BB8 Daily Recap August 27 2007
Eric doesn’t use Veto, House Guests preview the Power of 10

9:30 am
BB has to go to Trivia a couple times to get the houseguests moving this morning. Eventually the morning routines begin. Jessica and Eric chat in bed with the lights on. She tells him Jameka wanted to tell her something last night, but Eric came in the room. Eric said kind of kidding, "That doesn't sound good." Jess goes to shower and Eric leaves to go downstairs.

Jameka doesn’t waste anytime getting to the HOH while Eric isn’t there. She even opens the shower door on Jessica realizing time is of the essence. She eventually lets Jess finish her shower in peace and waits for her. Jameka sprinkles in some guilt trips, but her main ammunition was to tell Jessica:
1. Eric said he doesn't want to get HOH because there might put a picture of his girlfriend and Jess would get upset.
2. Eric told Amber he may not use the Veto because he can't win if Jameka or Amber are there with him.
Jess just says "Oh Jameka".
Jameka says she didn’t ask Amber if she could tell her this stuff (ed. Well I guess that is true, it was more like Amber TELLING Jameka what to say last night). Jess says she’s looked at all the angles. Jameka says she would save Jess. Jess says the same in return. Since she’s out of ammunition, Jameka leaves and Eric comes back in.
Jess fills in Eric on their conversation. Jessica doesn’t let on if she took any of it to heart, but Eric makes it known he is not happy with Jameka or Amber. Somewhere in this exchange she asked him if he had cast the hinky votes. He plays it off laughingly admitting to everything including the mustard.

10:30 am
Jess tells Eric that she is glad the two of them had their talk about his ex-girl friend the other night. Otherwise after her talk with Jameka she would have been saying to herself, what the hell is going on!? He gives her a hug and a quick kiss on the lips and tells her his thoughts are with her and not any of them. (ed. If you didn’t catch it, Eric likely just completed his AP task).

When Eric leaves the HOH, Jameka pulls him into the Storage Room to talk (ed. Busy morning there, eh Jameka?) She tells him she knows he's looked at every angle but she wants him to know she still has his back, the group is still a group. Eric tells her that the veto and the voting are two separate things and there will still be plenty of time to talk before the voting.

There is a video leak of Eric in the Diary Room, but we can’t hear him. He is smiling and laughing and doing lots of talking with his hands. (ed. Anybody know how to read lips?)

11:00 am
Eric is in the DR and there is an outside lockdown. Veto preparations are underway. Outside Dick notes Jameka has been saying a lot of "Oh dears" this morning, “Are you replacing your mmmhmm’s?” Jameka says maybe.

Jameka asks about the Jensa Member shirts, "What is it? Men's member?"
Dani tells her it is actually MENSA. Jameka has not heard of it.
Someone said “it's a smart people's club and all the guys on ‘Beauty and The Geek’ were Mensa members". Jameka asked "Was Jen on that show?"

We get a Trivia session on the feeds for just over a half hour. When we return, as expected, Eric did not use the Veto. Amber thinks she is the target in a chat with Jameka.

Doesn’t take long for Jameka to make it up to the HOH to talk to Jessica (ed. She’s gonna wear a path in that carpet). She seems upset, but tries to keep it light. It doesn’t take long for Eric to appear there too. They compliment him on his speech. Jess jokes about making hers look bad. They make fun of Zach’s speech, “I am one of 7 however it was 14, but we are all 1... and the cat jumped through the hula hoop, thank you..” (ed. Hmmm, that should be interesting). Jameka brings up him not using the Veto and Eric gives her his now standard answer. Dani joins them and they get in some more Zach bashing.

1:00 pm
The house guests are on an inside lockdown. Various naps and aimless wandering occur along with Diary Room sessions for Jessica and Zach.

While Dani is doing the dishes, she let’s out a “YAY!!” The backyard has been opened. She puts on her bathing suit and heads outside. Once there she realized the washing machine has been fixed, so she goes back in to get a load of laundry.

