Who's Getting Thrown Under The Bus?

7 AM – 9 AM

Eric and Jessica continue the smooch fest. Jessica gushes over how good a kisser he is and comments he must have had lots of practice. They then take a break to talk about school, mascots, and how much they will get paid for their spin-off reality show. Talk moves to the final three (Jessica, Eric, and Danielle) before turning back to adolescent mouthwash talk. Jessica says they shouldn’t talk about their future together anymore [apparently, the producers keep asking her about it]. They talk about Amber and Jameka’s weight and the size of her boobs. [I am guessing it has something to do with the POV competition?]. They joke about the kiss and Jessica doesn’t need Eric’s opinion anymore.

The sexual tension continues as they discuss hand placement and what Jessica prefers. A few more kisses are exchanged. Eric asks Jessica if he will always be the one to kiss her or will she kiss him first? Jessica says she will kiss him too. Jessica is trying to go to sleep, but Eric won’t shut up and keeps asking her questions. They exchange general chit chat while lying face to face.

9 AM – 1 PM

Kiss-fest continues between Jessica and Eric. They realize that they are probably being watched on the live feeds [ya think?]. Jessica becomes self-conscious and tells Eric that she can’t and she is tired. They talk about if their show would be better than Newlyweds and Eric pulls Jessica to him. Eric just keeps talking and they start comparing movies. BB must have announced it was 9:30 am, because they talk about it being 9:30 am and they should take a one hour power nap and then they can take another nap later. They kiss goodnight, and Jessica turns away and lies on her side of the bed.

Eric can’t sleep and suggests they just get up and make breakfast. They stay in the bed, and finally fall asleep.

The rest of the house is still asleep. Random people get up to go to the bathroom, and then go back to sleep.

1 PM – 3 PM

HG’s receive wake up music from BB. Everyone is up and moving (albeit slowly). Jameka goes upstairs to HOH and wakes Eric and Jessica up. Zach dances around while cooking breakfast [looks like eggs], Amber is reading the Bible, and Dick is putting in eye drops. It is announced that there is a lockdown in fifteen minutes. Danielle pulled some jeans out of the dirty clothes hamper and put them on. She is being really crabby. Jessica and Eric are up just as BB is losing patience with everyone moving so slowly.
Everyone goes outside and Danielle and Dick are talking about the show Dog the Bounty Hunter. Amber is sitting alone, reading the Bible again. Talk turns to the live feeds and other general talk. Danielle wonders how much Gretchen gets for doing House Calls. The group is divided into two locations. In the smoking section there is Dick, Danielle, Eric, Jessica, and Zach. In the other corner (double chaise lounge) there is Amber and Jameka. The smoking section is talking about past house guests. It starts to rain while they are outside in lockdown. Jameka gets up and joins the smoking section. Amber has some watermelon and Dick asks her if she has enough for everyone; she says she does. Dick gets in the hot tub and then the pool.

3 PM – 5 PM

General chit-chat continues. Everyone is on the couches, except for a swimming/hot tubing Dick. Eric thinks they might be closing down one of the bedrooms. Zach rambles on and on about computers. Dick is smoking alone in a corner and talking to himself. He says that Zach is getting on his nerves and he might have to vote him out this week.

After a 90 minute lockdown they are allowed back inside the house.

Jameka stays outside and is playing tether ball alone. Zach and Eric head up to the small bedroom to take a nap. Jessica is awake in the HOH; lying on the bed Amber is eating a peach by herself in the backyard, saying she is depressed and miserable. Dick came back outside for a smoke and complains about Zach to Amber. Jameka says that she is going to make everyone dinner tonight. Dick says he will help her.

Amber talks to God in the backyard and asks him to help her not be depressed, etc. Her main focus during the prayer is the reasons she needs the money (so she can move to the Midwest, and buy her boyfriend a motorcycle because he works so hard) Dick comes back out and she quickly says “Bless You, Amen”. The three of them (Amber, Zach, and Jameka) complain more about Zach. Dick talks about Jen, Joe, and Dustin. He wants confirmation that Jen went to sequester.

