would rather see Amber out, but says the thought of 2 1/2 more weeks with Zach is killing him. Dani says that Eric has been saying from day one that he wants to get a BB8 tattoo.

Jameka comes out of the storage room, walks up behind Eric, bangs an aluminum foil box with another box and scares the crap out of Eric. He says that's the 2nd time you've gotten me today!

Jessica put the rat on the staircase. She says it has devil eyes and it is her guard to the HOH. She notices the stair-cam is on her so he sits down looks directly into it through the bars and screams at the top of her lungs. She then makes some faces, sticks out her tongue at it. She says “Hey America!... What are you doing!” She moves her head back and forth as the camera follows her. She reaches out to camera, making clawing motions, then heads up the stairs. (ed. It was cute, several versions can be found in the Media forum.)

11:00 pm
Everyone gets ready and heads out to the hot tub. They talk about skydiving. Amber has done it tandem (strapped to somebody). Dick may have done it static line (by yourself, but chute opens immediately as you let go of the plane). Zach tells some stories. He went to a party in college. He walked in and saw a bunch of fraternity and sorority groups hanging out. He thought the party sucked. So he went outside, took off all his clothes and walked back into the party with nothing but a bottle of vodka, raised his hands and said, "Hey what's up guys". He says the reaction he got made him realize that it wasn't a good call. He says "alas I was unable to assimilate".

Lots of joking around in the hot tub. A little Eric and Jess flirting as the others comment on it. Eric tries to untie Jameka’s top without her knowing. It doesn’t work as she and Jess retaliate, trying to push him under the water. He tries to enlist Zach to help, but Zach just eggs on the girls from the sidelines. Eric starts to tickle the girls, they are laughing hysterically until they get Amber to help. The three of them try to pull Eric’s trunks off. They get them to his knees before they give up. Eric laughs that the three of them couldn't do it.

Jess and Eric continue to flirt in the hot tub. Eric is standing in the middle of the tub standing next to Jess. He yells over to Dick if they make a nice pairing. Dick says "hers? They are a nice pair".

Hot tub time is over. Jessica and Eric head up to the HOH and have a long chat. They talk about POV. She's happy he won. Eric was surprised at how well Zach and Amber did. Jess says she kind of wanted one of them to win so she could put up Dick or Dani. Eric says its better this way because she doesn't create anymore enemies than she needs to. Jess asks Eric if this will be a missed opportunity if they don't put one of D&D up. Eric says, whatever it is, he is glad the decision is theirs to make. Jess says that at least with D&D still here, there is another pair to target besides her and Eric. Jess asks who Eric would put up next week if he won HOH. He would put up Zach & Dani or Zach & Jameka. He tells jess he wants to make sure Zach goes home. Zach would be his target. He says "You may not see it this way, but we control who is going home, Dick and Dani are gonna vote one way, Jameka is gonna vote the other" and Eric can force a tie or not. (ed. Laying that hinky vote groundwork).
Jess is lying in bed. Eric is in the chair. Jess says that Eric's face is serious and scary when he is competing. She noticed it today. She says it was fun to watch him be so serious.
Eric says if they are there in the final two, he will not be upset by whatever the outcome is. He will swing her over his head and be thrilled for her. She says she feels the same way. She says she thought about it today, and she said Eric would be the only one she would be happy for. Eric tells her not to worry that he will buy her something. She says "Really like what?" He says "a tanning bed" She says No. He asks why. She says because we are getting married. He says they can both use it.

In the backyard, Daniele asks Dick what his favorite house memory is. He says there's a few, but his favorite must be his proudest moment, when she won the "bat hang". He says that was the most amazing thing ever. He was so proud of her because he knew how much it took. They talk about the POV and say that Eric really stepped up his game and just beat Zach at the end. They say that Jameka was so lost. Dani says she also sucked at the POV.

1:00 am
Eric and Jess continue their chat in the HOH. Eric says how cool it is he met his wife on BB. Jess says on top of winning lots of money, we met our futures. And we have a second reality show that we will star in. Zach comes up to the HOH. Lots of nonsensical chat ensues. Jess says "I think I'm going to become a nudist. BB has opened me up to a new form of myself that I love.” Eric says “I completely support that. But I want to get our own place.” Jess says “I was thinking of joining a nudist colony, what do you think?”
Zach says “Some communities have whole towns where you go shopping in the nude.” Zach eventually leaves them alone and heads for bed.

