The houseguests were never all asleep at once, so I will pick up from 5 am.

5:00-6:00 AM
Eric and Jessica cuddle up in the HOH room chit chatting about everything from Jessica's fear of Zach winning HOH and nominating her (how prophetic of her) to her "aladdin" pants. Eric says he is going to fly straight to Witchita as soon as the show ends, and then he basically asks her to go steady. They start making out, and it goes on, and on, and on, and ON.

Eric and Jessica go to sleep around 7:30. At 9:00, there are no conscious houseguests, and we get trivia. BB wakes them up to clean at 9:45.

10:00 AM
The houseguests work on their usual Thursday housecleaning complete with the usual Thursday bitchfest over who does the most (or the least) work. BB calls the HOH lockdown at 1:30 PM.

10:30 AM
Dick flat out asks Zach if he should send him home since he can't seem to get his stories straight. Zach pretends to not know why Dick is mad, and, oddly enough, the arguement blows over. Most of the houseguests go to sleep, and the rest just stare into space.

12:00 PM
The lockdown ends, and everyone but Eric and Jessica leave the HOH to resume cleaning. After Amber cleans, she is seen in bed crying (surprise). Jessica comes in and basically tells her that she will be going home and that she tried all she could to save her. (Er, not so much, Jess.)
Zach and Eric pow-wow and Eric tells him that he has his vote to stay. Zach throws Dick under the bus a bit and claims that he is saying things that aren't true.

1:00 PM
Everyone is still getting ready for the live show/cleaning/packing or unpacking. Amber gives us a little full frontal goodbye peep show while she's dressing. (Maybe that is her audition tape for America's Next Top Model.) The others wonder aloud what the HOH comp will be, and Eric and Jessica talk about poop for awhile.

The house is very quiet. Everyone is mostly getting ready, nappying, or cleaning.

2:30 PM
The feeds go to trivia and do not return until after the show.

Julie welcomes us after the recap and the recap of the recap, and the show begins! We learn from Jameka's pastor that she is a great example for all Christians, and we learn from Eric's ex-girlfriend that he is definitely single. (Glad we cleared all that up; thanks BB.) We get the classic misdirection done BB style with clips of the marathon "good people rock, Eric = the devil" campaign that Jameka and Amber waged for Jessica. Oh dear, is Zach a goner!? The votes are in and, as expected, Amber is history with a 3-1 vote. (Jameka, of course, was the 1.) Amber cries FAR less than is expected, and she even drops the model bomb with Julie who tactfully ignores it (and stunningly doesn't even crack a smile). After Amber is sent off to sequester to farther bond with Dustin and Jen(?), its out to the backyard for the HOH competition. It is a new one(!!!!) in which the houseguests must fill up giant fishbowls with "tea". They must carry the "tea" from a teapot to the fishbowl using nothing but a teacup and walking over a slip-n-slide-esque contraption. Julie tells us that they will essentially need to walk over 7 miles to get it done, and she speculates it could take all night. They get a little extra goop splattered on them for good measure, and its back to Julie's marketing. We're reminded to vote for Eric to get someone nominated, encouraged to order our feeds to see how the HOH plays out, and told that Janelle from BB6 and BB7 will be hosting the Power of Veto competition on Tuesday (er, Saturday, for those of us who keep up with that sort of thing.) Then, we're off until Sunday.

6:05 PM
The feeds return with HOH in full swing. Everyone is still involved, and going strong. It appears that Daniele and Zach have an early lead. Eric keeps slipping and falling, Daniele and Zach are both barefoot, and Dick is trying REALLY hard but not getting anywhere very fast (at first). Daniele insists that it is going to take forever. Jessica and Jameka have already lost interest. BB randomly sprays more goop at them as the competition goes on. Other than frustrated exclamations, there is very little talking. By 6:20, Zach is pretty clearly winning with Daniele close behind him followed by Dick with Eric bringing up the rear. (It is hard to tell if he is trying to win or trying to throw it. Whatever his intentions, he did it badly.) Jessica is concerned that Eric is going to kill himself because he keeps falling.

7:00 PM
Zach is still in the lead, but Dick has taken over 2nd place. Eric and Daniele look as if they really have no hope of winning. We get tunnel vision for awhile, and when we return they all have beakers and extra cups. (So much for Julie's promise of an all-nighter.) By 7:50, Zach is trying to get his ball out of the water, but it isn't quite high enough. It is VERY clear that he will be the winner.

8:00 PM
Zach wins HOH. Dick and Daniele seem thrilled, and Jessica looks a bit as if she would like to throw up. There is discussion of the fact that there will be no hot water in the house for 8 days, and that Eric gave Jessica a phone call. (Speculation is that the houseguests bartered for extra cups, etc.) Eric is in a lot of pain (or so he says) from falling down and hurting his back. Everyone heads inside to shower. There is lots of talk about the competition as usual, and Jameka and Daniele wonder if there will be a food competition and if they will be on slop for the week. Jessica chats with Jameka in the big room and says that she hopes Dick and Daniele will be nominated. She tears up when they discuss Eric giving her the phone call. She wishes that he'd kept it for himself. Daniele wonders if Zach will get glowsticks in his HOH basket. Zach offers Daniele and Jameka a place to stay after the show is over.

