Big Brother Recap August 3, 2007
Paranoia sets in to the BB house, The Danato’s plan revenge and Eric runs scared and wild!

The Day starts at 8:15 like any other day with Kail being the first one awake. She gets dressed and sits outside and relaxes with her eyes closed. Not till 10:30 when Dustin gets up do we see another houseguest. Dustin fills in Kail about what went down the night before ( with Dick and Eric).

Dick and Dani chat in the HOH (as Dani is in the bath shaving her arms!). Dick talks about Kail and Eric. How he figured Eric out and how he should have seen it sooner. How Eric pushed to get Mike and Nick out etc. He also mentions that Eric has known from the beginning that they (Dick and Dani) were aligned, commented on how F smart he thinks he is. Dani told Dick that he shouldn’t keep telling people things because the house wants to evict her and not him! Dani also said that is is obvious that the whole house is against them! Dani commented that she slept awful because of what happened to Nick. Dick said that it was the biggest mistake of the game. Dick told her that Jessica feels the same way about Eric (little does he know). He then told her to remember this will be the third week in a row that they nominate Jen and Kail and neither one of them will go home! (Why don’t you just write them the check now Dick, they are sliding to the end!).

BB called an out door lockdown at 11 am. Eric and Jameka sit behind the hammock to have a chat. Here is the transcript of the chat, remember Eric tends to ramble on and on when he is nervous!
The gist seems to be that he's warning Jameka that ED might have an agenda to get one of them out this week. He's saying Dani was giving him "looks" and keeps asking who the other vote was, what they think the banner meant.

Eric saying they need to stick together and emphasize that the goal was to get Jen or Kail out this week.

Eric says Dick and Dani probably figured out that they would be the first of the seven to be targeted. Jameka: "mmm hmmm, mmm hmmm"

He thinks they're going to make a deal with Jen to use the veto on her if she votes the way they (D&D) want her to.

Eric seems to have figured out what D&D are planning. Eric is telling Jameka that Dick has approached him in the past with an alliance consisting of him, Jessica, Dani and Dick and Eric turned him down.

Eric says Dick is getting ahead of himself, too many balls in the air, going to throw one of them under the bus.

Eric says something was wrong with Jess last night after talking to Dani and Dick and he thinks it has something to do with him.

Eric: They want to be the ones who strike first.
Jameka: mmm hmmm
Erick telling Jameka if anyone but Dick wins HOH next week they need to go after him.
Jameka says, "Definitely."

Eric is planting the seed with Jameka that it was probably Dick and Dani who planted the extra vote last week and this week to cause problems within their group, they got ahead of themselves.

Eric says let them try what they're planning, the rest of us will stand up and tell them he made a boneheaded move and they're not going for it, and then get him (Dick) out next week.

Eric saying ED has had a psychotic meltdown, the slop ate his brain.
Eric still talking. "Why should one of us go home because there are two bullies who are liars and deceptive," referring to Dani and Dick.
Jameka is only saying, "mmm hmmm, right."

Jameka said she told someone (I think Amber) that she seemed to be treating Eric differently since the banner and she said, "Oh, no, not at all."

Evil Dick just came over and busted into the conversation and said he was going to use the hammock.

Jameka suddenly turns the conversation to her life outside the house.

Dick then starts in on Eric. Defending Nick. Dick says Nick knew he was going home and he told him things. Eric "Oh, I'm sure he did." They are still arguing about who the extra vote was. Eric trying to suggest it was Kail, Dick not buying it.

Dick saying Nick told him it wasn't Nick's vote the week before, he knows 100% Nick wasn't lying to him. Dick saying Nick wouldn't lie to him on the way out, that what Eric said is the stupidest f'g thing he's ever hear in his life, getting very irritated at Eric, raising his voice.

If it doesn't make sense in the outside world, it doesn't make sense here. Jameka is back. Dick now asking what she thinks. She's saying this is the first time she's hearing this, referring to what Dick's saying. Dustin then arrives. Eric saying he trusts the people he's aligned with more than the two of them (not sure who he's referring to).

Dick: I've been saying there's a leak in the group for two weeks now. To Eric, "Why are you so quick to say there's no leak in the group?" Eric, "I still think it was Nick."