Dick and Dani have continued in the backyard talking and laughing about memories they have, things about Dani's brother, funny incidents in the house, and reminiscing about Nick. They also talk about all the scenarios that will benefit them between now and the end of the game.

Eric talked Jess into a 5 minute back scratch or massage. She tells him to go get the lotion. Since he won POV, she guesses he deserves it. She tells him to take his shirt off. She says she is spelling something and then starts rubbing the lotion on him. (He's sitting up in bed and she's behind him rubbing his back).

2:00 am
The Eric and Jessica watchers are on high alert, but Dick and Dani come up to the HOH. Dick opens up the meeting of the LJC (Little Julie Chickens, something Dani made up and seems to have caught on for the moment). He butters them up pretty good and wants to make sure everyone gets a chance to say what they might be thinking about their alliance. Dick wants to reassure them that there is no side deals with Zach. He wants to know that there are no side deals with Jameka. He says “This is the final four, nobody like Jameka or Zach should sneak through.” Eric talks about not wanting to sound cocky, but they are dominating the comps and they don't have too much to worry about. Eric thinks Jameka should be last to go out of the 3 because she has no power. Get Amber and Zach out now. Dani says she's not allowed to talk about her trip, she can't say anything but it’s a new Amber in a serious way (insinuating Amber is a threat and getting stronger in competitions). They are getting giddy and laughing loudly. They talk about doing a photo op for production. They all get on the HOH bed, put their fists in the middle, yell out LITTLE JULIE CHENS and laugh like crazy psychos (on purpose).

Meanwhile Jameka and Amber had been in bed, but got up to play quarters in the kitchen where they can obviously hear the commotion in the HOH.

3:00 am
The LJC are still going strong in the HOH joking about their new name. Eric says Amber is a one person nerd herd. Dick tells how much Dani hates Julie Chen. Dani clarifies that she hates Julie's writers.

Amber goes to the DR, Jameka goes upstairs, knocks on HOH door, opens it just enough to see Jess and says "I only wanted to say goodnight", then closes door before anyone has a chance to respond. They all call out goodnight to her, and comment that she seemed mad. A little later Dani says that's it for her and says goodnight and leaves HOH. Dick talks a bit more but isn’t far behind. He leaves the HOH and says he's going to let them do their thing.

Eric and Jessica start a long conversation, rehashing the LJC chat. They both feel good about the meeting. They are glad they talked. Eric asks if she was the one leaking out farts. She laughs and says she thought it was him, but it must have been Dani. She says she would have admitted it, of course.
Eric thanks her for the massage. The lotion is called LoveSmell. He likes it. He tells her anytime she is in charge, he likes it. She says that's right.
Eric tells Jess if he wins HOH this week, he wants a good celebration from her. She tells him she was really upset today during the POV that she was so far away from him and others were congratulating him before she got a chance. (She seems really bummed).
They get a little flirty but keep talking about things they do outside the house. As one updater put it ‘first date kind of stuff’.

4:00 am
More getting to know you talk and flirting between Jessica and Eric in the HOH.

5:00 am
Things get a little more steamy when Eric says “I know you are hesitant to kiss me because of the cameras.” Jess says “Some day I will just lay a big one on ya. But, when we finally do kiss, we can't stop, and we will make out all day. Eric thinks they are a lot cooler and better than Dani & Nick ever where. Jess asks if Boogie and Erica had sex. Eric says he doesn’t know, but they (BB) presented it as if they did.
Eric asks, “Do you want me to leave and let you sleep alone? Let me know. Or do you want to spend more time with me?” Jess says “I don't care; it doesn't matter to me one way or the other.” Eric says “You are probably wondering why I haven't laid a kiss on you or why we sleep so far apart… Are you nervous? (He is getting close to her.)
Jess says “No, stop saying that.”
Some chat about Veto, Red Bull and not being tired, then some silence between them. Eric says “I am just trying to figure out what you are thinking. Do you have something good cooking in your brain? Jess says “No, What are you thinking?” Eric says “I wonder if you really want me to stay (He puts his arm around her). Jess says “I wore two sports bras today.” Eric says “For me?” Jess says yeah. Then they talk about retainers and braces a bit and Eric goes downstairs (ed. Not sure why).

He runs into Dick. Dick says Daniele was still nervous about the final 4, but after our talk in the HOH she feels so much better. She worries about a side deal. Eric says “No side deal with who is left would benefit us.” Dick asks “Have you guys ever even kissed?” Eric says “No, just talking, it's just too awkward. We will either give in and do it, or wait 30 days and get a hotel room.”

