11 am- 2 pm
BB wakes everyone up at 11 and everyone goes about their daily routine. Jessica goes back to bed in HOH, Eric goes to his bed. Amber tells Jameka that if she leaves this week… not good. Jameka assures Amber that she is staying. The go on to compare Jessica and Eric to Boogie and Erika. Amber then goes on to say that Jess is a little f***ing B**** if she told Eric what Amber told her. Amber then tells Jameka that she knows that she has Daniele’s vote. Zach called ED a jacka** for falling into the pool last night. Daniele tells Amber that she had a dream about James from season 6 and AS.

2-5 pm
Dick finds a glass with apple juice in it and a bunch of ants around it and mentions that it’s no wonder why he was so itchy last night and goes on to smash them all. Jessica brings out the camera and she and Amber start taking pictures. Daniele tells everyone that she asked if Jen was in sequester and the producers wouldn’t tell her. Everyone goes inside to take pictures because its too hot outside. Jessica said Cool Beans and Dick asked her if she was Nakomis. Jess said that she liked her. Daniele and Zach are amazed that Amber was outside for an hour because it’s so hot out. Amber talks to God while she is lounging in the sun. When she comes in, her face is bright red. Eric is studying the bedrooms for a possible competition. Daniele runs on the treadmill and Dick comments that she has sure taken to working out. Daniele tells Zach that she doesn’t want to lose weight, but wants to be buffer than Mike and Nick at the wrap party.

5-9 pm
Zach is trying to get Eric’s vote. They are talking a little strategy about who they could win against in the final two. Zach said he can definitely win against Dick if they were final two because of Dustin and Jen in the jury house. Eric doesn’t think he can win against anyone. Eric tells Zach that he needs to assure Jessica that he is not going after her next week because Jessica is worried because she has Amber in her ear. Zach said that he’ll do it and Dick comes out to complain about the washer/dryer. He tells Eric and Zach that Jameka was cleaning by the window the whole time and could have been listening. Daniele and Amber compare notes about their jobs and how they act in restaurants. Daniele is quiet and won’t complain whereas Amber will. They both overtip. Jameka went upstairs to HOH and woke Jessica up to ask her if she had talked to Eric yet. Jameka reminds Jess that Eric does theater and to remember how he kept bringing that up. Jameka tells Jessica that if Eric wins, he will put up Zach and Daniele, and he wants to be sitting next to Dick at the end. Lobster, salads, and steaks were delivered for dinner and cheesecake and chocolate cake for dessert. After dinner, Amber and Jameka talk about how Amber really needs Daniele’s vote to make it a tie and for Jessica to break the tie and evict Zach. Zach and Eric disagree about Ultimate Fighting and the Shamrock fights. Eric says that Zach is 100% wrong about them. Daniele is excited about a possible double eviction.

9 pm – 12 am
Amber tells Jameka that God is not going to allow Zach to stay especially after Zach made a comment to her about how he can’t believe Amber is here and has a kid because he couldn’t imagine having a kid and being there away from them. Amber says that if Daniele saves her on Thursday, she is going to owe her big time. Jameka tells her not to make promises other than what you said. Amber begins talking about the future when Jessica, Jameka and Amber are working together and that Jessica needs to keep in good with Eric, so they have the votes if one of them goes up. Daniele is making her first batch of peanut butter cookies ever. Zach is watching her. Meanwhile, Dick is in his bedroom complaining about how he is sick of her (Daniele’s) bull. He hates the fact that he can’t escape it. He lists all the gross naked stuff Jen did to himself. Daniele goes into the bedroom and tells Jameka and Amber that she’s trying to make cookies and the two most annoying people in the house are gathered around her talking and she wants to kill herself. Amber then reiterates what Zach said to her about being away from her daughter and Daniele just says “that’s Zach.” Jameka and Amber begin working out and after about 4 minutes, Amber says she is already hurting. They then do some drilling about things in the house and Jameka says something about “those dildo things” to which Amber says “What’s that?” Amber admits that she has a horrible memory from all the drugs she has done.

12 am –
Eric and Daniele watch Zach pack and Jameka watches Amber pack. Zach goofing around by putting a glove over his head and blowing it up. Lockdown is over after 6 hours and there are tarps covering something that looks like a stage to fight on. Amber offers Dustin’s tattoo sleeves to Jameka because she can’t fit them in her bag. Amber fits everything into a few bags and then gets scared that she is going to be evicted. Jameka tells her that she is the show BB8. Amber says she isn’t getting her hopes up. Dick and Daniele whisper at the dining table that Zach told Dick that he wanted to backdoor Eric and told Daniele that he wanted to backdoor Jessica. They are concerned that his stories don’t add up and that everyone plays in the veto so no one can be backdoored. Daniele later whispered to Eric “Are you still leaning to vote out Amber?” and he said yes. Dick tells Eric Zachs plan to put up Jessica and Jameka and to backdoor Eric if he wins HOH. They talk about how they have to eliminate Zach first. Eric, Jess, and Dick talking in HOH about how Zach wanted to steal a picture off the bathroom wall and the dolphin faucet from the bathroom. Jessica again becomes weary of evicting because she is afraid Zach will nominate her, but Eric convinces her that this is the best idea. Eric is planning to win HOH tomorrow so Jessica can meet his parents (through pictures). They discuss what is going to happen when they get out of the house and if Eric will move to Kansas. They follow up with a heavy makeout session under the covers and then cuddle up go to bed.