Good Morning Jokers!

Well it's official, morning in the BB house has vanished. The wake up call today was not until 12 noon followed by trivia, they were most likely playing some wakeup music for the hgs. When the feeds return, Zach and ED are in the BY. Zach says BB woke him up at 7am. Zach heads into the WR while ED smokes. ED heads in by the WR and says to Zach "Run, Forrest, Run!". ED heads into the BR to clean out his eye and use his drops. The house consensus seems to be that the music this morning was just awful. Eric thinks they are blowing All-stars out of the water, because they are more entertaining. Amber and Jameka talking in bed, Eric and Jess outside getting some sun. Jess worries she made a mistake over who she should put up. Eric says he knew she was bothered. They agree all they can do now is hope D&D keep their word. Dani joins them to lay out in the sun. They talk about Zach having a tantrum when he had to get up at 7am, slamming things around etc. Eric asks Jess if she is going to be in a bad mood today, she says yes, he says he will cheer her up. Zach in BY now talking with ED while Jess and Eric still catchin some rays. Zach gets called to the SR to get some scissors, so Jameka can cut his hair. They head into the WC to set up a chair so she can cut his hair.

Dani tries to explain something to ED but he is not getting it and she is getting frustrated. ED is told to put on his mic but jumps into the pool instead. ED and Dani were going at it again, she is being sh*tty to him, he is being so unfair to her, it soooo frustrating! Blah blah blah. Eric apologizes for not being more open to discussing all the possibilities with Jess. He promises her at final four he will throw himself on the sword if need be to save her. She is concerned at final four, she will be the first to go. He says at final two, he will tell everyone that Jess never did dishes. She laughs and seems very grateful for his cheering her up a bit. Eric reassures Jess he is playing for both their interests and that he thinks their partnership has helped them tremendously, Jess agrees. Eric says of those left, the ones he wants to win are [in order from top to bottom] himself, Jess, Jameka, Dani, ED, Zach and Amber. Jess has the same list with her on top, then Eric and Zach before D&D. Eric asks Jess if she has trust issues outside the house and she says yes and wants to know how he knew. Eric feels badly for winning PoV and maybe pushing Jess into something she wasn't really sure about, she says he didn't. Eric tells Jess he is so proud of her for winning HoH. Eric tells Jess he will do his very best to win HoH. Jess says she doesn't have as much influence on him as he has on her, he disagrees.

Amber joins them in the HoH. She says the does not hold Dustin leaving against Eric and Jess. She says she has a lot at stake, has worked hard, knows no one wants to be against her in the final two. She starts crying. Amber tells Jameka that she thinks God is very proud of her for going up there and talking to them. Amber talks about how she was close to ED at the start but not anymore, she thinks she is safe this week, she just has to make sure she has Dani's vote. Amber says this experience has scarred her for life and will probably make her even more of a crier. Jess, Eric and Dani talk about what time the show will be on, and the PoT show, and what time dinner will be served. They speculate that perhaps Amber is lying about having a daughter. Jess thanks Eric for cooking and he says "anything for the love of my life" and Jess says she never tires of hearing that. Eric says it is sad he is not the love of her life, Jess says he is, she just can't say it around everyone else. Eric asks if the DR changed her name in the DR to Eric's future wife, Jess says yes.

Power of Ten Show

Just the part with the hgs

Amber vs. Danielle

Amber says if she wins the money she will give it to her mom. Dani says she would use it for a new car and to go back to school.

Best of Five Round

1. What percentage of Americans have danced the Macarena?
Amber - 46%
Dani - 70%
Answer - 48%
Amber wins the point.

2. What percentage of Americans are working two or more jobs?
Dani - 54%
Amber - 42%
Answer - 16%
Amber wins the point.

3. What percentage of Americans have looked inside the medicine cabinet of another person's house?
Amber - 33%
Dani - 24%
Answer - 41%
Amber wins the point and moves on to play for 10 million dollars.

Amber plays Power of Ten, special guest help is her cousin Katie. Amber cries.