Jameka talking a little but I can't hear her over Dick's interrupting. Dick's argument is that it wasn't Nick and Eric is trying to sweep it under the rug. Eric confronting Dick now in front of Jameka and Dustin, asking why does Dick choose to believe Nick over his own alliance. Jameka and Dustin defend their alliance. Dani walked over to join in.
Dustin then said, "Dick, if you're going to accuse everybody in the group, you can't discount yourself." Fight starting between Dick and Eric. Dani keeps saying, "Hey, hey hey" trying to shut Dick up. Dick then starts to scream and calls Eric a mother f$%^ liar. Dick starts throwing the hammock around, and Eric stood up to Dick and told him not to yell at him again. Dick replied what are you going to do throw me out, in which Eric replied, no because I am true to my alliance, Dani kept trying to calm Dick down and Jameka kept saying calm down guys.
It seemed like Jameka, Eric and Dustin were united against Dick and kept asking him questions and rewording his accusations. Dick was really focused on the vote and who it came from. Eric said it could have been Jen, but he believes his enemy over his alliance member. Dick responded with Jen does not lie! Everyone gets in the vote discussion. Eric: Don't cast doubt on us when there are perfectly good enemies out there that might have done this to cast doubt in the group.

ED: Something's up. Something stinks. The Jenn/Whatever scenarios for the second vote don't make sense to me. I think it COULD be one of us because something stinks.

Jameka: I don't know, Jen could have done it this week, it could have been a different person each week. But it could have also been one person - don't know.

Dustin: Listening carefully. Trying to calm ED down.

A bit later the houseguests start freaking out with a cut on Zach’s arm. They believe it was ringworm and want him out and the house sterilized. A group went into the DR to request this. A bit later a nurse was called in and told Zach it was just an abrasion and he would be fine. He left the DR and told them all about it.

Eric and Dustin talk and decide that if either of them get HOH next week Dani and Dick had to go up. Dustin then said that he wanted Jameka, himself, Amber, Jess and Eric to be the final 5. Dustin then said that he was pissed that Dani has been HOH for almost an entire day and has not talked to anyone but Dick about nomination.

Dani and Dick meet again in the HOH and decide to stick to their plan, to nominate Kail and Jen and backdoor Eric after POV.

Jen and Kail decide to talk to Dani separately and ask to be nominated so that they can both play for the veto. Kail even said that if she won it she would use it to take Jen off because she feels safe, because Dani made a deal with her in the HOH competition! (Kail hate to tell ya, but this is BB and those promises never hold true ask all the former house guests!) Jen decides to talk to her and suggest she put her up because she will break a BB record being nominated three weeks in a row!

Jen does go up to Dani in the HOH with her request. Dani listens and then tells her that she never talked to her, that she just made assumptions because of her Dada nd what others had said. She told her it was mean of her to bring up her boyfriend and she didn’t’ know the whole story (about how he broke up with his fiancé to be with her). She also told her that she did not cheat on her boyfriend with Nick. Jen then said she knew she was getting nominated but wished that she could get to know Dani more! She said she liked Nick in the beginning but didn’t want to be the one to hook up with a guy in the house. Dani asked her not to lie and then asked her who she voted to evict this week, she said Nick . Jen then said the group that she (Dani) belongs to is starting to turn on each other! Dani said that she would talk more with her after the nominations

Jen left and went directly to Dick and said that she had been upstairs making deals with Dani and asking to be nominated. Dick then starts on Jen telling her she is Fu&^%$ crazy. Jen replied that Dick always thought everything was about him, Dick responded by saying, Pot calling the kettle black! You f*cking egotistical narcissistic twat! Dick left Jen and cornered Amber. He told her there was a leak in their group and that Nick would have kept them safe. That it was a mistake to evict Nick. He said it was a set up. He believes Kail was in on the set up. He said the person who is lying and back stabbing is the threat. That Kail, Zach and Jen are not the problem! Dick told Amber that Kail is running the new alliance and that Jen is the middle man and that they never should have gotten rid of Nick. He then told Amber that he trusted her 100% and she better never lie to him. Amber then said he better never lie to her because she trusts him 100%. Dustin walked over to join them and Dick lied and sid that he was just catching Amber up on his tirade, Dustin responded oh you mean when you tossed the pillows and the hammock!

Eric meanwhile was talking to Kail and told her that the plan was to nominate her and Jen and backdoor him. He then said for her to win POV because he was not leaving this week! (Why would someone do this? Especially before the nomination ceremnony?)

Dani, Dick, Eric, Amber, Jess and Dustin met in the HOH to discuss nomination. Dani lied to them and said her plan was to put up Jen and Kail and use Zach as POV backup if necessary. This is right after her and Dick confirmed with each other that backdooring Eric was the plan. Everyone agrees on it (even though Eric has told them all her plan).