2:00 pm
Dani is still outside by the now beeping washing machine saying she hates this thing! Dani and Zach get some sunning in. Dani says she misses Joe. Zach says Joe was an asshole. Dani says she dated a guy that was 6’7” and that wasn’t tall enough. Zach gets her to give a list of ‘sexiest things for a guy’:
Freakishly tall
Big man hands
Pretty eyes
Pretty smile
Then she's hooked.
Dick has joined them. All others are inside sleeping.

3:00 pm
Jameka has come outside and Dick has gone inside complaining about all the dirty dishes in the sink. (ed. Didn’t Dani just do the dishes like 2 hours ago?) Anyway, Dick starts washing the dishes.

Dick heads out and notices all of Dani’s stuff in the washer and complains that there is a mountain of towels and stuff to be done. Zach agrees to postpone his turn at the washer so that Dick can wash towels.

4:00 pm
Zach, Dick and Dani still the only ones up in the back yard. Dani playing with her split ends, asks if anyone out there watching wants to buy her a new car. Zach says why don’t you buy your own car? Dani says why don’t you shut up.
Zach says I don’t believe you said that. Dick agrees – very Jen like.
It was all matter of fact but Dani says “No sense of humor” and goes inside. Zack tells Dick “You’re related.” Dick says she didn’t even by her current car. Her mom did. It’s the only thing her mom ever gave her. And we get FOTH.

Dani goes to work out trying to figure out how to start the elliptical, having a hard time getting it started. She says, “Yes America boredom has come to this - after 59 days I am working out.” After a couple minutes she is already tired. She is making fun of herself saying she has worked off a peanut.

Jameka and Amber have gone outside now. Jameka says by listening to Eric's speech, she thinks Zack will be evicted. Amber says she hopes Jess won’t be stupid and vote her out. They are trying to figure out more ammunition against Eric so Jess will break away and have an alliance with Jameka and Amber. Amber says she does not want to win HOH this week. She want's to win the next one. Jameka tells her she need to win this one because Jess can't play. Amber said Dani is going to vote to keep her.

5:00 pm
Amber and Jameka continue their talk in the hammock. Amber is upset that Eric didn’t throw it (the Veto comp). Jameka says he was in the moment, pride. Amber says that she was telling god today that she trusts god and has no worry; not that she is giving up, but if it is her time to go then it is. Maybe she was put here to be discovered as a model or for being an inspirational speaker. Maybe her being here wasn’t to win the game. (ed. Please excuse me while I go over to the Discussion forum to use the Shout Box for a moment). They continue chatting for quite some time, mostly Amber with Jameka being supportive.

Feeds switch to Dick, Eric and Dani in the Living Room. Zach walks by from the Diary Room and Eric asks how it went. Zack says I messed up a few lines. They talk about movies for a bit and then Dick says BB still owes him a carton of cigarettes, "Marlboro Reds 100 Box, please."

Amber folds towels, then Amber, Zach and Dani go to the Workout Room to exercise.

6:00 pm
Zach leaves the work out, Jameka joins. Dani is getting tired, but she’s still going at it this time.

Zach joins Dick at the hot tub and Dick is heard saying, “That his opinion and stance has kept Zach off the block a lot of times.” Then the feeds go to Trivia.

7:00 pm
Feeds were out for an hour. There was speculation on the board that BB was showing the houseguests the Power of 10. There was very little confirmation from the houseguests when we return other then some odd behavior. Dani did say it was nice that she got to see her (ed. assumption, Amber got to see her cousin). Amber in another room, looked mad and said “This is crap!” Dani tells Jess and Eric, "I'm not talking about the thing we're not allowed to talk about but…" feeds go to FOTH. A little later Dani was possibly crying and Dick gave her what appeared to be a sympathetic kiss on the head. (ed. You’ll have to draw your own conclusions at this point.).

Eric and Jessica get into ‘what if’ banter on getting married and moving to Kansas. Eric is wondering if he can get a fish tank, a hot a tub, and a $2000 flat screen TV. He wants to know if he has to ask her before buying these things or can he just buy them. She exclaims that she cares and it matters!