$1000.00 question -
What percentage of Americans have been audited by the IRS?
Amber's first guess 8%-48%
Audience guesses 20%-40%
Amber locks in 8%-48%
Answer - 17%
Amber wins $1000.00

$10,000.00 question -
What percentage of Americans think women in the military should not be allowed to fight in combat situations?
Amber's first guess 29%-59%
Audience 40%-70%
Amber locks in 30%-60%
Answer - 33%
Amber wins $10,000.00

What percentage of Americans know what scrutinize means? Amber doesn't.

$100,000.00 question -
What percentage of Americans think people should not be allowed to keep pit bulls as pets?
Amber's first guess 27%-47%
Audience 30%-50%
Amber locks in 18%-38%
Answer - 55%
Amber's game ends, she won $1000.00

Power of Ten End


Recap, Eric fails to take his relationship with Jess to the next level, again and again. Dani and ED take a step back. ED is thrilled that Jess won HoH. Jameka and Zach both try to get Jess to put up ED and Dani. Eric got his AP to get Amber nominated. Jess nominates Zach and Amber. Who will win the PoV? Will they use it to save Zach or Amber? Will Eric accomplish his next task?

Zach in DR, says Jess bold faced lies when she said she trusts him. Amber is not worried because that would show doubt in God's eyes and she doesn't want to do that. Amber lays on her bed and has a chat with God again, then continues her talk with God in the DR. Dani tells Zach as he showers that he cannot expect to be in the house and not get nominated. He says he is screwed for the PoV. Dani tells him even if he doesn't get PoV doesn't mean he would be going home. Jameka and Eric head up to the HoH room. Dani joins them. Jameka says she would like to think it is Jess' intention to backdoor Dani. Amber is assuming she is a pawn and that Zach is the target this week.

Eric and Jess chat in the BY. Eric says they are in trouble, because eventually they will just not be able to resist each other. Jess says in the DR she sees wedding bells in their future. The chanting monks lead into Jameka praying and crying in the HoH. Jess walks in and asks if Jameka is ok, she says she is praying. She asks Jameka if she wants a hug. They hug. Jess says even though she doesn't talk about it a lot in the house, she does go to church at home and the praying is cool with her. Jameka admits in DR she was glad to hear that Jess goes to church.

Zach asks for time with Jess. He says he was not happy at all about being nominated but now he sort of gets it. He says ED and Dani are explosive together and the have a strong advantage if they both stay. Zach says in the DR that he approached Jess about a backdoor plan against the Donatos. Jess says her and Eric have an agreement with ED and Dani but this week is an opportunity to get rid of one of them. Zach presents a compelling argument and Jess seems to agree with him completely.


Jess comes out and tells them they are about to find out where Amber and Dani went on their mystery trip. The LR screen shows them leaving and getting to NYC. Dani finds out it was Nick that was to be there for her had she moved on from the Best of Five round. Dani cries as they watch the PoT. Amber asks if they think Drew Carey is really the new host of the Price is Right, they say nah.... They see Amber move on. ED was surprised that Amber blew Dani out of the water. They think it was cool Amber got a thousand dollars, ED says in DR he would have been pissed if she had won a huge chunk of money. Dani says it would have been really really nice to have seen Nick.

Eric is using mouthwash, talking about how much he likes Jess. Jess is in the HoH bed. Eric climbs in bed with her, takes his shirt off. They lay facing each other. Eric gets up and turns the lights off. Night cameras take over. He crawls back in bed. He gives her a tiny little peck, then two, then kisses her for real, slipping his hand behind her neck. Jess says "It's about time!" and that he is a good kisser, the both admit they are very attracted to each other. Fade to black.


Jess emerges from the DR and says it is time to pick players for the PoV. Amber does not want Dani or ED to play for PoV. Jess picks Dani, Zach picks hgs choice and chooses Eric, Amber chooses Jameka. ED will host. Zach and Eric talks, he is pushing for the backdoor plan again with Eric. Eric is eating a banana and doesn't say much, just nods his head and finally says he doesn't know of any grand master plan. Eric says if Zach does stay up, he is open to other ideas and scenarios.