Amber goes up the bedroom and puts her clothes away. She then crawls into bed with the Bible and starts to cry [AGAIN!], while playing with her necklace.

Zach is up again and goes to the hot tub.

5 PM – 7 PM

Danielle is up and eating in the kitchen. Dick joins her and they exchange general conversation. Jameka and Jessica are in the HOH room talking about general things. Jameka is trying to get information out of Jessica about what Eric plans to do with the POV, all the while throwing out her opinions on what he should do. She wants him to put Danielle up. Jameka is bringing up all the things that Jen told Amber before leaving the house, trying to get Jessica to doubt Danielle and Eric. Jessica is listening and not committing to anything. Jameka asks her if she plans on taking Danielle and Dick into the final four. Jessica just keeps listening and saying :Mmmm hmmmm”. Talk then turns to how Dick looked in his tennis shoes and the fights he and Danielle have been having. Jameka thinks they are real because Dick’s eyes have been so red recently. Jameka tells Jessica that Amber wants to talk to her. After their talk in the HOH room, they both go down to the storage room to find something to eat.

7 PM – 9 PM

Danielle and Dick are in the kitchen talking about Zach. Danielle said she saw Zach take off his sweaty shirt and dip it in the pool to clean it off [eww!]

Jameka is making tacos for dinner. Zach starts to tell a story about someone he knows who used to work at Taco Bell, but then stops. Danielle tells a story about someone she knows saying that people crapped in the chili at Wendy’s every morning where she lives [That is just gross!]. Eric finally gets up. Everyone except for Eric (who is in the Diary Room) is sharing stories from home. They are eating the tacos that Jameka made and the cookies that Danielle made earlier. Eric is being goofy, and entertaining everyone with stories and songs. He tells a story about how when he was three he leaned up against a freshly painted green wall at his apartment and thought he was turning into the Incredible Hulk.

Amber and Jessica are talking. Amber says she wants someone good to win. The good people in the house are Jessica, Amber, Jameka and Eric. Amber wanted to know if she was the target this week, and Jessica says no. Amber starts crying and tries to talk Jessica into putting up Danielle or Dick this week. Amber still believes they are in an alliance. Jessica keeps saying “yeah” to everything that Amber says. Amber goes on to say that she would never put Eric or Jessica on the block. She wants Danielle, Dick, and Zach to go first.

Jessica goes back to the HOH room and stands outside the shower talking to Eric about what Amber has just told her. Jameka is washing her hair in the downstairs bathroom. Danielle is making more cookies. Jessica left Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers bars out for everyone downstairs.

The washing machine is broken and everyone has been complaining all day about having to use dirty towels. Zach says that during his Diary Room that they said they would give them new towels if they wanted them, but the part for the washer would be there tomorrow.

9 PM – 11 PM

Jessica is cleaning her room. Jameka continues to wash her hair. Amber and Eric are exchanging small talk, and Dick is outside smoking. Jessica finishes cleaning her room, and joins Dick outside. Dick asks what she is doing outside with him and she replies she is avoiding everyone. They talk a little about Zach. He hasn’t bothered her much today, but then again she has slept most of it. Jessica tells Dick about her conversation with Amber. She thinks Zach is pretty confident. Dick is pushing to vote Zach out this week.

