BB8 Daily Recap August 5, 2007
Eric still targeted by Dick and Daniele, The show showed the banner plane!

From the wee hours of the morning Daniele, Jameka, Jen, Kail, and Zack have been up. Every hour they continue to dump a bucket of foul smelling brown watery goop over their heads as a result of the last Veto competition. They are allowed to immediately shower afterwards and all them but Jameka have to return to wearing bunny suits (another result of the last Veto competition). It’s not until 11:00 am before we see anyone besides this group. It’s Dick and he comes out for a cigarette.

11:30 am
The buzzer sounds and Zach was already standing in the backyard in anticipation. He manages to be enthusiastic (each and every time). He yells out a dedication, pours the goop, and showers in the backyard (cold water only on that shower). The rest of them trickle out and do the deed, going back into the house and the comfort of the warm water showers (can’t say as I blame them). The 12:30 buzzer sounds with pretty much the same result of goop dumping. Jameka practices croquette with the oversize mallet and balls. The only other excitement comes when they realize the washing machine was malfunctioning.

1:30 pm
The buzzer sounds. Zach and the goo-girls do their thing. Later Kail chats with Dustin in the kitchen. Dustin advises Kail to wait awhile before talking to Daniele. In the backyard, Dick talks to Jameka about Eric playing all sides. Kail and Dustin move to the storage room where Dustin confirms over and over that if Eric goes up, Kail will go home. Kail thinks Jessica might be the one to flip. Dustin says he’ll find out tonight and will suggest that Zach go up instead. 5 minutes later Dick talks to Dustin about Eric. Right after that Dustin says "I don't buy it" to Jameka about Dick's "Eric Theory" (alliance with Kail).

Backyard convo with Jen, Dustin and Jameka. Jen admitted Eric gave Jen vote info about Joe/Dick vote and Nick gave her information regarding the Kail/Mike and Kail/Nick votes. Next Dick is back to working Jameka about Eric while the 2:30 dumpings take place. Jen dedicates hers to the $250,000 of winnings she gave up in the Veto competition.

3:00 pm
Daniele takes a turn at Jameka about Eric, saying he tried to get her dad kicked out the day Dick dumped tea on Jen. The 3:30 goop dumps come and go. Zach dedicated this one to Amber. The LNC is trying to organize a meeting upstairs. Amber is crying so Dick says this may not be a good time. Jameka had stated to Dick that she thought she was the last one to hear about the Eric theory, but Amber hasn’t heard it yet. Dick says because she is right in the middle of it (thus the source of Amber’s crying).

4:00 pm
An LNC meeting gets underway in HOH minus Amber and Eric, but plus Jen. Daniele gives some opening remarks about her thoughts on Eric and we are off and running. Jen doesn’t know if Eric’s associated with Kail. He tells her a lot of things he tells her not to tell Kail. She says ”He told me I was his #1 and he was going to be talking to other people and wouldn’t talk to me except to tell me what I needed to know week one or two. Dustin makes the mistake of saying Daniele didn’t defend Nick. Daniele takes him to task and calls Dustin rude. Dustin retracts his statement. From there things get loud and heated. It's mainly Jameka asking questions, Dustin arguing, Dani and Dick explaining, Jen and Jess are mostly quiet. Dick and Danielle feel they are "consensually" sending Eric home, but are simply getting the facts straight before the POV meeting. The HGs realize BB must like the footage as the 4:30 goop buzzer hasn’t rung and its well after 5:00 pm which breaks up the meeting.

Meanwhile outside, Eric says that Dick is telling everyone that Eric says Jen, Amber and Jess are his number ones. Eric says to Amber "since when do I have a relationship with Jen? Ever?" Amber says "oh god..." Eric mentions that Dick and Jen were together for hours last night acting like they have known each other for years.

Jen makes sure to tell Daniele that she thinks Dustin is the leak to Kail being safe the last two weeks. She thinks Amber was the stray vote last week. She thinks Eric is a bigger threat though. Dani realizes they need one more vote to get Eric out.

5:30 pm
The buzzer goes off. Kail observes that the goop is getting worse (ed. apparently goop doesn’t age as nicely as wine). Jameka and others ask BB if this was the last one, but receive no answer.

Dustin tells Kail that Jen made up a bunch of stuff to please Dick and Dani to get on their side. Dustin says it doesn't make sense that now Jen, Dick and Dani are best friends.

Dick tells Daniele to put Eric up and tells Kail that she will go unless she can get Dustin to vote for her. Dick confirms there is a Dick, Daniele, Jen, Zack alignment now.

Jessica and Jameka are at the hot tub telling Eric everything that went down.

Dick comes out and lets into Eric. Eric keeps asking Dick to let him speak. Dick calls him a liar because Eric came out of the DR saying he hopes people will still be friends with him after seeing his diary rooms. Eric is defending himself. Dick continues yelling at Eric saying he's playing all sides. He's calling Eric all kinds of names. (ed. Apparently Dick isn’t gender biased when it comes to berating a HG). Eric says “I'm telling you this right now, go and feed your case to everyone in the house and let them make a decision.