ED calls the house for PoV competition. "I Think I Smell A Rat". The BY is a swampy forest with the Cheshire Cat who gives the answer to a riddle, they must find a rat that has the riddle on it and return to the cat. Each time the number of stumps for those with answers decreases by one.

1. Answer is Dustin
Jameka is the first back, then Zach, Amber, Dani, Eric, and Jess is last and out.

Two possible riddles -

He was number six to go, enemy to one named Joe.
Parading in his cape and crown, his eviction made him frown.

2. Answer is Slop
Eric, Dani, Zach, Amber and Jameka is last and out.

Two possible riddles -

This concoction is crude, barely passes as food.
Your outlook seems bleak when you eat this for a week.

3. Answer is Nick
Zach, Amber, Eric, and Dani is last and out.

Two possible riddles -

Who could know he would be the forth to go.
His heart rang like a bell for hg Danielle.

4. Answer is Jen
Amber, Eric, then Zach pushes him off the stump, but Eric has it and Zach is out.

Possible riddles -

BB thought it would be hard, but she loved to wear that unitard.
She was HoH number two and claimed her word was always true.

5. Answer is Veto
Eric is back first and Amber is out.

It may come as a shock, if you win this, you are off the block.

Eric wins the PoV and is very charged up about it. Eric says it feels great to be able to get Jess' back and to win. Zach hugs Eric and picks him up over his shoulder. Dani takes this as a bad sign that maybe they have a side deal. Dani and ED chat in the BY. She says that Amber and Zach will both try to make a deal with Eric to try to get them to backdoor ED or Dani. They mention that Jess does not want to put up Jameka. ED says they need to get Jess out. Dani says she knows.


Eric finds out his AP task, he has to kiss the houseguest America chooses. He opens it to find out it is Jessica. He says the American people are taking great care of me. He is in the HoH with Jess, goes to the WC and gargles. Then comes out and says he is sneaking a morning kiss and kisses Jess. Task Complete. Amber goes upstairs to HoH and wants to have a chat with Eric. Amber makes her case about the veto, she doesn't want to be on the block but doesn't want him to feel obligated to use it on her. She starts to cry and ramble and carry on .... I don't know, I don't know, I don't know. Amber says her word is golden. ED and Dani tried to backdoor him. He says he agrees but this is Jess' HoH and he doesn't want to run her HoH. Jess comes in and Amber leaves. Jess says my turn. Jess is worried, she thinks maybe they should seriously consider backdooring ED or Dani. Especially Dani. Eric seems reluctant to use the PoV, basically he knows America wants Amber so he does not want to go against that. Jess says if he really cared he would use the PoV.

Eric prepares for the PoV ceremony, stares at the pictures and gets the PoV off the memory wall. Eric is torn, he know Jess wants him to use the veto, but he knows what America wants. Everyone gives their DR opinions on what Eric should do with the veto. Eric starts the PoV meeting. Amber speaks first. Amber rambles on and basically says it is up to Eric. Zach says he will live whatever decision he makes. Eric says every person in the house is a very serious threat to him and to Jess. He decides not to use the PoV. Jess looks unhappy. Dani looks very happy. Amber says it is a cowardly move, he is evil and has no soul. Zach is dumbfounded that Eric did not use the veto. Jess says it sucks when they [she and Eric] disagree but she cannot afford a rift with him. Eric says he knows America wants Amber out that is why he did not use the PoV.

AP Task = Who do you want America's Player to get evict? Amber or Zach?


ED is in the BY with Amber, he is wearing the hairdryer that Jameka uses and looks sort of like a mushroom. He is telling her his concerns about him and Dani being put up by the next HoH. Amber blames the saving of Eric on Dustin, she was locked in because of her promise on her daughter. ED mentions how the whole house was against him and Dani the following week, Amber says she was not against Dani. ED says he cannot trust Zach because he is a kissarse and Amber lied. Amber admits she lied but it was to save her best friend in the house. [Dustin]. Eric joins Amber and ED in the BY. Eric doesn't stay long and when he heads back in, ED and Amber continue their chat. ED says he never trusted Dustin. ED realizes the hairdryer looks ridiculous and asks Amber how she can have a serious discussion with him when he has that thing on his head?.