Eric goes back to the HOH. Jessica is hidden under the covers. Eric reports that Dick was up. He was in his robe, said he tried to go to sleep but couldn't so he went outside and couldn't' stop giggling as he spun slowly in the teacup.

They both go under the covers. BB spans the bed. Their feet appear to be together. Eric is rubbing her neck and back. They are talking about piercings.

6:00 am
Dick is lying awake in bed giggling to himself. He has been for awhile. He is very giddy over the LJC alliance.

Jessica and Eric are still in the HOH and still going strong, getting flirty again in between talking about their first days in the house. The lights are off and they talk about how dark it is, so different than downstairs. They are much closer in bed than last night. They continue to chat. Eric is fidgety, can't seem to get comfortable. After some silence, Eric asks “You don’t like people leaning on you?” Jess says it’s ok; she likes to cuddle a little bit, just not all night. She cannot sleep like that.
Eric has his hand around Jess and is rubbing her arm and shoulder. He may have kissed her neck. He moved his hand up around her head.
Eric says, “If you could read my mind, you would be very entertained.”
Jess says “Why do you care so much what I am thinking. Too bad you don't have visions like Amber.” Eric says “I think I have a pretty good idea of what you are thinking.”
Jess- What?
Eric- Can't say
Jess- I can't say either
Eric says “You have no idea how glad I am that you are here.” Jess responds “Me too. You are the only person who has been nice to me from the beginning. I appreciate you.”
They are both under the covers and his hand is up on her head, he pulls her closer. He finally makes his move and kisses her. It sounded passionate and loud. They laugh and Jessica says “Its about time… you’re a good kisser”. He says “Really?!” It was noted that Jessica was lying on her back and barely moved the entire time. (ed. Could have been nervousness, cameras, giving her the benefit of the doubt at this point.)
Eric goes into an unusual brand of pillow talk worrying if he had bad breath, was she nervous, he couldn’t see her. (Keep in mind we can see a lot better than they can). She tells him he was over thinking it. Jess says its day 57, he wins his first POV and we have our first kiss.

7:00 am
Eric asks "I don’t have to wait as long for the second one do I?" He gets closer again and is over her and they kiss again as he rubs her head.
Jess says “Oh no, what have we started.” Eric says “This is bad… I think I need some Chapstick”. Jess says “No you don't.”
Eric- I don't think we are going to sleep anytime soon.
Jess- You are good at this, makes me wonder if you have had lots of practice.
Eric- Not really.
They move into some chit chat. Eric says so much happens in NYC, you never find it out. Jess says “Glad you are moving to Kansas.”
Eric- yep
Jess- Then you will know everything.
Eric- But I don't watch the news.
Jess- But your wife is going to be a news reporter!!
Then she says she doesn't even know what she really wants to do.
Eric- How much do you think we will get for a reality show?
Jess - Billions!!
Jess - I got what I wanted, now I'm done with you.
Eric - What did you get?
Jess - The kiss!
They wonder if BB will rush the kiss into the show. (ed. Are you kidding? BB probably has three editors on standby just waiting for this to have happened, lol)

8:00 am
Eric asked her if his hand were on her boob, would she want him to leave it still or move it around on her nipple? She said she likes both.

They kiss again. She gives him more of a 'smack' than a deep kiss and he asks whether that's a 'punctuation' kiss to mean the end for now? He commented how she just laid there, not moving, when he kissed her before.
Eric asks “Just so I know for the future, Will you ever kiss me or will I always have to kiss you?” Jessica says “No, I will kiss you.”
They chat a bit more and FINALLY Drift off to sleep.

9:00 am
Oops, I was wrong. Eric got up for some water. When he returned they were lying face to face and get some more kissing in. Eric says he's so attracted to Jess. She responds “awwwww. Well, obviously I am too."
More chatting, more kissing. Somewhat awkward at this point. It appears Jess is turning away from Eric, but he keeps trying and talking. BB finally gives us FOTH while they tell them its 9:30 and go to get some sleep.
Eric wonders if they should just get up and get breakfast. He’s not tired. (ed. I guess I can understand that). NOW they finally seem to be sleeping!

So at this point, will the Veto be used? Will the LJC keep it together? Will Jessica and Eric still respect each other in the morning, so to speak? We’ll find out :-)

Thanks to all the updaters. Noticed there were several first timers last night. Keep up the good work! Sorry this recap took so long to post. Was filling in for a fellow recapper at the last moment.