Dustin asks Daniele if she would consider putting her dad up. She says, “What to make all of you happy?” Dustin and Kail try to talk her into it but she isn't biting. Jen looks upset because Dustin seems to be blaming her for the big blowup, because he says Dick/Dani say Jen confirmed their suspicions. Kail tells Dani as she's walking away that Dick's behavior will reflect on her, and people remember it. Dani says “that's your problem, Kail”.

7:00 pm
The buzzer sounds for the final dump and Zack immediately screams with excitement, jumps up and down, runs to the goop and screams, "Thank you Big Brother!"

Dick and Amber talk. Dick says he thinks Eric manipulated them into voting out Nick. He knows Amber didn't want to vote Nick out, that Nick had their back. Amber is agreeing that she didn't want to vote Nick out.

Dustin and Jessica reassure Eric that he did fine with Dick’s rant. Dustin tells him he was smooth as a piece of cheese. Dustin tells them that Daniele will never make it to the finale 2 if she doesn't put up her father. Amber swears on her daughter's life and says strike me down, I have never lied in this house.

Eric “No offense Jen, but you contributed to this in a big way. You lied and you sold me out. Jen “I didn't lie”. Eric is silent after that. Then says "Doesn't matter. Doesn't mean a thing to me. Going to take a shower" and left the room.

Amber with Dani in HOH. Dani says “Who was it that set Nick up? It was Eric.” Amber says “Yeah. It's just effed up because I'm a good person and I get perceptions of people and I feel like I can't do anything in this house without people thinking I'm up to something. (She's crying hard the whole time) You can't fake when you really care about somebody. I know it was a wrong move to vote Nick out. I would have voted to keep him, but if it's a tie that would have compromised Dustin. But Eric convinced me not to. I didn't think about it. I knew but...I just...
She says again that she is such a good person and "I swear to God on my daughter’s life, I have never lied to anyone in this house". (ed. Just so you know, I can hear you all screaming at your screens right now).

8:00 pm
Sunday Night Show Recap
Previously on BB8 –Nick is voted out 6-2 and a second vote confused the house. HOH comp is shown with the HGs hanging like bats upside down with simulated bird doo spraying on them occasionally. Amber falls off first. Next Eric was disqualified for having his torso above the bar. Jameka fell off. Then they show the banner plane! “We love Nick. Amber and Eric are liars. LNC is the Nerd Herd.” Amber and Eric are shown freaking out in the diary room. Back to the HOH comp we see Zack drop out. Next Dick dropped off. Jessica’s leg cramps and she drops out. A commercial break leaves Jen, Kail, Daniele and the viewers literally hanging as to who will win.
When we come back, Nick’s Mohawk music starts while Dick berates Kail and Jen on the bar. Jen gets catty with Daniele, and then tries to make a deal with her. Daniele tells her to shut up. Jen gets a Charlie horse. She tries to stretch but has to drop. We see Dick spit in slow motion to a perfectly timed cymbal crash in celebration. Back to the bar, Kail tries to give Daniele a deal if Daniele gets off. Daniele says she can’t get off. Daniele swears that Kail won’t go home and Jen will be the target if Kail drops. Kail drops and Daniele wins. In the DR, Eric is glad that Daniele won because of the microscope the banner has put him under. Daniele is very emotional after comp. Tells her dad the second vote for Nick to stay wasn’t her. She will find out who it is. (At this point I get breaking news of a tornado alert for a county on the other side of Ohio, grrrr!)
We see Daniele’s HOH room. She got the pictures she expected, several with her boyfriend. Everyone but Dick leaves her alone. She suspects Eric to Dick because the Banner helped everything fall into place. Dick leaves and chats with Eric. Eric says clearly I voted Nick out. Dick goes to the backyard by himself and we hear the Dick rock music while he puts it together. “Hinky vote”, “I knew Eric was lying.” Dick and Daniele call Jessica to HOH and they lay out the Eric conspiracy. She goes along with a plan to backdoor Eric. Jess leaves and confronts Eric about the vote. She then tells him the plan.
Then America gets to tell Eric what to do. He must promise “final two” to another HG, whether he means it or not. Jen goes to Dani in HOH, tries to bury the hatchet.
We see the result of the vote for who America’s player is to get nominated. Eric hopes its Jen or Kail – Jen is our pick and Eric is elated. Dick and Eric chatting at the hammock turns into an uproar with everyone in earshot. At the Nomination ceremony the keys pulled are Dustin, Eric, Jameka, Amber, Dick, Jessica, and Zack. Dani says the third times a charm for Jen and Kail and the group applauds. In the DR Daniele says her plan will be cause for shock and jaw drops. Find out next time on BB8.

Meanwhile back to real time:

Amber still in HOH, cries and cries and cries and cries. Daniele is on the bed totally silent and staring at Amber as she goes on and on about praying and Nick and everything under the sun.