ED tells Amber again how much he did not trust Dustin and says Amber should never have put so much faith in him. He says Amber really missed something by not seeing Jen's meltdown. Amber says she will not hold a grudge no matter what happens on Thursday and that she will not try to tell people how to vote in the Jury House. [JH] ED off on another Dustin tangent, the crown and robe thing, Amber says she tried to tell Dustin to bring it down a notch. ED says what happened, happened and to give him some time to think, he is getting tired of Zach and might just vote to keep her around. He says things can change in the house on a daily basis.

Jess teases Eric because he said he was in the DR when she was talking to Zach and he didn't come rescue her. Jess taking a bath and calls out to Eric "come here my little jew baby!" Eric replies "coming!" She tells Jameka that are going to make out and make up. Eric and Jess talk about their life outside the house, going to school, where they will live, etc. Eric goes downstairs to get some water he was boiling for Jess' bath, she says it is great. Eric gets in the bath with Jess, Jameka and Jess trying to teach him how to add bubbles. Zach comes up and complains he had to take a cold shower because of all the hot water they used for the bath. Once alone again, Jess and Eric talk game. Jess is much more comfortable with sending Amber home this week. She worries only that Zach might have a deal with D&D. Eric says ED hates Zach, no way they have a deal. Jess waffles back and forth about if Zach will try to go with D&D if he stays etc.

Amber is talking to Jameka. She says that Eric and Jess have a deal with D&D which means they [Amber and Jameka] are f*cked. Amber tells Jameka about her talk with ED earlier. She embellishes a little but gets most of it correct. Amber says everyone thinks Jess is so f*cking innocent. Dani heads up to the HoH and into the bathroom where Jess and Eric are still in the bath. Dani tells them she is avoiding everyone. After Dani leaves, Eric asks Jess what he can do to reassure her, she says win HoH, he says deal. Jess is more at ease now, ED and Dani talking to them more. Eric says Dani asked about Jess on a personal level, seemed concerned for her. Amber is in the BY with Jameka and Dani. Amber carries on about so what if she gets along with everyone, no one wants to be in the final two against her. She says excuse her for getting along with everyone. Dani says everyone has been playing the game so personal instead of strategic. Dani says she has tried to play on a strategic level all along.

Amber says she doesn't want to make promises she cannot commit to completely. Jameka goes inside and Amber asks Dani to join her on the hammock, Dani says sure. Amber tells her she will never put her up, but that she didn't want to say anything in front of Jameka because she hasn't told anyone else. Amber starts talking about all the stuff Jen told her. About how Eric coached Jen on what order to place the keys in the box for the nomination ceremony when Jen was HoH. Jen told Amber that Eric said he would talk mean to her just to cover the fact they were friends and working together. Amber says she knows Jen was a liar but believes Jen about the Eric stuff. Dani says thanks for the talk but she has to go inside because of the bugs. Eric is taking a shower and ED comes up to let him and Jess know the dinner they were expecting for tonight is not until tomorrow night. He scares Eric in the shower.

Eric gets out of the shower, he and Jess talk about the show tonight and Eric says they are the stars of the show now. He tells her he is going down to get dressed and she should listen to music so no one can argue with her. Eric confirms their date for tomorrow night and Jess says she wants to drink tonight. Eric agrees. He heads out of HoH while she goes back to listening to her music and reading her letter from her mom. Eric and Jess back in HoH, Jess says she will win the HoH's and Eric can win the PoVs. She mentions not wanting to put Jameka on the block. Eric says she will have to eventually, she wants to put up D&D. They talk and flirt a while until they are called downstairs for dinner and told they have 24 beers for tonight.