They leave and in walk Kail. Here is their conversation.
Kail asks if Jen is the target or if she is backdooring her... Dani: I am not going to backdoor anyone. If you win veto I want you to take yourself off.
Kail: What if I take Jen down?
Dani: Then the other person will be going home.
Kail: And not me
Dani: mmhmm
Kail: if Jen wins POV?
Dani: Then the other person goes home
Kail: I could possibly take Jen down.
Dani: Then you are still up
Kail: I am fine with that but I don't want to go home
Dani: You have my word, people know the deal we made, it is what it is and you can believe me if you want to or not.
Kail: I do believe you but my chances are 1 in 6
Dani: So is everyone else’s
Kail: What I am hearing is that no matter what happens I am safe
Dani: Yes
Kail: That is no good odds for her (Jen)
Dani: Jen has done things in this house that are.... I don't know, I will speak it later. I just feel like she deserves to be here and it's not personal it's past that point.
Kail: I know how people are on Thursdays - people flip. You don't feel people will flip and I will go home?
Dani: All I have to give you is my word

Now Kail asking about next week and wants to know that if anyone in the house that gets HOH will put her up (as long as she is there).

Dani tells her she might be but it hasn't been talked about.

Dani asks her if she knows who cast her second vote, Kail said no that she thought it was Dick or her. Dani asked her if she was sure, she said she had no clue who gave her the other vote.

Amber and Jameka talk game and Amber tells her that she thinks Dustin is the leak and that he told Kail she was safe last week!

Zach went up to talk to Dani. HE said that he thought Jameka cast the second vote to Kail, that she belongs to a lot of different groups. Dani simply replied that today during the nomination ceremony she needed him to look nervous and that she would talk to him after. Zach said he would fight for POV and do whatever Dani wanted if he won. Zach said that he really would like to work with Dani and Dick in the game.

Once the feeds return for a lengthily FOTH, we see that Jen and Kail are nominated.

Kail talks to Dustin and said that they really need to try to get Jen off block so that they as a group can target Dick and Dani next week.

Amber tells Jameka that something Jen told her convinced her that Dustin's "the leak."

Amber is explained some convoluted thing about how Jen told Amber she heard she wasn't going to be nominated, and when Amber asked her where she heard that from Jen told her Kail. Amber tells Jameka she thinks Dustin told Kail of some backdoor plan in the works, which then got to Jen through Kail.

Amber: "He's the leak. I hate to admit, Jameka, but he is."

They chose balls for Veto, the players are, Kail, Jen, Dani, Jameka, Dustin and Zach. Amber will be the host. Dustin told Dani that he wanted to play hard so he could help her get Jen out.

Dani and Jen have a quick discussion, Dani tells her not to trust Kail that what her father said about Kail “throwing her under the bus” is true. She also told her that Kail is being swayed by someone else not to use the Veto on her (Jen). She also told Jen not to tell Kail about this conversation. Dani tells her that she knows for sure who has been voting against Kail and that person probably did the mustard thing too! Jen then tells Dani that she wishes they could be friends and that Dani would do a lot better in the game without Dick in it. Jen said that her and Dani would make a great team if they could get past their differences. Dani told her to play hard for the Veto tomorrow.

The house got some croquette items left for them in the storage room with a note saying that these items might help them in a future competition. Zach, Dani and Dick immediately went outside to practice.

Eric whispered t Dustin that Dick and Dani are planning on back dooring one of them but they should have the votes to stay. Eric tells Jameka the same thing and Jameka acts surprised and said “You got to be kidding”. Eric said it is revenge for Nick. Dustin and Jess join conversation. Dustin said it will be an all out war. The group thinks that Zack is on their side (which he is not) and that they can make Jen vote their way. Then Dustin said that they have to bring either Kail or Jen into their fold this week, Eric suggests Jen with threats.

Jen and Kail talk and Kail tells her that she thinks Eric caste the votes and did the mustard thing. Jen said it couldn’t have been Eric with the mustard that he was with her. Jen said that she thought it was Amber. Kail then told her Dani said she wanted to back door someone, and Jen said she was all for that. Then Jen and Kail agree that they want to align with Dani and take out the LNC. (Late night Crew). Jen tells Kail not to tell Eric anything that she believes he is playing everyone. Jen said that they have to get HOH or at least get the target off themselves for next week. Kail said she would not stay in the house if Jen was evicted. They agree that the last people they want to win the Veto is Dustin or Jameka. Kail and Jen are positive that Dustin is working with dick (how wrong are they!)

Dick and Dani discuss votes. Dani said they would be screwed if Jess did not vote their way Dani said she will work on Jameka tomorrow if one of her group (Zack, Jen, Dani or Kail) win Veto. Dick said this is the perfect opportunity to get Eric out of here. Dani said she feels like everyone hates her in the house. Dick told her to get in good with Jess. Dick also told her to make sure she has the votes to evict Eric before putting him up. Dani then told Dick that Jameka, Dustin, Eric and Amber were in the living room talking and told him to go break it up! Dick walks in and their conversation stops.

Dick must have felt a little neglected because he went to bed early and there was no late night show with Dick. Jess and Eric whisper in bed recounting what went down today.

Who will win the POV tomorrow, how will the game change after it is used? Will Zach get a clue and join a winning team? Saturday will tell!