Dustin found his key misplaced in memory wall "very funny guys, someone put my key in Joe's hole". He then chats with Kail. Kail says she has no problem with Dani putting Eric up as long as she knows he’s staying. Dustin says can go up there and tell her she made a deal with you that you would be safe and if she puts Eric up you are not safe. Dustin wants someone to show him the papers where Dick passed his physch test. (ed. Lol, I think we have a whole list of HGs for that one).

Still in HOH, Daniele tells Amber not to get her hopes up about Nick coming back. Even though Daniele said she thinks about it non-stop. (Daniele’s going to need meds after listening to Amber for over an hour).

9:00 pm
Jessica and Jameka talk. Both think it was very ballsy of Eric to proclaim he was staying. Said they think it is smart to keep him at this time but their eyes are very open. But they are as concerned about trusting Dick. They suspect that Eric is throwing comps.

Dick and Zach chat. Zach says whatever you and Daniele decide I'm a go.
Daniele comes out to tell Dick (with Zach) that "Dustin asked me if I’d nominate you! - I'm dead serious". Dick has no immediate reaction. After a round about convo, Dick comments that he thinks the vote will come down to Dustin. Finally Dick reacts "I can't believe Dustin told you to put me up. If I get HOH next week then he's going up!"
Dani tell’s him not to say anything. Dick, "I won't. I'll store it. Dani, "I mean it!

Jess and Eric duck into the WR. She says that she talked to Jen again and she backed up what she said to start again, that Eric is playing with Amber and all. Eric said but yeah wasn’t she proved to be a liar this morning. Jess says on one hand she wants to believe in Eric on other hand she doesn’t know why she keeps doing this. Eric says Jen does have something to gain because she can break up us 5 and get into final 4. If we all stay strong she will be final 6 or 7.

Inexplicably, Eric pulls out all the stops. He's telling Jess that Amber had multiple's the big story he's been saving. Eric said that Amber had 2 true abortions, but lied to her bf that she had two others just to upset her boyfriend and make him feel bad when they were having troubles in their relationship. Eric says that this speaks loudly of Amber's ability to lie and her untrustworthiness. Eric also says that Amber is being hypocritical acting all god-like with Jameka when she has done such ungodly things.
Jess says it would be wrong to throw that stuff in Amber’s face. Eric says that he wouldn’t. Jess says you just did.

Eric told Jess he would like Final 3 to be himself, Jess, and Jameka. He wants Final 2 as himself and Jess. (ed. I hope that’s how America voted, but it’s too early in the evening for him to have that info).

10:30 pm
Dick and Dustin outside alone. Dick says "Dustin am I gonna be sorry I trusted you?!' Dustin, "about what Daniele said?"
Dick, "well that depends on what your talking about - Dani and I talk a lot. Why don't you tell me what you’re talking about?"
Dustin says "when you were yelling at Eric outside I told Dani to put you up!"
Dick says “That’s weird, because I didn't even know that she said that. So, Dick didn’t have to spill it after all, but takes the opportunity to lay it all out for Dustin in typical Dick fashion. Dustin manages a jab “Your behavior in the house reflects on Daniele.”
Dick’s main theme “You threw my name out, big deal. And the question is now can I trust you. Dustin says he can.
(ed. as with all Dick rants, this as been heavily paraphrased).

Just before midnight, Eric and Dick have a civil conversation in the kitchen where they agree to disagree.

Dustin, Eric, Dick and Amber are outside talking about when the AC and luxury comps are going to start. Eric makes the bold statement that this cast is the best looking of all the seasons (insert your own editorial remarks here).
Eric asks the group if it weren't BB, what Reality Show would you want to be on? Dustin responds "Ever since I was a 12 yr old bully, I've wanted to be on the Real World". They have a long convo about previous BB seasons. Jessica joins them while Eric was inside (in the DR I think).

2:00 am
Eric back outside says that he would walk out of sequester house if stuck with Jen and Daniele and America could place his vote for him (ed. oh the irony of it all, lol).

Dustin and Jessica made a $100 bet with Dick, that Eric didn’t make the 2 votes they are so positive.

3:00 am
We get a little Jessica/Eric flirting:
Jess says she's getting hungry and going to eat something.
Eric says "you'd better brush your teeth after that"
Jess (walking down hallway) yells "why? Are you planning on making out with me?"
Eric: "I'm considering it."

4:30 am
Dustin comes out, Jess goes to bed, Eric goes to DR. Before leaving, Eric tells Dustin his support means a lot.

Eric out of DR goes to chat with Jess in bed. Dustin in the room trying to sleep, left to go sleep in Nick’s old bed under the guise that Amber’s sleep farting was too much to take. Eric and Jess flirt pretty much until 6:00 am. Those watching for a kiss are disappointed (sorry).

So, will Eric be nominated and possibly go home? Will the Donato’s be able to firm up their shaky ground. And will Amber have to be removed from the house for an emergency tear duct transplant surgery?

As always, thanks to the updaters for keeping it all straight.