Eric goes and lies down in his bed. Amber follows and continues talking to him about random things. She approaches him to talk about the POV, but Eric wants to talk in the HOH room. She goes up to the HOH room to wait on Eric and says “I hate this. This is hell”. Amber is crying while trying to convince Eric to keep her in the house. She wants him to use it so that Dick or Danielle can be nominated. She again states that she wants the good people to be in the final four. Eric won’t commit to anything and talks about how he doesn’t like the backdoor and how it usually backfires. Amber points out that they tried to backdoor him and wouldn’t he rather have her in the house because “her word is golden”. [Since when?] She says she isn’t trying to throw Dick and Danielle under the bus, but that she is more trustworthy than they are. Eric tells her he hasn’t made a decision, and that it is ultimately Jessica’s decision since it is her HOH. Eric feels that after this week he will have a big target on him for the rest of the time and needs to take that into consideration as well. He is really skirting around the issue with her. He talks a mile a minute, not giving her time to say anything. He also talks about Zach and how he will do whatever anyone wants to save himself, but on the other hand hasn’t done anything in the house to deserve to still be here. Eric tells Amber outright, that he can’t commit 100% to what he is going to do and that she is a big threat since Dustin and Jen would both vote for her. This conversation goes on for awhile. Amber tells him that she understands and that whatever his decision, she won’t be mad at him.

Zach and Jessica play tetherball in the backyard. Zach asks Jessica what she is planning to do. She says she doesn’t know what Eric is going to do yet. Zach thinks he is doomed if the nominations stay the same.

Jessica was sitting outside on the couch, and then comes in the HOH room. Eric ends the conversation. Jessica and Eric talk strategy. Jessica is worried that she is making the wrong decision and that Dick and Danielle will turn on them next week. Eric points out that Amber can do the same thing and if they get one of them out (Dick or Danielle) that the other one will surely come after them next week. Zach interrupts the conversation, but says he will wait until they are finished. Eric states that at this point that only person they can trust is Jameka, but that trust doesn’t matter because she can’t play for HOH for two more weeks. He thinks if Amber stays she will come after him because he went back on his word and voted Dustin out. He also points out that Amber would have Dustin and Jen’s vote on the jury, and they stand a better chance if going up against Dick or Danielle. Eric tells Jessica about his conversation with Amber and asks whether Zach has been pumping her up for votes. Jessica said he noticed that Amber was making the rounds and wanted to talk to Eric too. It seems like Jessica is leaning towards trying to backdoor Danielle at this point. She is really concerned with next week. Eric seems to really want Amber out this week. Talk starts to lighten up and they joke that Jessica has more votes than Eric now.

Zach and Amber are in the kitchen making small talk. They are obviously uncomfortable.

Danielle comes to the HOH room and tells Eric and Jessica about Amber and Zach downstairs and how uncomfortable it is since they are sort of bickering about campaigning. Eric tells Danielle about his conversation with Amber and how she wants the final four to be the “good people”.

Amber and Jameka talk outside. Amber tells Jameka that Eric isn’t going to use the POV. She is worried that he is going to run and tell Danielle and Dick what was said during their conversation. Jameka says that she has heard a few things from Dick and Danielle indicating they want Zach gone. Amber retells her conversation with Eric with a little trash talking thrown in for good measure.

11 PM – 3 AM

Zach and Eric talk in the HOH room. Eric discusses how he had to play hard to get the POV to protect Jessica. Zach tries to justify saving himself stating that he has always been true to his word. He says he isn’t there to talk bad about Amber, but that something is brewing in the house. He thinks that Jameka and Danielle might have a deal. Zach understands why he is on the block and knows that it is because Eric is friends with Jameka and Jessica and they don’t want to upset Dick and Danielle. He is campaigning hard against Dick and Danielle, trying to show that statistically it is a bad idea to let them stay in the game. He is hard core trying to make a deal. Zach promises that if he puts Dick or Danielle up, that he will swear not to put him up and will also assure Jessica’s safety for another week. He thinks it is an unfair advantage to Dick and Danielle for them both to stay here, since the two can basically control the votes based on previous promises. Zach also throws Jameka and her “shady” behavior in for good measure. He is trying every trick in the book. He even gives Eric an ultimatum, saying that if he remains on the block, that the offer of safety next week is gone. Eric again says that he appreciates his ideas, and agrees with some of them but that he hasn’t made a decision and probably won’t until right before the POV ceremony. Eric’s main focus is to make it through next week, and then play his butt off at the remaining competitions. Zach says that’s why he is offering him a chance at final five [LOL!]