As Eric and Jess come down for dinner, Amber says "Nice of you guys to join us". Eric and Jess do not respond. Jess makes eye contact with Eric from across the table and says "Now I've changed my mind". [Probably in reference to Amber] After dinner, ED and Dani talk in the BY, more snipping at each other, they both seem to be in foul moods and only making each other more on edge. When Dani goes inside, ED says to the cameras "Why didn't you just put me in here with one of my ex-wives?". They all end up talking about the bats in the BY. Zach thinks the bat is trying to get a large moth. Amber thinks the bats are trying to make babies. Amber tells Jameka she thinks she is staying because everyone is asking her for her advice on stuff. Jameka tells Amber that Jess said she regrets some of her decisions in the house, like the noms this week.

Amber says that Jess needs to realize that Eric is playing her and brainwashing her. She reviews the D&D deal with Eric. She says she thinks D&D will keep her around because when they argue, they both come to her for help. Amber says that D&D will probably put up Eric if they get HoH. They talk more game, jump to conclusions and Amber thanks God for telling her everything that is going on, she feels she had a productive day. They are interrupted by Jess and just smile and say hey girl to her. Quarters is starting downstairs, ED calls for them to come down, they say in ten minutes. Jess talks with Amber and Jameka. They ask Jess how Eric is voting, Jess says she doesn't know for sure. Amber and Jameka then proceed to bash Eric six ways to Sunday until ED comes up to ask if they are coming down. Jess says yes, but the other two want to finish talking. They say repeatedly they just want to make sure Eric is playing Jess, even though they think he likes her and she likes him. Jess tells Amber if it is a tie, she will vote to keep Amber.

Amber and Jameka go the full court press to convince Jess that Eric has a side deal with Zach and D&D, Amber tells Jess that ED told her "the debt is paid" and that if Jess was not in on that deal, then Eric is playing her big time. Jess says this is her greatest fear and now she is mad. Amber says Eric ran her HoH and Jess ended up putting up two of her friends. Eric is just playing Jess according to Amber who swears on her daughters life she is not lying. Jameka says ED degrades women, when they were going to vote out Eric, who did ED go to? Dustin. [Ok this is getting a little twilight zone here] Jess begins to see that Eric is just playing her. The conversation goes round and round in circles. Amber and Jameka are going to try to talk to Dani to secure her vote. Meanwhile the guys are downstairs playing quarters and ED wonders why Jess is upstairs when there are beers to be drank, Eric says she is probably getting the pitch. Amber tells Jess she had a vision of Jess' mom and that her mom wants her to keep Amber and stop listening to Eric. They say Eric does not want a "good person" to win and he doesn't even want to take a "good person" to the final two, he would take ED. Amber tells Jess that Eric called Jess a f*cking whore and a PoS. Jameka asks Jess if she sees things more clearly now, Jess says yes, that she kind of knew all that, but they have confirmed it.

Everyone is downstairs now, after the guys tried several times to get them down there. Amber and Jameka are glad they were able to open Jess' eyes as to what a monster Eric is. Amber pulls Jess aside to the BY and tells Jess to lie to Eric about their conversation and say Amber was talking about her bf and that Jess should act really annoyed with Amber. Eric gets called to the DR because he cannot find his mic. When he comes back he asks where the girls are and ED and Zach tell him they are in the WR making a rule. The girls are actually still working Jess. Finally all back at the table playing quarters. Eric does his "these people, this house, this game" and Jess does not chime in. The girls make rules about the guys kissin each other and ED licks Zach, Eric kisses Zach on the cheek. Eric says this is the gayest moment ever. ED gets yelled at for kicking a two liter around the BY. The guys make a rule that the girls have to wear their panties on their heads. Dani gets annoyed when she is woken up by the noise of the kitchen group. Amber says it is girl night to sleep in the HoH, Jess agrees, Eric says phssst!

Jess and Eric have a little spat in the hallway, she confronts him about calling her a whore, asks if he gets angry when he drinks, says he was being a baby about losing. Lots of whispering and then a little laugh from them. ED says everyone wants to take him to the final two so they can win. Zach says he would not mind coming in second. ED says he did not burn every bridge in the place, he blew them up with an F bomb. Eric is called to the DR. ED asks Jess "you haven't even kissed him have you?" and Jess says "nope". ED says Jess is tough, he would have told her to hit the road, it just shows how dedicated Eric is. Jess leaves and heads up to the HoH. Amber goes after Dani's vote, talking to her now. Eric comes out of DR and heads up to HoH. Jess asks him why Zach was wondering about whether Eric slept up there with her or not. He has no clue why Zach cares so much where he sleeps.