9:00 PM
Eric asks who Jessica wants to talk to for her phone call. She says her brother, but she isn't sure if she can because he is deployed in Iraq. (Ed. Jessica doesn't know, but her brother is home, safe and sound.) If she can't talk to him, she wants to talk to her mom. In another instance of the weird knack that BB houseguests have for bringing up people in the news, Daniele wants Owen Wilson to visit the house and bring their "Christmas presents." There is a lot of chit chat about the competition, the phone call, and dinner preparations. Daniele takes the first cold shower and tells BB that she hates them/it.

10:00 PM
The houseguests wonder (again) if they will close down a bedroom this year. (Ed. If I recall correctly, they have never completely closed down any bedroom in the 'new' house.) They decide that POV will be a question competition since they are so tired from the HOH competition. Jessica is worried that Dick and Eric have really hurt themselves. Dick tells Daniele that Zach wants to get Eric out. He wants them to use the POV if they win to make sure that Eric goes up. (There have been no blatant discussions about nominations, but that would hint at a Jessica/Jameka original nomination with an intended target of Eric.) Eric joins and he and Daniele discuss their belief that Zach is in love with Nick. They make fun of the people in sequester and Daniele jokes, "Dustin, Amber and Jen! What a fun house!"

11:00 PM
Zach gets his HOH room. The only item mentioned specifically is Zach's mom's first book, " An Angel In Flight." Daniele suddenly becomes Zach's best friend and tries to tell him that Jameka hates him. He turns the tables and talks about Dick's negative style of gameplay, and she tries to distance herself from it saying, "Hello, I'm his daughter and look at how he treats ME!" Zach swears that he will not put up Daniele because she is his biggest ally in the house. He wants security from Dick and Daniele for the following week. Zach seems to want to rid himself of Dick because of his attitude, but he wants to get rid of Jameka because he doesn't think he can beat her in the final two. He tells Daniele that he is for sure putting up Jessica and Jameka. Daniele tells him not to try to backdoor anyone since everyone plays for veto.
Eric and Jessica are talking downstairs. Eric thinks that he let Jessica down. He is sure that Jameka will go up. Jessica is sure she will go up as well, because Zach told her "what goes around comes around." She asks why he gave her the phone call, and he tells her that it is because he wanted her to know that her brother was ok.

12:00 AM
Zach says that he doesn't trust Eric, but he would be glad to go to the end with Dick or Daniele. He thinks that 2nd place is enough, but he would like to win. He won't put Jessica and Eric against each other because they would definitely come after him. There is a lot of Eric bashing between Daniele and Zach. They still decide that the main goal is to get rid of Jameka.
Downstairs, Jessica and Eric talk about the competition and flirt some more. Jessica says that it is the first time in the game that she doesn't feel safe.
Eric promises her that she will not leave this week. She says that she doesn't want to go to sequester because she doesn't like the people that are there.
Zach goes downstairs and Dick works him in the hot tub. Zach looks for assurances from Dick for the next week. Dick agrees that if Zach doesn't nominate him or Daniele this week, he is safe the following week.

1:00 AM
Lots of idle chit chat around, mostly about the competition. Dick and Zach wonder if Amber will cry on housecalls (um, DUH) and say that they are happy to have gotten the opportunity to play BB. Everyone joins them, and they talk and play for awhile.

2:00 AM
Dick spills all to Jessica, and tells her that she will likely go up this week but he wasn't sure who she would be against. He tells her that he made the deal with Zach, but makes a gesture to suggest that he was lying. Jessica goes inside to bed, and Daniele talks with Dick. She wants to push the Jessica/Eric nomination to keep her hands clean. She also wants Dick to be nice to Zach since he thinks she is his biggest ally. She would like to be next to him in the final two because she thinks she can beat him more easily than Jessica or Eric.

3:00 AM
Dick, Eric, and Jessica discuss POVE strategy. Dick says that if they are both nominated or if Jessica is nominated he will try to throw the POV to one of them or at least take out Jameka. Dick leaves, and Eric and Jessica decide they should stage a fight.

4:00 AM
Most of the house is quiet. Jessica and Eric kiss in bed, Daniele and Jameka make small talk in the backyard, and Dick spits. They speculate some more on the upcoming competitions for the week.

5:00 AM
Most everyone is in bed. Dick talks to himself and thinks that Daniele lost her game when she heard about the phonecall. He continues to make chit chat with himself. He talks about throwing HOH next time to Eric or Jessica to rid them all of Zach so that he doesn't have to do it. He goes to bed at 5:05 AM.