8:00 pm
Dani asks Amber if she's excited about dinner tomorrow because they’ll be allowed to talk about it. Amber says yes, she is. Dani is excited too.

Elsewhere Eric asks if Jess would consider taking some extra time off to stay out there after the show and hang out. She says it depends on how much leave time her brother has. Shortly after, she checked the Storage Room and discovered beer and says, "Woo hoo!"

Dick goes out to have a cigarette and says to himself, "This whole thing with Nick is ridiculous. Stop letting it side track you".

Amber in bed by herself telling God that he's welcome in her heart anytime he wants to come, he doesn't even need to knock... You broke my old heart and gave me a new one... You can do whatever you want with me, I trust you… God, I hope something comes out of this for me; I want to go to school. I want to be a model. I want to be an inspirational speaker. I want to be so many things...” then she said, "God bless you."
Not long after Amber is seen sitting on her bed playing with a hair clip, opening and closing it and saying "Rawr." Cameras go elsewhere and then come back to Amber balancing a water bottle on her forehead. It falls. Then she attempts to balance it on her nose. It falls.

Jameka talking to Dani and Jessica says how they all forgot about the trip and thought they were getting America's Choice (the hour long FOTH earlier) Jessica wants a party and Daniele says there is a party tomorrow. Jess asks why and Dani says they can't talk about it.

9:00 pm
The ShoToo Crawl reads ‘Jessica is HOH, Originally nominated Amber and Zach are campaigning to stay in the house by any means. Jameka spent the morning trying to convince Jessica that Eric is playing her. Eric attempted to fulfill his America’s Player task today. The Veto meeting was held this morning. Watch Amber and Daniele on The Power of 10 Tuesday at 8pm eastern.’

Jessica says “My family saw me naked on TV last night!” Dani says “You were blurred, Jessica.” Jessica said they could've missed a nip slip!

Referring to a spin the bottle game, Dick will be the first to have a child outside the house. Dani says maybe it will be a grandchild and Vincent knocked someone up. Dick says “I am not ready for Grandfatherhood and Dani can attest to the fact I am not ready for fatherhood either.” Dani sits quietly and picks split ends, no comment.

Dani and Jess talk about how the mirror makes you look Chinese or have downs syndrome. Dick says “What’s wrong with Chinese!!”
Jessica: I like Chinese.
Dick: The way they cook?
Jessica: They do nails good and she has neighbors who are Chinese. “I’m not racist!!”

Dick, Jessica and Amber are in the back yard talking about Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Britney Spears.

In the Kitchen, Jameka asks Eric where Jess is. Jameka says something like, "Bad boy" apparently from calling Jessica a racist. Jessica may be upset at Eric for that comment.

Not long after, Dick is in the Kitchen finishing up the main course for dinner. Jameka has made a salad. Dick starts yelling out a countdown to dinner, while Daniele is dressing one of the plants in clothes.

Dinnertime - Stuffed chicken with mushrooms, spinach, and cheese with bowtie pasta. Lots of small talk. After dinner Eric and Zach do the dishes. Dick goes outside and compliments himself on his dinner creations.

10:00 pm
Jessica walks by the Kitchen with her letter from home in hand. It caught Eric’s attention and he follows her to one of the bedrooms. They whisper but it was hard to make anything out. Apparently they are having trouble hearing each other too, so they go up to the HOH. Jess filling Eric in on Amber talking to her about Eric not using POV and how she wants good people at the end and how Amber thinks Eric doesn't want good people at the end, so he has a better chance of winning. Eric says he doesn't put them in good/bad categories. He is annoyed at Amber.

Dick came in the HOH room and said he thinks Daniele is depressed. Jess says, "Why, because she didn't get to see Nick or whatever..." Eric clears his throat to try to stop her, and we get FOTH. (ed. But it’s too late. That was enough hard evidence to confirm Daniele did not win on Power of Ten). They proceed to do a round of past and present houseguest bashing. Then Eric says he was told by BB that his Abercrombie necklace looked gay and he shouldn't wear it… BB says "Eric, stop that!"

Zach makes the rounds to let everyone know they will be called to the Diary Room.