Eric reaffirms how much he cares for Jess. He tells her she is the first girl he has kissed in like five years, that it is a very big deal to him and that it changes everything. He promises never to hurt her or disappoint her. Jess says he does not make her crazy, the house does. They cuddle in the HoH bed. Jess tells Eric all about her chat with Amber and Jameka and what Amber said about Eric having his own deal with D&D, and about the debt being paid, etc. Eric says he has no deal on his own and that ED is clearly lying to Amber. Their talk is interrupted by Jameka. Jameka says she thinks PoT cheats and changes the answer after the contestants lock in their answers. They talk about Dani's reaction to Nick being on the show. Eric thinks Dani is relieved that her relationship with Kris is over. They say the birthday card confirms her relationship is over. Jameka says America loves Dani. Zach comes up to tell everyone that ED fell in the pool fully dressed. Jess is called to DR.

Jess and Eric alone in the HoH again. Eric is pushing Jess a bit to tell him about her talk with Jameka and Amber. Jess finally spells it all and Eric is livid. Eric makes it clear he is not mad at Jess, he is mad at Amber because she and Jameka pretend to be his friend then talk about him like that. Eric feels the personal stuff crosses a line, he doesn't care what they say except it gets to Jess and that bothers him. He says "that F*ckin B*tch, Good person my a*s", he is very upset with Amber. Eric is upset with Jess too because it seems she is making backup final 3's. She gets mad at him saying that. Eric tells Jess he has been single for a year and wants a relationship with her when they leave the house. Jess says she will be glad when Amber is gone. Eric showing some doubt about Jess' feelings for him and ask if he is just a fun way to pass time? a good alliance? or real feelings? Jess says option C, real feelings. Eric hints there is something she doesn't know about him [Like he has an alliance of ten million] and when she presses him about it, he plays it off like just stuff he said about others in the DR. Eric says if Zach is going to stay he is going to make him promise something. Eric says he can't wait to win HoH so Jess will feel safe.

Eric and Jess continue to chat and cuddle in the HoH. Eric goes to get water, they plan to stay in the HoH. Eric tells Dani he wants Amber gone, they talk a few minutes and Dani agrees. Reaffirm the LJC being the final four. Eric asks what they can ask from Zach, Dani suggests making him put up Jameka. Eric gets back to the HoH and asks Jess if she wants to know the convo with Dani, she says yes. He tells her about Amber offering D&D a deal, she doesn't deserve to be there and Eric feels much better about the ljc group. Amber wakes up and Eric gets up to lock the HoH door, doesn't want her coming up there at 5am. Eric tells Jess she makes him happy, she says all the time? he says no, she giggles. Eric and Jess end up making out again in the wee hours of the morning, much more at ease with each other. Jess and Eric talk about his nipples rings, Jess likes them. Jess says living in the BB house has made her realize she doesn't want a big family.

Eric admits to Jess that he did the mustard thing to Jen's shirt and he was the hinky votes. He says there is a perfectly good explanation, she asks if he will tell her why and the feeds go to FOTH. Eric tells her in detail about the mustard thing, hiding the mustard under his shirt. Dani always thought it was Nick and Jess said she thought it was ED. They laugh and laugh. He tells her he wanted to tell her for a long time, but didn't know how she would react, she says she is fine with it, they laugh. They share stories of most embarrassing moments. Jess singing over an intercom at her job without knowing it was on, Eric farting on the "T" [transit system] but it was not just a fart. Jess talks about how much she can drink. Eric says he drinks about every other weekend, Jess drinks every weekend. As Eric and Jess doze off, ED is up and down from bed several times, talking to himself about farts and the blanket smelling, goes to smoke and spit, then back to bed. My day ends with the house quiet at 11am on Wednesday morning!!

See you next Tuesday!