Amber and Jameka are in the backyard. Jameka is using her puffy hairdryer. Danielle and Jessica are in the kitchen talking about the sequester house. Zach and Eric finally leave the HOH room (after 25 minutes) and join Danielle and Jessica in the kitchen to discuss the nightly game selection.

Jessica announces it is drinking time. Everyone is gathered around the table and drinking (except Danielle). They decide to play zuma zuma and they are pretending to be evicted houseguests. Amber is Dustin, Danielle is Nick, Eric is Kail, Dick is Mike, and Jameka is Carol (after she finishes her hair). Jessica is Joe and Zach is Jen. The game quickly shifts to quarters, only they are playing it with a nickel. Zach changes the rules and makes it a speed game. When you get the nickel in the cup, you pass it to the next person. The round ends when someone has two cups. Danielle went to the Diary Room to try and get a quarter with no luck. Everyone is laughing and getting along really well. Soon, they go back to regular quarters. Three quarters in the cup and you get to make up a rule. Amber doesn’t get it [big surprise].They then play spin the can. The rules they make up are pretty funny and include thumb sucking and oinking like a pig.

After a potty break, they return to the game and there are many rules and it is crazy all the things they are doing. Everyone is having a great time. They all agree that they will have to start playing quarters with rules as it is much more fun than normal quarters.

Dick goes outside for a smoke and says that the most fun he has had in a long time. [See Dick, it is fun to play nice with others]. Jessica and Eric are getting in the hot tub. Jameka has her legs in too. Zach says he is going to bed. Amber is alone in the kitchen eating.
3 AM – 5 AM

Eric and Jessica are in the hot tub flirting. Dick is doing cannonballs in the pool and getting reprimanded by BB, where he then goes and interrupts Eric and Jessica. They have a discussion about quarters. Eric and Jessica fill Dick in on Eric’s conversation with Zach.

Jameka lays on the couch reading the Bible, while Amber whispers to her. Danielle and Zach are in bed.

Jessica exits the hot tub, changes clothes, gets a cookie, and lies down in bed. She remembers her microphone and turns on the spy cam. Jameka came up to talk to Jessica about Eric but she only had a few minutes before he joined them. Jameka told Jessica that Eric told Amber that Jessica was a f*&king whore [not true] and she thinks that Eric is using her the way Mike Boogie used Erica. After Eric joined them, talk turned to general chit-chat for a short time.

After Jameka leaves the HOH, Eric and Jessica are lying on the bed with the lights out. Apparently, Jessica fell asleep during her conversation with Jameka. Eric wakes Jessica up asking her if she is ok and if she wants to talk about the veto. Jessica says she is worried that Jameka is upset that she fell asleep. Eric asks Jessica if it was still ok for him not to use the veto, and she says yes.

5 AM – 6 AM

Dick and Danielle are talking in the backyard. Eric and Jessica are asleep. They talk about getting to the final four. Danielle is worried that they HOH competition will be one where you buzz in because Eric is really good at those. Talk turns to past season’s competitions and past competitions this season. Danielle makes fun of Amber and they say she won’t be asked back it there is another All Stars. Dick tells Danielle that she really needs to focus on Thursday’s HOH competition. They discuss how important the POV is during the final four and how much they are reprimanded by BB. There is also a lot of silence during the conversation. Danielle doesn’t want to come in third place and states that if Jessica isn’t fourth then she knows she will be.

By 6:19 AM everyone is asleep.

What will Monday have in store for the remaining house guests? Will Eric mix it up and decide to use the POV to save with Zach or Amber? Will Amber continue her downward spiral and cry until her eyes swell shut? Will we get another glimpse of Jessica and Eric playing kissy-face?