Jessica is up and plays hide and seek with the cameras. It doesn’t work, so she gets ready and heads to the hot tub.

11:00 pm
Amber says to Dick in the bathroom, "I want to talk to you at some point." Dick says, "Any time you want. It's not like I have anything to do or anywhere to go."

Most everyone has congregated in the back yard. They’re wondering who’s more bored, feed watchers or the house guests. (ed. I’d say it’s a toss up). Jameka comes back from the Diary Room and enough is said for us to know they are asking each of them about the Power of 10. They all have a discussion about flowers.

Dick tells the group that he moved out of the house when he was 16. He shared a place with two other 16 year old guys. He worked two jobs and still went to high school. Lots of chat about schools. Dick got suspended from Christian school for putting his surfer wax label in his cubicle in High School. It was the Sex Wax brand.
They move onto a chat about what animal they would want to be. Jess has a hard time pinning down the one she really wanted, going through a whole list before settling on a Koala bear, but then kept going with some others too.

Amber heads to bed. Eric heads to the shower, moves the partition and takes advantage of some double nozzle action.

Dick, Jameka and Jessica are speculating on the catered dinner they are getting tomorrow.

Dani comes out and tells the others that the Diary Room made her change her wardrobe during her session. One was with make-up the other wasn't.

Lots of Diary Rooms going on. Not much else to report. Jessica goes to bed after hers was done. The others say they can’t sleep because of the calls to the DR. Jameka had drifted off outside. She wakes up and goes inside.

1:00 am
In the bedroom, Jameka tells Amber to talk to Eric tomorrow. Amber looked surprised at something Jameka said and said she doesn’t kiss anyone’s ass. Amber says she is sick of it and doesn’t really care anymore if she goes home or not. (ed. Guess Jameka’s going to have to keep doing Amber’s dirty work).

Outside, Eric tells Dick and Daniele he wants to share some thoughts after dinner tomorrow with them. Dick agrees and has some thoughts as well. Dick mentions that Jameka has been hanging out with Jess and Eric a lot. Eric clues them in about Jameka trying to get Jess to not trust Eric and its making him want to bury her. He tells them Amber tried to sell him on keeping her because the next HOH might be endurance and he’ll need help beating the others. He comments on her being one of the first ones out last time. They chat about past seasons and when endurances usually occur. They sometimes mixed up what comps were in what seasons. They chat about casting calls and the process for a while before we get the inevitable FOTH.

2:00 am
Dick and Dani in the backyard (Eric is in the Diary Room), talking about if they could change their answers on who’d they like a phone call from, Dani would pick Miss Cleo. She wants some visions like Amber. They say that Eric put Bill Cosby for his person and laugh.

Dick says “8 down 4 to go.”
Dani responded “5 to go.”
Dick says “Hey!”
Dani says “For one to succeed, the others must fail.”

Dick is called to the Diary Room over the back yard speakers (a real BB voice came on and asked if he could come hang out).

Dani heads inside to the bathroom. She knocks on the door to the toilet, but wasn’t expecting anyone to be in there. She let out a scream when Eric said he was there.

Eric heads out to the hammock by himself. All feeds go with him (ed. He needs to learn to talk to himself). He eventually goes inside and goes to bed downstairs.

3:00 am
Dick seems to be the only one left awake. After putting towels away, he goes outside and talks to himself, “Funny thing about this show, it doesn't feel like a show. Here way too long. Survivor? I'd die on Survivor.” “I don't know. What else is there to talk about? Easy week. Cake week.”
He thinks he put too much soap in it the washer. Then says he doesn't know and he doesn't care. He goes inside and sees Zach's socks. "I'd rather stick a poker in my eye than touch those". While getting undressed for bed he flips off the camera. He throws his socks at the camera that is following him around and then goes to bed just before 4:00 am.

Will Jameka continue Amber’s campaign for her? Did Amber win any money on Power of 10? Did we vote for Eric to kiss Jessica? Can I stop asking obvious questions? We’ll find out :-)

Thanks again to all the updaters and their dedication!